We Are Knitters Review

About We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters Review

We Are Knitters is a European brand selling beautiful crafting materials and kits to customers all over the world through their online stores.

This We Are Knitters review will introduce you to this established creative company who are making high quality materials and the art of crafting accessible to makers of all skill levels.

Nowadays, so many people are interested in learning traditional handicrafts and empowering themselves to make their own clothes or bags.

We Are Knitters understands that everyone from beginner crafters to veteran knitters want to find great yarns, needles, and patterns (and even get some help along the way!), which is exactly what they provide for their customers.

This company is known for their fun and convenient knit kits, which include everything you need to complete your own knitting project at home.

These kits come with patterns and instructions and are highly customizable, since you can pick your own wool colors. You can even choose to include knitting needles and other tools with your kit, too. 

This brand also caters to other kinds of crafters. If you love crochet, embroidery, or even weaving your own fabrics, We Are Knitters has a wide range of products and kits for all of your projects.

This popular brand has resonated with the online maker community, with over 630k followers on Facebook and 692k followers on Instagram. They’ve also been featured in the media in publications such as Cosmo, Elle, Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and the L.A. Times

My We Are Knitters review will cover this company’s purchasing information, best-selling product details, and customer feedback so you can decide if you want to join the club. 

Keep reading this We Are Knitters review to learn more about this unique company.

Overview of We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters Review

This crafty company was founded in 2011 by Spanish entrepreneurs Pepita Marin and Roberto Bravo.

Pepita was employed as an auditor in Spain when she left her corporate job to launch We Are Knitters after being inspired to pick up the needles by a young woman knitting on the New York subway.

She fell in love with knitting’s relaxing potential and saw an opportunity to bring knitting gear to an emerging demographic of younger crafters.

Her cofounder, Roberto Marin, also left his job to help Pepita establish the company, and their risk has paid off. This brand has really struck a chord with customers, and thanks to the dramatic increase in crafting over the last decade, now generates over $20 million USD in revenue per year.

Part of this company’s mission is to be as sustainable and responsible as possible. They make their yarns from natural materials like wool and cotton, and they employ artisans to craft their needles and hooks from 100% FSC-certified beechwood

We Are Knitters Review

The brand support humane wool collection, fair labour practices, and contributes to community development initiatives in Peru, where much of their products are sourced.

There’s also no wasteful plastic packaging here – We Are Knitters packages their orders in bags made from recycled paper which can be reused or recycled again.

Join me as this We Are Knitters review takes a look at the highlights of buying from this knitwear brand!


  • We Are Knitters kits range from beginner to advanced
  • Great way to learn to knit, crochet, embroider, or weave
  • Ships to many countries from each nation’s own official website
  • Sells tools like crochet hooks, knitting needles, embroidery hoops and more
  • Wide array of wool and cotton yarns in beautiful colors
  • Commitment to sustainability in materials, packaging, and labour practices
  • Popular with customers!

We Are Knitters Kits Review

You’ll quickly see why these products are We Are Knitters best-selling knit kits! 

These patterns are cute and colorful, and are a fun and creative way to spend your downtime

We Are Knitters Rice Jumper Knitting Kit Review

If you’re a knitter who has always wanted to make your own sweater but feel a little daunted by the process, the Rice Jumper Knitting Kit will help you finally tackle this project!

The Rice Jumper Knitting Kit includes everything you need to create your own cozy striped sweater. This is the kind of jumper that will keep you warm and comfortable whether you’re out for an autumn walk or curled up by the fire with some cocoa. 

This sweater features a high turtleneck collar and long sleeves. It is not a body-hugging top; the body and sleeves have a bit of an exaggerated puff to them that give this sweater a roomy fit.

This We Are Knitters review has found that the Rice Jumper Knitting Kit is labeled as an “Easy” project. This means that if you know basic stitches and are ready to try some stitch and color changes, you could complete this pattern without too much difficulty. 

You can pick your own wool colors from an array of options, from light gray to bright pink! If you want to embrace a stripey look like the example sweater, you could order a kit with greens, yellows, blues, and more!

However if you have a more muted style, you can also choose four skeins of the same color yarn to create a monochromatic sweater

No matter what color you choose, your skein will be made of 100% wool, a warm and natural material perfect for fall and winter sweaters.

