Boyish Clothing Review

About Boyish  

Boyish Clothing Review

Boyish designs vintage-style jeans for women. Over the past few years, their eco-friendly practices and feminine pieces have made them well-known among avid denim lovers. 

The Climate Neutral certified brand has gained worldwide recognition, as their products are sold in many international retail stores. They’ve also garnered some social media attention—with about 93.4K followers on Instagram. 

But do they deserve the praise? This Boyish clothing review aims to find out. So, hike up your pants and join us as we take a deep dive into the company, their bestsellers, policies, and more so you can decide if they’re worth buying. 

Overview of Boyish  

Boyish Clothing Review

Boyish was founded in 2018 by Jordan Nodarse, who started the brand after leaving Reformation. With the official launch in 2019, Nodarse stayed true to the belief that sustainable manufacturing was a movement, not a trend. 

Inspiration for the brand came from women who described their style as ‘boyish.’ So, they began designing denim made from men’s fabrics and tailored to women’s bodies, which resulted in high-quality, stylish washes with a feminine twist. 

The LA-based company’s green practices begin with “leaving as little impact on the earth as possible.” They use ethical and sustainable methods at their manufacturing facilities in Thailand. To ensure the best possible standards, Nordarse himself monitors every step of production. 

In terms of materials, they use less harmful chemicals for dyeing and only about one-third of the amount of water that’s usually used to manufacture jeans. They also only use recycled fabrics and materials for every product. From hardware to tags, everything is environmentally-friendly. 

Before getting into some of the bestsellers, this Boyish clothing review will go over a few more brand highlights:


  • Wide collection of ethically made denim apparel 
  • Certified cruelty free materials are used 
  • The company participates in many sustainable initiatives 
  • Financing options are available with Klarna
  • Free delivery within the contiguous US
  • Ships internationally
  • 30-day return policy
Boyish Clothing Review

Boyish clothing doesn’t just offer fashionable jeans. They also have jumpsuits, dresses, pants, and t-shirts—some of which we’ll be taking a look at! 

So, keep reading this Boyish clothing review to get the scoop on their best-selling wardrobe items. Also, note that there are financing options available for the apparel through Klarna. 

Boyish Jeans Review

Finding good quality denim can sometimes feel like a chore. But, with the Boyish jeans, you might be able to find your go-to pair.  

Boyish The Billy La Strada Jeans Review

The Billy La Strada Jeans feature a classic high-waist, skinny fit with a vintage dark wash. The hip-huggers are flattering and easy to style. Plus, they were made using recycled cotton—reducing water and the company’s carbon footprint. 

You’ll feel good wearing these denim pants and knowing the positive impact they have on the environment. For example, manufacturing these pants saved about 556 days worth of drinking water. 

The black Billy La Strada Jeans are also extremely versatile as they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. They will run you about $168 at checkout. 

Boyish The Billy Far Country Jeans Review

If you’re looking for a more blue vintage wash, The Billy Far Country Jeans are the ideal match. It features the same Billy fit that’s similar to vintage high-waist jeans. Also, some distressing details give it a trendy edge.  

The Far Country Jeans were also made with recycled cotton. Boyish also used Refriba technology, which converts waste from the fashion industry into usable fiber. They also include a natural material sourced from eucalyptus trees. 

So, they’re eco-friendly and can become your new favorite pair of blue jeans. Pair it with a white tee and your favorite sneakers, and you’re good to go. The Billy Far Country Jeans retail for $168

Boyish Pants Review

Since its launch, Boyish has expanded from jeans to other clothing items. Their best-selling pants definitely showcase their signature classic and stylish vibe. 

Boyish The Smith Sunset Park Pant Review

The Smith Sunset Park Pant is the coziest way to amp up your style. These track pants feature a denim-like wash with white side snaps and an embroidered company logo. They’re made from 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled cotton, so they’re as soft as can be. 

You can never go wrong with a matching set, and throwing on the Sunset Park jacket will really set your outfit off. Plus, the jean-like design is a unique take on track pants and will definitely turn heads. It’s creative, stylish, and honestly, Instagram-worthy. 

You can get the Sunset Park pants for $168

Boyish The Paul Pant Review

It’s okay to admit that you’re not a jeans type of gal. Sometimes we just want to put on a trusted pair of sweatpants before running errands over town. So, The Paul Pant from the brand is your best bet. The tapered sweats feature a drawstring waist and are made from sustainable fabric. 

These $88 green comfy pants are not only a trendy color; they’re also perfect for lounging or working from home. They’re also made using Refribra tech, so they’re zero-waste and all-comfort. Pair it with the Boyish Jimmy sweatshirt to complete the set.

Boyish Jumpsuits Review

Vintage silhouettes are definitely making a comeback. That includes always stylish jumpsuits. So, which ones are Boyish customers loving? Let’s find out! 

