Gordon Ramsay Masterclass Review

About Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

World-renowned chef, author, TV show host, father, and husband… Gordon Ramsay has truly made his mark on the world.

With first-in-class professionalism, a desire to help others, and a take-no-slack attitude, Ramsay quickly rose to the top throughout his career, turning heads and earning respect from everyone he worked with. 

The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass intertwines the world-class chef’s experience, essential cooking techniques, and globally favored dishes into an easy-to-follow and encouraging course that’s a pleasure for both beginner and seasoned cooks

This Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review will provide insight into the course and the many topics it covers, customer feedback, information on pricing, and more, to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you. 

Who is Gordon Ramsay?

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Known across the globe for his anger directed at overconfident and lazy kitchen staff on hit TV shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, those who have followed the 7-star Michelin chef’s career, know what a skilled restaurateur Gordon Ramsay truly is. 

Despite his quick temper, the culinary artist always had a heart for hospitality. After receiving a degree in hotel management at 22 years old, Ramsay soon shifted his focus to all things food.

To prove it, he landed his first cooking apprenticeship under famous British chef and TV personality, Marco Pierre White

Ramsay did quite a bit of moving around from restaurant to restaurant in the following 10 years, traveling to France to learn classic French cuisine, before moving back to London and staffing the triple Michelin starred establishment Aubergine

It wasn’t long before Ramsay wanted something to put his own name on. So at 32 years old, he opened his first eatery, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, which is said to be one of the best in the world. 

Over the course of his career, the chef and TV personality has owned over 57 restaurants around the world, many of which have received the highest of culinary accreditations.

Aside from these endeavours, Ramsay has hosted and produced 18 TV shows, written 3 autobiographies, and 17 cookbooks. 

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking MasterClass Review

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

With the fiery chef using his own kitchen as a classroom, the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass course teaches those new and versed in the world of culinary exploration how to level up their skills

Starting with the basics, Ramsay educates students on how to create a home kitchen environment that is worthy of a Michelin star.

Lessons range from the proper way to use a knife, to handling whole chickens and fish, curing slow-cook meats, and mastering pastry. The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass is nothing short of a spectacular introduction into the cooking universe. 

In his 3 hour and 54-minute MasterClass Gordon Ramsay course spread out over 20 video lessons, the chef teaches recipes that you’ll keep for a lifetime.

Including skills that will cut downtime in the kitchen—all sprinkled with a little of that Ramsay spark you’ve come to know and love. 

Now that we’ve shared a bit about the world-renowned chef and this course, let’s review each of the lessons in the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

Sneak Peek: Introduction

In this Gordon Ramsay MasterClass video, the chef will tell you all about the exciting lessons he has planned for you. Running just under 4 minutes, you’ll get a feel for Ramsay’s style and see his true passion for preparing excellent dishes. 

In this Introduction, Ramsay proudly admits to his accomplishments, and that he has so much to share. Saddle up and get ready for the culinary adventures of these MasterClass Gordon Ramsay cooking lessons. 

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Sneak Peek: Gordon’s Journey: Learning from Masters

In this 10-minute Gordon Ramsay MasterClass video, the British celebrity will tell you how he got to where he is today.

Aspiring culinary artists can take notes of Ramsay’s early experiences with working in fine dining environments, and how taking a job in France totally transformed the chef’s career—leading him to become “one of the most recognizable chefs in the world”

In Gordon’s Journey: Learning from Masters, you’ll hear all about the famous mentors Ramsay trained under, and the key lessons he was taught along the way. As he takes you under his wing, the chef reminisces about his own past. 

Sneak Peek: Method: Kitchen Layout

Filmed in his own kitchen, this 7-minute lesson takes you through the MasterClass Gordon Ramsay home kitchen. He talks about the importance of a good set of utensils, and basic equipment that you should always have on hand. 

While watching Method: Kitchen Layout, you might be surprised to learn a 5-star meal can be achieved through “just a few good pots, pans, utensils, and a hot plate”

Sneak Peek: Master Ingredients: Vegetables & Herbs 

Everything that he has learned “is laid bare across this MasterClass,” says the chef in the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass preview video.

To really master cooking, a cook needs to know what ingredients work well with each other, in order to complement or emphasize certain flavors

In Master Ingredients: Vegetables & Herbs, you’ll learn “how to select great produce to create phenomenal dishes.” This class solely focuses on veggies and seasonings; key elements of any dish. 

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Sneak Peek: Make: Poached Egg & Mushrooms on Brioche

In the first recipe video of this Gordon Ramsay MasterClass, you’ll learn how to make “perfect poached eggs every time”, whether or not you’re following this exact set of instructions. 

