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Schoolyard Snacks Review

About Schoolyard Snacks

Schoolyard Snacks Review

If you’re torn on whether you want to look like a snack, or eat a snack, you can now have the best of both worlds. Schoolyard Snacks are guilt-free treats packaged in a single-serving bag. The cereal and cheese puffs are low-carb, high protein snacks that are also sugar-free, and most importantly, delicious.

Schoolyard Snacks developed these goodies to be eaten in the bag, making it easy to enjoy on-the-go. They’ve been celebrated in Women’s Health, GQ, Vox, Forbes, and Inc, and has a following of over 158k snack-lovers on Instagram. 

This Schoolyard Snacks review will check out the brand and the snacks they offer, customer reviews, brand promotions, plus their subscription process, to help you decide if these snacks are worth the buy. 

Overview of Schoolyard Snacks

Schoolyard Snacks Review

Helen and Dylan cooked up (literally) Schoolyard Snacks in their 450 square foot apartment, after being told by big brands that their ideas wouldn’t cut it in the world of snacks. This came after the two decided to “grow up” and cut sugar from their diets. Of course, cutting out sugar came with a price–a sadness of missing out on certain nostalgic favorites, like cereal. 

And so, in 2017, Schoolyard Snacks low-calorie cereal was born. The brand’s guilt-free snacks are keto-friendly, sugar-free, low-carb, and high protein.

Schoolyard Snacks Review

This Schoolyard Snacks review will now highlight some initial pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Keto-friendly, sugar-free, low carb, high-protein snacks
  • 100 calories per bag of cereal and cheese puffs
  • Gluten- and grain-free
  • All-natural and non-GMO
  • Made in the USA
  • Customers can subscribe and save 10%
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Taste Guarantee allows refunds on first orders up to $30


  • Some customer do not like the texture and taste of their snacks
  • Some customers think they are too expensive 

Schoolyard Snacks Subscription

Schoolyard Snacks Subscription Review

Schoolyard Snacks offers subscription plans for their scrumptious, guilt-free snacks because they know once you try them, you’re going to love them. The subscription process is super easy! All you need to do is choose which snack you’d like (cereal or cheese puffs) and the frequency you’d like to receive your snacks. 

For the cereal subscription, you have the option to choose between 1 and 4 flavors. Subscription packs are sold in sets of 12 bags, so if you choose 4 flavors, you’ll get 48 bags. Flavors to choose from include: Peanut Butter, Cocoa, Fruity, Cinnamon Bun, Cookies and Cream, Berries, and Apple Pie.

If cheese puffs are more your style, you can pick 1 or 2 flavors out of Cheddar Cheese, Flaming Hot, and Sour Cream and Onion.

Having selected your preferred flavors, you can choose between 15 days, 30 days, or 45 days for your subscription frequency. Each 100-calorie snack comes as a ¾ cup serving.

This Schoolyard Snacks review will feature their most delectable products including their portable, sweet-without-sugar cereal, and cheese puff bundles.

These snacks will transport you back to a simpler time. One when you didn’t worry about how eating your favorite snacks would affect your waistline. As the name implies, these snacks are also a healthy option for school-age kids, especially picky eaters.

Schoolyard Snacks Cereal Review

Eating becomes fun again when you’re not worried about sugar, calories, or how many jumping jacks you’ll need to do to burn off what you just ate. Schoolyard Snacks Cereal allows you to thoroughly enjoy what you’re eating by being good for you.

Choose from your old-time favorite flavors, like Chocolate if you were a Cocoa Puffs fan, or Fruity if you preferred Trix. This Schoolyard Snacks review suggests adding unsweetened milk to continue the healthy vibes.

This treat makes for a great late-night keto snack, or your go-to breakfast, lunch, or even dessert. Each package contains zero grams of sugar, featuring fruit sweetener as a replacement.

If you choose to buy 12 bags of 1 flavor (the lowest quantity), you’ll receive these tasty treats for about $2.25 per bag, a total of $30. If you’d like to subscribe, you can save 10% and pay $27. 

