Pact Clothing Review

About Pact 

Pact makes organic cotton essentials for families, including men’s and women’s, maternity, kids, and baby clothing. Though there are a lot of unexpected challenges that come up in everyday life, Pact clothing is a comfortable and sustainable constant for individuals who want organic alternatives that fit their lifestyle. This Pact clothing review will examine key elements of the brand and its products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Pact clothing review

Overview of Pact 

Pact was founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 2009 by Jason Kibbey and Jeff Denby. The company manufactures in India, where the vast majority of organic cotton productions occur. Not only do they distinguish themselves from other companies with their organic products, but Pact strives to do organic differently. 

Our Pact clothing review emphasized that there are many stereotypes about organic products, and you’ve probably heard many of them. People complain that organic is too expensive, that we should only care about organics when it comes to the food we put in our bodies, and that organic is for crazy activists. 

Pact busts all of these myths with easy shopping for organic products that everyone can incorporate into the go-to shelf of their closet. Our Pact clothing review highlighted that the clothing is popular because, unlike the hassles you might encounter in your day, it’s “practical, comfortable, and easy;” in essence, you can count on Pact’s organic cotton. 

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The mission of Pact is to make organic apparel affordable. They believe it is essential that individuals care about what touches their skin, not only what goes into their bodies. While they achieve this mission to elevate people’s understanding of organic products, Pact treats their workers and environment according to Fair Trade standards

In our Pact clothing review, we learned that the brand was confronted with the age-old saying that change is hard—many people claim the transition to organic is challenging, and Pact doesn’t buy it. We can all do our part for the environment, and for Pact, this means clothing that you can feel good about wearing.

We’ll take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the brand in this Pact clothing review:


  • Apparel for the whole family 
  • Comfortable and soft organic cotton
  • Sustainable mission and products 
  • Affordable 
  • Pre-washed, shrink-resistant fabric
  • Tagless waistband
  • Wide range of colours to mix and match in your wardrobe
  • Good fit


  • The fabric was reported to thin, stretch and develop holes
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Pact Underwear Review 

Pact has basic cotton underwear for ladies in bikini, boy short, thong, hipster, and high-waist hipster styles. The selection for men includes boxer briefs, trunks, and knit boxers. We’ve highlighted the brand’s most popular styles for men and women.

Women’s Organic Undies – Classic Fit Bikini

The Classic Fit Bikini undies are made with 95% organic cotton for $12. Aside from next-to-skin comfort and softness on your bottom, this has significant implications. Here’s an interesting fact from our Pact clothing review: Fair Trade Certified underwear saves 3.9 gallons of water! The undies have a simple and elegant line with a high cut leg, mid-rise waist and fuller back coverage. 

The best part about these undies is that they’re breathable, so you can move without feeling constrained or self-consciousness throughout the day. This Pact underwear is made of pre-washed fabric and are shrink resistant; they have subtle stretch and won’t add any headache with their easy wear and easy care.

You won’t be caught fussing beneath your pant line with the tagless, smooth flat waistband. You can pick your Pact undies to match the occasion with 12 soft colour options that fit true to size, including mint glow, oatmeal heather and sherbert. 

Men’s Organic Boxer Briefs

I grew up with brothers, and if there’s one thing that I gathered, it’s that a breathable boxer briefs count. You’ll be comfortable in Pact organic underwear with their next-to-skin softness. The briefs have a subtle stretch, so they move with you when you’re lifting that heavy set in the gym or sitting down in tight suit pants. The boxer briefs have a flattering cut-extended leg for full coverage, sitting over just the right amount of quad to keep you fancy-free. 

These Pact briefs are styled with a low rise waist and a snug fit. They’re equipped with a functional vertical fly and a no-roll, smooth flat waistband. The briefs are easy wear and easy care; you won’t have to fuss with separating the delicates from your laundry. Delicates—what are those anyway? With pre-washed, shrink resistant fabric, you’re in the clear!

