August Pads Review

About August Pads

August Pads Review

Hands up if you keep running to the pharmacy whenever Aunt Flo makes a surprise visit. For those looking for a more sustainable option for period care products than throwing Always in the cart every month, try giving August Pads a chance.     

This quickly growing business has absorbed the love of 187k Instagram followers and has been featured in notable publications such as Vogue, BuzzFeed, Today, and more. 

So, I formally invite you to be my plus-one to the red wedding as I take you through the brand’s mission, best-selling products, customer feedback, FAQs, and more in my August Pads review. 

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Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Overview of August Pads

August Pads Review

August Pads runs on three cylinders: sustainability, impact, and inclusivity. Founded in 2020 by Gen Z Nadya Okamoto, the young brand has a strong focus on democratizing education around menstruation and delivering eco-friendly, comfortable period products.  

The company has launched an initiative called #InnerCycle, which invites people around the world (whether or not they experience periods) to talk freely about menstruation.

The August Medical Board is made up of OBGYNs, psychiatrists, and therapists who share information about nurturing healthy bodies. They also host yoga sessions, game nights, and more!

Additionally, the brand delivers period care products to underserved communities so that everyone can have dignified periods, regardless of what their body or life path looks like. They’ve donated close to 123k pads so far! 

This statement by the Today Show summarizes the influence of August Pads best: “August is a growing online community aiming to ‘re-imagine and redefine the period experience to be powerful and dignified,’ with members who engage in conversations about how to properly use menstrual cups or what it’s like to be a transgender man having a period, for example.” 

Now that you know a little more about the company, let’s steer this August Pads review into a list of highlights.


August Pads Review
  • Complete range of biodegradable period care products 
  • Sustainably developed and tax-free 
  • Carbon-neutral business 
  • The Inner Circle community aims to destigmatize periods 
  • Inclusive towards all types of bodies 
  • Convenient subscription option 
  • Free shipping over $35

August Pads’ online shop offers a build-your-own box for period care products, hoodies, caps, and a pouch. You’ll notice soon enough that their branding is bold and unapologetic, just like they want you to feel about menstruation! Plus, it’s a big bonus that every purchase helps the company make more donations and further its initiatives around period education.

August Pads Products Review

In this section of my August Pads review, I’ll describe the brand’s core products in detail. Once you’ve set up your box and snagged a cute hoodie, head on over to Instagram and join the movement where hundreds of people are rocking the brand’s attire. 

August Pads Box Builder Review

August Pads Review
August Pads Box Builder

Period care is extremely personal. Some of us prefer to stick with tampons or pads throughout the week, while others like to mix it up. It all depends on your flow and comfort level. Generally, tampons or pads are great for heavier days while liners are perfect when your cycle is tapering off.

No matter what your preferences are, you can customize a care package with the August Pads Box Builder. You can select between 0-48 tampons, pads, and liners for a one-time purchase or set up a subscription on a 1-month or 3-month basis.

If you need to make a few tweaks, you can easily edit the items in your order 24 hours before the box ships. The final price depends on the number of tampons, pads, and liners you choose to order.

August Pads Zipper Pouch Review

August Pads Review
August Pads Zipper Pouch

No one wants to endure the embarrassment of having a tampon fall out of their pocket while going to the washroom! To keep all your period care items snugly in one place, grab a Zipper Pouch. This sturdy, lavender-colored canvas pouch is great for traveling or throwing into your school bag.

It can hold all the period supplies you need for a few months until it’s time to replenish, which would definitely come in handy when you’re too busy to remember when your flow is supposed to start. This cute Zipper Pouch is only $5 on the brand’s website.   

August Pads August Bold Hoodie Review 

August Pads Review
August Pads August Bold Hoodie

As I mentioned earlier in my August Pads review, the brand is all about community. They fiercely defend everyone’s right to have dignified periods, deliver products to people in need, and do their best to utilize the most environmentally friendly materials and practices. 

So, being a part of the Inner Circle is something to be proud of! To show off your community spirit, you can order a fleece-lined Bold Hoodie.

It’s made of cotton and polyester and comes in sizes XS to XXL in the brand’s unmistakable lavender color for $40.