Schoolyard Snacks Keto Puffs Review

Cheese puffs are one of those snacks where the bag is empty in the blink of an eye. They’re cheesy, salty, crunchiness is extremely satisfying, yet we can never get enough. Unfortunately, traditional cheese puffs come with a slough of nasty ingredients, including artificial dyes and trans fats.

Cue these Keto Puffs from Schoolyard Snacks and experience nirvana for your taste buds, and your conscience. Pumped up with protein, this snack is baked to perfection to satisfy your need for nostalgic-noms.

You can get these cheese-babies as a bundle of 12, 24, or 48 in 1 or 2 flavors. If you purchase 12 bags of 1 flavor, the total cost would be $30. Or, you have the option to subscribe and pay $27. 

Schoolyard Snacks Bundles Review

A bundle of classic flavors that can’t be beaten! This one includes Keto Puffs (Sour Cream and Onion, Cheddar Cheese) and Cereal (Cocoa, Peanut Butter). These fan-favorites can keep you stocked for the winter. But don’t worry, you won’t be putting on that typical winter-hibernation weight with these diet-friendly snacks. 

This Schoolyard Snacks review recommends combining the cereals to recreate Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. This yummy bundle of 48 bags (12 of each flavor) is on sale right now for $90, normally $120.

Crank up the heat with this craveable cereal and cheese puffs bundle featuring Keto Puffs (Firey Hot and Cheddar Cheese) alongside cereal favorites, Cocoa and Peanut Butter Cereal. You’ll receive 12 bags of each item for a total of 48 bags in this mixed bundle. 

This Schoolyard Snacks review loves bundles because they’re an amazing, wallet-friendly option for snacks that you love and depend on to get you through the day. Feel like snacking? Order this bundle for $90, currently on sale from $120.

For those who like a little less commitment, or those who aren’t addicted to snacking, this 24 bag bundle combines Cheddar Cheese Puffs and Cocoa Cereal to satisfy your snacking needs without going overboard. 

Keep your goals in check this year with the Cheddar Cheese Puff + Cocoa Cereal Bundle for $50, regularly priced at $60

Is there anything better than chocolate and peanut butter combined? Cocoa and Peanut Butter Cereal is a customer-pleasing combo, which is why it’s a staple among their bundles. Throw in a bag of Cheddar Cheese Puffs to your order and you have yourself one heck of a snack cupboard. 

You’ll feel like you’re indulging with the Cheddar Cheese Puff + Cocoa Cereal + Peanut Butter Cereal combo, but you’re simply taking care of your body, and the extravagant taste just happens to be a part of it. Reap the benefits of this 36 bag snack pack which is currently on sale for $75 (normally $90). 

Sour Cream and onion flavor provides an herby, tangy alternative to the traditional cheese puff flavor. You’ll get all the onion creaminess the old-school flavor, just without the unhealthy additives.

Add on Cocoa and Peanut Butter Cereal for a little late-night snack-attack, or early morning breakfast, to keep your tastebuds and your waistline happy. 

Originally priced at $90, you can find comfort in a 36 pack of Sour Cream & Onion Puffs + Cocoa Cereal + Peanut Butter Cereal for $75.

That’s only a taste of the Schoolyard Snacks Bundles. Check out your other options:

  • Fiery Hot Puffs, Cheddar Cheese Puffs, and Sour Cream & Onion Puffs: 36 bags for $75
  • Sour Cream & Onion Puffs and Cheddar Cheese Puffs: 24 bags for $50
  • Cocoa Cereal and Peanut Butter Cereal: 24 bags for $50

Schoolyard Snacks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Schoolyard Snacks Review

This Schoolyard Snacks review took a look at customer reviews on Reddit,, and Amazon, to find how customers feel about the brand’s snacks.

The response is mostly positive, with customers enjoying the taste, texture, and keto-friendly ingredients. Negative reviews also speak of taste and texture, as well as the cost. 