Gordon’s easy-to-understand directions and soothing tone make cooking seem a little less complicated. Make: Poached Egg & Mushroom on Brioche teaches you an easy recipe to pull out of your back pocket for guests on a whim. 

Sneak Peek: Method: Knife Skills

Nothing holds a chef back more than using the wrong tools for the job.

In Method: Knife Skills, Gordon will walk you through the proper way to sharpen your knife and the correct way to slice vegetables. In the end, he’ll give you time to practice dicing up a few varieties. 

This Gordon Ramsay Masterclass Knife Skills class teaches that there are two important components to chopping up ingredients properly: sharpening, and holding the tools properly. 

Ramsay will show students the correct techniques to grasp a variety of knives—giving viewers a leg up in the kitchen and helping avoid any future injuries. 

Sneak Peek: Make: Elevated Scrambled Eggs 

Ramsay’s scrambled eggs are known around the globe. But this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill breakfast, whipped together in a matter of minutes.

Topped off with critic-palate-approved sea urchin and white truffle, Ramsay’s eggs are fit for a king and presented like a gift. 

In this easy 6-minute Make: Elevated Scrambled Eggs video, you’ll discover how tiny additions can make all the difference to this traditional dish. Get your loved ones together in the morning and wow their taste buds.

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Sneak Peek: Method: Breaking Down a Whole Chicken

Sharpen your knives! The title, Method: Breaking Down a Whole Chicken, is pretty self-explanatory. In this 9-minute video, you’ll learn exactly where to make a cut on raw poultry, as well as how different parts can be utilized for various purposes.

As the MasterClass Gordon Ramsay cookery lesson calls it, “Butchery 101” will take students through the intimidating process of cutting up a chicken, ensuring that no waste is left behind. If you’re squeamish about flesh, we recommend skipping this one. 

Sneak Peek: Make: Chicken Supreme and Root Vegetables

Now that you know how to break down a chicken, you probably want to start preparing the rest of the meal. This 17-minute Gordon Ramsay MasterClass will teach you how to transform everyday ingredients into something mouthwatering. 

In Make: Chicken Supreme and Root Vegetables, this simple yet delicious dish is centered around the supreme pan sauce, followed by a thrilling finish of how Ramsay roasts veggies before they’re ready to be served.

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Sneak Peek: Mastering Ingredients: Fish & Shellfish

Fish and shellfish can leave you befuddled in the kitchen, especially for those who weren’t raised by a decent fishmonger.

In Mastering Ingredients: Fish & Shellfish, Ramsay will teach you how to select fresh seafood to ensure the “best quality ingredients” and taste in your final dish. 

Sneak Peek: Gordon’s Journey: Becoming a Master

In Lesson 2, you learned all about Ramsay’s humble beginnings. In Gordon’s Journey: Becoming a Master, the culinary expert reveals his journey to being awarded his third Michelin star and building his brand from there. 

This Gordon Ramsay MasterClass will outline Ramsay’s experience working at Aubergine, opening his first restaurant, and what he learned about building a business throughout it all. 

Sneak Peek: Method: Breaking Down a Whole Fish 

When a fish’s glassy eye is staring back at you from the cutting board, your first instinct may be to turn your head away.

In Method: Breaking Down a Whole Fish, Gordon will help you understand how to properly make filets, and what to do with all the extra pieces…eyeballs included. 

The calmly demonstrated tutorial in this Gordon Ramsay MasterClass is one that will keep bones out of your plate and seal flavor in your stock. Slice up some lime wedges on the side, and get some sprigs of parsley ready for garnish. 

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Sneak Peek: Make: Salmon with Shellfish Minestrone 

Make: Salmon with Shellfish Minestrone teaches you how to whip up an elegant, celebrity-chef approved dish when the inspiration strikes!

Great for nights where you’re short on time and patience, this straightforward meal makes for a “delicious, light supper,” that is friendly on both your waist and budget. 

Sneak Peek: Method: Making Pasta Dough 

The difference between fresh and dry dough is as stark as night and day. In Method: Making Pasta Dough, Gordon imparts the knowledge that he learned from masters in Italy so that you can also put together appetizing pasta dishes for family and friends. 

This 13-minute Gordon Ramsay MasterClass video focuses solely on making pasta dough, while in the next lesson, you’ll learn how to roll it. If you can’t find your rolling pin amidst the clouds of flour, a wine bottle will do for now. 

Sneak Peek: Method: Rolling Pasta Dough 

Now that you have your dough ready, the fun begins. This 16-minute Method: Rolling Pasta Dough video shows the art form that is stretching and forming “delicate, paper thin pasta”. Follow along as a fun Sunday night activity. 

