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iPlum Review

Your business depends on communication, but as soon as you leave the office, that line of communication is closed. While connecting via email when working remotely is possible, this typically slower form of communication has its limits. 

That’s where a second line comes in. iPlum helps improve professional communication with a mobile-first solution for iPhones and Androids. 

Highly rated in the App Store, this HIPPA-compliant app provides a secure method of communication for a wide range of industries including healthcare, real estate, financial and more. With a boatload of advanced features, you can receive calls and texts when you want to and avoid them when you don’t, sending them to voicemail or re-routing to others on your team. 

With cutting-edge encryption to safeguard data, iPlum meets requirements for client privacy. What’s more, it will save you both time and money as the plans are incredibly affordable. Born from the need to solve the issue professionals faced when debating to provide their personal phone numbers, iPlum provides greater freedom for businesses while ensuring privacy.

When signing up for iPlum, you’ll be provided a business number or can port your existing number. Great for companies of all sizes, this valued app makes it easy to scale and provides a reliable communication solution for professionals around the globe.

Ready to streamline your business communications? iPlum may be the perfect solution, so keep reading to find out more. The highlights are up first.


  • Second line solution
  • Cloud-based phone system
  • HIPPA-compliant
  • 23 languages
  • Available in 200 countries
  • Do not disturb
  • USA, Canada & Toll-Free plans

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

iPlum Review

iPlum Review

Your business is dynamic and your phone plan should be too. iPlum’s plans far surpass just calling and texting, aiming to simplify business communication with your clients, customers, or patients. Ideal for a wide range of industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and real estate, you can easily and securely connect with users using encrypted channels or provide increased customer support to let your customers know you care. 

Of course, your life doesn’t revolve around work, which is why iPlum’s business hour settings and auto-attendants are critical to balancing work and home life. Auto replies help your customers and patients feel heard, while enabling communication outside of the office can help speed up business deals. 

Have remote employees? iPlum extends the office, allowing for greater communication and team connectivity while your staff works from home. 

Products Offered by iPlum

iPlum Review

iPlum offers a variety of products to help you set up the perfect communication solution for your business. From convenient second lines to a toll-free vanity number, your preferred plan will meet all of your needs.

  • Second Line Mobile Solution: Enjoy the ease a second line provides. iPlum will configure a second line to your existing cell phone so that you can receive calls and texts out of the office.
  • Cloud Phone System: When callers dial your number, they will hear a greeting and will be automatically transferred to one of your extensions without going through a receptionist.
  • HIPAA Compliance Solution: A process required for certain industries such as healthcare, insurance, and therapy, iPlum’s second lines and text messaging are compliant with this process.
  • Mobile Call Recording Compliance: iPlum can record calls and back up the information collected. With data security, archiving, and recording, you will easily meet all business communication requirements.
  • 800 Toll-Free Vanity: Get a toll-free vanity number that spells out an important word. This will help make your number more memorable for clients and potential customers.
  • Canada Second Line: Whether you’re based in Canada or would simply like to offer your services to Canadian customers, adding a second Canadian line will help improve communications with Canadians.
  • Fax Compliance: Instead of buying a fax machine, you can send a digital fax with iPlum. This secure portal can send and receive faxes from dedicated fax machines.


While each of the above plans has its own unique function, the following features are included in all of iPlum’s plans:

  • Dual Reliability: Voice Network Mode or Wi-Fi/Data for Calls.
  • True Caller ID with Call Return: Know the number of who’s calling you and make it easy to return calls.
  • Business Hours Setup: Set up your business hours to send calls to voicemail when you are not available.
  • Domestic Calls & Texts: Call or text anyone in your country.
  • International Calls & Texts (requires global credits): Call or text anyone, anywhere.
  • Multimedia Messaging: Audio, Photo, Text, Video, Short-codes.
  • Auto Attendant (IVR), Extensions: Collect information or provide answers to FAQs to customers when you are not available.
  • Call Transfer: Transfer calls to others on your team with ease.
  • Music on Hold: Give your clients something pleasant to listen to so that they know they’re still on the line.
  • Cloud Voicemail with Email Alert: Access your voicemail wherever you are in the world and on any device.
  • Out of Office Greeting: Let your customers know they’ve reached the right number and that you’ll return the call ASAP.
  • Auto-Reply Text for Missed Calls & SMS: Let customers know you care even when you aren’t available.
  • Signature Text: Include a unique sign-off that’s personal to your business.
  • Multiple Call Forwarding: Forward calls to your preferred number when you’re traveling.
  • Auto-Reply Text Outside Business Hours or Ad-hoc Basis: Keep personal hours free but ensure your clients’ needs are met.
  • Multiple Inbound Paths: Manage inbound communication through multiple channels.
  • Do Not Disturb: Turn your system off outside business hours or whenever you are unavailable.
  • Block Phone Numbers: Avoid contact with people you don’t want to speak with.
  • Ringtones: Choose a professional ringtone so that you never miss a call.
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device Ready: Bring your existing device and hook up your new service easily.
  • Cloud-Based Team Account: Collaborate with your team via the Cloud.
  • REST APIs for Usage Management: See stats on your team’s usage.
  • iPhone & iPad Ready: A perfect solution for iOS systems.
  • Phone, Tablet & Chromebook Ready: Great for Android users too!
  • 23 Languages, 200 countries: Set up your plan around the world and choose your preferred language.

