Verdant Tea Review

About Verdant Tea 

Verdant Tea Review

Verdant Tea is a tea company known for its “farmer-first” philosophy and unusual Chinese loose-leaf teas. The brand also sells Chinese tea brands, and products to help customers get the best brew possible. 

The small company has made some noise with its limited-edition teas and ethically-sourced ingredients. It has a good following on social media channels, with 8k followers on Facebook and 4.1k more on Instagram. 

Are you getting ready for tea time? This Verdant Tea review can help you out. Join us as we look at the company’s origins, bestsellers, policies, customer feedback, and more so you can decide if they’re worth sipping on.  

Overview of Verdant Tea

Verdant Tea Review

Verdant Tea was founded in 2011 after David and Lily Duckler met Weiwei Ren and Wang Humin. The Ducklers were on a trip to learn about tea folklore and met Weiwei and Wang while researching. But, years before launch, the co-founders had knowledge of Chinese culture and traditional tea practices. 

David Duckler spent a lot of time in China and conducted research surrounding Chinese fiction and poetry. Tea farming became part of his journey as he worked in fields and started collecting tea folklore from local farmers. 

Lily Duckler spent her childhood living internationally, and moving to China wasn’t a shock. She worked in the tea fields and as a teacher at Qingdao University, where she met her other co-owners. 

This helped them develop friendships with many Chinese farmers. Many of them still work with Verdant Tea to this day, with the Ducklers running the Minnesota office. They’ve also opened a tasting room in Minneapolis, offering their teas and some delicious eats.  

He Qingqing is another co-owner who operates Verdant Tea’s China offices in Laoshan alongside Weiwei. She is part of a long line of tea farmers. She ensures that the company’s farmers are fairly compensated while taking part in the tea creation and selection. 

The He family and many others offer the unique teas that the brand is most known for. Together, the team advocates for small family farmers, dedicating their time to hospitality and creating the best tea possible for their customers. 

Now, this Verdant Tea review will kick things off with some highlights:


  • The company offers loose leaf teas, pressed cakes, and teaware
  • Farmers and tea masters in China make the company’s products 
  • Free samples are available
  • Publish blog posts about tea, field updates, and brewing tips
  • Free shipping with an order minimum 
  • International shipping is available
  • 30-day returns policy 

A warm cup of tea soothes the mind and soul. It tastes even better when you have the right leaves and tools. Verdant Tea offers that and then some. So, keep reading this Verdant Tea review to help with your next cuppa. 

Verdant Tea Products Review

The online tea store has everything you need for tea time, from introduction bundles to gorgeous tea sets. So, you can sip and learn about the Chinese tea tradition with their popular items. Let’s get into it.

Verdant Tea An Introduction to Craft Black Tea

Verdant Tea Review

The Chinese tea shop eases you into their offerings with An Introduction to Craft Black Tea. The bundle comes with five 25g bags of black tea varieties from Laoshan Black to traditional Wuyi black teas. 

These teas offer a richness brought out through a slow oxidation process. The kit includes Qianjiazhai Sun-Dried Black Tea, Hand Fired Qianjiazhai Black Tea, Wuyi Gongfu Black, Laoshan Gongfu Black, and Wild Tongmu Unsmoked Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong. 

The Laoshan Gongfu Black is flat-pressed, hand-twisted, and curled by the He family to achieve the final shape. It has creamy honey flavors and a complex dessert scent. The other teas also have interesting layered tastes that any black tea lover will treasure. 

The Introduction to Craft Black Tea runs for $44 (from $49). 

Verdant Tea An Introduction to Oolong Craft

Verdant Tea Review

Up next in this Verdant Tea review is another intro kit. An Introduction to Oolong Craft features four 25g bags of oolong tea and five 7g cakes. The brand describes the oolong process as time-consuming. Still, it might be worth it to deliver vibrant and delicious oolong teas. 

Like the previous bundle, the Intro to Oolong Craft includes teas from the He Family, the Liu Family, and more. The Liu Family pressed the 2010 Aged Tieguanyin Mini Cakes with savory, floral, and fruity flavors. It also has a medicinal quality and is the perfect size for one brewing session. The following is a list of the included teas: 

  • Traditional Tieguanyin 
  • Laoshan Green Oolong 
  • Mi Lan Xiang Dancong 
  • Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong
  • 2010 Aged Tieguanyin Mini Cakes (5x7g)

An Introduction to Oolong Craft will cost you $38 (from $42). 

