The Perfect Jeans Review

About The Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jeans Review

The Perfect Jean is an American brand of extra stretchy versatile jeans for men. The brand has a steadily growing social media following of 11.2k on Instagram and 7k on Facebook. 

Our The Perfect Jeans review will give you a look at the most important stuff you’d want to know before spending your cash: bestsellers, customer reviews, shipping and return policies, and FAQs. 

Overview of The Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jeans Review

When we went searching for the story of this brand, we were sad to find very little info for this The Perfect Jean review. We want to know more, is that such a bad thing? 

The company was founded in 2019 by two New York bros named Zack Arnold and Ovadia Labaton.

With experience working in business and wholesale, they were inspired to start their own company together to go against the current trend of jeans

The two wanted to make a fundamentally different brand: they were going to have fun. They were going to push the boundaries. They were going to use swear words and innuendos in their marketing. 

And they accomplished that. Their mission “to find a reasonably-priced stretch jean that we could comfortably wear all-day every f#!king day” was born.   

The Perfect Jeans Review

Time’s a-wasting, so let’s get this The Perfect Jean review party started with some of the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Offers a variety of jeans and jorts for the modern man (as well as wild products like the Perfect Jean Wash Your F#%KING Hands! t-shirt)
  • Positive reviews about customer service and product quality
  • Free returns and exchanges within 30 days
  • Free shipping
  • Good price for the quality


  • Only ships within the continental US
  • Negative Facebook rating
  • Not enough sizes for taller people

The Perfect Jeans Review

Our The Perfect Jean review is about to dive into the brand’s customer favorites. With funky names like Bandit, Joker, and Cowboy, this company certainly aims to be fun and trendy, but are their products up to scratch?

Their jeans come in 3 fits: skinny, slim, and athletic, and the cool names simply refer to the colors available for each pant. 

The Perfect Jean Skinny/Bandit Review 

The Skinny Bandit Jean is The Perfect Jean’s version of a classic black skinny jean. With these pants, you’ll be stealing everyone’s attention due to their fantastic slimming fit.

These are not what you picture when you think skinny jeans because they’re soft, dynamic, stretchy, and weirdly enough, you can move in them. You can walk around and stuff. Even squat. Crazy stuff. 

They’re fitted with a narrow leg opening, so they still look like a skinny jean but don’t feel completely awful when you simply exist in them.

The Perfect Jean perfect skinny jeans (i.e. less skinny, more comfy) sit low on your hip and are made from 65% cotton, 30% polyester, 3% viscose, and 2% spandex

What’s the Bandit color like? It’s a dark and dusky black that is perfect for slimming the leg down a tad. These high-quality jeans are a steal (yes, we’re going to continue making puns) for only $80.

The Perfect Jean Skinny/Joker Review

The Skinny/Joker is the Skinny Fit jeans in a shade of light indigo. It’s the same fit as the previous pair of jeans, so we’ll spare you the extra reading material. 

The Perfect Jean Joker jeans aren’t indigo like purple indigo; they’re more of a light blue color called Joker – light indigo to sound fancy. 

Featuring the brand’s blend of stretchy material, these casual jeans are perfect for helping a friend move apartments in the afternoon and then celebratory drinks at a bar afterward.

You can cop a pair for the same price as the other Skinny Fit jeans: $80.

The Perfect Jean Skinny/Cowboy Review

Say howdy to the Skinny/Cowboy style, AKA “Tinted.”

The Perfect Jean Skinny Cowboy is a medium-to-light blue with a yellowish tint and a fade from the thighs to your knees. Whether you’re a bona fide wrangler or just looking to rock a western vibe, suit up in these bad boys to turn heads at the nearest saloon (spurs not included).

Saddle up and ride in style for $80.

The Perfect Jean Skinny/Knight Review 

As the Perfect Jean boasts, Skinny/Knight jeans have the same tight-look-nice-feel we’ve come to expect from the brand.  

The Knight color is dark blue. A total classic. If you aren’t sure what color to get, these are a safe bet. So, go rule the knight life with a pair of these iconic $80 jeans.

The Perfect Jean Slim/Knight Review 

The same Knight dark blue color with a slightly more relaxed fit is what you get with the Slim/Knight. The difference between slim and skinny? Both are adjectives for, well, tight, but slim isn’t as fitted to the body.

The Slim Fit sits low on your waist, has a narrow leg opening, and is fitted just the right amount. You won’t have to worry about the family jewels, as these pants stretch “so your nuts ain’t crushed.” And yup, same price: $80.

How do I take care of The Perfect Jeans? 