One of the Schoolyard Snacks reviews Reddit users wrote talked about the similarity of the brand’s cheese puffs to Cheetos: “I LOVE them. The flaming hots are flawless. The regular aren’t exactly what I was hoping for, but close enough. The texture is somewhere between crunchy and puffy Cheetos.”

One Schoolyard Snacks Reddit user was disappointed by the cereal: “It’s very disappointing and I can’t say I’m a fan. I got the cinnamon bun flavour. I was so so so looking forward to having cereal back and with all the rave reviews this isn’t what I expected.”

Customers on the Schoolyard Snacks website ranked their keto-friendly snacks as 4.8/5 stars among 8720 reviews. Schoolyard Snacks keto reviews write of loving their products because they “have made eating low carb even easier,” and have a “delicious taste and perfect macros for my fitness and health goals.”

Schoolyard Snacks Review

One-star reviews on write of being disappointed with the texture and taste of the cereal. Some of the reviews note the cereal leaving “an oily film on my tongue,” being “bland and tasteless,” and the Cheese Puffs being “too cheesy”  or “too salty and spicy.” 

Schoolyard Snacks Peanut Butter Cereal is rated 3.6/5 stars on Amazon out of 1,056 ratings. The most positive Schoolyard Snacks cereal review read, “It has the right amount of sweetness thanks to the monkfruit…this is spot on with the peanut butter taste. There is no after taste…either.”

A 1-star review expresses dissatisfaction with the taste in relation to price: “You really have to have a “UNIQUE” set of taste buds to enjoy this cereal…$32.99 is really expensive to pay for something that does not taste good.” 

Are Schoolyard Snacks Worth It?

Schoolyard Snacks Review

What this Schoolyard Snacks review has found through reading customer reviews is that what some love, others hate. The fact that some customers think the cheese puffs are “too cheesy”, or that the cereal is “too crunchy”, doesn’t mean all that much in the grand scheme of things.

What does mean something, is the fact that Schoolyard Snacks has developed products that more than 3/4 of their consumers absolutely adore. We love that the snacks are all-natural, non-GMO, and made in the USA with healthy ingredients.

Peace of mind when it comes to snacking is key. And if the right snack can do that for you, we suggest giving this company a try. This Schoolyard Snacks review believes their munchies are certainly worth the buy. 

Schoolyard Snacks Promotions & Discounts 

Schoolyard Snacks Review

Schoolyard Snacks offers a VIP special offer when you first visit the website. They don’t reveal what the special offer is right away–you’ll have to enter your info to find out more. As an added bonus, they also provide free shipping

This Schoolyard Snacks review found that when you unsubscribe from their emails, they will give you a 10% discount for any orders placed within 24 hours. The Schoolyard Snacks promo code for this deal is EMPTYBOWL

Where to Buy Schoolyard Snacks

Schoolyard Snacks Review

Currently, you cannot buy Schoolyard Snacks in stores. Their Cereal and Keto Puffs are available at If you see the snacks available on Amazon it means they’ve been bought from the website and are being resold. 


How do you cancel Schoolyard Snacks?

To make any changes to your subscription, including a Schoolyard Snacks cancel subscription, you’ll need to text “MODIFY ORDER” to 1(929) 415-9866. 

What is Schoolyard Snacks’ Shipping Policy?

Schoolyard Snacks only offers shipping within the US. Shipping is always free and you can expect delivery between 5-7 days after you place an order. 

What is Schoolyard Snacks’ Return Policy?

If your order has been damaged or is defective, Schoolyard Snacks accepts returns and issues a full refund (minus a $10 processing fee) on any product that has been purchased from the website in the last 30 days from your date of purchase.  

To start a return, email [email protected] and their customer service team will send you a prepaid return label. Once you drop your return off at the post office, let Schoolyard Snacks know, and they will initiate the return. 