This Gordon Ramsay MasterClass lesson will demonstrate the many options that are possible with your perfectly rolled dough, like tortellini and fettuccini. Say goodbye to boring old takeout, and serve up a dish of fresh pasta made with your very own hands. 

Sneak Peek: Make: Lobster Ravioli 

Remember all that kneading and rolling from earlier? Well, now it’s time to create a masterpiece. Make: Lobster Ravioli takes that lovely fresh pasta dough you just created and transforms it into a rich and flavourful ravioli. 

This Gordon Ramsay MasterClass teaches you exactly how to cook the lobster and salmon filling in this decadent dish, and how to properly shape and stuff the pasta shells. Additionally, Ramsay spills details on his best techniques of plating for an enticing finish. 

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Sneak Peek: Mastering Ingredients: Beef, Lamb & Pork

Prime cuts of beef, lamb, and pork can be considered luxury ingredients for appreciative foodies. In Mastering Ingredients: Beef, Lamb, & Pork, Ramsay shows you how to make the most of your treasures, so that you can stick to your budget and still eat well. 

This quick 6-minute Gordon Ramsay MasterClass video is all treating these meats to bring out their full potential. The next time you make a trip to your local delicatessen, you’ll know exactly what to request. 

Sneak Peek: Make: Beef Wellington

It’s time to put your skills from the previous lessons to good use. In Make: Beef Wellington, Ramsay pulls out all the stops to create a finger-licking Beef Wellington. This is one recipe to save for the holidays, or when you really want to impress someone special. 

In his restaurants, “over a million of this classic dish” have been served “all around the globe.” In his longest Gordon Ramsay MasterClass video lesson yet, the chef will take 25 minutes to demonstrate his unique method of keeping meat tender and pastry crisp. 

Sneak Peek: Advice for Life 

Gordon Ramsay has seen the world and he’s dealt with a lot of different people. Underneath the tough exterior is a soft heart.

In the Advice for Life segment, the beloved chef shares valuable wisdom with his students to help them succeed in their endeavors. 

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Sneak Peek: Closing

We all need a pep-talk from time to time. In a Closing video of just under 2 minutes, Ramsay gives some final words and encouragement to motivate bright-eyed culinary artists in their cooking journey. Remember, everyone starts somewhere! 

How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

The great thing about the MasterClass is that Ramsay’s course is just one of 90 (and counting) you can access upon signing up for MasterClass.

This Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review found that the company operates as an annual membership, through a yearly pre-authorized payment. 

The all-access MasterClass subscription offers complete access to all classes (current and future).

MasterClass offers courses in a range of topics including Arts & Entertainment, Sports & Gaming, Cooking, Business, Science & Tech, Music, and more, all taught by experts in their respective fields.

The MasterClass membership is $180, billed annually on your signup date. Each class has around 20 lessons, and you’ll also receive a PDF workbook.

You have access to their smartphone and TV apps, offline lessons, the member’s only newsletter, and will be able to chat with other MasterClass members around the world.

Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

If you’ve ever seen this temperamental yet hilarious chef on TV, you know he knows his stuff. But, you may be wondering if this Gordon Ramsay MasterClass is worth investing in, especially since he has so many cooking shows already. 

This is the part of the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review that we compile helpful feedback found from students across the web.

In the comments section of the Method: Vegetables & Herbs lesson on the website, one user brings up an important point that we thought was worth mentioning here:  

I’m so glad this isn’t one of his Youtube videos. Otherwise, it would be like this: Name of herb. Plant, grow, chop, done.” It’s good to know that these modules are slower, more structured, and informative than the ones you would find for free.

One of the negative comments for this same MasterClass Gordon Ramsay cooking course said, “Basically Gordon playing with vegetables for 15 minutes. What is the point of this?”

While some may struggle to find this class challenging, others are entirely new to the world of cooking, and step-by-step tutorials are important for this very reason. With that said, this may be too basic of a course for intermediate cooks. 

In a Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review on The Kitchn, the writer, Grace Rasmus, tried out the course and some of its dishes. In the end, she showed her readers the final dish. 

When introducing the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass, Rasmus said that “The studio kitchen setting is airy and quite relaxing, actually—as is his demeanor.”

This is great to know, because the last thing students need is Ramsay yelling or rushing them through their computer screens. 

Though her Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review is generally positive, we did see that Rasmus mentioned one simple recipe “felt incredibly laborious”.

We’ll be honest here, her dish looks quite underwhelming, which may be a bummer for those looking for a more complicated, fancy meal. 

A Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review on Course Reviewers revealed that the course was beneficial, and Ramsay’s calm, toned-down presence and clear passion for cooking is what makes it worth the money.

