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About Gazelle

Gazelle phone review

Gazelle is a recommerce company that focuses on buying and reselling used phones, tablets and other consumer electronics. They carry well known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, LG and many more. Gazelle is featured on well known media sources such as Good Morning America, NBC News and The New York Times. The buzz is loud and we’re listening. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell a used phone or device, Gazelle could be the company for you. This Gazelle phones review will give you the rundown on how the process works, customer feedback, and more to help you decide whether or not to use their services. 

Overview of Gazelle

Gazelle phone review

If there’s business in reselling old cars, there must be something in reselling old phones. This was the mindset that led to the creation of Gazelle. Founded by Israel Ganot and Verne Harnish, the company officially launched online in 2008. It wasn’t until 6 years later that they opened a store to sell certified, pre owned devices. 

Gazelle continues to ensure that their services are convenient, certifiable, and cost effective for its customers. They’re associated with recycling old electronics, saving money, and selling electronics safely and efficiently. Gazelle headquarters are now located in San Diego, California. 

Before we start this Gazelle phones review, let’s go over some of their pros and cons, shall we? 


  • Customers can buy used Gazelle phones and tablets for a much lower price than the original retail cost
  • Wide range of devices to buy and sell 
  • Free shipping 
  • If some devices are in better condition than what the customer listed, Gazelle will offer to increase your original quote
  • Environmentally friendly 


  • Does not offer international shipping 
  • Select devices cannot be resold 

Gazelle Buy/Sell/Trade In Your iPhone

Gazelle phone review

Buy a Gazelle iPhone

From the iPhone 5C to the newest iPhone SE, Gazelle has a range of Apple iPhones for you to choose from. Prices range from $49 to $1004 as they vary from the kind of model, to how used the phone is. But no worries, Gazelle ensures that every device is authenticated and priced reasonably. 

For each Gazelle phone, customers receive a 30 point quality inspection, easy 30 day return policy and a phone charger. This Gazelle phones review will go over three of the iPhone bestsellers. Maybe you’ve had your eye on one, but a new version is out of your price range—take a look at these model offers. 

Gazelle iPhone 11 64 GB AT&T

If you’re looking for a good ‘middle’ of the collection iPhone, the iPhone 11 64 GB AT&T may be a good fit for you. The performance of this phone model can be compared to the Pro and Pro Max models. With its A13 Bionic chip, you can easily switch back and forth from apps

The camera quality of this Gazelle iPhone is also a major plus, with a 120 degree ultra wide lens that takes stunning high quality photos and videos. For $524, this red IPhone 11 64 GB AT&T model is fairly used, with storage up to 64 GB and has At&T as its carrier. 

Gazelle iPhone XS Max 256 GB Unlocked

Customers that are tech savvy and looking for the most efficient phones on the market today should definitely check out the iPhone XS Max 256 GB Unlocked. It’s 15% faster while only using 50% of its power. Avid phone users won’t have to worry when checking their Twitter or Instagram dozens of times through this incredible update. 

The quality of this Gazelle iPhone is amazing too, with its Super Retina OLED that features stunning colour display. This model comes with a dual camera system, producing crisp, vibrant, and sharp photos. You can get this gold iPhone XS Max 256 GB Unlocked in fair condition for $599

Gazelle iPhone 8 64 GB Verizon

Sometimes you just need a phone that does the job with no frills attached. If this sounds like you, the iPhone 8 64GB Verizon model may be the device you’re looking for. With its well functioning bionic chip, this phone has two performance cores that are 25 and 70 percent faster than the iPhone 7 Plus. There’s no need to break a sweat if you drop your phone or get some water on it, as it’s engineered to resist both of these elements. 

If you’re an impatient person, here’s a plus: the iPhone 8 64GB Verizon produces a 50% charge in only 30 minutes. You can quickly get your phone to full battery so you can watch the next season of Stranger Things on your ride home from work. This IPhone 8 64GB Verizon comes in gold, and is in good condition. This model will cost you $254

Sell Your iPhone 

Selling your used phone is a great idea, not only to make some extra cash, but also for the sake of eco-friendliness. With the Gazelle phone trade in, customers can exchange their old phones for cash. Gazelle determines the price by phone model, how many GB it has, the carrier it uses, and its condition

From iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 6, carriers vary from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, unlocked, or other. Conditions vary from broken, fair, good to flawless. Customers can find out what the requirements for each condition are on

