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Bellelily Review

There’s no shame in wanting to try a new style and the best way to be bold in beautiful looks is to get experimental with it, starting with new options. 

Rather than stack up costs to try something new, start smaller with Bellelily and their trendy and affordable options. Listing endless women’s styles that fit current and older trends, this brand is all about providing the pieces to craft new looks with confidence.

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t have a huge presence online through social media. Their Instagram current has over 6k followers with numbers growing every day. 

They don’t let their lack of coverage stop them from finding their footing and loyal shoppers as this business continues to carry forward producing more content and stock to style.

In this Bellelily review, I’ll conquer the mysterious mountain of the brand one step at a time. By checking out products, prices, ratings, and more, I’m here to determine if this one should be added to the list of shopping sprees.

Overview of Bellelily

Bellelily Review

I will be the first to admit that there’s a lot of mystery to this brand’s name. I wasn’t able to uncover the names of owners or founders or even the history behind the business themselves. What I did come across was a solid mission of empowerment.

Promoting the confidence and success of women through original and trendy designs, this brand is all about women’s fashion, accessories, and home décor that not only adds to a style and space but claims it as your own. 

Working with affordable prices, this one-stop-shop wants to redefine our relationship with clothing and fashion to help women understand that power and confidence come hand in hand with the clothing we wear every day.

Identify a personal fashion and take advantage of the environmentally friendly materials used to craft each piece. Bringing respect, integrity, and vision to all they do, this brand is all about success for every customer in every definition of the word.

Need more information? To properly round out this Bellelily review, I found a few highlights I feel are worth sharing before I get into more detailed aspects of the business.


  • Wide range of women’s fashion, décor, and accessories
  • Affordable prices
  • International shipping
  • Fast shipping
Bellelily Review

Bellelily Clothing Review

I can’t write a Bellelily Clothing review without actually considering some of the clothing this brand offers. That’s why I’m taking a quick look at a few favorite items to show off just a few of the styles available from this company.

Bellelily Leopard Printed Mom Boss T-Shirt Review

Say it for what it is – moms deserve more credit. Why not be proud of the status with a Leopard Printed Mom Boss T-Shirt?

Every mother should be proud of their accomplishments. Raising a tiny human is no easy feat. Add in work around the house and the office and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Unless you’re a Mom Boss, that is.

There’s something to be said about the simplicity of this garment. Written on an O-neck black shirt, the colored font of this piece really pops. 

Leopard print for the “Mom” and stunning white cursive writing out “boss” makes it easy to read and appreciate the title in every environment.

Be proud with this piece for $13 (regularly $22).

Bellelily Pocket Button Ripped Denim Shorts Review

Does anyone remember what it was like before ripped jeans came onto the scene? Why bother trying to recall when pieces like the Pocket Button Ripped Denim Shorts exist?

Taking the cool and casual style of ripped jeans to new heights, these shorts comfortably rest above the mid-thigh to allow for a nice summer tan. Cooling off with shorter material, these shorts really stand out through their use of buttons.

Leaving behind the standard zipper fly, these shorts leave everything up to buttons. Tracing the fly down with a total of four buttons to keep things closed and secure, this stylish look stands out from the rest, only adding to the calculated rips across the front and sides of the material.

Don’t shorten summer style – grab a pair of these for $20 (regularly $25).

Bellelily Floral Open Back V Neck Tank Review 

Start embracing the summer with the light and flowing Floral Open Back V Neck Tank in supply.

This one is all about exposure to the sun – who doesn’t want to work on their tan throughout the day? Just because we’re running errands doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a bit of sun on the skin. 

Diving into a V-neck style, this tank top serves up a classic open-back to really keep things cool during the summer heat. Let the breeze flow, feel the rays of the sun, and look great while achieving both without fear of sweat stains and overheating.

Light in its pink floral design, this tank top provides fun patterns without making the look too busy. Pair it with a solid color for the bottom half and this look will be good for any hot day.

Buy now while it’s on for $14 (regularly $18).

Bellelily The Only BS I Need Is Beer and Sunshine Rainbow Tank Review 

Nothing quite says summer sun like the throwback beauty of The Only BS I Need Is Beer and Sunshine Rainbow Tank.

The name says it all with this one. A fun slogan splayed across a retro orange and yellow-toned shirt makes this tank ready for the beach and whatever parties may follow. Crack open a cold one, get cozy in the sun, and take in the moment to truly relax.

Pair it with some shades to reduce glare and some shorts to really get a tan going.

Perfect as a cover-up for swimsuits, this light polyester tank throws on with ease, its faded orange setting a comfy and casual vibe that’s perfect for relaxing days spent lounging on the sand.

Grab this shirt while on sale – at the time of writing this Bellelily review, it’s down to $15 from $20.

Who Is Bellelily For? 

Bellelily Review

Bellelily is all about diversity and choice.

That means their selection of women’s fashion surrounds a variety of styles and sizes to provide women with comfortable selections that transverse standard notions of fashion. This brand is available to anyone interested in exploring women’s fashion for affordable prices.

