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Yumi Clothing Review

Who doesn’t want to take on the streets with an appearance that will captivate all in their path? It’s one thing to stay on-trend, but it’s a whole other deal to work with fashion-forward clothes that still manage to stand out above the rest. That’s where Yumi Clothing comes in.

This brand is all about a loyal following, showing support to their 19.7k followers on Instagram as well as over 60k followers on Facebook. 

While they haven’t really been featured in many online publications, their efforts have clearly been appreciated on social media by their tens of thousands of fans.

I know that this isn’t a bigger name, but that’s why they deserve a bit more love in this Yumi Clothing review. 

Rather than brush aside a lesser-known name, I’m diving deep to discover what makes this brand stand out. From products and prices to services and styles, I’m here to help you decide whether this brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Yumi Clothing

Yumi Clothing Review

The founders of Yumi Clothing came into the market with experience under their belts. Uttam and Clare Nepal started up under the Uttam London name, selling knitwear in the markets in the 1990s.

Working primarily from market stalls on the weekends, this brand managed to make themselves stand out for designs alone. Styling pieces after Uttam’s home in Nepal as well as some Japanese influence, these products were big into color and experimental styles.

Entering the 2000s, this brand grew beyond knitwear to a world of accessories, fabrics, and patterns greater than they’d ever dreamt. Moving to include London fashion into their realm of East-inspired appearances, the company moved online and formed their offshoot, also known as Yumi. 

The main difference between the brands came in the form of the British influence on the standardly Eastern styles of the previous company. Colors, patterns, and never-ending new pieces brought the business to an international stage and they’ve existed there ever since.

Yumi Clothing Review

Known for standing out amongst the crowd, Yumi Clothing is all about conquering fast fashion trends and adding their own twists to traditional styles. Aiming to be distinct in appearance and personal values, this brand is diversity at its best through their no-border approach. 

Working with a myriad of influences, they’re never afraid to take chances in their business, designs, and services, wanting only the best for customers. Be bold, confident, and passionate in appearance and mind when working with this company’s clothing.

I’ll admit, there’s a lot to love about this brand, but I’ve narrowed it down to just a few highlights to get us started:


  • Offers a wide range of women’s fashions
  • International shipping 
  • Constant sales
  • Styling blogs accessible online
  • Financing options available with PayPal

Yumi Clothing Products Review

Yumi Clothing Review

I spent some time narrowing down selections for this article as there are so many vibrant and fun pieces to enjoy. That said, I went with some of the best-sellers from the brand to really highlight what customers deem to be the top-tier styles.

Yumi Clothing Mela Black Floral Skater Dress Review

Starting with I believe to be the brand’s favorite style, let’s go into the Mela Black Floral Skater Dress.

Skater dresses seem to be a staple for this company, but I’m more than okay with that. This classic style mimics the fashionable flowing nature of figure skating outfits, keeping things fitted at the top and flared at the skirt. 

The Mela Black Floral dress goes one step further, ruffling the sleeves for an airy appearance.

I understand that floral patterns can sometimes get stuck as casualwear, but this dress defies boundaries. The slimming black background falls to the pops of pink, white, and green, making up this classy pattern. 

Add some tennis shoes for a day out or toss on a wrap and heels to take things to the next level. The options are endless with this one.

Grab this look for $70.

Yumi Clothing Mela Red Plus Size Rose Tea Dress Review 

Add some flow and fun to the wardrobe with the Mela Red Plus Size Rose Tea Dress.

One of our favorite Yumi Clothing dresses, this piece is all about unlimited movement through freedom in fabric and stitching

Not to mention it’s great to look at – but more on the pattern later. For now, I’m focusing on the faux-wrap style that tightens that bodice for a curved figure.

I’d love to say that the short sleeves and lightweight hemline make this one a spring look, but really it’s the pops of pink and violet set against the stunning red background that really bring this one into those sunny days. 

Pair it with a cardigan when the weather cools or rock it solo to feel those shining warm rays. No matter how it’s done, this one looks good.

Grab a new seasonal style for $50.

Yumi Clothing iKrush Posie Printed Kimono Dress Review

Leave behind Western wears for an Eastern style that’s adored worldwide – the iKrush Posie Printed Kimono Dress.

