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Houdini Clothing Review

We’ve all faced the worst of weather in every season, but why go unprepared? Houdini Clothing is all about sportswear for sunshine, or sleet. Keeping customers comfortable, classy, and casual at all times of year for all terrain and activity types, this brand is dedicated to free movement and the joy of nature.

Having put in over 25 years in the industry, this business seems to have made a name for themselves with their 40.8k followers on Instagram. 

Highlighted by Gear Chase and Wired, this company has made their reputation on the annual awards won for over a decade from the ISPO Award to the NK-Galan Innovation Award. Raking in their nominations and gold medals, it’s no surprise that this brand has lasted in the business.

Not easily swayed by the color gold (even on medals and awards), this Houdini Clothing review will discover just what keeps this brand going. From products and prices to target audience and more, we’re here to determine whether this brand is one to buy.

Overview of Houdini Clothing

Houdini Clothing Review

We’ll be honest, the history behind the name of Houdini Clothing is a pretty cool tale. Picture this: founder Lotta Giornofelice stranded in the mountains with a group, unable to find their way out of the dire situation. 

Someone cries to the mountain “Save me Houdini,” calling forth the impeccable skills of the escape artist, eventually leading them to safety. Well, that may not be the reason they escaped unscathed, but it makes for a cool story and a cooler name.

The clothing itself appeared on the market as Giornofelice grew sick of skiing in sweaty and overheated attire. While dressing for the weather was important to avoid frostbite, the founder believed that didn’t mean heatstroke was the next best option. 

Starting with fleece underwear, she explored worlds of fabric to find the best function and form for herself and friends, eventually leading to her first collection in 1993.

From that point, Giornofelice never looked back. While the company now runs under different daily leadership, the values remain with new goals continually added. Their persistence in design, innovation, and production challenge not only society’s standard products but also their own as they strive for new and creative approaches to classic concerns.

Putting forth nature and freedom as their original values in mind, this business has since added sustainability – a linked, but ever-important notion for the business. 

In fact, their dedication to sustainability has isolated them from the crowd as the brand boasts 100% sustainable fabrics and manufacturing. All products can be recycled and created with minimal impact on the Earth.

This Houdini Clothing review has to be honest, there’s a lot going for this one. We’re not going to list all of the benefits (as we’ll get into some of that later), but here are a few highlights to get us started:


  • Extensive line of men’s, women’s, and kids’ sportswear
  • 100% sustainable materials
  • Quality builds and materials
  • Year-long return policy
  • Recyclable
Houdini Clothing Review

There’s really a lot available from this brand for this Houdini Clothing review to cover, so we’re going to do a bit of a drive-by and highlight some of the top products from each category. 

We do want to note that every item (both spotlighted here and just generally listed on the site) is sustainably made. In fact, 100% sustainable materials are kind of a calling card for this brand. Look good and feel good in knowing that each purchase made a difference towards a larger picture.

Houdini Women’s Clothing Review

We’re starting out with the Houdini Clothing Women’s section, checking out what suits the ladies for all occasions. Focusing heavily on the outdoors, these best-sellers are all about warmth, comfort, and class for the seasons.

Houdini Women’s Clothing RollerCoaster Pants Review

We’re starting this section of our Houdini Clothing review by going into a somewhat niche market – snow pants. Whether classifying them as snow pants, splash pants, ski pants, or some other name, we all know what they are and what they do. 

That’s why it should come as no surprise to see that the great outdoor sports world of Houdini has their own take with the RollerCoaster Pants.

When we think of ski pants, we think of warmth. This brand does not disappoint with their triple-layered extravaganza. Select from five colors to match coats (and just general vibes) and then head out to enjoy the wonderland of winter. 

Despite the multiple layers, we promise that these don’t hold back on flexibility and movement – they’re all about twisting, turning, and dancing the day away.

Crafted from Loop Hard-shell material, these pants slip on like a dream. Unrestricted motion often requires additional security which is why the shoulder straps attached to the waistline assure things stay in place no matter how hard the fall. 

Tight seams refuse entry for any water, but side vents can be zipped open at any time to let that cool breeze start flowing in.

Stock up for ski days with this one for $550.

Houdini Women’s Clothing Leeward Jacket Review

No matter the season, the perfect shell jacket should exist to keep women warm and protected. Actually, it does exist – it’s called the Leeward Jacket.

This four-season wonder focuses all energy on blocking out the blustering weather that appears without notice. Timeless in its universal style, this jacket appears in three neutral-toned options that work with pretty much any wardrobe. 

Light for spring, sturdy for winter, and wind-blocking for the other two, this year-long wonder even comes with a helmet-sized hood perfect for any snowboarding sensation.

Ready for the fun part of this jacket? After lasting years of solid use, there’s no tossing this one – it gets recycled. 

This hard-shell with covered zips and pockets goes back to the world in an environmentally friendly way to reduce personal (and company) impact on the world. Style, warmth, airflow, and sustainability – it’s really all we ask.

Grab this one for the year for $500.

Houdini Clothing Looper Scarf Review

One of the most popular pieces from this brand, the Houdini Clothing Looper Scarf highlights the best of us, adding to any outfit.

