Tom Brady Clothing Review

About Tom Brady Clothing

Tom Brady Clothing Review

If you’re looking for durable and breathable multi-purpose workout clothes that are comfortable and look good, you might be struggling to find the right brand that checks all of these boxes. But look no further than the new Tom Brady Clothing, as it has clothes that fit all those demands.

Gaining momentum rapidly, this high-quality and stylish new brand has landed features in Men’s Health, GQ, and The Fashionisto, gathering 213k Instagram followers along the way. It seems like this famous quarterback is doing more than dominating on the gridiron. He’s now becoming a successful clothing designer.

But is the future Hall of Famer’s brand all it’s cracked up to be, especially given its high price tag? I wanted to write this Tom Brady Clothing review to make sure you don’t go wasting your money on a name brand with no substance behind it. Let’s take a look at the brand’s history, best-selling products, customer reviews, and more to find out.

Overview of Tom Brady Clothing

Tom Brady Clothing Review

Tom Brady Clothing was founded in 2021, shortly after Brady retired from his decades-long football career (before quickly un-retiring). By collaborating with co-founders Dao-Yi Chow and Jens Grede, this brand has put out a clothing line that’s gained attention and respect since the moment it hit shelves.

Before launching, the company spent three years developing its activewear clothing. They wanted to design a clothing line that inspired their customers to be their best by selling clothes that supported their minds and bodies.

Built with performance in mind, Brady’s clothing wants to emulate the level of excellence its founder achieved on the football field.

With plenty of great Tom Brady Clothing reviews and an already respectable reputation, here are a few other highlights to add to what’s making people talk about this new athleisure line.


  • High-performance athletic wear made for all sports and physical activities
  • Sell tops, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, and more
  • New golf line to look good and play good on the course
  • Free shipping
  • Plenty of styles & sizes
  • Styles for different sports
  • Durable materials
  • Bundle deals

Sports gear is available everywhere today. And while Tom Brady’s new line of clothing is a bit pricier than your typical workout wear, it’s because he wanted to use quality durable fabric that lasts a long time and keeps you comfortable. That’s just one more highlight to add to our list. Now, let’s take a look at some of their best-selling items!

Tom Brady Clothing Line Review

This iconic Tom Brady clothing line has a ton of options to choose from. From workout wear to hats and everything in between, this brand’s got a vast catalog of high-quality clothing. But the sheer number of great options makes it tough to stay under budget.

That’s why for this Tom Brady Clothing review, I’ve selected a few of their best-selling items you’ll want to pay attention to. I want to show you what customers love and what keeps them coming back.

Tom Brady Clothing Structured Stretch Pant Carbon Review

The Tom Brady Clothing Structured Stretch Pant Carbon might just be your next go-to pair of pants. With their chino-style appearance and their stretchy fabric, these pants will make you look good while staying comfortable.

The carbon black color can be dressed up or down, perfect for casual and formal events. You can also snag them in stone, granite, or forest.

Available in sizes 29-40, these structured stretch pants are a combination of cotton, spandex, and nylon, and feature plenty of pocket storage. They retail for $95.

Tom Brady Clothing Ball Cap Blue Review

The Tom Brady Clothing Ball Cap Blue will likely become your new favorite hat. This wool cap showcases the Brady name and comes in two additional colors. With a standard brim and flex fit, this hat combines comfort and style, with a nod to the iconic footballer.

Available in three sizes, this hat normally costs $50 but is currently on sale for $29.

Tom Brady Clothing Tough Touch Short SleeveReview 

The Tom Brady Clothing Tough Touch Short Sleeve was designed to keep you comfortable and cool throughout your next workout. Featuring underarm slits and an all-around stretch, this t-shirt was made to move with your body while you push it to its limits.

Made from Cordura spandex, this shirt was designed to last. Available in three colors and sizes S-XXL, this shirt is currently on sale for $49 (down from $65).

Tom Brady Clothing Zero Weight Short Review 

The Tom Brady Clothing Zero Weight Short is a pair of bottoms created to wick away sweat while ensuring comfort and style while you work towards fitness goals.

Measuring 7” in length and featuring plenty of pocket storage, these shorts have a 4-way stretch that is designed to move with you. They also have reflective accents to increase visibility when you’re going on an outdoor run. Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, they’re the perfect choice for your next workout.

These zero-weight shorts are available in sizes S-XXL and 7 different colors, including spruce, amber, and charge. They normally retail for $75, but you can get them for just $48 right now.

Who Is Tom Brady Clothing For? 

Tom Brady Clothing Review

When Tom Brady set out to collaborate with a fashion designer to create his own clothing line, he wanted to target regular, average men (just like him, although I might ask what’s so average about Brady).

What he ended up with was a line of athleisure wear that was made to look good, feel comfortable, and be worn for any occasion. Whether you are looking for something to wear while you work out, or to keep you comfortable and stylish at a party, this brand has something for you.