You can further customize your kit by picking between English or Spanish instructions, choosing a digital or hard copy pattern, and selecting knitting needles to come with your purchase. 

This DIY sweater kit comes in sizes Small to Extra Large (S-XL). Get cozy with the Rice Jumper Knitting Kit for $119. 

We Are Knitters Dragonfly Blanket Knitting Kit Review

The Dragonfly Blanket is a simple, beautiful blanket that is the perfect size for a baby crib! This kit would be a lovely way to create a heartfelt and personal gift to a new mom or dad

The wool included in this kit is 100% natural pima cotton, a light and comfortable material for a baby’s first blankie. 

This blanket making kit is available in 28 different colors! You can choose from traditional baby colors like light blue or pink, or change it up with shades like olive, lilac, or copper. Your finished blanket will be about 24 by 27 inches.

Like all We Are Knitters kits, you can choose to purchase the recommended knitting needles along with your yarn and pattern (or opt to use your own for a discount of $12).

You can also pick whether you’d like to access your pattern online or with a hard copy, both of which are available in English or Spanish language options.

According to We Are Knitters, the DragonFly Blanket Knitting Kit is for crafters who are familiar with basic stitches and techniques, and are working on “Easy” level projects. 

Each kit includes the following tools and materials:

  • US 8 Knitting needles made from real wood (or circular needles)
  • Pattern and instructions – digital and/or hardcopy
  • 2 pima cotton skeins
  • Sewing needle
  • An embroidered label
  • We Are Knitters wrapping

Buy the  DragonFly Blanket Knitting Kit for $58.

We Are Knitters Blueberry Muffin Snood and Headband Knitting kit Review

These simple designs are what We Are Knitters call “perfect for beginners!” If you’ve just learned how to knit, the Blueberry Muffin Snood and Headband Knitting Kit could be a lovely first project to build your skills (and some sweet accessories, too!).

This basic kit will help you make a beautiful snood that will keep your neck warm on chilly days. It will also guide you through making a simple headband so you can accessorize and keep your ears warm all at the same time. 

The Blueberry Muffin Snood and Headband Knitting Kit’s 100% wool skeins come in over 30 different color options, from spotted gray to neon marshmallow, a warm white yarn streaked with fluorescent yellows, blues, and pinks. 

If you already have knitting needles you can subtract them from your order, but if you need some you can choose between circular knitting needles, or regular needles made from 100% sustainably sourced wood.

This project’s garments come in a one-size-fits-all package, measuring as follows:

  • Snood measurements: 8.5 inch height, 26 inch circumference
  • Headband measurements: 6 inch height, 19 inch circumference

You can follow this kit’s pattern with a hardcopy paper version, or select a digital copy if you prefer. 

Purchase the Blueberry Muffin Snood and Headband Knitting Kit for $50.

We Are Knitters The Wool Review

Sustainability is important to We Are Knitters. That’s why they don’t sell synthetic materials, and instead provide their customers with high-quality, natural yarns when they manufacture their line of We Are Knitters The Wool.. 

Keep reading this We Are Knitters review to shop through some of the brand’s most beautiful wool skeins.

We Are Knitters Skein of 100% Wool Natural Review

If you already own your knitting needles or crochet hooks and have your own projects in mind, you may want to stock your crafting supply closet with the Skein of 100% Wool Natural.

This is a supersoft ball of thick, off-white yarn, sized – like all We Are Knitters yarn – generously enough to make a pair of gloves or two average-sized beanies. 

We Are Knitters explains that they source their wool from the Andean highlands in Peru, where local farmers shear the wool from free-ranging sheep

To learn more about these farms, their sheep and the arn manufacturing process, you can check out We Are Knitters’ Our Yarn page. You’ll be able to see the photos and videos of each step they take to make this precious wool!

When you make your purchase you can also choose to add on a pair of knitting needles for an extra $10

Purchase your 200 gram Skein of 100% Wool Natural for $24.

We Are Knitters Skein of Yarnicorn 100% Wool Review

We Are Knitters’ 200 gram skeins aremade of 100% wool and comes in more colors than you can shake your needles at! These include mauve, burgundy, dark blue, and green. 

But if you really want to jazz up your projects, check out this multicolored Skein of Yarnicorn 100% Wool!

