The Foggy Dog Review

About The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog Review

We’re all guilty of wanting those perfect pieces for our pets. Whether we’re looking at beds, collars, toys, or leashes, supreme pet comfort is the name of the game. The Foggy Dog was born with a mission to combine comfort and fun with durable designs made to last.

Covered by Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, The Oprah Magazine, and many more, this brand is one crafted to impress through their detailed fashions and handmade designs. 

Followed by over 165k accounts on Instagram, The Foggy Dog knows that “good dogs deserve great designs.”

Our The Foggy Dog review will help you find the best products for your pets by looking into this brand’s prices, reviews, competitors, and more.

Overview of The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog Review

Founded in 2016, San Francisco owner Rose Shattuck created the brand based on an addition to her family – her Goldendoodle Utah. Focusing on bringing comfort to her new pup, Shattuck set out on a frustrating journey to find the right dog bed. 

Upon discovering the selection was widely styled around paw prints and khaki colors, she ordered her own fabric and commissioned someone to make her the dog bed of her dreams.

Once she received her product, Shattuck realized there were other dog owners who probably struggled to find the right look and got stuck with subpar styles that didn’t suit them, so she took to creating her own brand to offer up a solution. 

Working through small-batch manufacturing, Shattuck’s business picked up through faster production times with a lower carbon footprint.

The Foggy Dog operates through local production, meaning all fabric is cut and sewn within a short driving distance of the city. By cutting foreign production costs, Shattuck’s business has saved money and environmental efforts, also providing quick turnaround on products.

This all sounds great so far, but what does the brand look like at a glance? We’ll turn this The Foggy Dog review towards pros and cons to lay out the facts:


  • A wide collection of walk, wear, sleep, and play items to cover all bases when it comes to caring for your pet
  • Afterpay payment plans available
  • Durable materials for  a variety of high-quality, fairly-priced products
  • Local business that supports family-owned manufacturers
  • CEO is directly involved in crafting the available collections
  • Thousands of positive The Foggy Dog reviews online
  • Easy return process


  • Shipping prices aren’t listed
  • Not many external reviews or rating sites
  • Limited international delivery
  • No direct phone number for customer service
The Foggy Dog Review

Let’s go beyond the simple statements and dive deep into our The Foggy Dog review to check out the products and pricing in this fun and flashy brand. 

All pieces can be checked against this company’s sizing chart for specific dimensions to learn what will fit your pet. Give X-Small to X-Large some meaning and ensure your pet won’t be drowning in their new collar.

The Foggy Dog Collars Review

The Foggy Dog collars lead the way in sales, with their popular designs constantly expanding to include new styles. A variety of fashions, hardware, and materials make up this extensive line, but we’ve picked two of our favorites to start off your The Foggy Dog journey.

The Foggy Dog Rose Flora Natural Dog Collar Review

A bestseller after its appearance on Oprah, the Rose Flora Natural Dog Collar brings a bit of flair without getting carried away. With its gentle pastel floral patterns, your pup will be bringing some fun to fashion wherever their walk takes them.

These The Foggy Dog puppy collars work perfectly for any pup with sensitive skin, as it’s crafted with soft cotton materials made to feel smooth but stay strong. The nylon core lining the inside of the collar keeps this material firm against the toughest pull your dog can make. 

Reinforced throughout the collar, your dog won’t be harming itself during those spurts of energy when it catches sight of its latest chase.

Available in two other colors underlining the flora pattern, this collar is currently on sale for $27, down from the regular price of $32.

The Foggy Dog Hot Pink Dog Collar Review 

Paint the town red – and pink – with The Foggy Dog Hot Pink Dog Collar. Brighten up your day with a pop of color and help your dog shine in the spotlight with a collar no one will miss.

Designed to handle all points of pressure, this nylon webbed collar comes with reinforced gold and rose gold hardware to secure your pup and keep them safe. 

The cotton exterior sits comfortably against your pet to avoid any chafing as they pull away on their walks. Available in six colors total, find your style if hot pink isn’t for you.