Boyish The Vincent Jumpsuit Review

Embody 70s flair with The Vincent Jumpsuit. This piece comes in a beautiful golden yellow and features a slim fit and a slightly puffy sleeve. It’s also very flattering with the included tie that cinches your waist. 

Paired with some white heel platform boots, you could create the perfect night-out look. Then, throw on some hoop earrings, and you’ll be ready to dance ‘til dawn. Plus, it’s made from natural materials that are responsibly sourced. The Vincent Jumpsuit retails for $188

Boyish The Roman About Time Jumpsuit Review

The Roman About Time Jumpsuit can make your denim-clad dreams come true. It’s made from comfort stretch material and comes in a classic blue eco-wash. It’s stylish and perfect for any occasion. For work, it’ll bring whole new energy to casual Fridays. 

The About Time jumpsuit is designed with belt loops, so this Boyish clothing review suggests throwing on your favorite thin black belt for a flattering look. You can also wear your favorite black boots or some sneakers to dress the look up or down. 

The Roman About Time Jumpsuit sells for $188

Boyish Dresses Review

Casual dresses are more of a wardrobe staple than you might think. The popular Boyish dresses definitely nail the casual but dressy look with modern twists on vintage styles. 

Boyish The Emmett Moonfleet Dress Review

The Emmett Moonfleet is sleek and classy. It’s a denim wash mini dress with long, puffy sleeves and some serious hardware. It also has a pointed collar and is designed to sit naturally at the waistline. This look will fascinate onlookers and have you looking runway-ready. 

A pair of knee-high boots, along with some of your favorite accessories, can help elevate this $158 dress. It may look demure, but you can create an energy that’s not to be messed with the right combination of pieces. 

Boyish The Dusty Dress Review

Bring some summer vibes to your next night out with The Dusty Dress. This mini dress has a light indigo wash. It’s also made from certified organic cotton, staying true to the brand’s sustainable practices. 

This dress also features a unique and flattering neckline. So, this Boyish clothing review suggests wearing a pendant necklace with it to add to the sweet outfit. Then, throw on your favorite platform sandals or sneakers for an effortless look. 

The Dusty Dress costs $138.  

Boyish T-Shirts Review

The last best-sellers we’ll be looking at are the Boyish t-shirts. You’ll have no problem mixing and matching these wardrobe essentials into chic outfits. 

Boyish The Lennon T-Shirt Review

The Lennon T-Shirt is a relaxed top that’s reminiscent of an oversized, vintage fit. It’s also made from an incredibly soft jersey material that stays within Boyish sustainability standards. You really can’t go wrong with this plain white tee. 

Of course, a white t-shirt would look cute and charming when tucked into some denim. The higher neck is an excellent opportunity to tie your hair back, throw on some statement earrings, and let the entire outfit do the talking. 

This basic tee costs $48 on the Boyish website.

Boyish The Jagger Nina Klein T-Shirt Review

Next up is a collaboration design with Boyish and local artist Nina Klein. The Jagger Nina Klein T-Shirt is another white shirt but with an included graphic. The design features a blue figure that “embraces the strength of the female gaze.” 

The empowering top is another excellent staple that remains on-brand for the company. Pair it with some black or blue denim to make it the centerpiece of your outfit.

Embrace your femininity with The Jagger tee, which retails for $48.  

Who Is Boyish Clothing For? 

Boyish Clothing Review

Boyish’s target demographic is women of all ages, especially those who are drawn to more minimalistic styles and neutral colours. Additionally, they use sustainable and ethical practices, so their collection is perfect for anyone who prioritizes social and environmental responsibilities. 

As a result, the brand does have a slightly higher price point, though. This Boyish clothing review suggests bookmarking them for when your best friend’s birthday rolls around. 

Comparison: Boyish vs. Reformation

Boyish Clothing Review

There is a growing demand for vintage-inspired clothing companies in the industry. So, how does our brand stand out? This Boyish clothing review looked at Reformation to help you become an informed consumer.

First, we’ll take a look at some of their similarities: 

  • Both L.A based companies
  • They’re both clothing companies for women
  • Similar price ranges
  • Committed to sustainable and ethical practices
  • Both offer international shipping

It seems like the two brands are pretty similar. But, we did find a few differences as we kept searching: 

  • Reformation has been in business since 2009 (around 10 years prior to Boyish’s launch) 
  • Reformation has a variety of clothing available, not just denim-inspired
  • Reformation offers free worldwide shipping and returns

Boyish has many stylish options available that are often inspired by vintage jeans. On the other hand, Reformation offers a variety of patterns and products. The final decision basically boils down to how long each company has had to expand its horizons. So, which one will you shop at first?

Boyish Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Boyish Clothing Review

After going through the brand’s bestsellers, this Boyish clothing review was curious to read up on some customer feedback. We scoured the internet for testimonials, but unfortunately came up a bit short. Still, we’ve compiled the ratings we did come across. 