Yarnicorn contains multiple shades in one ball of yarn, so your projects will be uniquely colorful and fun to look at, and no two projects will be the same. The Yarnicorn contains a pastel rainbow of of light pinks, purples, yellows, greens and blues, which 

It also has the same plush, thick texture of the brand’s 100% Wool Natural, but with a vibrant, delicious twist. Honestly, it just looks like springtime in a fluffy ball

Buy the Skein of Yarnicorn 100% Wool for $29.

We Are Knitters Skein of 100% Wool Olive Review

If you’d prefer a darker shade of this beautiful wool, take a look at the Skein of 100% Wool Olive. This dark green wool skein would be a perfect choice for an autumn scarf or beanie!

Like all of We Are Knitters materials, the wool in this skein is sourced from sheep farms in Peru and is not mixed with any synthetic fibers

All of We Are Knitters’ yarns are dyed in small batches and there can be slight variances over time. The brand suggests buying an extra skein or two, especially for larger projects, to ensure any backup wool is an exact colour match. 

Buy the Skein of 100% Wool Olive for $24.

Who Is We Are Knitters For? 

We Are Knitters Review

Whether you’re an experienced knitter or simply someone who loves to learn new crafty skills, We Are Knitters will have something that appeals to you!

Knitters will love the vast range of yarns that this website offers. Whether you’re looking for a fine cotton yarn for a close-knit pattern or a deliciously soft and chunky alpaca wool for that heavy winter scarf you’ve been dreaming of, We Are Knitters can bring it right to your door. 

Their yarns come in different materials so you can just as easily plan to make a breezy tank or a warm sweater. You can choose from cotton, sheep wool, alpaca wool, merino wool, or mohair.

You can even buy yarn that is made from recycled T-shirts – you don’t see that every day!

While this brand might be named for knitters, it has a ton of supplies for other types of crafters, too. If you crochet or embroider you will love their selection of hooks, needles and other supplies.

For example, they sell embroidery hoops and threads, latch hooks and canvases, and even wooden weaving looms. 

We Are Knitters Review

If you’re interested in these crafts but have yet to really develop your skills, the We Are Knitters website is a great place to access free patterns and video tutorials to get you in the know!

Their content makes it clear whether their projects are meant for beginner, intermediate, or advanced knitters, so you can choose the right option for you. 

It’s also organized in a way that makes it easy to find exactly what you need, and they even have reference guides to help you learn about equipment and key terms, and even translate from UK to US vernacular.

We Are Knitters also gives you access to a friendly crafting community where you can ask for help or celebrate your project completion!

This We Are Knitters review also found that this brand will appeal to people who may not have a lot of access to crafting supplies in their community. It can take a lot of time to find the right crochet hooks or embroidery hoops and a good quality yarn to go with them. 

We Are Knitters solves this problem by offering precise info to help you buy exactly what you need, and by offering kits that deliver everything you need for a project right to your door. These kits also make fun gifts for creative friends!

We Are Knitters Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We Are Knitters Review

This brand does not share customer reviews on their website, however, there are many other sites that share We Are Knitters customer experiences.

On the review site TrustPilot this brand has an “Excellent” rating with 4.5 out of 5 stars out of a total of 120 reviews.

Customers on this site expressed how much they appreciate being able to choose the yarn and pattern that was perfect for them.

One shopper writes in their We Are Knitters review: “Love how easy it is to pick out a pattern for my skill level and the yarn was so lovely to work with!”

Another customer shares that the convenience of these crafting kits was a big selling point. They write in their We Are Knitters review:

“I loved the fact that in the kits there was everything I needed not only to get started but to complete the project . Best of all was the instruction booklet with suggestions such as circling the appropriate number for stitches required to knit my size. I appreciated the detained explanation of knitting techniques.”

One buyer enjoyed being able to easily pick up knitting as a new skill with help from We Are Knitters simple patterns and free online tutorials:

“Great beginners kit (klaft top). I had to watch some online videos since reading how to knit from the instructions wasn’t really for me. About halfway done and loving the new hobby.”

This company was also reviewed on the site, where their writer tested out one of this company’s DIY hat-making kits.

She loves the fact that her We Are Knitters purchase allowed her to reconnect with knitting, a hobby she hadn’t practiced since childhood.

