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Paige Jeans Review

Paige is a lifestyle apparel brand for men and women, influenced by California fashion. Known for its stylish, high-quality denim, Paige designs with heart, finishing every pair with a signature whipstitch to represent “nine lives – a reminder to always grow, reinvent yourself and evolve for the better.” Paige has garnered a lot of attention throughout its lifetime, featured in top media outlets like Marie Claire, Vogue, and Forbes, with over 329K fans on Instagram

This Paige jeans review will give you an overview of the brand, their jeans, and what customers think of the products and company. We’ll discuss key topics including where their jeans are made, promotions, how shipping works, and more, to help you decide if Paige is the right fit for you. 

Overview of Paige Jeans

Paige Jeans Review

Celebrating change is something that inspired former model, and now Co-Founder and Creative Director, Paige Adams-Geller, to create Paige denim in 2004. Overcoming hurdles in her personal life and embracing who she truly is, while evolving as a person, are the same themes that are reflected in the way Paige’s clothes are designed. 

Paige Jeans gives back to several charities, and Adams-Geller is speaking out and inspiring others through her own story. The brand was “born and raised in Los Angeles” , where their headquarters are located. All of their clothing is manufactured in the USA, with the intent that the wearer feels comfortable and confident. 

Before this Paige jeans review goes further, here’s a summary of the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Jeans offered in an array of washes, fits, rises, and lengths for men and women
  • Signature, high-quality TRANSCEND fabric won’t stretch out
  • Attractive designs that flatter your lower body
  • Sales on bestselling items 
  • Reasonable pricing for premium jeans
  • Made in the USA


  • Some customers have reported problems with the fit and sagging fabric
Paige Jeans Review

Paige jeans offers women’s clothing ranging from figure-flattering bottoms, basic tops, structured coats, and flouncy dresses. Men’s fashion pieces include contemporary jackets, casual and clean shorts, tees and shirts, and joggers.

This Paige jeans review will showcase a selection of the brand’s most coveted styles for men and women.

Paige Women’s Jeans Review

Paige denim jeans are all made with TRANSCEND fiber technology, a soft and supple fabric that conforms to your body. They come in an array of washes, fits, rises, and lengths to suit your style and body type. This Paige jeans review will now slip into the women’s bestselling denim:

Paige Verdugo Women’s Jeans

The Verdugo jeans are glam-rock, with a shiny, slick black color. This design adds an edge to any top you pair it with, and this Paige jeans review envisions wearing them with open-toed stilettos and bright red nail polish for that Olivia Newton-John in Grease look. 

These Paige skinny jeans are made with the brand’s TRANSCEND fiber technology, which means they are form-fitting and have a buttery feel. It also means they make your butt look great; a must in good skinny jeans. 

The Verdugo jean is a mid-rise jean that fits skinny on the leg with a luxe coating, and finished with raw hems. Some details about the Verdugo jeans include: 

  • Front Rise: 9″
  • Inseam: 28″
  • Leg Opening: 10 1/4″
  • Fabric: 52% Rayon, 26% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 1% Spandex

These edgy Verdugo jeans from Paige retail for $219

Paige Skyline Skinny Women’s Jeans Review

Made from Paige’s TRANSCEND VINTAGE denim, the Skyline Skinny has a classic jean look but is reinvented to give you a modern fit and feel. Blue jeans are wildly popular because they simply match with anything and can be dressed up or down. This pair is the perfect everyday jean, ideally paired with a simple tee and sneakers.

The vintage wash has light stitching and features mixed metal hardware with a raw hem. The fabric is soft and stretchy, yet still structured, to keep you comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Most importantly, they’re designed to not lose their shape. 

Below are more details about the Skyline Skinny:

  • Front Rise: 8 3/8″
  • Inseam: 31″
  • Leg Opening: 12″
  • Fabric: 93% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 2% Spandex

The classic Skyline Skinny style retails for $199. 

Paige Hoxton Women’s Jeans Review

The Paige Hoxton jean screams class and character and this particular pair of Paige high waisted jeans reflect a ‘70s vibe. These Paige flare jeans have a skinny fit on the thigh and a more relaxed fit around the calf and ankle. We’re thinking these jeans should be paired with a white, off-the-shoulder blouse, platform sandals, and a tasseled boho bag. 

Made with the signature TRANSCEND fabric, Hoxton fits in all the right places, helping you to feel smooth and confident all day long. The jeans have a very subtle fading to give a lived-in feel, but maintain a polished look. 

The specs on these Paige Hoxton jeans include:

  • Front Rise: 10″
  • Inseam: 34″
  • Leg Opening: 14″
  • Fabric: 54% Rayon, 23% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 1% Spandex

The classy Hoxton retails for $179. 

Paige Manhattan Boot Jeans Review

These Paige bootcut jeans are old-school, reimagined for today’s woman. This Paige jeans review describes the Manhattan Boot jeans as the typical ‘cool-mom jean’, which the younger generation seems to be loving, and have a more mature feel about them. Wear these with a pair of Converse sneakers and a white tee for an effortless ‘90s style. 

