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Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

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Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

I’ll level with you. I love coffee, and I know I drink way too much of it. For me, there’s no beverage that can replace it—and I’ve tried them all. From mushroom brews made entirely of fungi to caffeine-free nootropics, as much as I can appreciate these alternatives, I keep coming back to coffee.

Like most coffee addicts, I put up with the negative side effects such as brain fog, anxiety, and jitters so that I can enjoy the initial energy and mood lift. To be quite honest, caffeine-free mushroom brews—the ones without actual coffee in them—don’t really do it for me. I want the buzz, but I would love it if there was a way to get it without the crash. 

When Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee landed on my plate (in my cup, rather) for my next review, I wondered if a more perfect product for me could have been created. 

I’m not the only one to think this product is worth sipping. The Evening Standard called the brew “the obvious choice for the discerning coffee connoisseur” thanks to its “rich and chocolatey” taste. 

Are you looking for a different kind of coffee? Balance might be for you. To find out, check out this Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee review. I’ve packed it with key information about the brew to help you get a feel for its taste, benefits, star ingredients, and more. 

Need an overview? The highlights are just below.


  • Specialty beans grown in Mexico and Uganda
  • Milk chocolate flavor profile means no mushroom taste!
  • 1500mg of organic Lion’s Mane mushroom extract
  • Tested for mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

To fully understand the mission behind Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee, you’ve got to know about its founder, James Bellis. Launching the brand in 2020 after a change in business plans, he realized the UK needed a healthier kind of coffee—the kind that wasn’t grown for mass consumption, sprayed with toxic pesticides, or stored in the perfect conditions for mold growth. 

Balance coffee is naturally clean and does not contain mold, mycotoxins, or pesticides. In fact, the specialty-grade coffee is sourced from the top 5% of coffee farms worldwide, and Balance pays 25% more to get it. It’s a change in quality you’ll notice from the first sip.

While the brand has espresso, filter, and decaf coffee in its collection, for this review, I was sent the Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee—an extra special brew fortified with an extra special extract. And no, it’s not hallucinogenic, although it is totally magical.

Coming up in this Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee review, you’ll come to know my experience with the beverage including everything from tasting notes to unexpected benefits. Ready for a positive change in your daily coffee routine? Let’s get into it. 

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee: First Impressions

When I received my bag of the Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee, the packaging really struck me. It’s clean looking and simple—much like the coffee itself. I really like that Balance doesn’t overcomplicate their coffee. Instead, they focus on high quality and let their brews do the talking. 

The next thing I judged was the smell, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Because mushroom brews have somewhat of a reputation for smelling and tasting like dirt (and I can confirm this), I didn’t know if Balance’s would be any different. 

It was. In fact, it was a whole lot different. It smelt just like freshly-roasted, medium-roast coffee. Because it is. 

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Tasting Notes

The scent is one thing, but taste? That’s a completely different kettle of fish. The profile on the bag said that it was a medium roast coffee made with beans sourced from Mexico and Uganda. The brand describes the tasting notes as “milk chocolate, hazelnut, and fig on the finish,” and with that to look forward to, I brewed my first cup according to the directions. 

I enjoy coffee in all different forms. Black, with a touch of milk and sweetener, with real sugar, and so on. I tried out several different combinations to see how this coffee would stand with all kinds of coffee drinkers. It didn’t disappoint. 

Balance Coffee claims that its Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee doesn’t have any mushroom flavor, and I find that to be true. However, it does have a lingering acidity that reminded me there was something extra special in my cup—and I liked that. Whether that was from the specialty beans themselves or because of the extract, I’m not sure. What I am sure of though, is that it tastes much better than your average commercially produced brew.

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Benefits

Balance Coffee makes great coffee, period, but the reason you would buy the Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee over their regular brews comes from the benefits you’ll experience. The brand says that by consuming this particular coffee, you’ll experience the following:

  • Improved cognition and memory
  • Deep focus
  • Clean energy
  • No jitters or crash
  • Regenerate brain cells

These effects are backed up by numerous studies like this one that speaks of the brain regenerative properties of the ‘shrooms. One of the really cool things about the Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee is that while it’s a pleasure to sip, the longer you drink it, the more benefits you’ll experience. Here’s what to expect on days 1 through 7:

  • Day 1: Clean, calm, sustained energy boost
  • Day 3: No jitters, incredible focus
  • Day 7: Better sleep, improved productivity 

Kiss brain fog goodbye and get on the mushroom coffee train. This incredible brew is taking coffee into the future and gives you the best of both worlds: a tasty drink you can enjoy throughout the day and the brain-boosting benefits of a science-backed adaptogen.

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Ingredients

These benefits come from the adaptogenic Lion’s Mane Mushrooms in the brew. You’ll get 1500mg per bag, and at a ratio of 1:5 mushroom extract to coffee, there’s more than enough to deliver. In addition, there is also vitamin B3 and 1000s of antioxidants to help you feel great and ready to take on the day. 

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee: How To Brew

I know I’ve already said that this mushroom coffee is made from medium-roast specialty beans, but for some reason when the word “mushroom” is thrown into a product title, I (and many others) assume the process for making it is complicated. If you were under this assumption, you’ll be happy to know that making a cup is just as easy as ever. To make, follow these steps to brew 2 cups:

  1. Measure out 4 tablespoons (30 grams) of the mushroom coffee into your French Press
  2. Pour 500ml of boiling water into your French Press, then stir to agitate
  3. Leave for 6-12 minutes before enjoying

You should note that the longer you leave your coffee the brew, the richer it will taste, and the more mushroom benefits will make it into your cup. If you want the most from your coffee, leave it for the full 12 minutes.