We Are Knitters Review

She reports in her We Are Knitters review, “When I opened the bag for my easy-level beanie kit, I was delighted by how soft the yarn was and how sturdy and smooth the wooden needles were…What I loved most about We Are Knitters is its super-helpful free video tutorials.” 

Although this reviewer only knew very basic stitches going into her project she “felt like a knitting wizard” by the end of it!

This brand was also reviewed by the crafting expert at She tested We Are Knitters’ Blueberry Muffin Snood Kit so she could make a cozy neck cowl. 

This reviewer enjoyed the process of making her project and appreciates the company’s commitment to quality. She shared in her We Are Knitters review:

“I liked it. We Are Knitters doesn’t skimp. They use good quality materials and with that in mind, their prices are very competitive.”

She especially enjoyed working with the skein that came with her kit, writing, The Wool is nice. Its good stuff and just as soft and squishy as you’d expect from looking at the pictures.”

Overall, customers show a lot of love in their We Are Knitters reviews, whether they are just developing their knitting skills or are experienced craftspeople.

This brand has earned customer trust and appreciation by providing quality yarns, needles, and easy to understand instructions. 

Is We Are Knitters Worth It?

We Are Knitters Review

As we’ve discovered in our We Are Knitters review, this brand has made some deep connections with crafters! Their unique product line is helping people of all skill levels deepen their knowledge of, and love for, knitting and crochet by providing beautiful kits and patterns to work from. 

We Are Knitters is a highly rated brand with a lot of buyer love and media attention. This company’s customers have enjoyed using their purchases to create their own clothing, accessories, or gifts and have praised the company’s creativity, materials, and instructions

Customers have also loved being able to learn new stitches and techniques with support from the We Are Knitters’ website tutorials and online community

As you can tell, We Are Knitters is not selling the synthetic yarns and plastic needles you can find at any craft or dollar store.

This brand is committed to sourcing quality materials from sustainable farmers and forestry operations to give you the best knitting experience possible (and do right by the planet, too).

With all this in mind, I can confidently recommend this We Are Knitters to crafters of any skill level who want to create something beautiful with materials carefully sourced from nature!

We Are Knitters Promotions & Discounts 

We Are Knitters Review

When you subscribe to receive their newsletter, you will receive a We Are Knitters discount code for $12 off your order, a free knit pattern, and knitting ideas.

Where to Buy We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters Review

You can purchase all of We Are Knitters knitting materials and patterns through their official website.


We Are Knitters Review

Who owns We Are Knitters?

Co-founders Pepita Marin and Alberto Bravo own We Are Knitters. The two Spanish entrepreneurs left their corporate jobs in Spain to begin their own company after Pepita fell in love with knitting and wanted to run her own business promoting the craft to a modern audience.

Does We Are Knitters ship internationally?

The We are Knitters American site only ships throughout the contiguous United States. 

However, We Are Knitters ships to most countries around the globe through country or region-specific websites. 

If you would like to make an international purchase, visit the official We Are Knitters for your nation. You can find their country list on the We Are Knitters website under the Shipping menu.

What is We Are Knitters’ Shipping Policy?

We Are Knitters will ship your order to addresses throughout the contiguous United States. If you spend over $90 on their website, your order will qualify for free shipping, which will be applied automatically as you check out!

Otherwise, their Standard Shipping service will cost a flat rate of $7 and your purchase will arrive approximately 2-8 days after it is shipped to you. We Are Knitters also ships to PO boxes with their Standard Shipping. 

You can speed up your order by selecting Express Shipping at checkout, which will cost $14.

What is We Are Knitters’ Return Policy?

We Are Knitters will ship your order to addresses throughout the contiguous United States. If you spend over $90 on their website, your order will qualify for free shipping, which will be applied automatically as you check out!

There are four steps to follow to complete a return:

  1. Get in touch with the company through their website and let them know you’d like to make a return.
  2. Print the shipping label they’ll send you in an email. The cost of the return shipping will be taken off the total amount that is refundable to you at the end of the refund process.
  3. Get your order ready for return. Make sure that your purchase is still in perfect condition and in its original packaging. Include your return form with your purchase, and put your shipping label on the exterior of the box.
  4. Send your return back to We Are Knitters. 

Once We Are Knitters has received your package, the company will send you your refund within a week or two.

How to Contact We Are Knitters

To get in touch with We Are Knitters by filling out the Contact Form on their website.

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