Knixwear Underwear Review

About Knixwear

Knixwear is a Canadian lingerie brand for women. The following Knixwear underwear review provides an in-depth look into the company and its products to ensure you make the right purchase decision.

Overview of Knixwear

Knixwear is a company that strives to make the challenging aspects of everyday life more graceful and stylish. They provide bras, underwear, and other sports attire for women of all sizes. 

Whether you’re looking for a sports bra, and everyday bra, or a maternity bra, Knixwear has you covered. They offer consultations on getting that perfect fit via email or in-person by appointment. Their selection of bras and underwear are advertised in a purposeful way, making it easier to find the perfect bra for almost any outfit. 

Knixwear Underwear Review

Joanna Griffiths began her journey into Knixwear by inventing underwear to prevent leakage for women. She continues to lead the brand from Toronto, Ontario.

Knix bras and underwear are designed for women who don’t want to worry about any leaks from working out, breastfeeding, bladder issues, etc. and don’t want to have any unnecessary discomfort in their lives. 

This Knixwear underwear review found benefits and downsides to the brand:


  • 10% off your first purchase
  • Products are easy to wash
  • 30 day returns for Knixwear bras, even if the bra has been worn or washed
  • Knixwear’s Instagram gallery gives an enhanced view of their products by allowing customers to share how their Knixwear bra and underwear look in reality


  • Knixwear bras and underwear value function and quality over appearance, minimizing their selection to mostly plain colours and a few designs
  • Knixwear bras take time to mold to your body shape, so your bra will be too tight for the first few wears
  • Shipping outside of North America takes substantially longer
  • Above average pricing

Knixwear focuses on the following core values:

  1. Finding the perfect bra and underwear size for each customer. Knixwear provides detailed instructions on how to measure yourself for a Knixwear bra and offers fitting appointments. 
  2. Making Knixwear bras and underwear as functional and as comfortable as possible. For women looking for a sports bra, a bra for breastfeeding, or a bra for comfort—Knixwear is determined to give their customers comfort and satisfaction.
  3. Ensuring their customers are completely satisfied. They offer exchanges and/or store credit within 30 days. 
  4. Empowering women of all ages and sizes. Knixwear bras offers up to a G cup, which is a rare and difficult-to-find size.

Knixwear bras and underwear showcase the brand’s determination to raise physical confidence among women.

Knixwear Sports Bra Review

This Knix Catalyst Sports Bra comes in violet, black, steel grey, and a limited edition pattern. It may seem expensive at $98, but the quality proves itself: the Catalyst outperformed over 800 bras it was tested against. Easy to wear, this Knix piece molds to your body, supporting your breasts and keeping things comfy. Knixwear bra reviews gave this sports bra a 5 star average, making it a stellar workout choice. 

Knixwear Underwear Review

Knixwear Evolution Bra Review

The Evolution Bra is a reversible wireless bra that comes in black, beige, grey, and a limited edition colour for $68. The bra’s lack of seams and 4-way stretch fabric allows it to fit the shape of your body. This piece provides all-around comfort, supportive without the need for padding. The Evolution Bra also has an average review of 5 stars, but with limited reviews to consult compared to the Catalyst.

Knixwear Underwear Review

Knixwear Leakproof Nursing Bra Review

Knix’s nursing bra comes in just 2 colours, black and beige. Its leak proof padding makes breastfeeding less of a hassle and the fabric is made extra stretchy for the intense body changes mothers must go through. It has five adjustable latches for just that purpose. For a decent price of $68 and with an average of 5 star Knixwear bra reviews, this leakproof bra is up for the challenge.

Knixwear Underwear Review

Knixwear Underwear Review

Knixwear designs underwear in thong, cheeky, bikini, high rise, high rise thong, and short styles. This Knixwear underwear review takes a look at some of the brand’s most popular designs.

Thigh Saver Short

The Thigh Saver Shorts are exactly as they sound—say goodbye to thigh chafing. These Knix underwear shorts come in black and beige for a fair price of $39. This underwear is seamless and made with a comfortably stretchy fabric. Thigh Saver Short may not come in a wide variety of colours and designs, but they save your thighs for a reasonable price.

The only negative aspect would be that since the underwear covers the thighs, they may only be wearable with dresses and high-waisted pants. When it comes to Thigh Saver Short, they will function as a buffer for your thighs so long as you wear them with enough coverage. With multiple 5 star Knixwear underwear reviews, the Thigh Saver Short is a popular product in its category.

Knixwear Underwear Review

Essential Thong

Knixwear’s Essential Thong is one of the most diverse products found on their website. With a variety of designs and colours, the Essential Thong is a must have. For a fair price of $23, this is by far one of Knixwear’s most reasonable underwear offers.

Stylish and functional, the Essential Thong has it all. It is quick to dry after a sweaty workout, seamless, and extremely soft. No panty lines, no sweat marks, no problem. The stretchy softness of this Knixwear underwear line is simply essential for any athletic ensemble. With consistent 5 star Knixwear reviews, the Essential Thong is thriving. 

Knixwear Underwear Review

Leakproof Boyshort

A Knixwear underwear review found that the Leakproof Boyshort is a very popular product in its category. With even more designs and colours than the Essential Thong, this Knixwear underwear is both stylish and helps prevent leakage. For a generous price of $27, this extremely absorbent Leakproof Boyshort is sure to help any woman with bladder issues and periods carry on with their day, without having to worry about the state of their underwear.

