Negative Underwear Review

About Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear Review

Negative Underwear makes simple intimates for the modern woman. Their collection of essentials features no lace, no padding, and no decorations. Instead, the brand uses luxurious fabrics and chic designs to help women feel amazing in their own skin.

The brand’s simple yet eye-catching Instagram page has 85k followers, while their Facebook page has 15k. Plus, they’ve been showcased by Vogue, InStyle, Refinery29, WWD, New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and many other prominent media outlets.

This Negative Underwear review will introduce you to the brand and its best-selling intimates. We’ll provide customer ratings, product information, promotions, and more to help you decide if their no-fuss body-loving underwear is worth adding to your collection.

Overview of Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear Review

In 2009, Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper found themselves in unsatisfying corporate jobs.

They decided to enroll in night classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, zeroing in on lingerie after finding a lack of simple, sexy, and comfortable options on the market.

With a focus on high-quality and functional details, the two set out to create their own line of intimates that merged looking good with feeling good.

The pair launched Negative Underwear in 2014 with just four styles of bras. Plus, they did so without the help of any investors.

Today, the brand is celebrated for being women-owned and led and have branched out from just bras to include panties and sleepwear.

Negative Underwear’s products are manufactured in Asia, and, according to their website, they are proud of the “labor and environmental standards” these factories uphold. They currently operate from their headquarters in New York City, NY.

Negative Underwear Review

Now that you know more about the brand and where it came from, this Negative Underwear review will move on to its pros and cons.


  • High-quality undergarments in a variety of style options and sizes
  • Female owned and led business
  • Features un-photoshopped Negative Underwear models of all sizes and body types
  • Sources materials from luxury European OEKO-Tex certified mills and manufactures in facilities with high ethical standards
  • Expanded their range of sizing to include larger breasts, sizes now range from A to G
  • Ships internationally


  • Returns have a $5 restocking fee
  • Some customers find the bras to be pricey

Negative Underwear combines function, sex appeal, and comfort. Using luxurious fabrics and high-quality detailing, their range of uncomplicated bras, panties, and sleepwear aims to accentuate women’s bodies, without the fluff.

Is Negative Underwear ethical?

Negative Underwear Review

All of the fabric used to make Negative Underwear is sourced from a luxury mill in Europe that has 3 OEKO-Tex certificates

OEKO-Tex is a certification company that rates factories for their sustainability and ethical practices. To meet these standards, Negative Underwear uses factories in Asia that uphold high ethical standards.

Many materials from the brand are either sustainable alternatives to silk and cotton processes, without sacrificing comfort or durability. 

For example, the brand’s factories have been praised, and have even won awards, for using state-of-the-art processes for dying their products and even the water reclamation that the factories are capable of. 

Finally, the company has also been verified for meeting US and EU RSL standards as well as Sedex certifications

Negative Underwear Review

Negative Underwear’s best-selling underwear includes breathable, everyday staples that flatter a variety of body types.

With their classic thong, flattering French cut, and high-waist brief, these panties are designed to move with you through the day, from work to the bedroom.

All styles come in white, buff, or black, with some styles also offering more vibrant hues, too. Plus, you can shop classic cuts in packs to save some extra dough.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, this Negative Underwear review has done the leg work. We’ll go over their bestsellers so all you have to do is click add to cart.

Negative Underwear Cotton Thong Review 

Thongs have been the go-to undies for women who want to avoid unflattering panty lines. Despite their seamless appearance, many avoid wearing them daily because of how they feel.

Of course, if you’re going to wear one every day, you definitely want to make sure it’s comfortable. We’ve all had our fair share of too-tight or too-loose thongs.

Constantly readjusting to the point we just want to rip them off and slingshot them out the nearest window. Thankfully, Negative Underwear’s Cotton Thong is here to help.

It is made from soft cotton and sits comfortably just above your hips. There’s no skin-pinching elastic, just body-loving cotton. This thong is high cut for that classic, 1980’s feel that elongates your legs and flatters the midsection.

Get one Cotton Thong for $30, or shop in a pack to save.

Negative Underwear Cotton French Cut Brief Review 

Do you remember that Bridget Jones scene when she has to choose functional panties over uncomfortable, sexy ones? If only she had the Cotton French Cut Brief.

These briefs are super flattering, with a high-rise leg and mid-rise front. They have just the right amount of cheekiness in the back, flattering all types of bums.

The Cotton French Cut Brief is a great staple that you’ll feel comfortable in all day. Plus, you’ll still be prepared for any after-date escapes that may or may not come up.

These panties blend comfort with sex appeal and are $22 for one pair.

Negative Underwear Sieve Thong Review 

Every woman needs a thing that doesn’t well… hurt in places. Many things on the market are made with seams that can become uncomfortable over time, especially if you are planning to wear one to the gym or on a run. 

The Sieve Thong is meant to prevent that. With micromesh fabric and no harsh seams, this thing stays in place comfortably without many of the common pitfalls of the usual, name-brand thong.

The cotton gusset lining is meant to hold the thing’s shape while also contouring to your body without restriction. 