The Men’s boxer briefs are made with 95% Fair Trade Certified organic cotton for $12. You can feel good about yourself in this ethical men’s clothing—15.8 gallons of water is saved by producing these! The briefs come in nine colours, a combination of neutrals and bolder colours like grape or mountain camo, but you can always stick with the classic men’s white boxer briefs. If you are between sizes, our Pact clothing review suggests you size up. 

Pact Women Review 

Pact offers an extensive line for women including tops, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, leggings & tights, sleepwear, and maternity clothes.

Leggings and tights are the most popular items for women who shop Pact. Our Pact clothing review turned up a variety of comfortable and stylish choices! Pact leggings and tights come in prints, patterns, featuring athletic leg stripes, and even fun skirt styles. We’ll showcase Pact’s most popular leggings:

Women’s Pocket Leggings

The high waisted Pact Pocket Leggings allow you to keep your valuables on you when you’re heading out for an early morning dog walk or an evening run, without carrying extra baggage. The convenience is matched with breathable material and sculpting stretch to keep you performing your best during your workouts or daily errands. The contour elastic waistband with an internal infinity drawcord allows you to adjust without interrupting your day. 

These Pact leggings are designed with your comfort in mind, offering next-to-skin softness. For $40, these leggings are durable and made to last day-to-day wear. This is a relief to any legging lover who loathes pilling, fraying or thinning fabric. You can stretch into your downward dog with leggings that fit true to size in neutral or flashy colours, like tie-dye.

The Pact Pocket Leggings are made with 89% organic cotton, and 42 gallons of water are saved in production. That’s enough water to quench the thirst of two to four lactating cows! You’re doing a good deed. 

Pact Maternity Review

Maternity Go-To Legging

When you’re growing a human, you deserve to be as comfortable as you possibly can. Pact maternity tights contain 92% organic cotton, and they won’t break the bank like other clothing in its category—they’re only $35. You can feel good about the super soft, sustainable product as your baby grows.

As you nurture the new life inside you, you’re also caring for our earth by saving 42 gallons of water. As a mother-to-be, it is suggested that you drink 8 to 10 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Think of how much the product gives back! 

The Maternity Go-To Leggings have a single layer fitted waistband that holds the belly in place. They’re designed to look beautiful during pregnancy and beyond with a full length, fitted silhouette. Expectant mothers commented that the leggings are “incredibly soft” and that they wear them all the time. Paired with your natural pregnancy glow, these maternity tights are meant to make you feel both radiant and comfortable, as you take on the world for two. 

Maternity Nursing Bralette

At the thought of a nursing bra, a large unflattering piece may come to mind—but you don’t have to give up style while you’re breastfeeding. The Maternity Nursing Bralette has the easy-wearing straps and back of a supportive sports bra. Its front plunges in a tasteful and feminine ‘V’ line, allowing your babe easy access. 

The wireless crossover styling of Pact organics is ideal for a pullover nursing function. Feeding your baby is one of the most incredible and rewarding aspects in early motherhood, and Pact wants to make this experience one of comfort and ease. When you’re choosing your bra, keep in mind that the maternity line is designed to fit your pre-pregnancy size. 

The bralette is made with 95% organic cotton, so you can begin the journey of motherhood with soft, soothing and sustainable materials. You’re setting an example for your baby by saving 15.8 gallons of water and supporting the environment that your baby will grow into. The Pact Maternity Nursing Bralette is priced at $30

Pact Men

Pact offers tons of apparel for men including sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts, pants, shorts, and sleepwear. We’ll take a look at two of their top selling pieces:

Men’s Essential Zip Hoodie

Pact Clothing Review 8
Pact Men’s Essential Zip Hoodie

The Men’s Essential Zip Hoodie is perfect for decompressing on the weekend, or for after-work lounging for $40. The soft organic cotton is available in pewter, midnight navy, cadet blue or goldenrod. Put on your AirPods, pull up the brushed metal zipper and tug on the natural drawcords—it’ll feel like you never left the comfort of your duvet. 