August Pads Caps Review 

August Pads Review
August Pads Caps

If a hoodie is too warm for where you live, the brand also offers 100% cotton Caps. As with all of their clothing and accessories, it’s available in the signature lavender shade with red embroidery.

Made for everyone and suitable for all hair types, the cap comes with an adjustable back. With every purchase, the brand can deliver period care products to those who may not typically have easy access. Pick up one of the Caps for $25.

Who Is August Pads For? 

August Pads Review

While gathering information for this August Pads review, I learned that the brand’s main focus is accessibility. A statement on their website reads: “August is for anyone who menstruates — regardless of gender, race, culture, abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds.” 

So there you have it! As a quick note, however, I should mention that currently August Pads only delivers its boxes to US residents at this time. 

August Pads Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

August Pads Review

We’ve now arrived at the part of my August Pads review where I can share some customer feedback. Curious to learn about what people are saying about the brand’s period care products and overall experience of being involved with the community? Let’s dive in.

On the company’s website, the ratings are very positive. The Period Subscription Box received mainly 5-star reviews out of 45 testimonials. One customer shared:

“I LOVE this product. I have had a heavy flow all my life. I’ve ruined countless panties, towels, sheets, and pants. This has worked wonders to keep things where they need to be and not on what it doesn’t. I love being able to pick and choose what I need each month and the delivery is quick.”  

Another user left a comment about the tampons specifically: “I use tampons regularly, and August has the greatest applicator on a tampon ever. Believe me, it’s incredible. I didn’t even know that was something that could be fixed! The packaging is perfect and the string is solid. The tampon is so damn comfy.”   

On TestThing, the company scored 4.38/5 stars from 29 reviews. This happy consumer writes: “I have repurchased from August several times. I love their day and night pads, they are so cottony and soft. I appreciate that the liner wrapping is dissolvable.”

Another summarized: “August had a great unboxing and I like how all of the product boxes fit neatly inside so there was no waste. The packaging is sleek and cool and isn’t anything like traditional period brands. Also really resonate with the mission.” 

Lastly, I checked out a few YouTube videos where content creators left glowing reviews talking about how soft and comfortable the products are while commending the brand on its sustainability mission. This seems to echo the overall consensus around the company.

Is August Pads Legit?

August Pads Review

While reading through various August Pads reviews online, I came across a few stray comments about slow shipping. That being said, it’s important to remember that the brand was founded right on the cusp of the pandemic!

Of course, I would recommend ordering your box of period care products well before the week that your flow is expected to start. But all in all, I can confidently say that August Pads is legit

Is August Pads Worth It?

August Pads Review

Yes, August Pads is 100% worth it. The pros of choosing this brand as your regular supplier of period care products are endless: biodegradable and comfortable materials, durable construction, convenient and customizable subscriptions, community-centered mission, and more.

The stylish hoodies, caps, and pouches are sweet cherries on top!  

August Pads Promotions & Discounts 

August Pads Review

With August Pads’ referral program, you will receive a code for 10% off + $2 off your next purchase. I couldn’t find any other promotions currently ongoing. 

Where to Buy August Pads

August Pads Review

At the time of writing my August Pads review, you can only buy their products on their website at


August Pads Review

Who owns August Pads?

Nadia Okamoto is the owner of August Pads. The young Harvard graduate is an active advocate for reimagining period care, working towards making products accessible for all types of bodies and ending the stigma around menstruation.

Does August Pads ship internationally?

At the time of writing my August Pads review, unfortunately, the brand only ships within the US. Here’s to hoping they expand their delivery area in the future! 

What is August Pads’ Shipping Policy?

August Pads offers free shipping for orders over $35. All orders under this amount will be charged a shipping fee of $6. Delivery takes between 3–5 business days, and you’ll receive a tracking number as soon as the order ships out. 

If you’ve accidentally placed an order with the wrong shipping address, make sure to update it from your account on the brand’s website.

What is August Pads’ Return Policy?

Due to hygienic reasons, August Pads does not accept returns. All items are final sale

How to Contact August Pads

August Pads Review

I hope you enjoyed reading my August Pads review! To get in touch with the brand, you can write to [email protected].

Their customer service team is available to answer any questions Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET.

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