This The Foggy Dog collar is available for $32.

The Foggy Dog Bandanas Review

Leave behind collars for a fun, casual style with The Foggy Dog bandanas. These bestsellers will add pep to your pet’s step and keep them looking fashionable and fresh.

The Foggy Dog Catch of the Day Bandana Review 

Our The Foggy Dog review had to highlight this 5-star bestseller. The Catch of the Day Bandana adds a nautical flair to your pet’s life by bringing those east coast vibes to wherever you are in the world.

Crafted with an easy-to-tie design to make your life easier, the Foggy Dog puppy bandanas were created exclusively for this brand. 

With its mint green background to a fun lobster pattern, you’ll make every meal a Red Lobster meal for your favorite friend. Manufactured with 100% cotton, this bandana is soft, light, and fun for everyone around.

Order this for your pet for only $26.

The Foggy Dog Liberty Dog Bandana Review 

Embrace your patriotism by adding some red, white, and blue to your pet’s fashion. The Foggy Dog’s Liberty Dog Bandana will have you celebrating the fun of the fourth of July all summer long.

A thin red accent surrounding white stars and a blue background make up this favored USA style. No worries about tying or knotting this piece, its pre-folded easy attach design leaves it ready to go at all times. 

Just a few seconds and your piece will be secure and comfortably resting against your pup for as long as you want it there.

Add this bandana to your collection for $26.

The Foggy Dog Leashes Review

Let out a new lease in life with one of the sturdy and stylish The Foggy Dog leashes in their collection. You’ll be walking tall and strutting the streets with your dog proudly latched to one of these top sellers.

The Foggy Dog Tahoe Climbing Rope Dog Leash Review 

Don’t worry about clinging to your leash as your pet chases after their newest obsession – with the Tahoe Climbing Rope Dog Leash you’ll be steady in your steps. Blue and white in design, this leash looks as light as it feels, making it a potential new go-to for your walks.

The Foggy Dog rope leashes are made with all elements of walks in mind. The rope is sturdy nylon, making the material able to withstand even the worst weather (though we hope you aren’t putting yourself and your pet through that!) 

Easy on your hand, you won’t be facing rope burns or calluses as the leash gets tugged, instead, it’s easy to keep a firm hold with a comfortable grip.

Prepared for all occasions, this rope comes with an attached O ring to ensure you’re ready at all times should you need to secure waste bags or treats of any kind. Keep care in mind while flaunting your newest style with this strikingly simple leash.

Get this uber-functional leash for $59.

The Foggy Dog Onyx Marine Rope Leash Review 

Help your dog become the star of the show by clicking on the sleek Onyx Marine Rope Leash. The Foggy Dog’s rope dog leashes secure your pet and your fashion in one easy move, making walks easier than ever before.

Available in Standard or Petite sizes, fit your dog with one of these 15 available color nylon cords with 4 or 6-foot options to choose from. 

This double-braided cord securely fastens your pet even if they give their strongest pull. The attached O ring and hardware make it easy to clip your dog in and add waste bags to the side for convenience.

No matter the weather, this cord is meant to last with its stunning design that will match any collar. Keep your pup secure for $59.

The Foggy Dog Bow Tie Collar Review

Add a bit of class to your pet’s style and make a statement with The Foggy Dog Bow Tie Collars. Simple and secure, endlessly adorable, this bestseller is on our review list for a reason.

The Foggy Dog Onyx Bow Tie Collar Review 

Bow ties are cool – at least that’s what the time travelers and super-spies of TV have taught us. Whether your pet is looking to recreate Casino Royale or they simply want to add some prep to their step, The Foggy Dog Onyx Bow Tie Collar will up their fashion to a new level.

Made from an all-black material, this bow tie collar comes in five other colors so you can accessorize your dog depending on the day. If you’re suddenly not feeling the style, the bow tie is removable, attached through two elastic loops on the back. 