The Sieve Thong comes in 10 color combinations and can easily pair with one of the brand’s Triangle Bras. Grab your pair for just $30

Negative Underwear Bras Review

Negative Underwear bras come without the bells and whistles. They’ve taken the best aspects of other bras but simplified them to enhance your natural beauty.

Sure, padding pushes up the breasts and adds two cup sizes, but that’s not always desired. Plus, that’s not the real you.

From soft bralettes that let your girls roam to the more structured demi bra, this Negative Underwear review will now feature the brand’s best-selling bras.

Negative Underwear Sieve Triangle Bra Review 

Triangle bras are super flattering for all breast shapes. The deep V elongates the neckline while accentuating the natural fall of your breasts.

Negative Underwear’s Sieve Triangle Bra gives medium support with its band that sits right below your boobs. It has a mesh-like material that’s see-through and ultra-sexy looking. 

It comes in 8 different color options, but this Negative Underwear review loves the bright coral color that gives a fun, vibrant contrast to any skin tone.

You can get this bra as a single for $60 or in a pack of two for $114.

Negative Underwear Sieve Demi Bra Review 

Look, padding is great. It definitely serves a purpose. But why not flaunt your natural shape sometimes, too?

The Sieve Demi Bra embraces the natural breasts. It contains no padding and uses a thin sieve-like material to just lightly cover you.

This material allows for maximum breathability, and your girls will certainly thank you in the hotter months. It’s a great choice for those with larger breasts as the structure of this bra gives support without constricting or compressing.

Available in four neutral colors, this functional, breathable bra is $75.

Negative Underwear Whipped Triangle Bra Review 

We all have bad days and times when comfort is non-negotiable. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference in turning our mood around.

The Whipped Triangle Bra does not constrict and is made from a soft, stretch fabric. Whipped (as in fluffy and silky smooth) fabric feels as if you are going braless, and an ultra-soft skim of fabric is easy to wear at home during quarantine for a cozy, supportive feel.

With the added plus of adjustable straps, this bra is meant to fit your breasts naturally without restriction or discomfort. 

It gives a feeling of freedom while still remaining comfortable and supportive. Available in seven colors, feel the ultimate luxury with the Whipped Triangle Bra for $60.

Negative Underwear Silky Bodysuit Review 

Bodysuits have really blown up over the past ten years because of their ability to make any look appear more polished. If you’ve ever struggled with keeping a shirt tucked in, then you can instantly appreciate the functionality that is a bodysuit.

Wear under a cardigan when the bulk of a cami is too much, or perhaps just throw on a mini skirt, wedge sandals, and prance your cute self right out the door.

Made from a silky material, this Negative Underwear bodysuit is a sustainable alternative to silk. Rock your club look, or even double this suit as swimwear, all while being environmentally conscious. 

This bodysuit has a cheeky bum (which is flattering, but also great for when you pair it with some cheeky booty shorts to a summer party) and a snap Henley top for added style. It comes in three shades, and at $135, we think this might be your new summer staple.

Negative Underwear Supreme Sleep Pant Review

Picture this: It’s Sunday morning and after an exhausting work week, you finally have absolutely nothing to do but enjoy your day.

The perfect Sunday, of course, starts with a sleep-in, followed by a luxurious breakfast. The most important ingredient? An outfit that evokes comfort and luxury without constriction.

Negative Underwear’s Supreme Sleep Pant evokes exactly that, especially when paired with its matching, classic sleep top. Perfect for roaming around your home without the need for a robe, these pants have a loose fit on the leg and an elastic waistband for structure.

The Supreme Sleep Pant comes in three colors and is made from an eco-friendly silk alternative that still has a silk-like feel. Enjoy your lazy Sunday with these luxurious sleep pants for $128-$140, depending on color.

Negative Underwear Whipped A-Top Review

Have you ever thought about how weird sleep is? We walk around all day, then just lay down and go unconscious for 6-8 hours.

Despite the oddities of human nature, the way our bodies function is miraculous, and sleep is one of those things they need to properly function and repair themselves.

What helps you fall asleep better than super comfortable sleepwear? The Whipped A-Top is made from micro-modal fabric which feels silky smooth on the skin. It’s the perfect sleep shirt, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing it outside of the house too. 

Comfort truly has no limits. This top comes in five neutral colors and is $70.

Negative Underwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Negative Underwear Review

You know more about what Negative Underwear’s best-selling products are like, but you may be wondering what customers think about them.

This Negative Underwear review will include customer reviews sourced from the brand’s website, Pretty Couch Potato, and Reddit that each highlight what worked for customers, and what didn’t.

On the brand’s website, their best selling products have been rated hundreds of times:

  • Whipped Triangle Bra: 4.5/5 stars from 205 reviews
  • Whipped High Rise: 4.7/5 stars from 211 reviews
  • Sieve Non-Wire Bra: 4.6/5 stars from 1866 reviews
  • Sieve Demi Bra: 4.7/5 stars from 408 reviews
  • Sieve Thong: 4.7/5 stars from 165 reviews

The vast majority of their other products feature ratings of over 4.5/5 stars as well. In general, customers rave about how comfortable, stylish, and flattering each piece is, even on larger cup sizes. Take these testimonials:

On the Whipped High Rise panties: “I have wasted so much money on underwear that is uncomfortable. Now I can stop the search. These are the softness most comfortable underwater I have ever worn. They stay in place and don’t cut into me. I can barely feel them. Highly recommend.”