Verdant Tea Xingyang Fruit + Flower Pu’er Kit

Verdant Tea Review

If you’re a fruity and floral tea lover, the Xingyang Fruit + Flower Pu’er Kit gets you set for 60-120 sessions. The blended fermented teas are based on traditional Chinese medicinal flowers and fruits, offering sweet, spicy, and aged Pu’er teas. 

The Xingyang workshop is known for creating responsibly sourced teas and has made a name for its clean Pu’er. Each tea comes as a brick but can easily break down for brewing. From Honeysuckle Shu Pu’er to the 2017 Orange Peel Pressed Shu Pu’er, you’ll receive a variety of bright and fresh teas with sweet and clean finishes. 

Here are the included pressings: 

  • 2017 Rose Blossom Shu Pu’er 
  • 2017 Chrysanthemum Pressed Shu
  • 2017 Orange Peel Pressed Shu Pu’er 
  • 2017 Honeysuckle Shu Pu’er 
  • 2017 Lily Flower Pressed Shu Pu’er

The Xingyang Fruit + Flower Pu’er Kit is priced at $76 (from $85). 

Verdant Tea Feng Zi Studio Ru Brew Mug

Verdant Tea Review

This Verdant Tea review also has to mention the company’s teaware. Besides, what’s a cup of tea without the proper tools? The Feng Zi Studio Ru Brew Mug was crafted by the Feng Zi Studio and is inspired by a traditional teapot form. It’s hand-glazed and includes a saucer, strainer basket, and lid to keep your tea fresh. 

This mug embodies serious gongfu teaware used in traditional rituals while providing an easy brewing tool. It’s the perfect mug for when you’re working from home and want to enjoy your brew in your own time. The ru yao porcelain also has a long history in Chinese tradition and will crackle over time for a gorgeous crazing effect. 

The Feng Zi Studio Ru Brew Mug costs $129

Verdant Tea Classical Orchard Porcelain Tea Set

Verdant Tea Review

The Classical Orchard Porcelain Tea Set is perfect for tasting and was crafted by Peng Yuan Qing Hua. The studio created the hand-painted, thin porcelain set, including a gaiwan (Chinese lidded bowl), a 180ml pitcher, and two 45ml cups. 

The designs feature classic Chinese themes and utilize blue brushwork for the pomegranate tree. It gives the set an elegant charm for your next session. Each piece also goes through a vitrification process, which makes them water-resistant. This intensifies a tea’s flavors and makes it great for tasting. 

The studio is known for turning thin porcelain and creating ware that emphasizes flavors and lets light pass through. This makes for an enchanting and artistic quality that’s difficult to find elsewhere. 

The Classic Orchard Porcelain Tea Set will run you $72 at checkout (from $80).

Verdant Tea Swirling Cloud Centerpiece Tea Board

Verdant Tea Swirling Cloud Centerpiece Tea Board

Last up in this Verdant Tea review is the Swirling Cloud Centerpiece Tea Board. Xiangfu Design Studio created this tea tray, and the Chinese name translates to “the space between clouds and water.” This inspires the design that acts as a water drain during tea ceremonies. 

The channels are symbolic of rising steam from a fresh cup of tea and make it a significant tea area. The bamboo tray also comes with a draining tube for bigger group sessions so that you can continue brewing without having to empty it. 

You can hand wash the Swirling Cloud Centerpiece Tea Board with warm water, soap, and a gentle sponge. It’ll run you $78 at checkout. 

Who Is Verdant Tea For? 

Verdant Tea Review

Verdant Tea is for tea enthusiasts or novices looking to try some unique teas. The company’s manufacturing process is also sustainable, which is great for those who care about the environment.

Verdant Tea Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Verdant Tea Review

Of course, we can’t have a Verdant Tea review without some customer feedback. So, we searched the web for ratings to help you make an informed decision. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t publish any, but we found a couple on Rate Tea, Reddit and Trustpilot. 

The reviews on Rate Tea mention individual teas, specifically the brand’s black teas. The Laoshan Black tea is well-loved for its dessert aromas and easy drinkability. 

One reviewer writes, “I am obviously falling in love with malty, chocolatey black teas. I can definitely see why this one is so popular! The dried leaves are small and curly and smell like chocolate and bread. The chocolate aroma intensifies once the water hits it. […] The flavor is heavy with the same dark cocoa, plus cooked grain or bread. It’s smooth and so easy to drink.” 