Feel free to change it up, add or remove the bow depending on the day. No matter how you play it, your pup will be pleased with this soft cotton collar.

Add this to your pet’s collection for $45.

The Foggy Dog Bow Tie Review

Dress up any collar with an easy attachment of The Foggy Dog bows and bow ties. This simple piece fastens around any collar, allowing you to mix and match colors and patterns to your heart’s content. We added our favorite bestseller for you to check out.

The Foggy Dog Red and Black Buffalo Check Plaid Dog Bow Tie Review 

Play around with your pet’s style with the smooth addition of The Foggy Dog Red and Black Buffalo Check Plaid Dog Bow Tie to your pet’s favorite collar. 

This red and black pattern comes solo, meaning you can slide it onto any standard collar you want to give a normal look a bit of flare.

Your dog will be looking dapper and ready for any event with this simple extension of style. Two elastic loops on the back of the bow keep it sitting straight and make moving it between collars as uncomplicated as it could be. 

This soft cotton flannel bow will feel great for the pup and look great for you. Add it to your dog’s accessories for $19.

Who Is The Foggy Dog For? 

The Foggy Dog Review

The Foggy Dog works for any loving pet owner who wants both function and form for their loyal companions. The modern and fun aesthetic offers a variety of designs to choose from, fitting the style of owners of all ages and their favorite pets.

Pieces are designed to last and, should anything happen, customer service is quick to reply, so this brand is easily one to add to your collection based on that fact alone. Try out a new style and give your pet a bit of a makeover with one simple purchase.  

Comparison: The Foggy Dog vs. Wild One   

The Foggy Dog Review

Tackling the West Coast, The Foggy Dog works through local production. However, pet care and comfort is a booming industry and competitors are in every location. 

Born from the East Coast in 2018, Wild One put their best foot forward to offer a variety of products similar to The Foggy Dog’s own line.

While it may be simple if living in the city of each storefront, for those out of the area looking to order, who should get their business? There are three key aspects to consider when comparing these companies.

1.    Product – The Foggy Dog has an extensive collection when it comes to toys, collars, and beds, but Wild One takes the lead with this point through their Walking and Care kits in addition to Home, Wellness, and more for categories

2.    Material – The Foggy Dog grabs this one by the collar by offering a variety of products made from nylon wedding interiors and coated in cotton and gold-coated hardware. Wild One offers one collar design in flex-poly material made for function, not fashion

3.    Price – The Foggy Dog gets its glory by taking this title for its slightly cheaper prices. While still not cheap, The Foggy Dog pieces typically go for around $10 cheaper than its Wild One competitor

Wild One is a company based on function and comfort, providing good quality items for a slightly more expensive price. 

The Foggy Dog offers an equal quality for cheaper and with more fun styles to choose from. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we think it’s pretty clear who our winner is. 

The Foggy Dog Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Foggy Dog Review

Looking around, it’s quite difficult to find The Foggy Dog reviews online. The most prominent sources from verified customers come from the brand’s website and their Etsy shop

Unfortunately, neither of these sources offer reviews on the company as a whole, with comments instead focused on specific products.

The product reviews available speak to the well-made quality of the pieces alongside their fun styles and designs. Each piece is accurately described and photographed, with items showing up that look identical to the purchased product (which isn’t always the case!)

One The Foggy Dog reviewer commented, “I’m very happy with the collar and its quality. Absolutely stunning. Super quick shipping, too! And don’t even get me started on the adorable packaging!

Many of our reviewed products are well-received on the brand’s website:

  • Rosa Floral Natural Dog Collar: 4.9/5 stars out of 90 ratings
  • Hot Pink Dog Collar: 4.9/5 stars out of 36 ratings
  • Catch of the Day Dog Bandana: 5/5 stars out of 12 ratings
  • Liberty Dog Bandana: 5/5 stars out of 57 ratings
  • Onyx Marine Rope Dog Leash: 4.7/5 stars out of 65 ratings

Shipping and customer service are two other key points raved about by consumers. Buyers are thrilled with the responsive service representatives who keep in touch throughout the processing and delivery of their products.