How Much is iPlum?

iPlum Review

iPlum is available in the USA and Canada and provides toll-free service for international customers as well. The pricing varies depending on your plan. Here’s a look at their pricing, which by the way, is very affordable.

  • USA $8.99 per user (includes 35% discount)
  • Canada $11.99 per user (includes 20% discount)
  • Toll-free $14.99 per user (includes 25% discount)

Who iPlum For?

iPlum Review

iPlum is for businesses that are interested in making communications easier and more secure. Instead of relying on emails to correspond with clients, the app forwards call and text messages to your preferred phone from your business number. It’s ideal for any company looking to streamline communications, and is suitable for the following industries and more:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Public Sector
  • Non-Profit
  • Hospitality

iPlum Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

iPlum Review

Now that you’re familiar with the many features that are available with iPlum, let’s get down to the business of customer feedback. iPlum boasts quite a few excellent reviews on its website and holds a 4.4/5 star rating on the App Store among 1,515 ratings. Some snippets of feedback from happy customers include:

Since finding iPlum, I have recommended their app to numerous business owners that I work with. Their included features are second to none, and the price point is very affordable.” Another user said, “As a healthcare professional it is essential to have a HIPPA-compliant phone line to communicate with my patients. I have happily used iPlum for years now with no complaints.”

So far, we’re off to a great start, but let’s wander off the brand’s website and check out G2. There, iPlum has a slightly lower rating of 3.8/5 stars and 18 reviews. Here’s the snapshot:

  • 5 stars: 11
  • 4 stars: 3
  • 3 stars: 1
  • 2 stars: 0
  • 1 star: 3

As my business grew, I began to worry about my privacy. I wanted a separate phone number for my business, but I did not want to carry two phones. As I was researching for a solution, a friend recommended that I try iPlum app and get a second number on mobile…Responses are quick and I feel that we can close deals faster.

Closing deals faster helps secure more business, so switching from email to texting may benefit your business too! 

On G2, some customers weighed in on what they liked about iPlum and what they didn’t. One wrote, “I love the a la carte features. Most importantly, we love the voicemail transcription option. It helps us scan messages quickly. Texting is also a game changer since it can all be done in the same place.” 

Another said, “I like the convenience of the setup and the ability to make calls from the app. The decisive factor was that the price of the number was very affordable, much cheaper compared to what big mobile companies offered…I was also impressed by the quality of customer service…Bottom line, I’m happy that I’m using this service.

While not every user rated the app 5/5 stars, the majority of people who use iPlum say that it’s more than worth it for the price. 

Is iPlum Legit?

iPlum Review

There are no scams associated with this business, it’s a legitimate service that thousands of professionals are using to increase business and make communicating with clients and patients easier and more secure. The main issue I found while researching for this iPlum review is that sometimes additional charges are required for certain features. If you have any questions along the way, iPlum’s customer service is ready to help.

Is iPlum Worth It?

iPlum Review

Can you beat unlimited service for $8.99 per month? As a business owner or professional you know how important it is to keep your conversations with your clients easy, open, and secure. iPlum opens the lines of secure conversation in your business so you and your clients feel comfortable. 

Plus, the app allows you to receive texts and phone calls right to your mobile phone, keeping you connected when your clients or patients need you most. Easier communication, improved customer support, and a more balanced work and home life await you–all made possible through one easy app.

iPlum Promotions & Discounts

iPlum Review

iPlum offers discounts on all of their plans. See below for details:

  • USA 35% off
  • Canada 20% off
  • Toll-Free 25% off

Where Can I Buy iPlum?

iPlum Review

Ready to get started with iPlum? Go to or download the app on Google Play or the App Store.


iPlum Review

Can I keep my existing phone number with iPlum?

You can most certainly use your existing number. Just let iPlum know and you can continue using your number with their plan. Additional fees may apply.

How does iPlum work?

iPlum routes your calls and messages to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via a cloud-based server. You can make and receive calls using your iPlum phone number, as well as manage call and message history. Use the iPlum app or website to set your preferences easily.

Is my customer’s data safe with iPlum?

iPlum provides HIPAA-compliant calls, texts, and voicemails. This will ensure you and your clients feel safe discussing business or personal affairs.

How to Contact iPlum

If you still have questions after reading this iPlum review, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the brand directly. Use the contact form online and an agent will get back to you shortly.

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