Made from their signature TRANSCEND denim, these jeans hug the right places, giving your booty a boost, while staying in shape but allowing for stretch. The medium wash has light fading and whiskering that’s clean and classic. 

Some additional details about the Manhattan Boot jeans:

  • Front Rise: 8 1/8″
  • Inseam: 34 1/2″
  • Leg Opening: 17 1/2″
  • Fabric: 54% Rayon, 23% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 1% Spandex

The Manhattan Boot jeans retail for $189.

Paige Margot Ultra Skinny Jeans Review

Made from Paige’s TRANSCEND VINTAGE denim, the Margot Ultra Skinny offers a wash that is light and modern. These are another pair of jeans that pair with virtually anything and can be dressed up or down. The leg has an ultra-tight fit and if paired with a leather jacket, pumps, and pink lipstick, they will certainly give you all of the sassy feels. 

This light wash also has light stitching and features mixed metal hardware with a raw hem. The fabric is soft and stretchy, and yet still structured, to keep you comfortable while not losing its shape. 

More details about the Margot Ultra Skinny jeans include:

  • Front Rise: 10″
  • Inseam: 30″
  • Leg Opening: 10 1/4″
  • Fabric: 54% Rayon, 23% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 1% Spandex

The ultra-cool Margot Ultra Skinny jean is $189

Paige Men’s Jeans Review

Paige men’s jeans are also made for comfort with their TRANSCEND fabric, providing an attractive and tailored fit. This Paige men’s jeans review will showcase some of their bestselling styles, in three different washes and fits. 

Paige Lennox Men’s Jeans Review

Lennox is a skinnier fitted men’s jean, slim through the hips and legs, with a narrow bottom opening that hits right above the shoe. This will keep you looking polished and most importantly, never sloppy.

Black jeans provide more of a dressier look, while still maintaining a casual feel. Shown here with a white tee and white sneakers, this Paige jeans review thinks adding a red plaid button-down would complete this effortlessly cool look. 

TRANSCEND fabric provides the same comfort for men’s jeans as it does for women’s, accentuating the butt for a fit that compliments a man’s body without going overboard. 

More Lennox details include:

  • Front Rise: 10″
  • Inseam: 33″
  • Leg Opening: 14″
  • Fabric: 54% Rayon, 23% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 1% Spandex

The men’s black Lennox jeans by Paige are $179.

Paige Federal Men’s Jeans Review

The Federal style provides a tighter fit than the Lennox, giving an Indie-rocker vibe that’s very Adam Levine-esque. Federal has been hand-sanded at the thigh to provide a vintage look. This pair is for the man who wants a more modern fit, and isn’t afraid to add style with accessories. 

A slim-straight fit eases slightly as the hip and is loosely fitted through the thigh, straight down from the knee. These jeans are also washed with an enzyme rinse, which displays a more grey tone. Plus, they are accentuated with charcoal hardware

More details about the Federal jeans include:

  • Front Rise: 10 1/4″
  • Inseam: 33 1/2″
  • Leg Opening: 15″
  • Fabric: 51% Rayon, 26% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 1% Spandex

The Paige Federal jean is $119 right now, discounted from the original price of $199.

Paige Croft Men’s Jeans Review

If you like your jeans skinny, then the Croft style is for you. This is their skinniest fitting style in an ultra-light indigo wash and rinsed with bleach for classic light blue vibes. This Paige jeans review envisions this style paired with a basic grey or patterned tee, depending on the look that suits you.

Made from Paige’s TRANSCEND denim, they’re comfortable enough to move around in all day. The jeans feature hand-sanding and 3D whiskering

Details about the fit and fabric of the Croft jeans include:

  • Front Rise: 9 1/2″
  • Inseam: 32 1/2″
  • Leg Opening: 12 3/4″
  • Fabric: 52% Rayon, 26% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 1% Spandex

The modern Croft is currently on sale for $99, originally $199.

Paige Jeans Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Paige Jeans Review

This Paige jeans review has found some conflicting feelings about Paige jeans women’s items. Reviewers on Reddit all agree that Paige jeans make their butt look great, but some dislike the fit and quality. Other wearers report loving their Paige jeans and owning multiple pairs.

Some Reddit Paige Jean reviewers recommend buying the smallest size you think would fit and said their pairs stretched quite a bit. Common opinions on Reddit overall: Paige jeans give you a nice butt, but they sag fast and the fabric wears out quickly. “Yes, they look great and the stretch is nice, but the quality is terrible. They stretch out really easily, like sagging with a belt on by the end of the day.” 

Amazon reviews echo the same sentiment about the Verdugo jeans in terms of stretching: “I was told to purchase the smallest size you can manage…they do stretch out to the perfect size.” Another Paige jeans review noted that the same pair experienced no bagging and are “super comfortable, and as long as you wash them the correct way they will last for a long time.” This leads us to believe that negative reviewers may not have washed their jeans correctly.

