BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

About BootayBag

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

Lady lingerie shoppers are united by the desire to rock cute undies. Sexy undies boost your confidence and allure. On the flip side, wearing older underwear that should have been thrown out a long time ago? Wearing mismatched pieces that don’t belong? Not so much.

This BootayBag lingerie subscription review tells the story of how a young entrepreneur created a monthly lingerie subscription so you can get booty underwear you love at prices you can afford. BootayBag now offers international memberships and is featured in The Everygirl, My SubscriptionAddiction, and BuzzFeed.

This BootayBag lingerie subscription review will take you on an in-depth look at the brand, bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their service and undies are worth the buy.

Overview of BootayBag

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

BootayBag’s MO is easy: shipping you brand new undies every month. You can choose to receive one or two pairs and select which styles you’re into: cute thong undies, cheeky undies, or both. More on these choices later on in the BootayBag lingerie subscription review.

BootayBag founder and entrepreneur Ellyette Gheno, who was tired of underwear prices and selections, traded in a makeup subscription for an undie subscription she created. The day after she thought of the idea, she had a site up and running. That’s some serious work ethic!

Ellyette’s company is run by women, for women, with real women in mind. She and her ladies created a safe space on social media for women to feel empowered and ‘shake what your mama gave ya’. Go to their social media accounts to see BootayBag babes in underwear and decide if these are the looks you’d like for yourself.

The BootayBag mission: give women access to flattering and sexy lingerie that will make them feel good about themselves, at reasonable prices, without having to scour through store bins. All while celebrating ladies’ range of shapes and sizes.Whether your booty short panties are plus sized or XS, we are all beautiful women.

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

BootayBag headquarters is in Denver, Colorado and their underwear is made in China. They make sure the vendors they work with are committed to labor ethics, and they only work with Fair Trade Certified Factories.

Here are the highlights that this BootayBag lingerie subscription review came across:


  • You get a new BootayBag pair of underwear every month
  • First order is free when you sign up
  • Cute and sexy underwear styles
  • You never need to search through a panty bin again
  • Undies are affordable
  • BootayBag ensures the vendors uphold ethical labor standards
  • Only deal with Fair Trade Certified Factories
  • Positive customer reviews about quality and comfort
  • Easy to cancel


  • No refunds
  • BootayBag will only replace damaged items if there is remaining stock
  • Size issues are reviewed on a case by case basis

BootayBag Subscription

There are two types of monthly subscriptions on the BootayBag website, and free shipping throughout the US is a perk for both. Read on for what’s offered in the individual lingerie subscriptions:  

BootayBag 1 Pair

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

When you choose 1 pair of undies a month you can select between the following styles: always thong or never thong. This subscription costs $10/month. If you like receiving new underwear every month, but think that multiple pairs would clog up your top drawer, this is likely the subscription for you.

BootayBag 2 Pairs

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

This BootayBag subscription choice is for ladies who want more variety. If you want to amass a gorgeous underwear collection, do you. When you choose 2 pairs of undies a month you can select between the following styles: always thong, never thong, or you can mix it up.This subscription costs $15/month

No more digging through panty bins, hoping you’ll find the cute undies you want in your size. And, no more keeping undies months after their “expiry date”. BootayBag is a monthly treat for ladies who want to freshen up options for the land down under.

How BootayBag Works

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Here’s the down low on how to BootayBag. Clicking JOIN NOW or SUBSCRIBE NOW at the top of the homepage will bring you to the sign up process. You’re first asked what size of undies you would like to receive from BootayBag. 

Then, you will pick your style. Next, select whether you want one or two pairs of cute undies per month (for $10 or $15). You’ll also have the option to buy a bra for an additional charge

Finally, you review your order and go through the CHECKOUT process. When this BootayBag lingerie subscription review went through the checkout process, our order was discounted $10. Sweet!