Gazelle phone review

While the most updated iPhone models will warrant a higher offer, you can still sell or trade older versions for a bit of cash—which we all know is better than none. For instance, you can sell:

  • Apple iPhone 6 32GB Verizon: $7
  • Apple iPhone 7 32GB AT&T: $65 
  • Apple iPhone 8 128GB Other Carrier: $90

Here, you’ll find the price ranges for each Gazelle phone model for Apple in good condition. So far, this Gazelle phones review found out that usually the highest offer is on unlocked devices and the lowest is through another carrier

IPhone 11 Pro Max 

  • Range: $342- $545 

IPhone 11 Pro 

  • Range: $299- $560 

IPhone 11 

  • Range: $243-$376 

IPhone XS Max

  • Range: $222-$337 

IPhone XS 

  • Range: $179- $286  

IPhone XR 

  • Range: $164-$314 

IPhone X 

  • Range: $214-$152 

IPhone 8 +

  • Range: $126-$1878  

IPhone 8

  • Range: $85-$130  

IPhone 7+

  • Range: $93-$130 

IPhone 7 

  • Range: $56-$104 (lowest offer is Sprint) 

IPhone 6s +

  • Range: $47-$80 (lowest offer is Sprint) 

IPhone 6s 

  • Range: $28-$67 (lowest offer is Sprint)

IPhone 6+ 

  • Range: $18-$41 (lowest offer is Verizon, At&T and TMobile on lowest GB doesn’t sell) 

IPhone 6 

  • Range: $7-$10 (lowest offer is Verizon) 

IPhone SE and 2nd Gen 

  • Range: $90-$190

IPhone SE

  • Range: $8-$47 (lowest offer is Sprint) 

Gazelle Buy/Sell Your Macbook

Gazelle phone review

Buy a Macbook 

Macbooks can be quite expensive if bought at the original retail price. Fortunately, Gazelle offers several Macbook models all for a reasonable cost. This company sells Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and the original Macbook

Prices for Gazelle Macbooks range from $259 to $2789. Each model comes with a 30 point quality inspection, an easy 30 day return guarantee and a charger. If you’re on the hunt for a Macbook, check out the three bestsellers featured in this Gazelle phones review.

Gazelle Macbook Pro 15″ Touch Mid 2017

The Macbook Pro 15” Touch Mid 2017 is for those who live life in the fast lane. This model comes with an efficient Core i7 in 2.9 Ghz. For those who don’t speak in computer language, that means you get all the performance without sacrificing on speed. 

This Gazelle Macbook Pro is a must-have for talented multitaskers. Storage space isn’t an issue, as there is 512 GB on this drive. You can get the Macbook Pro 15” Touch Mid 2017 in good condition for $1821

Gazelle Macbook 12″ Mid 2017

We all need a trusty and reliable laptop. Case in point, let me introduce you to the Macbook 12” Mid 2017. This model has a built in Core i5 1.3 GHz, reliable enough to get daily tasks done. The laptop has a stunningly vivid display great for graphic designers, photographers, video editors, or if you just want to watch a movie in high definition. 

On the topic of movies, you can download tons with its 512 GB SSD. This Macbook 12” Mid 2017 in excellent condition will cost you $1079.  

Gazelle Macbook Pro 15″ Touch Late 2016

The Macbook Pro 15” Touch Late 2016 model includes all of the necessary features of a good laptop: efficiency, good storage and a solid display monitor. It’s equipped with a Core i7 2.7 GHz drive to ensure that you get work done fast. It can complete multiple tasks and deal with difficult jobs like rendering, encoding or processing files.

If this sounds like the laptop for you, Gazelle offers the Macbook Pro 15” Touch Late 2016 model in good condition at $1619

Sell your Macbook 

Looking for some cash to save up on another Macbook? If you’re already in possession of an older Macbook version, Gazelle has multiple offers on selected Apple laptop models. Each price varies on the GHz, generation, condition, and production year.

Gazelle phone review

Before this Gazelle phones review provides the price ranges for the Macbook, Macbook Air, and the Macbook Pro, here are the prices offered for a few of their older models if you’re looking to sell:

  • Apple MacBook (8,1) Core M 1.1 GHz 12″ (Early 2015): $125 
  • Apple MacBook (9,1) Core m3 1.1 GHz 12″ (Early 2016): $195
  • Apple Macbook (10,1) Core m3 1.2 GHz 12″ (Mid 2017): $279


Price range: $125-$454

  • Lowest is the 1.1 ghz 2015 version. The highest is 1.4 ghz 2017 version.