Listen, we know this is listed in the Houdini Clothing Women’s section, but we’re saying right now that this one can be for the men too. Fashion knows no bounds. 

This infinity scarf loops around the neck with ease, eliminating the iffy ends that only ever let the cold in. Keeping things simple with the looped design, this scarf is all about retaining heat.

The neat part of this infinity scarf is the combination of materials. Rather than working with a single fabric, the Looper Scarf combines a windbreaker on the external side with a warm, insulating material on the inside. 

Whether a chilly autumn day or heading out to ski the slopes, this piece ensures a comfy and cozy neck during the worst of the winds.

At the time of writing this Houdini Clothing review, this product is actually sold out. That means prices aren’t available online but be sure to keep checking back for updates.

Houdini Men’s Clothing Review

Men – it’s your time to shine in this article. We’re checking out the Houdini Clothing Men’s collection to find those pieces that are just waiting to be added to the closet. These best-sellers are all about feeling fresh and looking the best.

Houdini Men’s Clothing Cosmo Shirt Review

We all want to look our best without sacrificing comfort – especially in the warmer months. That’s why the Cosmo Shirt came into play.

Shop in six colors for this classic style, fashioned after a polo for those slightly classier than casual days. Short in sleeves and light in texture, there’s a reason this hot shirt looks so cool in the summer sun.

Cool air flows through this shirt while its relaxed fit rests comfortably against the chest. Rain or shine, this one is all about keeping calm, cool, and collected. 

That also means the sustainable fibers that make up this tee are ready for a quick-dry at any time. Get caught in the storm? Take advantage of the chance to dance in the rain, knowing that the shirt will dry out again in no time.

Add this one to the inventory for $120.

Houdini Men’s Clothing RollerCoaster Jacket Review

We’ve all heard of soft-shell jackets, but why make that the limit? Houdini Clothing makes those rules disappear with their introduction of the RollerCoaster Jacket.

This hard-shell jacket really contains the best of both worlds. A hard shell to block out the worst weather, but the freedom of movement for the streets or the slopes. 

Available in 7 colors, this coat is all about freedom in nature and movement. Produced from sustainable fibers, this protective product keeps air flowing while holding back water and wind.

But let’s get into the details because we can’t ignore all the features of this jacket. Starting with the seams, we’re happy to say that this one seals the warmth in at every possible point. 

From lined interior to covered zippers, seams, and a snow gaiter to reduce any chance of the cold finding its way inside, this garment has all areas covered. Throw in the adjustable hood and hems and there’s no way that cool wind is catching any part of the body.

Zip up and stay toasty for $600.

Houdini Kids’ Clothing Review

We can’t forget about the Houdini Clothing Kids’ category. While it’s not quite as stocked as the men’s and women’s sections, this area still has quite a collection to highlight. 

We’re a bit limited in space here, so we’re going with our favorite piece for the time being, but it’s just the tip of the garment iceberg.

Houdini Kids’ Clothing Sun Tee Review

Give the kids their fun in the sun fashion with the Houdini Clothing Sun Tee.

The stunning “spray” green (which looks almost like sea green to us) with two-tone sleeves makes this one stands out amongst the rest. Part of this brand’s Rainbow Collection, this green completes the set in a cooling shade. 

Simple in its design, this piece is all about the function, and less about the fun colors of the crewneck form.

Manufactured from Houdini’s Liquid Skin, this shirt is all about the fit. Working with light, stretchy fabric, this piece is all for fun in the sun. 

Offering quick dry times for beach days, breathable textures for those boiling days, and a durable design for…all days because we know how kids are, this shirt was made to defeat the kids’ code of being as hard as they can be on their clothes.

Set your kid on the right path with this piece for $35.

Who Is Houdini Clothing For? 

Houdini Clothing Review

While our Houdini Clothing review would love to wrap it up in three words (it’s for everyone), we know this question deserves a bit more attention. The more detailed answer: this brand works hard to offer a complete collection for every gender, age, body, and activity type

Working not only in seasonal styles but also considering the temperature limitations and durability needed for high-risk activities, Houdini keeps things covered on all accounts for well-guarded and supportive pieces made to last.  

Houdini Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Houdini Clothing Review

We wanted to provide a comprehensive Houdini Clothing review for the people and that means going beyond our own opinions and research to consider the public. 

We spent some time hunting online for customer ratings and we have to note that comments were far and few, making it a little tricky to get a larger picture. We did stumble across a few sources to consider, but we want to note that the ratings collected may not represent the larger customer base.

One of the places with the highest online posts regarding this brand actually comes from Facebook with 4.3/5 stars based on over 85 ratings. While not all customers on this platform are recommending the products, the majority are more than satisfied with their purchases.

So, what makes them worth buying? According to one Houdini Clothing review, these pieces “fit like a glove, feel like a second skin and [are] the best everlasting companion[s] I’ll ever have.” 

Comfortable in nature, the sustainable materials chosen by this brand to appear in their lines of clothing seem to fall against the body in all the right ways.