Styled after other Yumi Clothing Kimono patterns available online, this piece combines the lightweight, flowing sleeves of the kimono with a full-length dress ready for any party. I’ll be honest, this isn’t a business or cocktail dress.

Instead, it’s something light to toss on for a summer beach day, letting the bright patterns and colors speak for themselves.

Featuring a pattern of pastel blues, pinks, and yellows to contrast the black and white stripes, there’s something so comfortable and casual about this design that I can’t help but love it. 

Dipping in for a plunging neckline, this one is all about accentuating the curves to show off that natural figure. Add in the front slit to show off a bit of leg and I’m sold.

Go comfy with a kimono for $60.

Yumi Clothing Yumi Blue Denim Jumpsuit Review

I wanted this Yumi Clothing review to have a bit of summer fun in the selection, which is why I decided to include the Blue Denim Jumpsuit.

Who doesn’t love a jumpsuit? These classic one-piece patterns are all about the simplicity of life and style. No coordinating, matching, or morning struggle. It’s one for all and all for one. Pairing tighter and relaxed fits in one design, there’s no losing with this one.

Lightweight in material and flow, this jumpsuit is all about fun in the sun. Fashioned with a tighter top that cinches at the waist, the outfit gives way to wider pants leaving room for that fresh summer breeze. 

Throw the essentials in the wide pockets and head out for a day of adventuring, lounging, or whatever else one does on those stunning blue-sky days.

Feel cute and casual with this jumpsuit for $92.

Yumi Clothing Yumi Khaki Tie Waist Wrap Blazer Review

Blazers don’t have to be all business. In fact, some of the best on the market combine that elegance of style with their elevated appearance. At least, that’s what the Yumi Khaki Tie Waist Wrap Blazer does in our minds.

First, we all need to acknowledge that a blazer is a powerful thing. When paired with the right top, these jackets take an outfit from casual to business at a moment’s notice. Basic black can do some damage, adding edge to an appearance, but khaki? Widely overlooked.

This stunning green falls straight across the shoulders, sloping into a dramatic plunge collar. Wear it open and throw things in the deep side pockets, or tighten up the look with a simple knot to the belt for a fashionable take on a classic style. 

Plan ahead by pairing it with a stunning Yumi Clothing blouse and slacks combo to complete the look. No matter what it’s worn with, this blazer isn’t here to play.

Add it to the closet for $92.

Yumi Clothing iKrush Saint Runner Sock Trainers Review

I’m really excited about this last piece in this Yumi Clothing review. Ready to be wowed? Take one look at the iKrush Saint Runner Sock Trainers.

These athletic icons are here for training all day, every day. Slipping on as simply as a sock, the real stunning feature comes from the sole – an athletic build that mimics an average trainer. Shoe and sock, all in one design. Does it get better than that?

The chunky black style with a thick white heel patterns itself after every other Adidas and Nike fashion on the market. Though they may feel like socks, these hybrids still offer the support and grip of a runner tread

Lightweight in material and functional in design, there’s no reason to go back to the two separate entities ever again.

Grab a pair for the next jog for $50.

Who Is Yumi Clothing For? 

Yumi Clothing Review

Yumi Clothing is all about female fashion. I’m not saying other genders can’t find something from this one too but know that sizing and styles are geared towards the feminine form. 

Sitting with mid-to-high range pricing, this brand is all about providing women with the best options on the market.

Yumi Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yumi Clothing Review

For this Yumi Clothing review I searched far and wide across the interweb for the best information on this business. I’m sorry to say I came up short. This brand doesn’t seem to have a major online presence. 

I found a few spots that mentioned it in passing and one platform that actually interacts with the business and their products regarding ratings, however, it’s slim pickings for this one.

Despite the low numbers of customer responses online, TrustPilot still manages to collect some comments from buyers, leaving this brand with 3.8/5 stars based on 2,400 ratings. Customers on this platform seem a bit mixed in their comments for this one.

While some customers claim the quality and customer service are questionable, others contradict these opinions with their own experiences and insights. 

I do have to note that many believe it’s a “fabulous site. Good delivery time. Mela dress – pretty florals, nice design.“

I have yet to hear poor things about this brand’s delivery services. It seems like most people are satisfied by their overall setup with customers claiming “very good service from Yumi! Easy website for ordering and fast delivery.” 