Very high-quality collars, quick shipping. Will definitely purchase from this shop again. Thanks!

On Etsy, the average item rating based on 2,800 customer reviews is 5/5 stars. As individual pieces aren’t listed with ratings, it’s difficult to pull product reviews for a comparison list. 

Similarly, The Foggy Dog’s brand website doesn’t list star ratings outside of the individual product page, so you’re unable to list by most-reviewed items.

Based on their coverage in The Oprah Magazine, Southern Living, HGTV Magazine, and more, it’s clear that this brand does well enough to attract the public’s attention. The only point of contention we have comes from the lack of external reviews

Is The Foggy Dog Worth It?

The Foggy Dog Review

While the lack of external reviews is slightly concerning, the overall facts learned in this The Foggy Dog reviewed have been positive. 

We can safely recommend this brand as a buy when looking for the best designs for your clever companions. Quality, style, and prices seem to come across reviews as well regarded, and verified buyers show very little remorse for their purchases.

Any complaints are quickly cornered by the customer service team to find a solution that leaves the customer smiling.

We’d say this small-time brand is one to buy not only for service and product but also in support of local business endeavors in a big brand world.

The Foggy Dog Promotions & Discounts 

The Foggy Dog Review

When it comes to finding deals, all you need to do is check out The Foggy Dog’s website and you’ll be hit with sales and promo codes galore. 

The sales section offers a variety of products for great prices, and this brand often runs several promotions throughout the year for 25% to 50% off.

Where to Buy The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog Review

Ready to buy and test out the stock for yourself? Head over to to grab your items with ease. If you’re in the San Francisco area, you’re able to order for Pick Up from their store location (currently closed due to Covid).

Should neither of those options suit your style, you have plenty of other choices when it comes to where you can shop. 

The Foggy Dog is partnered with a number of big-name brands as well as over 500 independent locations. Check out this list to read just a few of the places available for shopping:

  • Anthropologie
  • Etsy
  • Nordstrom
  • Healthy Spot
  • Dog & Co
  • White’s Mercantile
  • Chewy
  • And over 500 independent stores and boutiques


The Foggy Dog Review

Who owns The Foggy Dog? 

The founder and CEO of The Foggy Dog is Rose Shattuck, who created the business through her search for the perfect dog bed.

Where is The Foggy Dog made? 

The Foggy Dog is an American company, working with family-owned businesses for manufacturing. Almost all of their products are made in San Francisco with the exception being their line of felt cat toys made by Fair Trade in Nepal.

What is The Foggy Dog’s Shipping Policy?

This The Foggy Dog review searched high and low for shipping information but came up a bit short. This brand doesn’t explicitly state shipping costs or times, with prices determined at checkout based on the customer’s location.

Shipping is currently limited to the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. If you’re in another location, take a look at their retail partners to find a source that will ship to you.

What is The Foggy Dog’s Return Policy?

Need to return your The Foggy Dog rope dog leash? No problem – you can return any product within 60 days of delivery, with a full refund offered for orders within the first 30 days and store credit offered from days 31 to 60. 

Exchanges aren’t currently offered, but you are able to return an item and reorder using a free exchange shipping coupon that comes with the return process.

What does the return process look like? It’s pretty straightforward. The Foggy Dog wanted to make returns as simple as possible, so they created their Return Center to guide you through the steps.

Unless you’re trying to return a defective item, return shipping costs are applied to the customer and will not be refunded alongside the cost of your item. With this in mind, make sure you double-check your order sizes before checking out to avoid any additional return fees.

How to Contact The Foggy Dog

Questions, concerns, comments, or more after our The Foggy Dog review can be directed to their customer service team for a quick and kind response. 

Their team disbanded the phone service once Covid hit, but they are still reachable through email via online form or simply through [email protected]. Leave them a short message and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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