We also have to highlight their customer service which takes the spotlight more than once on this platform. Buyers are thrilled with the quick response times, personalized service, and free repairs under warranty.  

I love Houdini more than ever! Just got my first and many years old Power Houdi back from a free repair service with a sweet handwritten note and a new zipper.

We dug deep with this one and, as a result, we stumbled onto Wired’s own article that holds the business at 8/10 stars. What’s their reasoning? Well, two points were sacrificed for price and texture.

By texture we don’t mean anything bad, just that the sustainable materials come out with less of a fuzzy feel and more one of small bumps – not uncomfy, just unexpected at first. 

Actually, these bumps serve a large purpose as the coat “[encapsulates] insulation in hundreds of tiny bumps, with channels running around them for greater breathability.” 

So not only does this texture keep the customer warm, but it also allows for better airflow through the coat to avoid sweat and overheating.

Other than those minor frustrations, this business comes out on top. In fact, the insulation of these jackets gets a special note as the writer noted that “The Power Air is so thin that I was afraid it wouldn’t be warm enough with a base layer. l had put a down layer over it. But after one run, I was sweating and ripped the down layer off.

Effective in their methods of insulation and protection, this brand takes pride in their products. It’s no wonder prices are higher when the products are fully sustainable, recyclable, and last years of heavy use. 

The Evolution Basin notes these values and more, giving the company 9/10 stars based on over 20 ratings.

These ratings all come down to quality and form. Customers adore the material and all it brings to the table as these pieces are “comfortable, versatile, breathable, and high-quality.” 

Even Gear Chase echoes these thoughts by stating that this brand “has a really good warmth to weight ratio and packs down small” for easy layering.

We know that prices can be a bit off-putting, but all of the highlights that this brand throws out seem to more than make up for the few concerns listed by customers.

Is Houdini Clothing Legit?

Houdini Clothing Review

Absolutely. We’ve done our research and with the awards and coverage this brand has had, they definitely ring as being true. 

We haven’t spotted any real concerns listed about shipping or quality, but we do have to mention again that there aren’t thousands of reviews to fall back on. Despite that, all we’ve found seems to be coming in strong as being a reputable brand that customers can trust.

Is Houdini Clothing Worth It?

Houdini Clothing Review

This Houdini Clothing review promised honesty, and that’s why we can say with confidence that this brand is worth it. Quality really sells us on this company, with sustainable fabrics being a core component to the business and branding. 

All about nature, it only makes sense for Houdini to stand by their values and alter production methods to match such a mission.

We understand that these pieces are more of an investment than a simple purchase, but their durable designs mean they last longer than other sportswear on the market. Plus, we have to admire that they can be recycled after use rather than just tossed.

Houdini Clothing Promotions & Discounts 

Houdini Clothing Review

Unfortunately, there are no promotions running at the time of writing this Houdini Clothing review. A standard small savings of 10% can be found by registering for the newsletter, but other than that, all we can say is keep an eye out for any new discounts.

Where to Buy Houdini Clothing

Houdini Clothing Review

This brand is all about the outdoors, so it makes sense that other than their brand site at, the main retailers for this name come from common outdoors and activity brands like the following:

  • Moosejaw
  • Back Country
  • REI
  • Out North


Houdini Clothing Review

Who owns Houdini Clothing?

Currently, Houdini Clothing is owned by founder Lotta Giornofelice. The daily operations are run by CEO Eva Karlsson.

Does Houdini Clothing ship internationally?

Houdini takes pride in shipping internationally. A list of available locations can be found online.

What is Houdini Clothing’s Shipping Policy?

Find something worth buying? Rather than suffer the unknown anxieties of shipping, we’ve found all of the best details to know before awaiting that delivery:

  • Flat rate of $10 for shipping
  • Shipping is free on orders over $100
  • Standard shipping takes 2 to 5 business days
  • No import duties or taxes will be applied

It’s all pretty straightforward, so there’s no real cause for concern. Just a quick few clicks and those products will be on their way.

What is Houdini Clothing’s Return Policy?

We’re really hoping that this section won’t be needed at all, but just in case the worst happens, it’s good to know how returns go. 

We’ll start off with the best news: customers have 1-year from the date of purchase to make a return. Every product can be returned as long as tags and labels are attached, and the piece is in like-new condition.

The whole deal only takes a quick few steps:

  1. Repackage items in the original package
  2. Attach new shipping label
  3. Ship it off

Houdini doesn’t supply any return labels, so all return shipping costs are up to the customer. All returns should be addressed to:

Big Sky Fulfillment c/o Houdini Sportswear

9263 Bonner Mill Road

Bonner, MT 59823

United States

Once it’s been sent out, just wait for the return to be accepted and the refund to make its way home. Should things take longer than two weeks, reach out to customer service for an update.

How to Contact Houdini Clothing

Speaking of customer service, this Houdini Clothing review would be remiss to ignore the methods of contact. We’ve found the three best ways to reach out to this brand:

  • Phone: 406-579-0893
  • Email: [email protected]         
  • Office: Houdini Sportswear Inc., 263 Shumnan Blvd, Suite 145

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