The three-panel hood design of this piece ensures an excellent fit. Pair the Essential Zip Hoodie with the Essential Sweatpant for the ultimate comfort. There’s a reason kangaroos stay in the pouch: once you slide your hands into the kangaroo pockets, you’ll have to be coaxed into taking them out again. 

While researching for this Pact clothing review, it turns out certified organic cotton consumes much less water than conventional cotton. When you wear this Pact hoodie, a whopping 112.2 gallons of water is saved. Pact never uses harmful inorganic pesticides and fertilizers, so there is little to no water pollution. When you choose organic for your go-to hoodie, you help the planet. 

Men’s Essential Sweat Pant

This tapered-fit sweatpant provides a put-together look and has optimal side and back pockets for travel and leisure. While the pockets and drawstrings make the pants look hip, the garment-dyed organic cotton gives the pants a vintage look—it’s the best of the past and present. The dye process gives the colour an interesting depth and they look unique compared to other sweatpants. 

The goal of any good pair of sweatpants is coziness, and the elastic waistband and loop-back terry take you right into chill mode. Sweatpants are for low-maintenance moods, washing included, which is a no-brainer with the pre-washed, shrink resistant material. The Men’s Essential Sweatpant comes in four different colours for $30. You can cover ground in comfort, looking effortlessly laid back and stylish at the same time.

Pact Kids Review 

Remember what we said about Pact apparel being for the whole family? Pact’s collection features clothing for kids and babies, including socks and underwear, tops, bottoms, sleepwear, and body suits (for infants only). Take a look at the most popular choices for parents:

Playground Proof Leggings

The two biggest draws to kid’s tights for children are comfort and appearance. The Playground Proof Leggings come in bright stripes and patterns so that your little one is cheerful at the idea of getting dressed. Your child won’t resent the transition from pyjama pants with the soft, breathable organic cotton of the playground proof leggings. The tagless back label on the tights for kids won’t irritate their skin, and the comfy, pull-on waistband provides no-fuss fit. 

Now that we’ve got the benefits for your child laid out, let’s look at the perks of the Playground Proof Leggings for Mom and Dad. They fit true to size, so there’s no guesswork involved. We all want our kids to be active, but the hardest part is the wear and tear such enthusiasm takes on clothing. The Playground Proof Leggings have reinforced fabric at the knees for extra durability

These Pact kids leggings are made of a pre-washed, shrink resistant fabric, so they can be tossed into the wash easily. The 95% cotton leggings are ankle length, so you can send your child off to school knowing that they’re dressed for any weather. The next-to-skin softness will make them a staple in the closet for only $20.

Kids Boxer Brief 4-Pack 

There’s nothing like a classic set of white boys boxer briefs. You can never have enough of them, so it’s excellent that these kids’ undies come in a four-pack for $24. The longer leg ensures everything stays-put and the tagless back label prevents rubbing or irritation of the skin. Your little one won’t be tugging at their pants at an inopportune time, like picture day! 

The 95% organic cotton is breathable and soft, so it won’t be a fight to put underwear on. There is also a comfy, no-roll elastic waistband. These undies also come in black and fun multi-colored stripes. The Kids Boxer Briefs fit true to size, so you can shop without your child in tow, and the pre-washed, shrink resistant fabric makes them easy to wash and go. 

Pact Clothing Review: What Do Customers Think?

In their Pact reviews, customers said that all of their clothes were of high quality. Pact reviews suggested that the material felt good against the skin. Customers who shopped for quality and customer service said that they received both when shopping with Pact. A common theme in the reviews was that customers found the clothing affordable and the fit was great.

Leggings are not always easy to find, according to customers. A Pact clothing review found that many people described the leggings as flattering. While some loved every piece of clothing they purchased and said it stood the test of time, there were mixed reviews. Others saw holes in their leggings or stretch in their underwear. One customer reported that their shipment took long and performing an online return proved difficult, but customer service responded immediately and resolved the issue. 