The Perfect Jeans Review

As a men’s jeans brand, The Perfect Jean washing is lowkey and lazy: just pop them in the laundry machine followed by a good dry on low heat

If you’re looking to impress, this The Perfect Jean review found that the ideal way is to wash them is inside out in cold water and then air-dry. Air-dry whenever possible, as this will make your jeans last longer.

Do The Perfect Jeans shrink? 

The Perfect Jeans Review

As the stretchiest of stretchy jeans, these babies don’t shrink. Well, yes, they sorta do, but only to the regular, standard amount. 

After wearing them, they will stretch about half a size, and then when you wash them, they’ll shrink back to regular size so you start back at square one, no biggie.

Who is The Perfect Jean for? 

The Perfect Jeans Review

The Perfect Jean stretch jeans for men are designed for men, by men. As in, the size and fit are made with the male body as the target audience, meaning less curviness at the booty and more crotch room overall. 

But don’t let this stop you from wearing these comfy jeans if you’re not a man. Because who cares? We’re all living on a giant rock floating in space. Wear the jeans if you want to. Check the sizing chart, size down for the best fit, and go rock it.

Comparison: The Perfect Jean vs. Paige 

The Perfect Jeans Review

Our The Perfect Jean review might be ringing some bells for you if you’ve heard of a brand called Paige. The brands are similar, yes, but they’re also fundamentally different, so choose the one that fits your vibe the most. 

Here are 2 key similarities:

  1. Both sell men’s jeans
  2. Both brands’ jeans are all about the comfort factor

And here are 3 key differences:

  1. Paige sells women’s jeans, too
  2. Paige jeans are mostly made of rayon, while The Perfect Jean are mostly cotton
  3. Paige jeans are less stretchy

But don’t you fret: we’ve already written a dedicated review of Paige jeans, so if you’re interested in learning more, check it out.

The Perfect Jean Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Perfect Jeans Review

Because the company is hardly more than a year old, there weren’t any reviews on the popular customer review sites (bummer). 

We did find comments on Facebook and Instagram that were informative enough about what people are loving and loathing. But first, let’s take a look at the brand’s official website.

Customers are most impressed with the jeans’ stretchiness, mobility, and comfort. One commenter swears he can actually work out in the Skinny Fit jeans. 

Another The Perfect Jean review says they’ll be a “lifelong customer,” and many others say customer service is kind and always ready to help. To get a feel for just how glowing these reviews are, check this out:

As a big guy, this pair of jeans have been exceeded my expectations. I have never felt so comfortable wearing jeans before in my life, even I’ve been able to sleep in them! I’m definitely looking forward to getting a new pair and telling my friends to hop on the wagon…”

Here’s how customers rated the fits overall (spoiler alert, they’re all the same):

  • Skinny Fit: 4.8/5 stars out of 655 reviews
  • Slim Fit: 4.8/5 stars out of 1944 reviews
  • Athletic Fit: 4.8/5 stars out of 841 reviews

On Facebook, the star rating is… kind of atrocious at 1.8/5 stars. Big yikes. But when you look at the customer reviews, they’re overwhelmingly positive. What gives? Most customers are loving the jeans. 

Buyers are blown away by the stretchiness that gives them the ability to “bend over or squat” or even “side-split” as they please, and according to one reviewer, the jeans are “as comfortable as wearing sweatpants!” High praise. 

One customer on Facebook shared how grateful they were for the efficient customer service they received while making an exchange:

The process was super easy. The package they came in was reusable to send them back. I got a label in my email, and as soon as I dropped the first pair off at the post office, the new pair were on their way. I have them now and they fit GREAT.”

The cons tend to be a lack of sizes for taller folks, waists fitting too loosely, orders arriving late, and a few customers claiming that The Perfect Jean is overpriced. 

All of the negative reviews got a response by the brand offering to send a new pair of jeans or otherwise offering to help the customer to serve them better. 

The nastier reviews about the brand being a total scam all had replies from The Perfect Jean. The company insists that the customers either didn’t actually purchase a pair, were offered a free pair and declined, or spammed the Facebook page with trolling comments and ratings. 

If we trust the brand on this, then we can assume that the low star rating is due to trolls and spam. 

The Perfect Jeans Review

The company is very outspoken about the mean, sexist, and homophobic DMs and emails they receive (read: unafraid to post screenshots and roast them to cinders on social media). 

All the hate from men huffing and puffing about how the jeans are “girly” and “gay” could explain the absurdly low star rating for the amount of super positive testimonials. 