BootayBag Underwear Styles

When selecting the styles that you want to purchase, you can choose between thong undies and cheeky bikini undies. Here are a few pieces the BootayBag recently featured: 

Always Thong

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

By choosing Always Thong you’re ensuring that you will only ever receive thong undies in your monthly orders. Thongs are a godsend when you’re wearing yoga pants, skirts, jeans, and shorts. Basically, when wearing anything where you don’t want pantylines to make a guest appearance

Thongs are the ultimate sexy underwear, plus they accentuate your hip cleavage. It’s true, we looked it up, just in case you’ve never tried on thongs before. Despite some of the nasty rumours you may have heard, thongs are quite comfortable

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

One big disadvantage to thongs is that they’re not period friendly. If you want to risk it, make sure you’re covered with sanitary products. Cheeky underwear might be a better choice during those monthly visits.

Never Thong

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Never Thong means just that, you’ll never receive thong undies in your orders. Cheeky undies protect your cheeks from jean seams without adding too much of a visible panty line. When you want to look good, feel good, and tone it down just a touch, you can slip on a pair of cheekies.The panty will hold your cheeks up and cover more of your stomach

Cheeky panties need not be boring. You can go with solid colors, lacy styles, something with a little more material, or something with a little less. Just keep in mind when you’re wearing your yoga pants, they might show some material underneath.

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Since there are good reasons to get both styles of undies, you might want to get the Mix It Up. If you select this subscription option, you’ll get a bit of both worlds

BootayBag also provides an All 4 Pairs option. Each month BootayBag designs two thongs, two coverage undies (cheeky/bikini), and one or two bralettes. The All 4 Pairs costs $20/month.

To our disappointment, the four-pair option is currently out of stock, but you can leave your email address with them and BootayBag will notify you when the pack is available.

BootayBag has something strappy, lacy, patterned, and booty bouncing for everyone. Lace for when you want to feel a little sexier, patterns for when you want to mix it up, solid colors for feeling classic, and bright colors for when you want to go bold. BootayBag undies are fun, that’s for sure.

BootayBag Add a Bra

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

When you create your first BootayBag, you don’t need to pick the same size bra as you did for your underwear. This is great for two reasons. Many women are not equally curvaceous up top and down below. Second, if you have a teenage daughter, you can choose to get her a treat too and purchase a bralette for her. 

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Note that your first BootayBag is a one-time purchase. It won’t be part of the auto-renewal with your subscription. The bralettes that were included in this BootayBag lingerie subscription review sign up process are:

BootayBag Instagram Booty

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

Visit the BootayBag babes Instagram account, @bootaybag. Check out past and current products, browse the comments, and view customer images. Women of all shapes and sizes wear bra and undies ensembles, all of which are flattering, no matter the woman.

As a bonus, you can use their social media space to vote on BootayBag Instagram panties, give feedback, and lift each other up. They have an ‘absolutely not’ policy against hate and shaming. Is this not amazing

These fabulous women are the epitome of confidence and positive body image. This BootayBag lingerie subscription review was inspired!

BootayBag Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews on the BootayBag website. So if you’re looking for what customers think, you’ll need to do a bit of digging. But no worries! This BootayBag lingerie subscription review went on the hunt for you.

We found BootayBag customer reviews on Influenster with an average 4.2/5 stars out of 46 customer ratings. From that average, 65% of the ratings are 5-star ratings with only 4% being 1-star ratings. Some of the positive reviews mentioned perfect fit, specialized underwear each month, looks (cute undies), good quality, great customer service.

On the flip side, the negative feedback reported the exact opposite comments compared to loyal customers. Unhappy buyers described bad quality and fit, refund issues, a month of undies gone missing, and disappointing customer service. Remember that this only amounts to 1% of reviews on the site; even the best underwear doesn’t fit every booty, and we’re pretty sure there’s no such thing as a company that has absolutely no negative reviews.

Next, we found BootayBag on My Subscription Addiction where the membership received 3.6/5 stars out of 18 reviews. Positive comments: great customer service, an easy to navigate website, attractive styles, plus comfortable and great quality underwear. Negative comments: styles are high waisted, issues with size (fits small). 

Since MySubscriptionAddition has less than half the number of reviews compared to Influnester, it makes sense to weigh the second source more heavily. What does all this feedback amount to for our BootayBag subscription review? Read on for our answer.

Is BootayBag Worth It?