Pact Clothing Review 12

In their Pact apparel reviews, customers felt that the company had a great culture and an important mission. Many customers regularly bought items from Pact for themselves and their families. Individuals with a sustainable focus in life expressed that they were lifelong customers, sharing the great find with family and friends. 

Pact is a socially conscious brand that sets a high bar and does excellent work. There is a compromise in the fabric, however, since the product is “affordable” sustainable clothing. Intending to do right by the consumer, there are some compromises. Pact is sustainable, but only to a point. The offshore manufacturing produces a carbon footprint, though the brand identifies that their focus is to support workers in a developing nation. 

While the company makes efforts to hit the significant markers in sustainable clothing production, there is less emphasis on office practices such as minimizing production waste. For the sustainability-minded purchaser, these details are essential. Perhaps the most significant compromise is that you get out what you put in. While the Pact materials have many of the benefits of organically farmed materials, there are reports that there is too much wear and tear. 

Pact Promotions & Discounts

A Pact clothing review found that you can get 20% off your first order. You don’t need a Pact apparel coupon code for this. Continue to visit their site for an upcoming Pact apparel promo code. 

Where to Buy Pact Apparel

Pact Clothing Review 13

Pact clothing can be purchased through their website, The brand is also available with other online retailers: 



Pact Apparel Sizing Guide

Women’s Size Guide
All Sizing US-Based

ChestWaistLower Hip
XS (0)32.5-33.5”24-26”34-36”
S (2-4)34-35.5”27-29”37-39”
M (6-8)36-37.5”30-32”40-42”
L (10-12)38-40.5”33-35”43-45”
XL (14-1641-43.5”36-38”46-48”
Pact Clothing Review 14
Men’s Size Guide
All Sizing US-Based

Pact Clothing Review 15
Kids & Toddler Size Guide
All Sizing US-Based

12-18 mos22-27 lbs30-32”
18-24 mos27-30 lbs32-34”
2T/3T33-39 lbs35-38”
4T/5T42-48 lbs41-44”
6/751-57 lbs47-50”
8/960-66 lbs51-53 ½ “
10-/1269-75 lbs55 ½-58”

Pact Shipping Policy

Pact shipping orders are processed within two business days. Domestic and International shipping timelines and methods are:

  • Standard shipping for packages to the Continental US, shipped via FedEx, Smartpost and final delivery through USPS
  • Expedited orders are expected to arrive within 2-3 business days after shipping
  • Orders to Hawaii and Alaska are estimated to arrive 2-3 business days after shipping
  • Canadian orders ship via USPS with no expedited options available; additional duties and fees may be applied with no guaranteed delivery time frame
Shipping TypeOrder TotalShipping CostEstimated Delivery
Standard Shipping$50+$0-$49.99Free$55-7 business days after shipping5-7 business days after shipping
Expedited Shipping$50+$0-$49.99$5$10Up to 3 business days after shippingUp to 3 business days after shipping 
International Standard (Canada Only)$100+ $0-$99.99 $20$30A timeline cannot be guaranteedA timeline cannot be guaranteed

Pact Return Policy

Our Pact clothing review revealed that the brand offers free Pact returns! Pact’s Perfect Fit Exchange is built around a desire to provide you with the perfect fit for your underwear, bras, leggings and tights. If you’re unhappy with your first pair, Pact offers a free size exchange or refund within 60 days of purchase. Pact accepts other unworn, unwashed items in their original condition within 60 days of purchase. Access your return authorization and free return shipping label at the Pact website. 

Contact Pact

If you need support beyond this Pact clothing review, their team is always happy to help. Contact them at:

  1. 800-662-7228 Monday – Friday 8 AM – 4 PM 
  2. Or send the team an e-mail by clicking in the bottom left-hand corner of the home page

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