Easy to use, lower in cost, and wider in selection, there’s a lot of good going for this business. I know that budget brands can be seen as a bad thing these days, but I’d argue those are the best to start defining style with. 

It’s cheaper to experiment and find a new look, so Bellelily saves money and stress when looking to venture into a new style.

Bellelily Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bellelily Review

Part of the mystery of this brand comes from their customer base and mixed ratings, so I felt that I should dive into the details to really determine why the results come up so confused in this Bellelily review. 

With a heavy mix of 1, 2, and 5-star ratings, I took a moment to really study the readings to give everyone a better understanding of the good and questionable portions of the business.

Starting things off with SiteJabber and their 3.5/5 stars based on over 1,750 ratings, it seems as though this brand has many good things going for them. 

Many customers take time to comment on how this business is the “Best place for the cutest, most affordable clothing – usually of great quality and don’t cost the earth.

The quality and cost appear quite often throughout online comments and ratings. Budget is one thing, but no one wants to sacrifice comfort and quality to save a few dollars. 

That’s why I’m happy to hear that “The quality of the fabrics and the graphic prints is so great especially for the budget friendly prices.

Customers cite fast shipping, solid prices, and a user-friendly interface that allows for easy shopping at any time.

TrustPilot seems to echo similar lines of thought, receiving 3.3/5 stars based on over 1,580 ratings. 

Despite the high numbers, not all reviews can be taken into account here. The platform detected a number of staged and false Bellelily reviews, so I have to take note that all ratings may not be accurate.

Despite the removed comments, the existing Bellelily review section contains some thoroughly impressed customers. 

One individual noted that this brand “had a great feature that allowed me to filter by colour and price range. I picked out some cute new tank tops and a pair of shorts. The shipping was free and fast. Everything came in one box and was very nicely packaged.

Noting that their service is speedy and efficient, it’s quite easy to pick up the benefits that keep customers coming back.

Even when people find issues with their shipping and products, they’ve noted that the company was “very helpful and even replaced my order” in a fast manner to avoid any frustrations.

Supporting the notion of good service, the Bellelily review section on Reseller Ratings (with 3.8/5 stars based on over 430 ratings) takes no time at all to list “The customer service [as] friendly and helpful.” 

Producing quality material, endless style, and affordable prices all under the guise of good service, it’s clear to see why customers keep coming back.

Is Bellelily Legit?

Bellelily Review

As far as I can tell in this Bellelily review, this brand is legit. I did note some false reviews and notes of dissatisfaction from customers online, however, the brand itself does operate honestly from their manufacturing location in China.

Do they always make customers happy? No. Are they still a legitimate business? Absolutely.

Is Bellelily Worth It?

Bellelily Review

I’ll keep it short with this one – I’m giving this brand a cautious yes. The reports of false ratings and comments do leave things a bit questionable, especially when paired with the mixed ratings. 

Despite that, there have been an overwhelming number of reviews online that suggest satisfaction with the business and, for their affordable prices and shipping speed, I’d say they’re worth a shot on a piece or two.

Start small with a trial purchase before really committing to this one. Go for a single piece to check out the quality, shipping, service, and more before throwing money into them.

Bellelily Promotions & Discounts 

Bellelily Review

Currently, this brand has a few promos going, including a Bellelily coupon code. The best deals at the moment are the following:

  • Student Discount for 15% off
  • Code BLY10 for 10% off purchases over $69

Where to Buy Bellelily

Bellelily Review

This brand likes to operate solo. That means their products can only be found from for the full selection and best pricing.


Bellelily Review

Who owns Bellelily?

Despite my tireless searching for this Bellelily review, I was unable to identify the owners or founders of the brand.

Does Bellelily ship internationally?

Absolutely, they do. This brand happily ships to the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

What is Bellelily’s Shipping Policy?

I’m going to keep it quick with some shipping info. Ready for the down-low? Here it is:

  • Shipping fees are dependent on weight
  • Average shipping time sits between 10 to 18 business days
  • ETA for shipping times is calculated at check out
  • All orders are shipped for free over the $119 limit

That’s all I could really find on shipping for this brand. There was no mention of tracking or duties listed online, so keep an eye out for that during the process.

What is Bellelily’s Return Policy?

Something not fit or look as expected? No worries – just send things back within 7 days of delivery. The process takes no time at all:

  1. Email customer service the reason for return, order number, and item number (all returns must begin with an email, or they won’t be accepted)
  2. Customers will receive a follow-up email with the return address
  3. Repackage items in original packaging and ship to the warehouse
  4. Wait for up to 10 days for the refund in the original account

All returns are at the customer’s expense and won’t be accepted if in used condition. The best scenario is to check things as soon as they arrive to kickstart the process prior to any wearing-in of the items to receive replacements or refunds.  

How to Contact Bellelily

Bellelily makes it incredibly easy to get in touch at any time. All customers have to do is reach out through the following methods of contact:

A customer service representative will get back as soon as possible with a solution to any questions or concerns.

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