Warp + Weft Jeans Review

About Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft Jeans Review

Add some sustainability to your style with Warp + Weft. This brand focuses on the flexible fashion of jeans for men, women, and children with a few options in denim jackets and underwear.

Covered by Vogue, Forbes, PopSugar, Glamour, Business Insider, and many more, this brand has quickly made a name for itself since launching. 

Working with almost 20k followers on Instagram, this business has found a loyal following through their fit, style, and sustainable practices used for every stitch.

This Warp + Weft jeans review will examine the budding business and their mission, products, reviews, and more to help you decide if they fit your denim vibe.

Overview of Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft Jeans Review

Bringing family values to a bigger brand, Warp + Weft has been working to better the denim industry since 2016. Based on her family’s three decades of knowledge, Sarah Ahmed founded this company to responsibly produce top-quality products worldwide. 

Focused on eco-friendly practices, this business works to reduce water and chemical usage during the manufacturing process.

Designed for all body types rather than exclusively slim sizes, Warp + Weft works hard to fit each piece true to size so you don’t struggle during those first few wears or after washing. Just slide on that perfect fit and enjoy the day in fashionable form.

Want more information on Warp + Weft clothing, designs, and practices? We’ve got some pros and cons laid out just for you:


  • An expansive collection of women’s, men’s, and children’s jeans in addition to products such as jackets and underwear
  • Offers a wide range of sizes for men and women
  • Sustainable manufacturing process
  • Financing options available via Klarna
  • Variety of shades, designs, and fabrics
  • Durable material and comfortable fit at competitive prices


  • No verified customer reviews to pull ratings from
  • No international shipping
Warp + Weft Jeans Review

We’re moving this Warp + Weft jeans review into the main stage: products. 

This brand’s jeans cover a wide range of sizing with women’s wear from 00-24, while men’s inseams go from 28-36 with waist sizes up to 48. Whether you’re big, tall, small, or short, this company has the fit for you.

Here’s the cool part about these jeans: they’ve been treated with “antimicrobial properties.” This means germs, dirt, and other microbes so often transferred via transit, sitting in public, or just living your life won’t cling on. 

While it doesn’t stop disease, it’s nice to have a bit of germ protection in your daily wear.

Warp + Weft Men’s Jeans Review

Our Warp + Weft jeans review had to cover the most popular products—jeans. We’ve broken it down to men’s and women’s styles, starting with the guys. With a variety of colors and materials to choose from, here are some of the top men’s jeans from this brand.

Warp + Weft AMS Slim Midnight Review

Who said jeans are standard? The Warp + Weft AMS Slim Midnight Jeans change up your fashion through 8 different options when it comes to the shade of your denim. 

Working with both the Classic and Dynamic Warp + Weft fabric options, this style is sure to fit business casual just as easily as a night out on the town.

Slim out your appearance without going straight to skinny jeans with one sleek cut. Perfectly fitted at the waist, these jeans are designed to hold to your body without being tight the whole way down. 

Avoiding the standard baggy knees issue, this style easily accompanies a button-down for a dinner date (or any other slightly classier event that requires a bit more class).

This dashing dark wash can be added to your closet for $74.

Warp + Weft SJC Slim Chino Review 

Let your body breathe with the Warp + Weft SJC Slim Chinos. Made from their amazing FlexTwill fabric, these pants come in three different colors to complement your wardrobe for any event.

Slightly slimmer than the previous style, these pants are made to straighten that visible curve of the leg into a lengthy dream. 

Light, flexible, and easy to breathe, the chinos are the perfect fit for anyone looking to add some fun to their fashion without the worry of wrinkled material. FlexTwill fabric is made to avoid wrinkles and keep your look fresh throughout the day.

Pair it with a Warp + Weft shirt jacket for a new casual look that oozes casual style.

Grab yourself a pair for $74.

Warp + Weft Women’s Jeans Review

Leave any sizing fears behind and enter the domain of inclusion with the Warp + Weft denim line for women. 

Available in a variety of sizing, colors, fabrics, and fits, this brand makes it a point to bring women prime wear at all times of the year. We’ve thrown a few favorites onto this list for an idea of what they’re all about.

Warp + Weft CDG – Vintage High Rise Straight Kingcaid Review 

Style will never again step aside with the CDG – Vintage High Rise Straight Kingcaid Jeans. Crafted in both Oneder and Classic denims, these jeans come in over 10 colors and tones so you can add a few pairs to the closet and have a different look going every day.

