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WeCook Meals Review

About WeCook

WeCook Meals Review

WeCook delivers nutritious meals with home-cooked tastes to customers in Ontario and Quebec. Although it is still a new brand, they’ve raised millions in investor funding, along with nearly 105K Instagram and Facebook followers combined.

There’s no question that food delivery businesses have boomed during the pandemic. Across North America, upstart and long-serving brands, including WeCook, have upped their game to reach as many customers as possible, helping them through difficult times.

But how do you know if it’s right for you? This WeCook meals review focuses on the pricing details, shipping options, meal variability, customer experiences, and all of the features that make this brand stand out among its competition.  

Overview of WeCook

WeCook Meals Review

WeCook was founded in 2013 by Etienne Plourde and Jonathan Roy. Their key mission is to use fresh, local ingredients in combination with the skill of their elite chefs, to offer you high-quality meal deliveries.

WeCook is unique because it is determined to bring healthy lifestyle solutions to two of the largest Canadian provinces. It’s about building an enduring brand that improves people’s lives and grows organically. WeCook prepares real meals that ensure you don’t just get through the day, but thrive.

That’s why WeCook healthy food delivery uses ingredients such as coconut, ginger, and sweet potato, to name a few, with specific purpose. They know the health and beautifying benefits of each item—and blend them together to make sure that meals are balanced, nutritious, and have variety.

In 2020, WeCook worked with healthcare providers in Quebec and delivered over 7,000 full meals to frontline workers for free, including attendants, doctors, and nurses. It amounted to a month of free food for 300 people.

Highly appreciated and well-deserved by the healthcare workers who accepted the offer, we can see from this example how high-functioning professionals in a stressful, pandemic workplace are well-served by the quality of WeCook pre made meals and the reliability of its delivery.

WeCook Meals Review

The WeCook delivery service has proven itself as a top Canadian meal provider. But that doesn’t mean they have mastered every aspect of their service. This WeCook meals review will now give you a rundown of some pros and cons: 


  • Healthy and tasty meals that power people through high-stress jobs
  • Over 500 rotating recipes available
  • Highly flexible subscription plans allow you to skip weeks, cancel, or modify your meal deliveries
  • WeCook also sells high-quality vacuum-sealed meats in bulk to their members
  • Delivery is free!


●  Available only in Ontario and Quebec
●  Delivery issues in the GTA due to COVID-19 
●  Subscription-only service for their meal plans

How Does WeCook Work?

WeCook Meals Review

WeCook meal prep delivery takes to heart the fact that “we are what we eat”—and also that your time is precious. That’s why every single one of their meals takes, at most, 2 minutes to heat/prepare, saving you hours that you would have spent shopping and cooking.

WeCook offers all kinds of customization options for their members. To experience all its benefits, you must first sign up for a plan. That means it’s a subscription-only meal delivery service.

If that all sounds good, the first thing you do is choose how much meat you want in your plan: small at 100g or regular at 200g. Of course, WeCook has vegetarian options as well. The next level is to select how many meals you want per week from the following options, ranked from fewest to most:

1. 6 meals per week
2. 9 meals per week
3. 14 meals per week
4. 22 to 30 meals per week

WeCook Meals Review

From there, you will have access to the WeCook cook it menu. Available on the brand’s website or app, this step allows you to select specific meal options, side dishes, and how many of those you want in your weekly delivery. 

There are also snacks to choose from, which you can use to supplement any order, in addition to meats and other stand-alone foods that come in a vacuum seal. There are different menus—like a WeCook Fit Menu, for example—and they are updated weekly, so that you always have new meal options to choose from.

No matter which subscription plan you go for, it will arrive on your doorstep as a weekly delivery, in an insulted and recyclable box.

WeCook 6 Meal / Week Review

WeCook Menu Review

The 6 Meal / Week plan is ideal for replacing 1 home-cooked meal from Monday to Saturday. WeCook also delivers to businesses and offices, meaning that you can fill up on some tasty Chicken Breast Parmigiana with Garlic Vegetable Penne and Rapini, and get back to your desk on time.

Whether you want the 6 Meal / Week plan for a working WeCook boite repas or a post-workout dinner, it costs $13 per meal for a total weekly cost of $78.

WeCook 9 Meal / Week Review

WeCook Menu Review

WeCook’s 9 Meal / Week plan gives you enough food for lunch and dinner Monday to Thursday, while leaving one dish for Friday. This option is perfect for busy parents or hustling young professionals who need to stay healthy and eat well, but who don’t have time to pick up culinary skills.

The 9 Meal / Week plan includes delicious menu items updated weekly, including Grilled Steak with Chimichurri Sauce and Jambalaya. It costs $12 per meal or $108 per week.

WeCook 14 Meal / Week Review

WeCook Menu Review

The 14 Meal / Week plan is the most popular delivery option. Customers love it because it has enough meals to include a wide range of delicious foods. It’s also enough so that you can either freeze and savour lunches for 2 whole weeks at work—with extras for a WeCook cadeau—or have lunch and dinner covered for all 7 days of the week.

The 14 Meal / Week plan offers meals like Italian Salad with Orzo & Antipasto and Pork Tenderloin with BBQ Sauce. These options are all customizable with your choice of side and desired amount of protein. You can buy this plan for $11 per meal or $154 per week.

WeCook 22 to 30 Meal / Week Review

WeCook Menu Review

The 22 to 30 Meal plan is enough to feed you and your partner, a small family, or even a group of coworkers. Because it has the best cost per meal value of any WeCook plan, you should think about getting together with colleagues and splitting the cost. That way everyone gets filling, healthy, and affordable lunches delivered right to the workplace.

