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Green Chef Review

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Green Chef Review

There are a few notable chefs that dominate that intermediary landscape between health and culinary arts.

The former White House cook, and owner of the biggest biceps I’ve ever seen, Chef Rush comes to mind, as does Robert Irvine, the military veteran who turned his expertise on the field towards running a tight-knit kitchen.

Today, however, you’re going to learn about Green Chef, a USDA-organic certified meal delivery company that can help you fix or maintain your eating habits.

They create meal kits that you can receive multiple times a week with portions designed for 2 to 6 people. These recipes can accommodate various dietary regimens.

Green Chef has over 271k followers on Instagram and 364k likes on Facebook. In this Green Chef review, I’ll look at what the company has done to earn those followers by peering into their services, their meals, their recipes, their customer reception, and more.

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Overview Of Green Chef

Green Chef Review

Although Green Chef began in 2014 in Boulder, Colorado, they’ve risen to prominence as meal kit delivery services have become more popular among consumers. The market is now so packed that Green Chef was bought out in 2018 by another meal kit company, Hello Fresh.

Yet even as a subsidiary, Green Chef is a unique company amongst their competitors.

They were the first brand of their kind to earn organic certification by the USDA. Additionally, they have some of the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices in the field.

This means that their products have to go through a rigorous inspection by third parties in order to be recognized as organic. They also only use recyclable materials in their deliveries which is another net positive in terms of their practices.

Accordingly to a scientific review[1], even though more research is necessary, intake of organic foods can improve health, reducing incidence of infertility, allergies, metabolic sydrome and high BMI.

To cut down on food waste even more, Green Chef delivers all their meals pre-portioned. You still have to cook the food of course, but you won’t get any more ingredients than you paid for.

This reduces the amount of food customers throw away and can help people control their portions. 

Green Chef’s available meal plans are also worth noting as they focus on a wide range of diets that usually get the short end of the stick with meal delivery kits. They provide these types of meals:

  • Keto & paleo
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Mediterranean
  • Vegetarian
  • Fast & fit

Each plan rotates their menu on a weekly basis so that you’ll always have new dishes arriving right at your door. 

The next part of my Green Chef review will cover the basic yet brightest traits of the company.


  • Unique and healthy prepare-at-home meals
  • All meals are USDA-certified organic
  • Paleo, vegan, and vegetarian meal options are offered
  • Discounts are available for first responders, veterans, teachers, and nurses
  • Can ship to most locations within the continental United States

You can select from six different meal plans with Green Chef, but some of the plans have overlapping meals. This means that a meal that’s classified as Mediterranean may also be considered keto & paleo. 

Green Chef Meal Plans Review

I’m going to break down some of the most delicious meal plans available in this section of the Green Chef review.

However, before I get to the differences between them, I wanted to cover some universal features between all the Green Chef meal plans.

For starters, every shipment comes with the necessary ingredients and written Green Chef recipes so that you can prepare the meals at home. 

All of the ingredients are vacuum-sealed and insulated so that they should remain fresh and cool.

Every Green Chef recipe includes step-by-step instructions and the correct portions of each ingredient. That eliminates all of the guesswork on your end. Just follow the instructions and you can have a meal ready in half an hour, usually. 

But let’s say you don’t have 30 minutes, are you just going to rush to McDonald’s and throw your diet out the window? 

Green Chef has that covered; not only can you purchase meals that take less than 30 minutes to prepare (the quickest meal I saw while researching this Green Chef review was a Creamy Chimichurri Turkey Bowl that only took 20 minutes), but the company provides an estimate of how long each recipe should take to prepare.

There are also a few variables that you can manipulate in order to suit your needs.

You can select how many people each meal should feed and how many meals you want per week. These two variables affect which choices are available, so I’m going to break that down a bit too.

If you want to order Green Chef meal plans for 2 people then you can either purchase 3 meals a week for $14 per serving or 4 meals a week for $13 per serving

If you want to purchase Green Chef meals that can feed 4 people then you can select between 2 meals a week for $13 a serving, 3 meals a week for slightly less than $13 per serving, or 4 meals per week at $12 a serving.