For those that love the high-rise life, these jeans are one to add to the collection. Straight-legged in style, these pants are crafted with a slight curve to emphasize that natural feminine shape without making things too tight or unpleasant. 

Just a gentle hug of material in the right places can make all the difference when it comes to your fashion favorites. These jeans are currently on sale for $29, down from their original $98.

Warp + Weft ASE High Rise Straight Townsend Review 

The love of styles from eras past never truly leaves leading fashion. You can’t go wrong with a classic wash or cut, and that’s exactly what you’re getting with the ASE High Rise Straight Townsend Jeans.

Available in four tones, these traditional 80s-style jeans cut straight to let the pant leg flow. Whether you pair them with a simple shirt or throw a leather jacket on for a standard biker vibe, these jeans will hold up whatever relaxed and comfortable look you’re aiming to achieve.

Lighten up the look with these light-wash jeans for $98.

Warp + Weft MIA Plus High Rise Flare Sugar Review

Bringing high-rise to the plus-size category, the MIA Plus High Rise Flare Sugar Jeans are ones to watch. Why stick with straight cuts when you can mix it up and add a little Sugar to your style?

This vintage vibe throws it back to the days of flower power, offering a bell-bottom feel with a modern twist. 

With two color options to choose from, this cut keeps things light and sweet for a simple and casual style that’s hard to beat. The smooth fabric offers enough stretch to make things cozy without adding any bagginess to the fit.

These jeans are available for $98.

Warp + Weft MXP Plus High Rise Onyx Wax Coated Review

Add some drama to your day with the MXP Plus High Rise Onyx Wax Coated Jeans. These pants were crafted in Power and Oneder denim for a sensational look that will be hard for anyone to forget.

Dress up your day with darker jeans that will compliment any top and jacket combo. Smooth material stretches around your curves for a comfortable and stylish appearance that shows off your best features. 

Slim at the ankle, these midnight jeans strike a new level of style. The wax-coated black of these jeans ensures a slight shine to really bring the theatrical look home. Pair it with a leather jacket and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Make these jeans a new favorite for $98.

Warp + Weft JFK Plus Skinny Coal Wax Coated Review

Get yourself a sleek leather-look without any of the ethical or climate considerations with Warp + Weft’s JFK Plus Skinny Coal Wax Coated Jeans. Crafted from Power, Oneder, and Dynamic denims, these pants were designed to give you the most choices for the best fit.

Rack up the closet (and receipt) by adding one or more of the 17 color options available. These jeans are designed with a stretch that perfectly frames your curves without making things too tight. 

Topped with a wax coating, you’ll be walking around with a slight shine—like leather, but you won’t be regretting the choice after several hours of sweating later.

Made for a stretch fit, these jeans are available for $29 (regular $97).  

Who Is Warp + Weft For? 

Warp + Weft Jeans Review

For anyone looking for a solid fit that suits your style, Warp + Weft is for you. Jeans make this brand, so their inclusion of a range of sizes for men, women, and children leaves this company as a solid option for avid shoppers.

Comparison: Warp + Weft vs. Hudson  

Warp + Weft Jeans Review

Looking for jeans always brings out the comparisons to find the best quality for the best cost. When it comes to Warp + Weft competitors, Hudson is a well-known jeans company that is a market staple.

This Los Angeles brand was born to empower youth and individuals to believe in themselves and inspire through actions as well as words. Supporting local organizations for youth and expression, Hudson lives to make an impact on its customers and the world.

But how do the brands stack up side-by-side?

  • Production – While Hudson works for a good cause financially, their manufacturing practices aren’t quite on par with Warp + Weft, whose aim is to help the world and the people in it through sustainable production.
  • Material – Both companies lean heavily on denim as their source material, but Warp + Weft makes it a point to avoid harmful bleaching processes typically used in the manufacturing process. They also offer four styles of denim in addition to the variety of shades for each product.
  • Effectiveness – Both brands are known for good-quality builds. When it comes to durability, you’re fine either way.
  • Sizing – Warp + Weft aims to make sizing accessible to more than just “standard” fits. That said, Hudson offers a range of sizing as well for their expansive clientele.
  • Products – Hudson holds the upper hand by selling a range of tops in addition to their jeans. They also have a wider variety of jeans styles for men and women. The one area they lack in comparison is their fits for kids where they only have stock for girls. Warp + Weft has sizing for toddlers and children, both boys and girls.

While both companies have their pros and cons, this Warp + Weft jeans review is happy to report that overall, this brand comes out on top. While Hudson does offer more styles when it comes to clothing, if you’re shopping for jeans then Warp + Weft is your go-to spot.

