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House of Sunny Review

‘Everything old is new again’ is a saying that’s definitely true in the fashion world, as seen by the number of designers who borrow from vintage and retro styles. 

House of Sunny draws from the fashions of the ‘70s but gives their creations a particularly House of Sunny flair. None of their clothes use animal byproducts and so they’re vegan. If you’re into retro clothing, you’ve come to the right place. This House of Sunny review will give you all the info you need about this brand, so keep reading. 

On top of coverage in tons of media outlets like British Vogue, Forbes, Elle Australia, Teen Vogue, WWD and Glamour UK, this brand has a huge Instagram following of 638k. They got lots of attention in 2020 when a pic of Kendall Jenner wearing the House of Sunny Hockney Dress was snapped. Dua Lipa is also a fan of the brand.

Since this brand comes from across the pond (in the UK), in this House of Sunny review I aim to take a deep dive into the company, so that you can decide if their clothes are right for you. I’ll do this by checking out their promotions, products, customer reviews, and more. 

Overview of House of Sunny

House of Sunny Review

Sunny Willams founded the House of Sunny brand in 2011. His mission was to create colorful, eye-catching, flattering, comfortable clothes for women that were made sustainably. This was done in several ways:

  1. All fabrics are made without animal byproducts 
  2. Some fabrics made with recycled materials
  3. Use water to ship instead of air when possible
  4. Clothes made with e-flow technology (saves water and no chemical discharge)
  5. No print placement to waste fabric
  6. Biodegradable packaging

Before I steer this House of Sunny review into a look at this brand’s colorful clothing, let’s check out some key highlights that summarize what they’re all about.


  • Unique, trendy, comfortable clothes
  • No print placement (less waste and every piece is unique)
  • Membership program for savings and news
  • Financing available with Clearpay
  • Pre-order feature
  • Sustainably made clothes
  • Batch, not mass production
  • Larger sizes available in most of their clothes

House of Sunny Dress Review

House of Sunny has seven styles/colors of dresses, including the original Hockney Dress. All their dresses are made in small batches, which you can preorder for when the next drop comes available.

This helps to keep any waste to a minimum and ensures that your House of Sunny dress won’t be found on every rack of every department store.

All House of Sunny dresses have the brand’s signature detail—three holes that are strategically placed on the back. Next up, this House of Sunny review will take a look at some of the brand’s best-selling dresses.

House of Sunny The Blue Moon Review

Not quite as unique as a blue moon, but still pretty exclusive, House of Sunny’s The Blue Moon dress is a long-sleeved, cool weather dress. It has a swirly line pattern in three shades of blue. It is made from 60% viscose and 40% nylon, making it silky soft to the touch. It also has enough elasticity to stretch and fit all your curves.

The Blue Moon dress comes in sizes 4-16, to accommodate most women. Love this dress to the moon and back—it can be yours for about $160

House of Sunny Cypress Hockney Review

A variation of House of Sunny’s Hockney Dress, the Cypress Hockney is more beach than greenery in its colors and pattern. It’s a cucumber-colored dress with a large, whirly, raggedy pattern in yellow. Imagine that a painter took a brush and painted curvy lines all over the dress and you get a sense of what it looks like.

In the same viscose/nylon fabric and sizes as The Blue Moon dress, this style is meant for warmer weather, since it has adjustable straps, not sleeves. It was originally $140 but is on sale for half off at $70

House of Sunny Hockney Dress Review

Since the day in 2020 when Kendall Jenner sported the House of Sunny Hockney Dress and posted it on Instagram, the brand has been getting global attention. This green knitted slip dress has whirlpool patterns in different shades of green, which the brand calls lily pads palm green.  Like the other dresses, it’s of a nylon/viscose blend and comes in sizes 4-14.

This bestselling iconic dress is produced in small batches so it sells out often. The best way to make sure you get one is to pre-order the dress when it’s out of stock. It, like the other dresses, is made without print placement, so each one is a tiny bit different. That means the entire dress is a truly unique House of Sunny creation.

This mid-length, popular dress was $134 but is now available for about $95.

House of Sunny Cardigan Review

House of Sunny has several 100% acrylic, knitted sweaters with fun images and patterns. Like the dresses, they are unique and say ‘House of Sunny’ in their look. They come in sizes 4 to 16 to fit most sizes of women in a flattering way. My House of Sunny review will detail two of the brand’s best-selling sweaters.

House of Sunny The Technicolour Review

Just because you aren’t a child anymore doesn’t mean that you lost your love of unicorns and the fantastical. Now you can express this love, while you express yourself, in The Technicolour pullover. The image of a unicorn under a rainbow with sun rays behind it stands out the most. But the flowers on the forearm of the sleeves are also a bold design feature.

The pastel-colored image is added to the light blue/green background with applique embroidery patchwork and it doesn’t have a zipper to get in the way. The colors are muted but not faded and the sweater is signed ‘House of Sunny.’ Pull this pullover on and rock this colorful, playful style. You can buy one for about $175

House of Sunny Night Tripper Review

Ideal for and themed for winter weather, the House of Sunny Night Tripper is a zip-up sweater. It has a wide ‘70s style collar and a base color of Klein blue. 