Finally, choosing a Green Chef meal plan that can satisfy 6 people at once is actually the cheapest option if you’re comparing them all on a cost-per-serving basis. Both the 3 meals a week and 4 meals a week for 6 people options cost $12 per serving.

I should also note that every plan in this Green Chef review has a $10 shipping fee. With that out of the way, let’s get into what you can expect with the meals themselves.

Green Chef Keto Review 

The Green Chef Keto options are often paired together with their paleo-friendly meals, which works well because those two diets overlap in many regards.

These meals are all low-carb and prioritize a higher distribution of fats and proteins.

The ketogenic diet has been shown to help people lose weight and improve their overall health[2]. It works by inducing a state of ketosis in the body, during which it burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates, leading to weight loss and improved body composition.

The keto diet also offers a range of other health benefits, such as improving insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk of heart disease, and potentially slowing the progression of certain types of cancer.

They’re all gluten, grain, soy, and legume-free, which is great for people looking to limit their carbs and for those with food sensitivities. I will cover some example meals a bit later in this Green Chef review.

Green Chef Lower Carb Review 

There are also Green Chef Lower Carb meal options for those who only care about limiting their carbohydrate intake as much as possible.

The aspect that binds all of these meals together is that they all contain less than 50g of carbs per serving.

As such, these meals have fewer restrictions than other plans. As long as the ingredients provide less than 50 grams of net carbs in total then anything is on the table.

Green Chef Balanced Review

Next up is the option for those who aren’t so strict with their keto diet but still want fresh and healthy meals. Green Chef Balanced plans have a more equal distribution of fats, carbs, and proteins

You can expect these meals to contain classic options like chicken, broccoli, and rice.

If that trifecta made you shudder in fear then I’m assuming you’ve never tasted it when it came from Green Chef’s kitchen. They still prioritize flavor and choices like these prove that foods can be nutritious and exciting.

Green Chef Keto Meals

I briefly touched upon some keto meals earlier in this Green Chef review, but keto is having a bit of the moment in the spotlight and it seems like people don’t know how to optimize the proper balance of low carbs, higher fats, and adequate protein to instigate ketosis. 

Thankfully, that’s where these Green Chef keto meals come in. They take care of the calculations and measurements so that all you have to do is read the instructions, follow them, then shove your hearty feast down your throat.

Or, you could politely nibble away at it, I won’t judge you regardless. 

Green Chef Keto Baked Ricotta Chicken With Pesto Green Beans Review 

What I love about the Green Chef Keto Baked Ricotta Chicken With Pesto Green Beans is how it retains traditional Italian flavors like basil and oregano while maintaining a keto-friendly macronutrient breakdown.

This dish is the one for any cheese lovers reading this Green Chef review as it contains both mozzarella and ricotta cheese alongside some green beans coated with Parmesan cheese.

The entire meal contains only 560 kcals of cheesy goodness with a whopping 52 grams of protein and 34 grams of fat

You’ll also be getting a generous serving of vegetables with the Green Chef Keto Baked Ricotta Chicken With Pesto Green Beans as it contains both red peppers and green beans.

It’s a phenomenal way to eat your vegetables because you want to, not because you have to.

Green Chef Keto Garlic-Dijon Pork Chops Review

Did the last dish I mentioned in this Green Chef review entice you but feel like it was missing a little garlic?

Luckily for you, there’s the Green Chef Keto Garlic-Dijon Pork Chops, a homestyle dish that can wallop your tastebuds with flavor.

Honestly, this meal seems plain fun to prepare. All you need to do is prepare a quick pan sauce with garlic, cream cheese, and Dijon mustard

If you’ve never prepared a pan sauce in your life then you’re missing out on one of the most enjoyable culinary excursions. Ladle that creamy dream sauce over a seared pork chop and some cooked vegetables and you’ll understand.

The Green Chef Keto Garlic-Dijon Pork Chops only takes 25 minutes to prepare and contains 36 grams of protein, making it a speedy option for those in a rush.