Macbook Air 

Price range: $95-$226 

  • Lowest is 11” 1.3 ghz model. The highest is GHz 13″ Mid 2017 version. 

Macbook Pro 

Price range: $381-$1002

  • Lowest is GHz 13″ Touch 2019 version. The highest is 2.6 GHz 16″ Scissor 2019.

Gazelle Buy/Sell Your iPad

Gazelle phone review

Buy an iPad 

iPads are great if you want your work or form of entertainment to be travel friendly. Gazelle features several iPad models to choose, from the iPad 2 to the iPad Pro 12.9 4th Generation. Since prices range from $99 to $1149, you might just find your dream device for a bargain. 

Customers can choose the colour they’d like their Gazelle iPad to be, varying from black, gold, grey, rose gold, silver and white. They can also choose how much storage is included, ranging from a standard 512 GB to a whopping 1 TB. This Gazelle review will look at three of their bestsellers in the iPad category. 

Gazelle iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation

The iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation is the quintessential device if you’re buying your first ever iPad. This model comes in silver grey, is unlocked, and can store up to 256 GB. That’s more than enough to download all your favourite apps and keep all your photos. The design is sleek and thin, making it easy to carry around with you. 

This Gazelle iPad is accessible as well, as the monitor is built with True Tone, a self adjusting white balancing feature that’s easy on the eyes. It’s also 35% faster than the previous model and contains a 10 hour battery life. You can get this iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation in excellent condition for $914

Gazelle iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Generation

For those who find themselves downloading app after app, or have the habit of storing hundreds of files, the iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Generation offered at 1TB is a more suitable option. Because of the large amount of storage space, you don’t have to worry about saving enough room. It’s designed to handle the most difficult of programs to run, such as Adobe Photoshop

You can also take stunning pictures with this iPad as well. The device features a 12MP camera, which shoots in 4K and works with AR features. This model is in excellent condition, available in space grey. It’s unlocked and compatible with most carriers. This iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Generation costs $1409

Gazelle iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE Verizon

Maybe you want an iPad, but don’t want to spend nearly $1000. Gazelle has more affordable models. Take for instance, the iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE Verizon. Its small and friendly design can easily fit in any purse or backpack when you’re on the go. It has over 300 pixels per inch, which makes text and images sharper. This model operates on Wifi, and can store up to 16 GB. The device is in good condition and priced at a reasonable $164

Sell Your iPad 

For those wondering how much their iPad is worth, Gazelle has multiple offers on select iPad devices. Prices are determined by production year, generation, storage, if it’s unlocked, or works on WiFi.

Gazelle accepts the iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and the original iPad. If you’re looking to sell yours, here are some approximate prices for three of their older models:

  • Apple iPad 4th Generation 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE AT&T: $47
  • Apple iPad 5th Generation 9.7″ 128GB WiFi + 4G LTE Sprint: $92 
  • Apple iPad 6th Generation 9.7″ 32GB WiFi: $88
Gazelle phone review

Moving on, this Gazelle phones review will give the price ranges, from lowest to highest, for these four models in good condition:

iPad Pro 

  • Price range: $123-$790 
  • Lowest is iPad Pro 9.7″ 32GB 1st Generation WiFi. Highest is IPad Pro 12.9″ 1TB 5th Generation Unlocked

iPad Mini 

  • Price range: $13- $248 
  • Lowest is iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE T-Mobile and iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE Sprint. Highest is iPad Mini 5 256GB WiFi + 4G LTE Unlocked

iPad Air 

  • Price range: $54-$268 
  • Lowest is iPad Air 2 16GB WiFi. Highest is iPad Air 3 256GB WiFi + 4G LTE Unlocked


  • Price range: $37-$202 
  • Lowest is iPad 4th generation 16GB WiFi. Highest is iPad 7th generation 10.2″ 128GB WiFi + 4G LTE Unlocked

Gazelle Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Gazelle phone review

This Gazelle phones review found a majority of great customer experiences for those looking to buy phones and other tech. The Better Business Bureau grades it with an A.