Warp + Weft Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Warp + Weft Jeans Review

We have to be honest here, aside from articles like this one, there aren’t too many Warp + Weft jeans reviews to find online. 

Amazon’s slim selection only has one rating a piece with no reviews to pull from. Similarly, Nordstrom’s own wider selection has one rating for a single product out of a list of 30 with no review left behind.

It is a little concerning to see a lack of Warp + Weft jeans reviews for an otherwise well-selling brand. Coverage in Forbes and Vogue alone speaks to the success of this business. That being said, all reviews found come from paid articles meant to sell the product.

US review has one rating for this company, giving it 9/10-stars on the product. The solo reviewer gushed about the brand: 

Perfect place for quality apparels shopping. Excellent and affordable. Very difficult to bypass any design jackets particularly Thank God they have products for the whole family as I find this disappointing in many stores who offer either for women’s or men’s.

Other reviews found from sources such as Business Insider praise the brand for the material and fit. One writer spoke highly of the material and fit: 

I knew from the moment I slipped on the soft, slightly stretchy, and perfectly fitting skinny jeans (the particular style was a Stitch Fix-exclusive) that it was game over and I needed to keep them. I now consider them one of my best purchases ever…

Further paid influencers from Stitch Fix Reviews tried this brand’s jackets to check the fit and style and were quite pleased: 

When I first pulled this jacket out of the box I thought I didn’t like it. Even after putting it on I wasn’t sure about it. I didn’t think I could pull it off. But I decided to live a little and I wear it for our fall family pictures and y’all- I am in LOVE. I think this jacket might be my favorite piece!

Is Warp + Weft Worth It?

Warp + Weft Jeans Review

From what this Warp + Weft jeans review has found online, this brand should be a safe buy. The sustainable materials, styles, inclusive sizing, and lower costs all speak to making this brand an easy choice. 

Our only hesitancy comes from the lack of customer reviews online to verify the quality en masse rather than just by select bloggers.

Still, if you find a style that will suit or a price that can’t be beat, take a chance and add it to the purchase. From all we can see, it should be a safe and satisfactory buy.

Warp + Weft Promotions & Discounts 

Warp + Weft Jeans Review

Warp + Weft items are constantly added to their Warehouse Sale section, so go online to check out the best discounts on their popular denim styles. If you choose to register your email for promos, discount codes, and the latest info, you also receive 10% off your first order.

On top of all that, you can get an extra 40% off regular price items with promo code LABORDAY40.

Where To Buy Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft Jeans Review

Check out this brand’s website,, to purchase a new pair of slimming jeans. If, for some reason, the company website won’t work for your purchase, head over to these alternate options for your shopping delight:

  • Nordstrom
  • Amazon


Warp + Weft Jeans Review

Where is Warp + Weft made? 

This Warp + Weft jeans review has discovered all products are manufactured in Pakistan.

Does Warp + weft fit true to size?

This brand fits true to size. They offer a size guide on every product page so you can check to see which one fits you best.

What is Warp + Weft’s Shipping Policy?

Looking out for those ever-tricky shipping fees? Our Warp + Weft jeans review has you covered when it comes to costs. This brand solely ships within the US to all 50 states with surcharge shipping fees for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

Ground shipping costs a flat rate of $10, but if your order equals a sum of $75 or above, ground shipping comes free to continental states. 

If you’re looking for a quicker service, then check out the expedited shipping option. It does cost more, with pricing dependent on your location.

Tracking numbers are sent out once an order has shipped to allow customers to follow their packages and get excited about the delivery. Most ground shipping orders arrive within 3-5 business days, so get ready for your new fashion and start planning your outfit in advance.

What is Warp + Weft’s Return Policy?

Any issues with this brand can be handled through a quick and easy return. The process is simple and full refunds are provided for returns made up to 20 days from purchase. 

If the 20-day deadline is missed, a full refund won’t be given, but there is a chance for store credit in place if you contact customer service.

The return process is an easy one – just a few steps and a refund will be on its way:

1.    Head over to the Return Center on the brand’s website

2.    Fill in your order number, name, zip code, and other guided information

3.    Package the item in original packaging with the provided pre-paid label

Sale items and personal pieces like underwear aren’t eligible for refunds, but when it comes to underwear, you’re able to get a free size exchange one time only. To activate an exchange, contact customer service and let them know what’s going on.

How to Contact Warp + Weft

We’re wrapping up this Warp + Weft jeans review with the last piece of info everyone needs to know – contact details. Any questions or concerns can be answered with a simple call or email to customer service:

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