On the Sieve Demi Bra:

as a woman who wears a 36DD, it is hard to find something comfortable with light support without overflow. The band fits perfectly and the bra itself is sooo comfortable and so flattering. Perfect for me! Would highly recommend it, especially if you have trouble finding a good bra for your size.”

There is a general discussion on Reddit about the quality and fit of Negative Underwear bras. The majority of comments recommend the brand and have great things to say.

One woman loves how comfortable and breathable they are: “they’re really soft and comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing nothing; it’s been really nice for the summer.

The author behind the blog Pretty Couch Potato, Lauren, wrote an in-depth review on the Negative Underwear Sieve bra.

She had low hopes for this unsupportive-looking bra but was happily surprised after trying it. The bra ended up being much more comfy and supportive than she thought it would be:

Honestly, I had very little faith in it working to hold onto what I’ve got, but it does it, and it does it well. All the while being super comfy (hello first wireless bra to ever work well for me!) and pretty dang supportive.” 

On the other hand, Lauren was dissatisfied with the price and sizing. She wrote, “the size range isn’t super inclusive. I’m wearing the size 4, which is the largest available.”

This Negative Underwear review is happy to report that the brand has since expanded its sizes up to a DDD/G cup range. This brand knows that having breasts of this size usually means custom bras or a hard time finding undergarments that are comfy. Sweet relief!

Additionally, one customer on the brand’s website felt the Whipped Bra Top didn’t work for her larger chest size: “The material was soft, but I wasn’t happy with how the band underneath went right under my breast & how super drippy they were in it.”

We get it. Some women want a bra that provides a more modest, structured fit. Low-coverage, semi-sheer, unlined bras are not for everyone, and that is totally your choice to make!

Though some customers felt Negative Underwear’s line wasn’t for them, the vast majority of customers were beyond satisfied with their orders.

Is Negative Underwear Worth It?

Negative Underwear Review

Customers love Negative Underwear, especially their bras, and it’s not hard to see why. Their designs focus on accentuating a woman’s body without all the bells and whistles (like padding, uncomfortable lace, and unnecessary bits and bobs) that other brands do. 

Instead, they put the focus on luxurious materials, functional designs, and meaningful details. Plus, they offer neutral colors that don’t take away from your natural beauty.

The majority of complaints are about their un-inclusive sizing, but they have recently expanded their size range to accommodate most body types and breast sizes.

The brand itself is one to admire, choosing to source from luxury mills in Europe that have 3 Oeko-Tex (environmentally friendly and socially responsible production) certificates, and is female-led.

The cost of Negative Underwear is on par with high-end undergarments from big brands, but they use better and more eco-friendly materials that last you forever. So, the cost is nothing when you only have to buy underwear once.

They also offer free shipping and promotions that can help you save money. For all these reasons, this Negative Underwear review believes their undergarments are worth the buy.

Negative Underwear Promotions & Discounts 

Negative Underwear Review

Unfortunately, there is no Negative Underwear promo code currently available. Though, there are some ways to save on

  • Give $20, and get a $20 off Negative Underwear discount code when you refer a friend
  • Negative Underwear sale section
  • Subscribe to their mailing list to receive info on any Negative Underwear promo codes the brand may have available

Where to Buy Negative Underwear

You can buy Negative Underwear directly from, Nordstrom, or MatchesFashion.


Who owns Negative Underwear? 

Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper own Negative Underwear. They decided not to take on investors when they launched the brand, so they own it outright.

Where is Negative Underwear made?

Negative Underwear products are manufactured in Asia at top factories.

What sizes does Negative Underwear have? 

Negative Underwear carries different size ranges for their bras. Certain bras have a size scale of 0-5, which fits an A-cup up to a DD-cup, while others are straight-out cup sizes B-DDD. The brand also carries a line to fit DDD/G cup sizes as well.

If you need more help figuring out what size to buy, each product page has a handy Unsure? Size Me quiz that suggests the perfect size for you, or you can refer to the Negative Underwear size chart. Everything else is sized XS-XXL.

What is Negative Underwear’s Shipping Policy?

Negative Underwear ships both domestically and internationally. Orders take 1-2 business days to process from when you place them online. The brand offers 4 shipping options. You can find their details below:

  1. Standard Shipping: 7-10 business days $5 or free for orders over $100 
  2. Rush: 2-3 business days $25
  3. Overnight: 1-2 business days $35
  4. International: 5-10 business days $TBD

What is the Negative Underwear Returns Policy?

You can return your unwashed, unworn, and undamaged items within 30 days of purchase if you are unhappy with your order.

To start a return, head to the Returns Portal and follow the steps. When your return is inspected and deemed valid, you will receive a refund minus a $5 restocking fee.

How to Contact Negative Underwear Customer Service

To get in contact with the company for any questions not covered in this Negative Underwear review, use the following methods:

It is always good to have options. Here are a few other undergarment brands to choose from:



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