Who Is Green Chef For? 

Green Chef Review

Certain people will jump for joy as they look into Green Chef’s meal plans. The company’s plan focuses on delivering healthy and quick meals for people who want organic food and may have dietary restrictions. 

So, if you’re crunched for time and also suffocated by the lack of healthy options for your diet then you might love Green Chef.

Green Chef Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Green Chef Review

A company is only as good as its customer reception, and that’s true with Green Chef.

I’ve put together a list of aggregate Green Chef review scores from across the internet to see what people think about the brand and their services:

  • Influenster: 4.2/5 stars based on more than 80 ratings
  • ⅘ stars based on more than 100 ratings
  • TrustPilot: 3/5 stars based on more than 1,500 ratings

Of the positive Green Chef reviews I read, nearly every customer praised the taste of the meals. Customers frequently mentioned that the meals came together quickly and packed a mouthful of flavor

People also enjoyed the robust dietary options available through Green Chef. They were able to accommodate families that did not share the same diet.

The overall health of the Green Chef meals was commended across the board. Consumers felt that they were able to eat healthier without having to expend extra effort. This was an added bonus considering how quickly people could prepare the meals. 

They said that Green Chef’s recipes came together in roughly the same time that it would take them to order from a fast-food restaurant. Thus, people could eat better and save time.

These are some short customer testimonials that speak to the company’s appeal:

  • We are just loving our Green Chef deliveries. Three weeks in and we feel like we’re eating quality, properly portioned meals that fill us up. “
  • “The meals are perfectly portioned, and the seasonings are very flavorful. The recipe instructions are simple and easy to follow.”
  • “The recipes are absolutely delicious. The flavor is amazing, better than some restaurants, and all created in the comfort of my own kitchen. Big time saver too.

That being said, some pieces of criticism kept popping up among buyers’ reports. People mentioned that the company would occasionally miss delivery times.

Not every Green Chef review mentioned this, so it’s likely that it isn’t the norm, but it cropped up just enough that it’s worth noting, but not enough to spoil the whole meal, as it were.

Besides that, customers adored the flavors, ease of preparation, creativity in the recipes, and dietary options that Green Chef provided.

Is Green Chef Legit?

Green Chef Review

The resounding customer satisfaction does indeed prove the legitimacy of this brand.

Is Green Chef Worth It?

Green Chef Review

I think Green Chef is worth it if you have strict dietary restrictions and don’t have much time in the kitchen.

If you really need a helping hand to get you on the track toward healthier eating then Green Chef is a good option, and doubly so if you have allergies.

That being said, keep in mind the service’s high price point. As such, I think Green Chef is a purchase that could yield delicious outcomes.

Green Chef Promotions & Discounts 

Green Chef Review

If you are looking for the best discounts, well, right now you can get $200 OFF with our exclusive code HONEST200.

You should see a small pop-up when you access Green Chef’s website that informs you about the promotion.

There are actually more savings that you can earn if you’re a military veteran, teacher, nurse, medical provider, or first responder.

Simply verify your employment with Green Chef and they’ll send you a discount code that you can use on a future order.

Where To Buy Green Chef

Green Chef Review

You can sign up for Green Chef keto meals – or any meals – on the company’s website,


Who owns Green Chef?

Green Chef is owned by Hello Fresh.

Are all of Green Chef’s ingredients certified organic?

One of the best things about Green Chef is that all of their ingredients are certified organic

What is Green Chef’s Shipping Policy?

All Green Chef orders cost $10 for shipping. The brand delivers to every continental state, meaning that they cannot ship their orders to Alaska or Hawaii.

You can select which day of the work week you would like your box delivered. 

What is Green Chef’s Return Policy?

If you are interested in receiving a refund on your Green Chef subscription then you will have to contact them directly for more information on the return process. 

How To Contact Green Chef

If you have any further questions that I did not address or answer, then consider contacting the company directly. You can email them at [email protected] or call them at (888) 236-7295.

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