Amazon reviewers helpfully answered the question: Are Paige jeans good quality? Most answered yes. This Paige jeans review dug up Amazon figures for jeans that were rated by at least 30 customers, since this cut-off provides us a good sample size:

  • Women’s Manhattan Boot Cut Jeans: 4.5/5 stars out of 73 ratings
  • Women’s Hoxton Ultra Skinny Jeans: 4.3/5 stars out of 113 ratings
  • Women’s Skyline Mid Rise Skinny Jeans: 4.4/5 stars out of 40 ratings
  • Women’s Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans: 4.3/5 stars out of 139 ratings
  • Men’s Federal Jeans: 4.4/5 stars out of 26 ratings
  • Men’s Lennox Black Shadow Jeans: 4.5/5 stars out of 126 ratings

On the whole, although there are negative reviews of Paige jeans, the majority of customers are happy with their pairs. It’s also worth noting in this Paige jeans review that the brand is sold in big retailers including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Harry Rosen—all considered to carry high-quality clothing.

Are Paige Jeans Worth It? 

Paige Jeans Review

This Paige jeans review loves the styles and fits this brand offers. We found no complaints against the shipping or return processes,  and most unhappy customers were not happy with the fit. We’re not sure whether or not these reviewers washed their Paige jeans properly, but what we do know, is that most customers love or are satisfied with their pairs.

Knowing how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that fit, hug the right places, and look good, it’s important that jeans don’t sag, lose their shape, and stay true to size, especially if you’re paying a premium price. Despite the high price, many customers own multiple pairs of Paige jeans.

This Paige jeans review believes they are worth the buy. Perhaps it’s worth a visit to an in-store location where you can try them on (this Paige jeans review will fill you in on locations shortly). Though it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy your jeans, you can always look into returning them.

Paige Jeans Promotions & Discounts 

Paige Jeans Review

Paige jeans are often on sale, and all of the men’s jeans in this Paige jeans review are currently discounted. Check out the Paige jeans sale section on their website.

For a 15% discount off your first order (if above $150), be sure to join their mailing list. 

Where to Buy Paige Jeans

Paige Jeans Review

The brand sells their jeans and other clothing items in stores across North America. Check out their Store Locator for where to find them. You can also find Paige jeans Nordstrom Rack locations, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, or at Paige jeans The Bay locations in Canada. For men, try a Paige jeans Harry Rosen store. The brand is also sold on Amazon and of course, directly from


Where are Paige Jeans made?

Paige jeans are made in Los Angeles, California. The brand partners with the best wash-houses in the country, conveniently located in LA.

Do Paige jeans run big or small?

Paige jeans sizing seems to differ from jean to jean, depending on what the materials are composed of. There are multiple reviews that claim they run big, and that the jeans stretch out quite a lot. The brand insists their TRANSCEND fabric stretches but always holds its shape

Check out their sizing on the individual product pages for more information on how each pair fits. The brand also offers Paige jeans petite sizes as well. 

What is Paige’s Shipping Policy?

Paige offers 3 different types of shipping for domestic US orders:

  1. Ground – Delivery is in 5-7 business days for FREE
  2. 2nd Day – Delivery is in 2-3 business days for $19
  3. Next day – Delivery is on the next business day for $29

Free same-day ground shipping is available for orders placed Monday-Friday before 9 am PST. If placed after 9 am, the order will ship the following business day

Expedited orders placed before noon PST will ship the same day. If placed after 12 pm, the order will ship the following business day

Paige will send you an email when your order has shipped, along with your Paige order tracking number, which you can track online via the carrier’s online portal. 

Paige does offer international shipping. Select your country from the drop-down menu at the top left-hand corner of the website, under the small flag icon. International shipping rates will be calculated at checkout. Paige does not ship to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses. 

What is Paige’s Return Policy?

You can return your Paige order within 30 days of purchase for an exchange or refund if the items are unwashed, unworn, unused, and with the tags attached. If defective, merchandise returned after 30 days will be accepted at Paige’s discretion, for which you would only receive an online store credit

Returns within the US are free, and a pre-paid return label will be included in your order. Returns can only be accepted if you fill out and include the Return Form. Send all returns to:

PAIGE Online Returns

2608 East 37th Street

Vernon, CA 90058

After filling out the return form, print off and include it in your return box. You’ll be given a pre-paid return label (for orders within the US), which you will need to attach to the outside of your return box. Once Paige receives your return, your refund will be processed within 15 business days, and if your refund is to go back to your credit card or original form of payment, you may not see it reflected until the next month

Sale items are final. Paige does not provide return labels for international orders

How to Contact Paige Jeans

For any other information you may need about the brand that this Paige jeans review didn’t cover, you can reach them by the following methods:

Order related inquiries can be sent to Paige via: 

  1. Mail: PAIGE Online Sales, 2608 East 37th Street, Vernon, CA 90058
  2. Call Paige’s customer service number: (856) 446-3552
  3. Email: [email protected] 

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