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

It’s difficult to say because of the mix of positive and negative feedback that turned up from this BootayBag lingerie subscription review. There were contradictions on all aspects of the brand, but the majority of BootayBag reviews were positive.

Having said all that, you will find negative reviews for any brand you look at, and even popular ones aren’t perfect. BootayBag offers cute styles, affordable prices, plus multiple subscription options and style selections.

If you are looking for any or all of this, and you want the chance to feel sexy under your clothes whenever you want, we think the BootayBag is worth it.

BootayBag Promotions & Discounts 

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Your first order is free when you sign up for BootayBag! Remember that if you choose to add a bra to your first order, you will be charged for the bra.

BootayBag also has a rewards program where you can earn points and put them toward discounts on purchases using a BootayBag coupon code. There are different tiers to the rewards program based on dollars spent:

  1. Best Babe: $0-$50 
  2. Boss Babe: $50-$150
  3. Total Babe: $150+ 

This BootayBag lingerie review found several ways to earn points:

  • Refer a friend: 600 pts
  • Purchases: Best Babe (10 pts/$1), Boss Babe (12 pts/$1), Total Babe (15 pts/$1)
  • Birthday: Best Babe (100 pts), Boss Babe (120 pts), Total Babe (150 pts)
  • Social Media Points: Instagram Follow (10 pts), Facebook Like (10 pts), Twitter Follow (10 pts), Use Instagram hashtag #bootaybag; 100 pts (max 1/month)

You can track your points through your BootayBag account. To redeem points, go to your customer portal and click on the “Spend my Points” option. A new window will open that displays all the rewards you can spend your points on. 

If you choose to redeem points for a percentage of your next order, you will receive a BootayBag discount code that you can apply to your next order.

Sign Up for BootayBag 

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

Go to the official BootayBag website: and select JOIN NOW or SUBSCRIBE NOW. There are five steps to the BootayBag sign up process:

  1. Select your size and style 
  2. Select your bag (one or two pairs of undies/month)
  3. Choose between the always thong, never thong, or mix it up (2 pair) and always thong or never thong (1 pair)
  4. Optional: select an additional bra at an extra charge
  5. Fifth, review your order and go to CHECKOUT to pay for your new panty subscription!

Monthly subscriptions for BootayBag process on the 15th of the month. If you place your first order on the 15th of the month and there is still inventory remaining, you’ll receive the panties for the current month. If there is no inventory available, you’ll receive the panties for the following month.  


What sizes does BootayBag carry?

If you’re not sure what size to go with, our BootayBag lingerie subscription review offers some help:

BootayBag Sizing

What is BootayBag’ Shipping Policy?

Recurring orders with BootayBag are processed on the 15th of each month and are mailed by the 23rd. Depending on the month and volume, it could take up to two weeks to process, package, and ship orders. A tracking email is sent out when your bag ships. 

Shipping within the USA is free. BootayBag also ships internationally and they charge a fee. You can email BootayBag for more information regarding shipping rates in your area.

What is BootayBag’ Return Policy?

This BootayBag lingerie subscription review could not find any details regarding returns on their website. If you receive damaged garments, BootayBag will replace the items if inventory allows. If there are issues with sizing, BootayBag may accept exchanges on a case by case basis, and these are subject to a $5 reshipment fee.

How do you cancel BootayBag? 

If you created a BootayBag account when you set up your subscription, you can cancel it by logging in, going to subscriptions, and clicking CANCEL.If you checked out as a guest with BootayBag, you’ll need to create an account first. Be sure to use the email address where you currently receive BootayBag notifications.

When you cancel your BootayBag subscription, you’ll receive an email verifying the cancellation. If you don’t receive the email, you didn’t cancel. Any BootayBag cancellations done after midnight (CT) on the 14th of the month will only apply to the following month

How to Contact BootayBag

If you have more questions after this BootayBag lingerie subscription review, you can contact the team via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Us form on the BootayBag website
  • Mail to BootayBag address: 1001 Bannock St. Suite #417 Denver, CO 80204

BootayBag customer service operates Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

If you’re not set on BootayBag, check out these other bootylicious brands:

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