Of course, the same savings apply to orders delivered to a home address. The 22 to 30 Meal costs $10 per meal or $220 per week and has enough space for you to select all your favourite menu items. And don’t worry about getting tired of WeCook’s meals, because as we mentioned, they update frequently and have mastered many hundreds of recipes.

How Much is WeCook?

WeCook Menu Review

This WeCook meals review found that the price for a subscription varies from $10 per meal to $14 per meal, and that’s not including any discounts or promotions. The variation is because the brand gives you a better deal for a larger order.

So the more meals you commit to per week, the less they will cost on an individual basis. The other variable is whether you want 100g or 200g of meat with each dish.

Quick math shows us that their 22 meals per week plan provides 3 meals per day at a cost of $30. For the whole week, that subscription option costs $210. The pricing of We Cook’s vacuum-sealed meats and snacks is not publicly available, so sign up to find out how much those items cost.

WeCook Meals Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

WeCook Menu Review

This WeCook meals review looked across the internet to find a range of customer experiences and reactions to their interaction with this service. Fortunately, the brand has a Trustpilot page, where 68 subscribers gave them 4.1/5 stars. Customers regularly comment about the reliability of the service, and of how much food is included.

WeCook Menu Review

Facebook is another good source of WeCook menu reviews. The brand has over 65K followers and many leave comments about their favorite meals. It doesn’t take long to see that their members love the food variety and flavors. One user writes, “For me, it’s definitely: Bowl of shrimp in lime and cilantro sauce with rice and grilled vegetables.”

Is WeCook Worth It?

WeCook Menu Review

WeCook is worth it for anyone who wants to eat a healthy and balanced diet regularly, but also for people who want to free up time spent on preparing food. WeCook repas sante are a favorite in Quebec and Ontario with over 500 recipes for members to choose from. The brand is doing so well that they plan to soon expand to Western Canada.

Through WeCook’s philanthropic work in 2020, we know that their food is of good enough quality, and delivered consistently, to meet the needs of healthcare workers during a pandemic. Those frontline workers found it to be an excellent addition to their life, enabling them to focus and lower their stress. That is a great indicator that this company is a great choice overall.

There is also WeCook meal prep delivery, which offers both cooked and raw meats in vacuum-sealed format. This protein is the same as used in their meal plans: locally sourced whenever possible and high quality. It’s a great additional offering to the WeCook livraison repas.

WeCook Promotions & Discounts

WeCook Menu Review

This WeCook menu review found an easy way to save money. New members can receive discounts up to $10 to $20 off on their first order, depending on their meal plans. 

Other than the new member incentive, you can keep an eye on the brand’s Facebook page for future WeCook promo codes and giveaways.

Sign Up For WeCook

WeCook Menu Review

This WeCook menu review went over the brand’s sign up process and made this list for easy reading.

1. Go to and enter your email address on the home page

2. Choose when you want your meal delivery and where you live

3. Select how many meals you want per delivery

4. Go through the week’s menu items and select your favourites 

5. Customize your meals by choosing the sides and how many you want

6. Fill in your address

7. Enter your payment information and complete your first WeCook sign in


Who owns WeCook?

WeCook Menu Review

WeCook is owned by Etienne Plourde and Jonathan Roy. The company started as Nutrition Fit Plus, and later received millions in investment and rebranded to WeCook. Plourde has remained the CEO through it all.

How much does WeCook cost?

The WeCook price varies by customer. That’s because the brand offers different meal delivery plans, which sometimes include promotions, like for new members. 

Then, we have to consider the difference between the 100g and 200g meat options that customers can choose between the 4+ meal delivery plans. Additionally, there are snacks and vacuum-sealed meats available for purchase as delivery supplements or a bulk order.

One thing that is certain, and outlined on WeCook’s FAQ section, is that any order must amount to either 6 meals or $100 of other products. While this is always the case with meal deliveries (6 meals is the smallest option), it also requires bulk order of their vacuum-sealed meats, for example, to be of a certain quantity. 

How do I cancel my WeCook subscription?

Cancelling your WeCook subscription is super easy. All you have to do is call the customer support line at 514-885-7587, where you will speak to a real person and ensure everything is processed properly. 

The only limitation is the customer service hours, which are currently 9 AM to 9 PM (no time zone specified).

What is WeCook’s Shipping Policy?

Since the company operates only within Ontario and Quebec, they can provide deliveries for free. This WeCook menu review found that you don’t need to be at home to receive your order. If you can’t answer the door, the box will be left on your porch.

Keep in mind that WeCook delivers to business and work addresses as well. So if you really need your food delivery to come to your office, then you can easily set that up.

No matter where, your delivery will occur between 9 AM and 9 PM. Each order arrives in a recyclable and insulated box that keeps the food in great condition. That said, this WeCook meals review recommends moving the meals to a refrigerator at the earliest opportunity.

What is WeCook’s Return Policy?

After researching, this WeCook meals review has determined that the brand does not have a refund or return policy. This makes sense, given the vast health and safety concerns that would come from customers trying to return perishable food items.

How to Contact WeCook

WeCook nutrition fit plus is available to contact through the Live Chat widget on their website, found at the bottom of the homepage. You can also reach them via:

If you are looking for more ways to get meals delivered to your home, here are a few other options to consider:

Factor 75

Blue Apron Weight Watchers



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We Cook is amazing!
Miguel Canones
3 years ago Reply

Thank you for this review Suzie. Very well done. I just signed up and I am loving it. It’s perfect for busy people like me. No need to worry about thinking what to cook, cooking, dishes or even going to the store as much. The meals are tasty, generous, varried and healthy.

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