The image of a snowy, moonlit landscape is across the whole front of the sweater, including the arms, and then continues to cover the back as well. The back has an image of a person cycling across the moon, like something out of ET.

From any direction, this button-up House of Sunny cardigan looks great, especially since the image wraps around the entire thing. It’s also signed by House of Sunny and retails for $135.

Who Is House of Sunny For? 

House of Sunny Review

Although this colorful brand has been adopted by young Generation Z adults, it likely wasn’t intended as such. It was meant for any woman looking to express her unique self through her wardrobe. All the designs are modest and therefore suitable for teens and youth.

These cardigans with bold images aren’t your grandma’s sweaters, but feel free to get her a unique cardigan for the one-and-only her. She’ll look great and stylish wearing one.

House of Sunny Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

House of Sunny Review

This brand is from the UK and they don’t put customer reviews on their website. Which is why for my House of Sunny review I had to dig deep to find reviews.

There was a rating on Knoji, but no comments. Here are some highlights from the 62 House of Sunny reviews on Knoji:

  • Overall – 4.1/5 stars
  • Brand popularity – 4.5/5 stars
  • E-commerce – 4.8/5 stars
  • Shipping & returns – 4.3/5 stars 

Some Urban Outfitters carry the brand both in store and online. On the Urban Outfitters website, the Hockney Dress has a 4.8/5 star rating based on four reviews. This customer left a short but sweet House of Sunny review. She wrote, “SO STUNN AND SO SOFT! Would fully recommend”

House of Sunny’s best assets are their high-quality materials, fun prints, and great customer service. Even though this brand is based in the UK, 119 people have reviewed them on Trustpilot, rating the brand 4/5 stars. This customer explains why House of Sunny is quickly gaining popularity in North America: “GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE +AWESOME CLOTHES

“I spotted one of their sweaters on IG and I immediately became a fan. I sent them a message asking about sizing and they replied pretty quickly, even considering the time difference since I’m in the U.S. I was super pleased to receive my order via DHL in less than 5 days from my order. Everything was packed great and in a biodegradable packaging” 

“now about their merch : Can I say love at first sight ? Wonderful materials and workmanship and the most incredible prints. I’m placing another order today.Highly recommended !!!”

So it’s clear to see that this up-and-coming brand is well loved by many and it seems to be getting more and more popular. 

Is House of Sunny Worth It?

House of Sunny Review

So it’s time for my House of Sunny review to finally get to the crux of the matter. Is House of Sunny worth it? Well, we definitely need to weigh all their assets to see if they’re a worthwhile brand. Although they are trendy right now, House of Sunny clothes were created to be timeless, so you can get a lot of wear out of each item.

These clothes are fabulously designed with beautiful images and patterns that set them apart from other designer clothes. This House of Sunny review really likes these images and styles, but I also love the sustainability of their clothes.

Most people are becoming more eco-conscious these days—Gen Zers in particular—and I’m very happy about this trend.

With the small-batch manufacturing and no-print placement, you’re likely to be a rare, lucky one to own an item from this designer brand. So yes, this House of Sunny review finds the brand to be well worth your money.

House of Sunny Promotions & Discounts 

House of Sunny Review

By now, you might want to purchase a House of Sunny item for your wardrobe. If that’s the case, check out the promos and discounts below.

  • Sale section
  • Loyalty program
  • 10% off first order when you sign up

Where to Buy House of Sunny

House of Sunny Review

The best place to buy House of Sunny apparel is online on the brand’s website at They also have partner retailers worldwide, including Urban Outfitters in North America. For info on where to find the brand’s partners, click here:


House of Sunny Review

Who owns House of Sunny?

House of Sunny is owned by their founder Sunny Williams. The company is headquartered in London in the UK.

Does House of Sunny ship internationally?

House of Sunny is located in the United Kingdom and ships internationally to many countries. They offer free shipping on orders over a determined amount for each location in the world.

What is House of Sunny’s Shipping Policy?

House of Sunny offers their US customers free shipping on all orders over $175. Orders are processed within 1-3 business days and shipped via DHL shipping. All packages need to be signed for on delivery. 

The company will send you an email with your tracking information after your package ships. For more information on their shipping policy, visit

What is House of Sunny’s Return Policy?

House of Sunny accepts returns within 30 days from the date they were sent. Your refund should appear on your original method of payment within 14 days from the time they received the package. 

All items must be in resalable condition, with the tags intact and attached. If you need to make a return, here’s what to do:

  1. Carefully package your item for return
  2. Write this address on your package: House of Sunny Returns c/o Torque Wortley Moor Road, Wortley, Leeds LS12 4JH, UK
  3. Ship it via a tracked delivery service

How to Contact House of Sunny

If you need to get in touch with House of Sunny’s customer service team, there are a couple of ways you can contact them.

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