There are positive Gazelle reviews, some detailing quick transactions and positive experiences selling their used devices. “It was so fast and easy! I was super happy with the amount they were willing to pay for my iPhone,” One reviewer on Trustpilot said. 

Is Gazelle Tech Worth It?

Gazelle phone review

As phones, tablets and laptops become increasingly expensive, it’s nice to see alternatives like Gazelle being offered to the public. If customers are eyeing a specific device on the market, they can sell or trade in their old devices to save up for a newer version. Additionally, services like Gazelle are great for the environment, as they work to recycle pre owned electronics. 

This Gazelle phones review likes how customers can see the approximate price range for each electronic model. The selling and trading portion of their website is organized and easy to follow. So, is Gazelle legit? Yes, with hundreds of thousands of customers and years of business operation, Gazelle is a great place to buy and sell phones and other tech products.

Gazelle Promotions & Discounts 

Gazelle phone review

This Gazelle phones review found out that the company has a reward system. By signing up, not only do customers earn 100 points right off the bat, but can collect one point for every dollar their device is worth. Buyers can also accumulate points by connecting with Gazelle through their social media.  

Buyers can receive $20 credit on Gazelle’s website by trading in their used electronics. This can be used to purchase other electronics sold on their store. Customers can also get up to 20% off select devices and free standard shipping. 

The website also features a Gazelle phone sale and discounts for select items. For those in the military, there is a Gazelle discount code, which offers 10% off all their devices

Where to Buy/Sell Gazelle Tech

Gazelle phone review

Gazelle services such as buying, trading and selling pre owned devices are exclusive to

How to Trade in or Sell Your Device 

If you’re all ready to sell your device, this Gazelle phones review will give you a step by step guide on how to do so. This applies for all devices listed on their website. 

  1. Find your item on
  2. Click on all the conditions that your device meets; for instance, look to see if your electronics are in good condition, what model it is, and what carrier it uses
  3. Gazelle will offer you a price; if you decide to go ahead, complete the checkout process by telling Gazelle how you would like to be paid
  4. Prepare your device by deactivating cellular service, turn off device tracking, and taking other steps (full requirements listed on their website) 
  5. Ship your device to Gazelle where the company will verify its contents 
  6. Get paid! 


This Gazelle phones review addresses some the most common questions buyers and sellers ask.

How long does it take Gazelle to ship? 

Gazelle ships all orders within 2 business days. Their shipping methods are FedEx Ground, FedEx home delivery or USPS. Customers will receive a tracking number once their order is placed. Customers that are looking to buy used devices on their website are eligible for free shipping. 

How do I return my phone to Gazelle? 

The company has a 30 day Gazelle Return Policy following delivery. This is only if the item in question is in the same condition as it was delivered. In order to return an item, customers must contact Gazelle customer service explaining the reason for returning. 

The company will issue a prepaid return label either through USPS or FedEx Ground services. Refunds should be made within 5 days of receiving the item back. Returns incur a $15 stocking fee which will be deducted from customer refunds. 

Is Gazelle safe to sell to?

Our Gazelle phones review found that the company’s services are quick, easy and certifiable. They work with customers to ensure that devices sold or bought are authenticated. 

Are Gazelle phones refurbished?

All Gazelle products are preowned. They undergo a certification process that involves light refurbishment. The process involves a 30 point cosmetic and functional inspection. 

How fast do you get paid from Gazelle?

In terms of items being shipped to the company, once the item has been delivered to their warehouse (located in Louisville, Kentucky), it takes approximately a week for payment to be issued

There are three ways to receive payment: Amazon gift card, Paypal or a check delivered by USPS. Customers can track their shipments by logging into their account and clicking ‘track my offers’. It takes 3-5 business days for Gazelle to inspect your device and pay the amount owed. Checks take 5-10 business days to arrive. 

Does Gazelle buy locked phones? 

If phones are locked, Gazelle will use the contact information located on the device to reach out to the owner for verification. This is to ensure that Gazelle does not buy lost or stolen phones. 

Does Gazelle have a warranty?

This Gazelle phones review found out that the company offers an accidental and mechanical breakdown Gazelle warranty policy through WarrantyLife. These warranties can be applied to eligible items during checkout. Customers can view the details of this program through Gazelle’s website. 

How to Contact Gazelle

If you still have questions after reading this Gazelle phones review, you can reach out to the company through:

  • Gazelle phone number: 1-800-429-3553 (Monday to Sunday 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat through their website

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