Another happy reviewer says, “I love when I find a tea that’s unique and different, and this one certainly fits that description. My first impression is that of burnt sugar/caramel. […] The taste is a more balanced version of the aroma. There are robust flavors of burnt caramel, dark chocolate, honey, and some generic fruit flavors.” 

The customer continues, stating that flavors became more pronounced after the second and third steeping. Overall, they rated it an 8/10 on Rate Tea. 

There’s also some fanfare for the Qianjiazhai Black Tea, with one user writing, “This was a wonderful black tea. Overall it was very mellow, mild, and smooth. steeped this near boiling. […] The first infusion brought forth a light orange liquor with a light black tea taste and hints of chocolate. […] The aroma is sweet and fruity, almost like cherries. 

They continue, “The taste was smooth and creamy, with increasing notes of chocolate and a slight astringency reminiscent of a Golden Monkey. The flavor becomes much more well balanced with equal notes of savoriness and sweetness.”

One reddit user writes, “I’ve had a whole lot of their tea, and everything has been excellent.[…] Hard to argue with good tea.” All in all, it seems like customers are really enjoying Verdant Tea.

Is Verdant Tea Worth It?

Verdant Tea Review

Whether you’re a casual tea drinker or an avid expert, it’s always lovely to enjoy exciting and rare teas that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Verdant Tea offers a variety of leaves that are sustainably and responsibly sourced. In addition, it’s clear that they ensure quality in every aspect of manufacturing. 

Based on this Verdant Tea review, we think the brand is worth checking out if you have the means. They have great kits available if you’re just getting into Chinese teas, along with helpful instructions so you can reap the benefits of the farm-to-table teas. 

It also seems like the company does well on the customer service front. To avoid any issues you should note that tea preferences differ from person to person. So it’s worth it to try them for yourself, especially if you can get a few tea samples! 

Verdant Tea Promotions & Discounts 

Verdant Tea Review

Sipping some tea will always make you feel cozy. Getting a good deal on it might help too. Verdant Tea offers a Tea of the Month Club that ships for free, includes an exclusive coupon and costs $30 a month. 

They also have a Five teas for $5 trial. This also includes a $5 voucher which customers can use on their next purchase!

Be sure to check Verdant Tea’s Specials page to find all the latest deals and discounts.

Where to Buy Verdant Tea

Verdant Tea Review

Did something in this Verdant Tea review catch your eye? You can get some new leaves at


Verdant Tea Review

Who owns Verdant Tea?

He Qingqing, Weiwei Ren, Lily and David Duckler co-own Verdant Tea. He Qingqing runs the Chinese office alongside Weiwei, while Lily and David Duckler manage the Minnesota HQ. 

Is Verdant Tea’s Tea Organic? 

Verdant Tea’s tea is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetics. Their teas also come from pollution-free areas, and they’re cared for using natural spring water. The company also emphasizes a family business model, creating a sustainable living situation for all of its partners. 

The brand notes that its partners aren’t large enough to afford organic certification, but the techniques are well above organic industry standards.

What is Verdant Tea’s Shipping Policy?

Verdant Tea offers free shipping for US and Canadian orders over $38. Smaller purchases have a $5 flat rate. They typically try to fulfill orders on the same day, but this may vary, and they’re shipped out every weekday. 

Orders are shipped from their HQ in St Paul, Minnesota, and typically take 1–3 business days to arrive in the US. Expedited options through FedEx are available, and delivery times depend on the order volume. 

International orders are shipped via DHL for a $38 flat rate. Customs duties may vary depending on your location. In addition, all orders ship with tracking information. If you’d like to know different international options, you can contact the company to arrange another service. 

What is Verdant Tea’s Return Policy?

Verdant Tea has a 30-day return policy for teaware items. If you opt to return your teas, they cannot be resold and must be disposed of by the company. So, returns based on your dislike aren’t accepted. If you receive the wrong item(s), you can contact the team, and they’ll send a replacement or refund for your item(s).

If your item arrives damaged, the customer service team will send a replacement or refund. They’ll also cover any shipping costs. But undamaged items must have written authorization from the company. 

How to Contact Verdant Tea

If you have any questions beyond this Verdant Tea review, you can contact the customer service team via [email protected]. They typically respond within one business day. You can also reach them at the following mailing address: 

Verdant Tea
Wycliff St. #300
St. Paul, MN 55114
United States

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