This piece is seamless and can contain up to 3 tbsp of liquid without leaking. The built-in liner is very thin, making it almost indistinguishable from non-leak proof Knix underwear. With over a thousand 5 star reviews, Knixwear’s Leakproof Boyshort is a bestseller.

Knixwear’s Leakproof collection is also available in thong, cheeky, bikini, high rise, high rise thong, and short styles.

Knixwear Underwear Review

Where are Knixwear Products Made?

A Knixwear underwear review indicates that the brand is committed to ethical sourcing. While many of their orders are shipped from their Canadian locations, their products are mainly created in China and South Korea. Knixwear has chosen factories that are socially and environmentally adequate to their core values.

Where to Buy Knixwear

Knix underwear review

Retail Stores

Knixwear has two retail locations in Canada: 

  •  630 Queen St West, Toronto, ON. 
  • 2076 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC.

If you want to have a Knixwear bra-fitting appointment made, you can visit the Knix Showroom in either location to be seen by a Knixpert. Appointments can also be made online beforehand.

Is Knixwear Online?

Knix has its highest amount of selection and customer service online. All products are available on their main website and Amazon.

Knixwear Promotions & Discounts

For this Knixwear underwear review, we hunted for the best deals available and found more than one Knixwear coupon:

Knixwear Promo Code

Last call – up to 40% off summer products while they last

Knixwear Discount Code

  • Receive 10% off your first order online
  • Give $15 get $15 off your order if you refer a new customer


Knixwear Shipping Policy

Knix ships primarily Canada and the United States, but can ship to many other countries. All orders are shipped from Canada, so Canadian shipping is undoubtedly the most efficient. 


  • Via Canada Post
  • Free shipping on orders over $100 before taxes, shipping, or any discounts
  • Flat rate of $10 shipping to Central Canada
  • Flat rate of $20 shipping to the North West Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon
  • Arrival time is between 3-5 business days in the GTA, between 3-10 business days in urban areas, and between 6-15 business days to other locations within Canada

United States

  • Via DHL Shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $75 USD before taxes, shipping, or any discounts
  • Flat rate of $7 shipping
  • Average arrival time is between 3-10 business days
  • Order over $700 may be subject to customs fees


  • Via DHL Shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $150 USD before taxes, shipping, or any discounts
  • Flat rate of $25 USD shipping
  • Average arrival time is between 10-25 business days
  • Custom fees may apply

Knixwear Return Policy

Knixwear returns cannot be processed when underwear has been worn, simply for hygienic reasons. But a Knixwear bra can be returned or exchanged within 30 days, even after washing and wearing it. 

Items that are on sale with a discount of 20% or more can be exchanged and are eligible for store credit, but not a refund. Items with a discount of less than 20% have individual return policies. 

Contact Knixwear

For more information, inquiries, and services, the customer service team can be reached by submitting a request on their main website, phone, or through their email:


Live chat with their team is available 8am-3pm, 7 days a week

Phone: (647) 691-5544

Email: [email protected]

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Asked by Kate Michalska (9 months ago) Reply

Actually, I found this to be the most uncomfortable bra I had EVER worn. It felt like wearing a plastic bag. Secondly, for a company that advertises that it’s Canadian, it is manufactured in China.

Asked by Patricia L Doyle (9 months ago) Reply

Just bought two of the thigh saver underwear, the shorter and longer lengths. Both are uncomfortable to wear as the waistbands roll down and gradually the whole things slips down. It requires constant yanking up. Money wasted as I can’t wear these items.

Asked by Cindy (4 months ago) Reply

I bought 3 pairs xl and 3 pairs 2x high rise underwear. The website says they fit snug at first. I usually wear Hanes cotton xl, so I wasn’t sure if the xl would be large enough. The xl are soooo big, the leg holes hang off my butt, and I can pull the underwear up under my bra. I am 5’8”. I washed them when they arrived and I am wearing the first pair for 7 hours??? The gusset does not cover my rear end. I have to pull them up at the back and push the gusset in between my cheeks so I don’t leak when I lay on my back??? You should offer a gusset 11 or 12 inches. A long Kotex is 10 inches. How is this product guaranteed leak proof?

Asked by Susan Carlesso (2 months ago) Reply

My leakproof underwear are falling apart! The crotch seam came opened up at first, and now the whole edging has come away from the crotch panel! These are not dried in the dryer, but hung up to dry! Is this common? XL is what I wear, and it is comfortable and looks very nice under my slacks, but are these defective?

Asked by Karla J Sheeley (1 month ago) Reply

Not attractive, and hideously uncomfortable underwear. What a waste of my money given I ordered 8 pairs, only opened and broke the seal on one of the packages and yet they will not accept return on others. Why do they waste the packaging and resources for packaging to seal them if they still will not accept a package that has not been tampered with. Bad for the environment with their clown size carbon footprint. As far as answers for their policy, they have none.

Asked by Heather (7 days ago) Reply

I was very excited to purchase a bra from you after reading an article and seeing your ads however I have changed my mind as I was very disappointed to see that once again a so called “Canadian” company has its products produced in China. Ughh. Shame. Shame. I am making a conscious effort to avoid anything not made in Canada. )

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