Yumi Clothing Review

It seems like if there’s one thing we can count on here, it’s quality service.

Unfortunately, doesn’t quite agree, listing the brand at 1.7/5 stars based on over 15 ratings. I do have to note that though the rating is quite low, it’s also a very limited pool of reviewers. Lower numbers equal a more biased perspective, so take this one with caution.

Most of these reviews complain about quality and returns, stating that the business doesn’t offer up much in terms of lasting material. 

However, the few positive notions also contradict these notions by stating “Fantastic service from start to finish. Excellent quality clothing,” continuing to make things confusing as ever.

I will say that in a Reddit thread on top UK Fashion Brands, Yumi Clothing did appear in a few suggestions. One Redditor claimed they’ve “ordered dresses from both “London Closet” and Yumi Clothing before. They both make high quality dresses.” 

While most of the threads list Yumi without going into much detail as to why they’re good options, the appearance alone offers support and customer loyalty to an otherwise mixed brand name.

Is Yumi Clothing Legit?

Yumi Clothing Review

Here’s the thing, Yumi Clothing itself is legit, but they do have mixed ratings. We can’t ignore the customer complaints about quality and response times. They’re reddish flags on their own, but that doesn’t make them an illegitimate company. 

If anything, it’s just an element to keep in mind when shopping.

Is Yumi Clothing Worth It?

Yumi Clothing Review

I’ll be honest, the brand carries some great designs, excellent range, and top-tier navigation and service on their site. To conclude, I’d say it’s worth giving them a shot.

And if you’re looking for some ways to save a few bucks, keep reading this Yumi Clothing review as I’ll cover that in the next segment.

Yumi Clothing Promotions & Discounts 

Yumi Clothing Review

At the time of writing this Yumi Clothing review, the brand is running a site launch promotion. This means 25% off orders when using the code GET25

Shoppers can also save 10% on a purchase by registering an email for the monthly newsletter. Get the latest info on products and deals before the news hits the public.  

Where to Buy Yumi Clothing

Yumi Clothing Review

The best and brightest selection of Yumi Clothing tends to come from the brand site itself at This wide selection is unparalleled by other retailers, though several options do exist on Amazon.


Yumi Clothing Review

Who owns Yumi Clothing?

While doing my research for this Yumi Clothing review, I discovered that the current owners and CEOs are actually the original founders. Uttam and Claire Nepal started up the company in 2007 and haven’t looked back since.

Does Yumi Clothing ship internationally?

Absolutely, they do. This British company proudly ships internationally. A full list of locations is available online on their website.

What is Yumi Clothing’s Shipping Policy?

Ready the sails and raise the anchor, I’m steering this Yumi Clothing review into shipping. As this UK brand delivers internationally, they work with a number of delivery services to provide the quickest and most secure methods of delivery to each country.

International shipping times and costs are calculated at checkout and are entirely dependent on the location of delivery.

UK residents have a more straightforward notice, so I’ve got some quick facts about shipping services for our British readers to peruse:

  • Free Delivery on all orders over £60
  • Standard Delivery (3 – 5 working days) – £4
  • Premium Next Working Day Delivery – £6

Everyone else is subject to possible duties and fees depending on the shipping location. Unfortunately, Yumi Clothing can’t control international taxes.

What is Yumi Clothing’s Return Policy?

Something not fit as planned? Ship it back within 30 days from the date of purchase to get that money back. Writing this Yumi Clothing review, I discovered that the brand keeps things pretty straightforward with their process:

  1. Head over to the Return Portal with the order number and product codes (found on the tag or dispatch note)
  2. Select the ROR (Reason for Return) from the list
  3. Print out the label
  4. Repackage the item(s) in the original packaging with the new label and send it off

All return shipping labels cost $3 which will be deducted from the final amount sent back to the original account. Refunds take up to two weeks to process. If it’s been over 15 days, contact Yumi Clothing for more information on the holdup and expected processing time.

How to Contact Yumi Clothing

Ready to reach out to the company themselves after reading through this Yumi Clothing review? I’ve gathered all of the best info on how and where to do so. 

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to get in touch here as there are two easy methods between 9 am and 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday:

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