In the end, the critic said that he felt his culinary skills were “taken to the next level”. 

With that said, his Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review notes that “many of the basics and fundamentals [are] not covered in this class.” So while the reviewer was able to follow along, those who don’t have prior experience may feel lost. 

From what we’ve found, Gordon Ramsay MasterClass is for those with intermediate cooking skills. For those who walk into their kitchen and know the lay of the land, this MasterClass cooking course is clearly worthwhile. 

Is Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Worth It?

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

We were pleased to find the notoriously loud and fast-paced chef to be gentle, funny, and encouraging throughout his MasterClass. There’s no denying that Gordon Ramsay has a story to tell and wisdom to share, which he does within this course. 

The MasterClass Gordon Ramsay cooking school format is easy and fun to follow—weaving between his story, practical methods, and recipes.

We believe that it’s priced appropriately, and worth checking out if you’re looking to chop, sear, and plate your creations with more professionalism. 

More MasterClass Cooking Courses

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

If you love cooking, then you’re in luck, as this Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review has found that Ramsay’s class isn’t the only one you can gain essential kitchen tips and delicious recipes from. 

Browse the selection below to see if any other MasterClass chef class piques your interest:

  • Massimo Bottura MasterClass on Modern Italian Cooking
  • Aaron Franklin MasterClass on Texas-Style BBQ
  • Yotam Ottolenghi MasterClass on Modern Middle Eastern Cooking
  • Thomas Keller MasterClass on Cooking Techniques I, II, & III
  • Gordon Ramsey MasterClass on Cooking II
  • James Suckling MasterClass on Wine Appreciation
  • Alice Waters MasterClass on the Art of Home Cooking
  • Dominique Ansel MasterClass on French Pastry Fundamentals 
  • Gabriela Canada MasterClass on Mexican Cooking
  • Wolfgang Puck MasterClass on Cooking
  • Nika Nakayama MasterClass on Modern Japanese Cooking 
  • Apollonia Poilane MasterClass on Bread Baking 

MasterClass Promotions & Discounts 

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass Review

Right now when you sign up for one membership, you get two. That means instead of paying $360 for two yearly memberships, you’re only paying $180. That would make an amazing gift for a loved one, and it’s not costing you anything extra. 

Sign Up for MasterClass

To purchase a MasterClass membership, following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Log in’ 
  3. Click on ‘Need an Account? Sign up’
  4. Create an account by logging into your Google or Facebook account or by entering an email and password
  5. Click ‘Create Account’
  6. Enter your payment details
  7. An annual subscription fee of $180 will be charged to your payment card
  8. Once your payment has gone through, you have unlimited access to classes 

Alternatively, you can set up your MasterClass subscription directly from Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices. You’ll be asked which subjects you’re interested in and prompted to choose six classes to start. Then get learning!

MasterClass offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t love your annual membership.


How much does MasterClass cost?

The all-access MasterClass pass costs $180 annually, plus any applicable taxes. You can also give the course as a gift, with classes priced individually for $90.

Does MasterClass have a free trial? 

This Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review has discovered that there is no free trial for these courses. If you are unsatisfied with the service, you can request a full refund within 30 days of trying it out. 

Can I pay MasterClass monthly? 

No. The all-access MasterClass pass is an annual subscription and you will be billed $180 plus any applicable taxes once per year. 

Can you put MasterClass on your resume? 

You can put the completed MasterClass on your resume, but the company does not issue official certificates of class completion.

They do send students an email confirming the completion of the program, containing a congratulatory message along with tips on how to use the site to continue their studies. 

Can MasterClass be shared? 

MasterClass was designed to be taken individually, so group viewings are discouraged. They can’t stop you from sharing the information or watching the class with other people, but they ask that students do not copy or redistribute class materials in any way. 

How long does a MasterClass subscription last?

MasterClass subscriptions last as long as you like. Fees are automatically renewed based on the day users sign up for an annual plan.

Can I cancel MasterClass at any time?

Customers can cancel their MasterClass subscription at any time. But it’s important to note that after 30 days, no refunds are issued for unused services

Follow the steps below to cancel your MasterClass subscription:

  1. Use your MasterClass login to access your account 
  2. Select the ‘Cancel’ button in the ‘Subscription’ section of the page
  3. On the page, select ‘Continue to Cancel’; your account will not renew at the end of your current subscription period

For in-app subscriptions through Apple or Google Play, cancellations can be managed through the respective App stores in the subscription sections. 

How to Contact MasterClass

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review, you can contact the team through: 

Phone: 1 (855) 981-8208 (Monday to Friday, 9 AM–6 PM PST, excluding major holidays).

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