There aren’t any published reviews on Boyish’s site, but we did find a couple on Free People, ShopBop, and Reddit. Here’s how some of the products in this review rate on Free People: 

  • The Billy Jeans: 4.2/5 stars from 37 reviews
  • The Vincent Jumpsuit: 4.5/5 stars from 2 reviews

The Billy Jeans generally received positive reviews. One customer writes, “These have quickly become my go-to jeans. While I had to size up to a 28 for a looser fit, they are perfect on my waist. I’m 5’6 and can wear them down or cuffed once or twice, depending on what look I’m going for. Great quality jeans!” 

Another reviewer says, “these are definitely my new favorite pair of denim. I’ve been looking for the perfect skinny/straight jeans for a while now, and these fit amazing! No stretch, but super flattering in the waist and butt. So glad I gave this brand a try.”

A customer on ShopBop also loves the jeans, writing, “These are my new favorite jeans. It’s hard not to wear them every day.” 

Regarding The Vincent, a Free People customer says, “mine came in the post today, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Even though the legs are a bit wide for me, it looks absolutely amazing! I adore it to bits!”

The second reviewer praises it as well, stating, “It fits so well. The color is great! The only thing I’m iffy about is the sleeves, but I can get used to them!” 

In terms of criticisms, we found a Reddit thread that complained about the brand’s lack of inclusivity in both size and model representation. In addition, some customers had gripes about sizing for curvier women. 

But, from our research, it does seem like Boyish is making more efforts to expand their size range and model diversity. Overall, it’s a brand that we can get behind! With growing concerns about climate change, shopping sustainably is becoming a priority for many people. Boyish does well in offering items that are responsibly made using minimal impact practices. 

Is Boyish Clothing Worth It?

Boyish Clothing Review

Based on this Boyish clothing review, we would say that the store is worth browsing if you have the means. Along with providing great staples and statement pieces for your wardrobe, the brand is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible

Even though there aren’t many reviews online, it does seem like people are generally happy with the items they receive. But when it comes to comments about inclusion, Boyish is beginning to make more efforts towards more diversity in size and the women they feature in their catalogues. 

Boyish Promotions & Discounts 

Boyish Clothing Review

Boyish offers a 20% discount on your next order if you sign up to receive their newsletter. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other active promos, but by signing up, you’ll stay updated on the latest deals. 

Where to Buy Boyish Clothing 

Boyish Clothing Review

Customers can shop the entire collection at The brand is also available at different retailers, and you can check out stores near you by referencing their Stockists page. 


Boyish Clothing Review

Who owns Boyish Clothing?  

Jordan Nodrase is the owner and founder of Boyish clothing. It was born out of his passion for being environmentally conscious. 

How is Boyish sustainable?  

Boyish is 100% carbon neutral, and Oeko-Tex certified. This means their items are made without harmful chemicals. They also utilize ethical practices throughout their supply chain, and they maintain transparency on their website. 

Why are jeans so bad for the environment in the first place?  

It takes about 1,800 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans. That number racks up to 500 billion gallons for the jeans that are sold every year. Boyish jeans use 1/3 the amount of water that’s typically used, and it’s all recycled. 

Is Boyish an ethical company?  

This Boyish clothing review found that they are an ethical company. Jordan Nodrase himself supervises every process to ensure high standards are being maintained. 

Is Boyish Clothing vegan? 

Boyish clothing is vegan. They’re certified cruelty-free, and they don’t use any leather or animal products in their items. 

What is Boyish Clothing’s Shipping Policy?

Boyish offers free shipping for orders in the continental United States. But, there is a flat rate shipping fee of $10 for customers in Alaska or Hawaii. 

Orders usually ship out within 24–48 hours, and you’ll receive tracking information once it’s sent out. It can take between 3 to 6 business days, depending on your location. 

The company does offer international shipping through DHL, but there’s no information about shipping fees. So it’s safe to assume these totals are settled during checkout. 

What is Boyish Clothing’s Return Policy?

Boyish has a 30-day return policy. The clothing can’t have any damage and must have the original tags attached to be accepted for a refund. 

Additionally, return labels expire within 7 days, so your items must be shipped back to the company within the deadline, or it will be canceled. There is also a $9 restocking fee that’s deducted from your refund if you’re from the US. 

For international orders, the customer is responsible for shipping fees. When it comes to exchanges, Boyish covers US shipping costs for the first exchange. After that, fees are the customer’s responsibility. 

How to Contact Boyish

We hope you enjoyed reading this Boyish clothing review! If you have any questions, you can contact the brand via the following: 

  • Phone: 1 (323) 918-2664
  • Filling out the online contact form

Boyish’s customer service team monitors phone lines between Monday to Thursday, 10AM to 5PM, PST.

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