The brand also has a 30-day taste satisfaction guarantee. This Schoolyard Snacks trial guarantee applies to your first order only and covers a purchase up to $30. If you ordered a larger order, Schoolyard Snacks will still only refund you $30

How to Contact Schoolyard Snacks

If you need any other information that this Schoolyard Snacks review did not include, feel free to reach out the company by emailing [email protected], or by calling the Schoolyard Snacks customer service number at 1(929) 415-9866.

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30 day money back scam
Asked by Sm (3 years ago) Reply

They refused to give me my money back even though it was well before the 30 days. Their excuse was that they are a small company starting up. After several emails and contact them through Instagram,I still don’t have a response. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY.

Answered by Angela (3 years ago) Reply

Yup. Same here. Did you get a postcard from the founder bragging about having fun in Hawaii? This company will NEVER last!

Asked by Rudy levine (3 years ago) Reply

This is a scam operation.
Good luck getting hold of anyone.

Answered by Angela (3 years ago) Reply

Agree 100%. Awful product. Terrible company! Stand behind your product, Schoolyard Snacks, and honor your guarantee. If not, you’re doomed.

Schoolyard Snacks Does NOT Honor Money Back Guarantee
Asked by Angela (3 years ago) Reply

The product is not good at all. Horrible taste. But what’s worse is their customer service. They do not give a refund. They conveniently do nothing respond to inquiries for refunds until after the 30 day period and then they use that as the excuse for not being able to honor it. That’s a bunch of garbage and a death sentence for the company.

Asked by Jane Dingle (3 years ago) Reply

The food is awful tasting. Texture is disgusting. You cannot get hold of company to cancel. Several emails were not answered. They billed me again. PayPal couldn’t get hold of them. Glad I paid through PayPal, they refunded my money.

Asked by Lena Silberman (3 years ago) Reply

I am terrified by schoolyard snacks. I requested by text, email to stop them to sending me their products for months, they still keep sending me the snacks I don’t like. Can you stop sending me your products?

Asked by Travis L Bruce (3 years ago) Reply

How to cancel a recurring order

Terrible Product, Terrible Customer Service
Asked by Ben K (3 years ago) Reply

As others have said, this company is a joke. The homepage banner clearly states a “30-day money back guarantee”. There is no * about more terms and that banner does not link to another page. They say they’ll send you a pre-paid return label, however there’s a $10 penalty for doing so. They say there’s nothing they can do. From Tarah: “Unfortunately, there isn’t a way around that policy at this time”. This is absolutely untrue. They are using Shopify for their e-commerce and Shopify makes it very easy to refund customers as much $ as you’d like.

The products are disgusting and I suspect they are responding to many complaints. They must be losing money on their guarantee, but instead of honoring it (or removing it), they try to swindle. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Tasty but AWFUL Customer Service
Asked by AJ (3 years ago) Reply

I’m not sure there’s an actual human behind this company, everything is done with auto-responses and robotic call. Buyer beware

Asked by Austin (3 years ago) Reply

When typing “Modify Order” it only gave me a delay option. I would like to end my subscription.

Cancel Subscription
Asked by NATALIE (3 years ago) Reply


School yard snacks
Asked by Kathleen Silberman (3 years ago) Reply

Do not buy! I never signed up for monthly delivery. I could not “Modify” my order so I had my credit card company block any charges from school used snacks. Guess what…they charged me under the name Cereal Snacks. Now I will cancel my credit card. I am sooo frustrated and angry!

Answered by Mary Webb (3 years ago) Reply

These were terrible they taste like Styrofoam they leave your teeth just horrible you can’t even leave the house without brushing your teeth after you eat these they are not good flavored I would never ever order this again

Dishonest people. Hope BBB gets hold of them
Asked by Nina Gruetzmacher (3 years ago) Reply

Same as everyone else says.
Even disputing with credit card company and they still send the orders.
No way to contact.
I have unopened boxes to send back, but getting no response to the text that they give to respond to if you need to alter your order info!!! ha ha

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