The writers of this The Perfect Jean review trust the glowing customer testimonials that take up 90% of the posts because if the company were in fact deleting posts to look better, they would have deleted the nasty scam accusations by now.

Speaking of toxic masculinity, the brand shares posts on Instagram about it, and customers love it:

Normally I wear a brand either because of its message or the quality, rarely does a brand like y’all come by that has both 🙌🏼”

Though this review isn’t about the products specifically, it does tell us this: the customers are loyal and care about supporting this brand partly because of their ethics and values. 

Back to their jeans, customers love how the jeans fit them like no other can:

I legit have huge legs, my calves are around 20 inches, and my thighs are even bigger, and these jeans are amazing. If I didn’t find these pants with the insane stretch then fitted jeans would not be an option.

I have stretch jeans from other designers … The Perfect Jean is hands down the best and for the price it head and tails the best.

Clearly, these stretch enthusiasts believe that other brands just don’t compare to the fit from The Perfect Jean.

Lastly, William Barton of The Adult Man wrote a review about the brand and loved the comfort, fit, and simplicity of their jeans. These sentiments are definitely echoed across the Internet, with only a few questionable ratings saying otherwise.

Is The Perfect Jean Worth It?

The Perfect Jeans Review

In our humble yet honest opinion, we think The Perfect Jean is worth it. The brand is fresh on the scene, so their sizes aren’t as inclusive as they could be and it only delivers within the US, but they’re expanding as they become more successful. 

Most customers are raving about their new jeans, and we think that’s pretty special. Almost as special as the customers insist the jeans are.

The out-of-this-world stretchiness is definitely worth a shot. PSA: it isn’t manly to be constantly uncomfortable in constricting pants just to look cool. It is manly to be comfortable in your own skin; comfortable enough to treat your body to these comfy jeans.

Beyond that, the company is just… really cool. Check out the brand’s social media, because wow, whoever runs it is hilarious. They are completely unhinged in their roasting of trolls—in the best way. 

Buying from The Perfect Jean means buying from a company that appears down-to-earth and human. Again, check out the Insta and you’ll see what we mean.

If you don’t like your jeans when you try ‘em, process a return ASAP. The company is very responsive to unhappy comments on social media, is always offering to help, and customers attest that the free returns and exchanges are easy. 

With all that in mind, what have you got to lose?

The Perfect Jean Promotions & Discounts 

The Perfect Jeans Review

Need a discount? Easy peasy. Check out these promos we found in our The Perfect Jean review:

  • Sign up for the newsletter for an easy 15% off
  • Enter code “FUCKYOURKHAKIS” at checkout for 25% off

Where to Buy The Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jeans Review

You can buy these jeans and jorts only on, as they’re still a very new company. The brand will begin shipping internationally soon, so be on the lookout.


The Perfect Jeans Review

Where is The Perfect Jean made? 

The Perfect Jean is based in New York, US of A.

What sizes does The Perfect Jean have? 

Our The Perfect Jean review found that the sizing varies depending on which fit you choose, so here are their size ranges:

Slim Fit

  • Waist: 26–50
  • Length: 28–36

Skinny Fit: 

  • Waist: 26–46
  • Length: 28–36

Athletic Fit 

  • Waist: 26–50
  • Length: 28–36

And for The Perfect Jean Jorts:

  • Waist: 28–50

PS: the brand recommends sizing down because the jeans can’t help but streeeetch.

What is The Perfect Jean’s Shipping Policy?

We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news: The Perfect Jean has free shipping on all orders. The bad news: The Perfect Jean only ships to the continental US

If this news makes your unAmerican self sad, just remember: even Alaska and Hawaii didn’t make the cut. Boo. 

Anyway, here are your options for US shipping:

  • Free shipping (3-5 days)
  • 3 Business Days: $10
  • 2 Business Days: $15
  • Next Day: $25

Tracking info will be emailed to you once your package has shipped, so you can obsessively check where it is at any moment from shipment to doorstep. We get it, we’ve been there. 

What is The Perfect Jean’s Return Policy?

Awesomely enough, you can return your jeans or jorts within 30 days of delivery for free! Exchanges also apply. Simply head to the brand’s return/exchange portal to start your process.

Do note that the jeans have to be unused and in their original condition for you to qualify for the refund.

After 30 days have passed, you’re out of luck. But we don’t know why it would take that long to realize you want to return your unused, collecting-dust-in-the-closet jeans anyway. If you find yourself in that situation, you won’t be able to return it for a refund or exchange anymore.

How to Contact The Perfect Jean

If you still have questions after reading our The Perfect Jean review, you can reach out to the brand through 2 methods of contact:

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