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Madefor Review

Madefor is an online-based program that is designed to help people of all walks of life feel prepared to take on new challenges in life with positivity and intention.

All of Madefor’s programming was designed in consultation with neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman to ensure that its tools are based on the latest in brain and behavior science.

The MadeFor Program consists of ten Action Plans, which take 21 days to complete. Each Action Plan has a certain theme and includes activities to help you build self-awareness and new self-management skills. 

This company has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and Men’s Health, and has over 4k likes on Facebook and 33k followers on Instagram.

In this Madefor review, I’ll break down this brand and what they have to offer, customer feedback, and purchasing highlights so you can understand if it’s the right fit for you. Keep reading to learn more about their story!

Overview of Madefor

Madefor Review

Madefor was founded by entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie and NAVY Seal Patrick Dossett.

Blake is famous for being the brains behind the TOMS shoe brand, and he is well known for his charitable endeavors such as providing clean drinking water and vision care to underserved communities.

Patrick Dossett is trained in business and served as a NAVY Seal for nine years, and runs a non-profit that serves veterans. 

Both Patrick and Blake wanted to harness the latest in modern neuroscience and combine it with their own experiences and knowledge to create programs that would help ordinary people achieve better mental health and positively shape their approach to work and relationships.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the highlights of signing up for Madefor:


  • Designed to help you change your outlook and habits
  • Convenient, online programming 
  • “Step by step toolkit” that includes 21-Day Action Plans
  • Plans include themes such as “Movement”, “Clarity”, “Rest,” and “Vision”
  • Based on up-to-date neuroscience and developed by Dr. Andrew Huberman

Madefor Review

Madefor Review

The Madefor Program should help you achieve better mental health and feel motivated to take on new challenges in life.

While researching for this Madefor review, I found that this program will guide you through ten Action Plans. Each Plan lasts 21 days and has a certain theme.

Check out the list of aptly named and helpful plans:

  • Hydration
  • Gratitude
  • Fuel
  • Connection
  • Breath
  • Movement
  • Nature
  • Clarity
  • Rest
  • Vision

These Action Plans promise to help you learn more about setting boundaries, improve your relationships, understand your own needs, and prioritize your values.

For example, the “Clarity” Action Plan explains that you will “build awareness around your material possessions to better understand what serves you.”

These tools and tips should help you reach your goals, whether you are taking big steps in your career, boosting your mental or physical health, or investing in your relationships.

As a Madefor member, you will receive other perks in addition to the programming. These include:

  1. Connect with an online community of Madefor members
  2. Attend regular support classes online 
  3. Access to a Madefor members store and expert interviews
  4. One year of access to their “Digital Portal”

If you’re interested in the Madefor Program, sign up at getmadefor.com for $17/month.

Who Is Madefor For? 

My featured brand is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to think and behave in a healthy, consistent, and intentional way. For this Madefor review, I found that this program promises to “equip you with the tools to take control of your life.”

If you would like to integrate both physical and online science-based tools into your life to help you become motivated and productive, Madefor could be right for you.

How Does Madefor Work? 

To sign up for the Madefor program, go to getmadefor.com and click “Join Now”. You can choose between paying $199 up front or making monthly payments of $17. If you prefer, you can try the 7-Day Free Trial to see what the programming is like.

Once you’re signed up you’ll begin working your way through the Madefor journey, beginning with the first Action Plan “Hydration” and ending with the tenth Action Plan, “Vision”.

Why Does Madefor Work? 

Madefor Review

Madefor’s scientific advisor, Dr. Andrew Huberman, explains on their website that Madefor’s programs are based on the “very best modern, peer reviewed science”, which its programs make accessible and actionable to everyday people.

Dr. Huberman leads the Huberman Lab at the Stanford University School of Medicine and has studied brain repair, brain development, and other pertinent neuroscience topics.

According to getmadefor.com, Dr. Huberman’s mission is to help people understand the science behind their own behavior and be able to use that information in practical, actionable ways to change their habits and outlook and achieve their goals.

Madefor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This company shares customer testimonials on their official website, getmadefor.com. These Madefor reviews show that their subscribers have used these programs to help shape new personal and professional habits

One woman explained in her Madefor review how she’srediscovered how to take care of myself in small ways that build upon themselves to become big things.”

Another customer shared that she felt the Madefor approach was intuitive and effective. She wrote, “It feels really natural to start with me. If I’m in a situation, what can I change…and if I can’t change it, how can I find peace with it?”

This brand also shares customer feedback on their official Facebook page, where clients can leave comments and questions on their Community board.

One man wrote in his Madefor review that “As a @madefor community member heading into my sixth month I can honestly say for me it’s a lifestyle change. Incorporating this platform of learning about myself has been magical. I feel, think, and operate with so much more clarity.”

Madefor’s programs were also evaluated by the reviewer at Mashable.com, who found them helpful and easy to integrate into her daily life.

She shared in her Madefor review that “While it’s expensive, the value of each kit is that it’s backed by the latest neuroscience and there are scientific advisors on hand to answer members’ questions. The good news is if you’re not a gadget person, Madefor doesn’t require tech tools, unless you want to engage online with others in the community.”

Overall, this company has received positive feedback from customers that have appreciated their approach to self-help.

Most subscribers have found that their programs are insightful and contain useful advice and tools to help them shift habits and patterns of thinking.

Is Madefor Legit?

Yes, this brand has solid reviews and has been featured in media such as Vogue, GQ, and Men’s Health.

Blake and Patrick collaborated with Stanford University neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman to create the Madefor Program and ensure that it is based on the latest in brain and behavior science.

Is Madefor Worth It?

Based on everything I researched for this Madefor review, I found that this program offers a new approach to self-help that they claim is based on neuroscience.

Madefor’s program is designed to help you overcome the challenges that all of us face at one point or another: anxiety, burnout, procrastination, and more.

Their program includes steps such as daily gratitude, hydration, connecting with nature, and investing in your relationships

Madefor has great customer feedback and has been positively featured in a variety of magazines.

If you are looking for a step-by-step way to keep yourself accountable and learn how to manage your daily habits and act on your intentions, Madefor could be right for you.

The verdict of this Madefor review is that if this program appeals to you, you should definitely give it a try.

Madefor Promotions & Discounts 

When you sign up for the Madefor newsletter, you will receive 15% off your Madefor program.

This brand currently has a promotion for new US customers – sign up for their program and they will send you their signature water bottle.

Madefor also has a promotion for veterans – their programming is free to any active or former US service member.

Where To Buy Madefor

You can apply for all of the brand’s programs on their official website at getmadefor.com.


Who owns Madefor?

Blake Mycoskie and Patrick Dossett are the co-founders and owners of Madefor. Blake is the founder of TOMS shoes and a philanthropist. Patrick trained in business and is a US veteran too.

Does Madefor ship internationally?

Madefor operates entirely online, so no shipping is required. However, purchases from their online store are for US addresses only.

What is Madefor’s Shipping Policy?

The Madefor program is digital so people around the world can subscribe. If you choose to make a purchase from Madefor’s online store, it will ship to US addresses and calculate your shipping fees at checkout.

What is Madefor’s Return Policy?

Madefor explains that if you are experiencing difficulties with their program they are happy to provide you with resources to help.

They also claim that, while they will try to help you complete the program, if you would like to cancel you can contact them at [email protected] and they will discuss your options with you.

How to Contact Madefor

Feel free to reach out to Madefor by emailing them at [email protected].

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