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Price

Chomping at the bit to purchase your Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee? It’s £18.99 for a bag that makes 15 cups of coffee. If you plan on making it a regular thing, I highly recommend subscribing. You’ll save 15% on every recurring order and pay £16.14 per bag. Subscribing comes with additional perks including:

  • Free, VIP shipping on every order
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Access to a digital coffee course worth £99
  • Part of the brand’s effort to plant more trees

You can buy up to 3 bags of the mushroom coffee at a time which will set you up for success for a month and a half if you drink one cup of coffee per day. Subscribing means you’ll pay £1.60 per cup–that’s less than what you’d pay in a cafe for a regular toxic cup of coffee without brain-boosting benefits!

Who is Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee For?

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee is for anyone who loves coffee and wants to keep drinking coffee but wants to avoid the negative effects that come with it. Helping to enhance your focus, if you’re after a better brew for getting things done, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think? 

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

I loved Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee, but you don’t have to take just my word for it—so many others are raving about it as well. On, the brew has a 4.9/5 star score among 20 reviews. All of the comments told of the spectacular effects of this coffee, but the first that stood out to me read:

Almost finished my first bag – my baseline anxiety has gone way down and it feels like my mind can process things in a more organized fashion which has been really helpful day to day. My overall motivation has improved and there’s no jitters like normal coffee!

This Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee review is super helpful for anyone who gets anxious after drinking too much caffeine. Another customer wrote of how addicting this coffee is (in the best way!). 

This stuff is insane! Newly hooked and probs won’t go back to drinking normal coffee. I bought it because the Nerve Growth Factor brain benefits too,” they reported in their Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee review.

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee also did really well in the news. The Independent said, “the flavor is surprisingly similar to regular coffee and this has quickly become our go-to brew post-mid-day (due to being a little sensitive to caffeine).

I didn’t find any negative reviews for this coffee online, nor for the brand in general. Customers love the integrity of the company and its mission. They’re also big fans of the clean nature of their brews and their taste. As for the mushroom coffee, they report a rich, pleasant taste and confirm the benefits the brand boasts. All in all, a clear winner for coffee lovers!

Is Balance Coffee Legit?

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

Balance Coffee is undeniably legit. From the company itself to its mission to the coffee itself, everything about this brand is authentic and clean, which makes it 100% worth checking out. 

Is Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Worth It?

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee is perfect for folks like me who love coffee and don’t want to give up coffee, but are searching for something that doesn’t give them the jitters, anxiety, and eventual crash. 

As someone who has tried a lot of coffee alternatives, I’ve come to love this extra special brew that tastes like a delicious cup of coffee—because it is. It isn’t mushroom power masquerading as “coffee”, nor is it a performance-enhancing energy drink that promises supernatural energy. 

It’s a delicious coffee infused with the natural, organic superpowers of Lion’s Mane mushrooms—a type of mushroom with a flush of studies behind it supporting the cognitive-enhancing benefits that come from consuming it regularly. 

That means that adding Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee to your daily routine isn’t just something you’ll enjoy in the moment. It’s also something you’ll reap the benefits of the longer you drink it. 

Don’t cut out coffee! Just sip smarter with Balance.

Balance Coffee Promotions & Discounts

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

While scoping out the brand’s website for this Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee review, a few different discounts popped up at me. The first one was to save £5 by signing up for the newsletter. 

Next, I was prompted to save 15% on my first order by entering my email, and I also noticed shipping is free when spending over £25

Balance also offers a subscription for their coffees. Sign up and you’ll get 15% off every recurring order. Want more? Join their Rewards Program to start earning points with every order. If you’re in school, you can also save 40% on your first subscription order through Student Beans. 

Where To Buy Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

You can buy Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee directly from


Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

Who owns Balance Coffee?

James Bellis owns Balance Coffee. He founded the brand in 2020 and is focused on offering a healthier alternative to all the caffeine addicts out there. 

Will my coffee taste like mushrooms?

Balance has made sure that your coffee will not taste like mushrooms. They taste-tested hundreds of recipes to find one that tasted perfect. The Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee tastes just as coffee should—delicious!

How do I know I’ll be getting the benefits of the mushroom coffee?

There is a ratio of 20% mushroom extract to 80% coffee in the Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee. This potent blend ensures you’ll reap the benefits of the mushrooms themselves.

Is your coffee roasted fresh?

Balance Coffee is roasted fresh and then heat-sealed immediately after it’s bagged. Coffee is bagged 24-48 hours after roasting. 

What is Balance Coffee’s Shipping Policy?

Right now, Balance Coffee only ships within the UK and Ireland. All orders over £30 are shipping for free, but right now the brand is offering that all orders over £25 ship for free. Here’s what else you should know about shipping:

  • Orders under 2KG are shipped via Royal Mail 48-hour service. These orders arrive in 1-3 business days
  • Orders over 2KG are shipped via DPD via their next-day delivery service

What is Balance Coffee’s Return Policy?

Balance Coffee offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with what you receive, get in touch with the brand and they’ll give you a full refund. Other important details of the policy include:

  1. Goods must be returned in their original, unopened packaging
  2. You must ship the goods back and pay for the cost of return shipping
  3. Custom orders and roasted coffee are exempt from this policy

To get started with a return, email [email protected]. You can also start the process by using the online return portal.

How To Contact Balance Coffee

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Review

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee review, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the brand. They can be reached by emailing [email protected] or calling 07825882755. Their customer service hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

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