Tom Brady Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tom Brady Clothing Review

It seems fairly easy to get swept away in the culture, quality, and style of this new clothing line, but is the price higher than its worth? For this Tom Brady Clothing review, I wanted to make sure I didn’t just focus on how it looks (because I know it looks pretty darn good). I also wanted to make sure they stand up to their durability promise.

To get started, I gathered the ratings of the company’s best-sellers on the official website:

  • Tom Brady Clothing Structure Stretch Pant Carbon: 4.8/5 stars from 23 reviews
  • Tom Brady Clothing Ball Cap Blue: 4.6/5 stars over 20 reviews
  • Tom Brady Clothing Tough Touch Short Sleeve: 4.8/5 stars from 6 reviews
  • Tom Brady Clothing Zero Weight Short: 4.8/5 stars over 76 reviews

Gear Patrol has a detailed Tom Brady Clothing review. Here’s what the feature had to say about this top-of-the-line and highly priced sportswear:

“BRADY brand doesn’t feel like a full-on crossover between what we call casual clothing and what we know as athleisure. The LIVE designs aren’t dressy or sportswear disguised as something else.”

“And the TRAIN stuff feels technical enough to warrant the higher price tag. Plus, it looks the part. It gives in the right ways; looks more elevated than Fabletics or even some Nike stuff, and flatters after you’ve exited the weight room.”

Tom Brady Clothing Review

Next, I took a look at what Men’s Health said in their Tom Brady Clothing review. It was really similar to what Gear Patrol had to say, as they were impressed and complimentary:

“Their collaboration has produced breathable, movement-friendly pieces which draw from professional sports-level design and are cut from performance fabrics the company claims it has spent more than three years developing.”

Last but not least, Tom Brady Clothing was featured on the style platform The Fashionisto, reviewing the legendary footballer’s new clothing line with plenty of great things to say:

“The collection is for everyone; it’s something you can wear to the gym, work, and eventually become a part of your daily routine. Outerwear, pants, shorts, sweaters, sweatshirts, tee shirts, and more.”

“The line focuses on unique fabric characteristics such as Zero Weight, Breathe Easy mesh, Cool Touch technology, and weather resistance with deliberately built-in breathability, storage, and performance improvement.”

As a new and stylish brand brought to you by a legendary football icon, one would hope that his line of gear lives up to its namesake. And from these Tom Brady Clothing reviews, it appears that there is no hesitation from customers and reviewers alike to give them great feedback about the quality and integrity of this gear. Great news all around!

Is Tom Brady Clothing Legit?

Tom Brady Clothing Review

Tom Brady Clothing has been crafted with materials that are made specifically for comfort, athletic performance, and style. After reviewing the overall concept and creation of this clothing line, I have to say that Tom Brady Clothing is as legitimate as the iconic footballer’s career. I give it a green light.

Is Tom Brady Clothing Worth It?

Tom Brady Clothing Review

Tom Brady is an iconic footballer who is taking just as much pride in his brand new clothing line as he has in his football career. Although it’s a new company, the Tom Brady Clothing reviews I found are already overwhelmingly positive. While the price is a bit higher than your typical athleisure wear, the quality is well worth its higher cost.

Tom Brady Clothing Promotions & Discounts 

Tom Brady Clothing Review

Tom Brady Clothing has some items on sale on their website, and they offer discounts on certain items if you buy them in a bundle, like socks. If you want to keep up to date on their upcoming promotions or discounts, sign up for their newsletter, which will keep you in the loop.

Where to Buy Tom Brady Clothing

Tom Brady Clothing Review

You can find the largest selection of Tom Brady Clothing directly on the line’s website. You can also get their high-quality athleisure gear at a few other widely known third-party stores, including Amazon and Nordstrom.


Tom Brady Clothing Review

Who owns Tom Brady Clothing?

Dao-Yi Chow, Jens Grede, and Tom Brady are co-founders of the new clothing line launched in 2021.

Where is Tom Brady Clothing made?

Tom Brady Clothing is made all over the world, where the company has partnered with different facilities that specialize in specific manufacturing techniques. This includes New York, Mexico, and China, among others.

Does Tom Brady Clothing ship internationally?

Currently, Tom Brady Clothing does not ship internationally. At this time, they are focusing on delivering the new clothing line across America.

What is Tom Brady Clothing’s Shipping Policy?

Tom Brady Clothing delivers anywhere in the USA in 5-7 business days. All shipping is free!

What is Tom Brady Clothing’s Return Policy?

You have 30 days from the date of delivery to start a refund on any unworn items. You’ll be charged an $8 shipping fee that will be deducted from the return.

How to Contact Tom Brady Clothing

The best way to get in touch with the brand after reading this Tom Brady Clothing review is by filling out the contact form on their website. Their customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST.

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