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Ocean Bottle Review

About Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle Review

Ocean Bottle is a UK company selling durable, reusable water bottles to customers across the globe! As you’d guess from their name, this company is known for their commitment to clean oceans.

Their mission is to remove as much plastic from waterways as possible, while providing customers with an eco-conscious water bottle.

My Ocean Bottle review will introduce you to this brand, who are on a quest to stop plastic waste from entering our oceans by replacing disposable water bottles with a product designed to last a lifetime.

Their Ocean Bottle is manufactured from stainless steel and recycled plastic that was once headed to our waterways.

This new brand is resonating with conscientious customers. They have over 4k followers on Facebook and 34k followers on Instagram, and have been featured in Forbes and Time

My Ocean Bottle review will look at this brand’s product, buying highlights, and customer feedback, to help you decide if it’s time to make the switch to their ocean-friendly approach to staying hydrated.

Keep reading my Ocean Bottle review as I look at this brand’s backstory.

Overview of Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle Review

Ocean Bottle was launched in 2019 by co-founders William Pearson and Nick Doman. These young entrepreneurs wanted to tackle the ocean plastics pollution problem while making an excellent reusable water bottle that would replace customer’s disposable plastic bottles forever!

A key part of this company’s mission is to divert plastics from polluted waterways before they flow into marine ecosystems. Ocean Bottle invests their profits into initiatives that pay people in some of the most polluted regions in the world to collect plastic waste, which the company then recycles. 

So far, they have dedicated 16% of their revenue (over $1 million dollars) to this fantastic effort, and have collected over 4 million kilograms of plastic pollution, supported 4,000 families, and helped regulate over 300 waste collection sites. 

Let’s take a peek at the highlights of buying from this eco brand!


  • Reusable Ocean Bottle is made from stainless steel and recycled plastic
  • Durable water bottle should last for life
  • Company collects plastic bottles that are polluting waterways
  • Provides income for people in coastal towns
  • Certified B corporation – eco- and socially conscious

Ocean Bottle Review

This company is setting a high standard for what we should expect of our water bottles! To learn more about their best-selling, trendsetting product, my Ocean Bottle review is going to have a closer look at the multi-featured Ocean Bottle.

Ocean Bottle

The Ocean Bottle is a water bottle that will last you a lifetime! This bottle has a simple, sleek design and can easily adapt to all of your drinking preferences. 

The Ocean Bottle is compact, easy to take care of, convenient to carry, and can even be personalized with a custom engraving. Check out its special features:

  1. Designed to keep drinks cold or hot with its vacuum thermos insulation
  2. Can be used to store anything from hot coffee, to smoothies, to soup
  3. 500 ml capacity
  4. Has a “double opening,” so it’s easy to clean out
  5. Dishwasher-safe
  6. Top cap can be removed and used as a cup!
  7. Won’t leak or sweat
  8. Comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts
  9. 2-year manufacturing guarantee

For every Ocean Bottle you buy, the company commits to funding the collection of over 11 kilos of plastics (or about 1,000 plastic bottles) from the waters of polluted regions. 

Ocean Bottle is proud to partner with charities like Plastics for Change and Plastics Bank in order to employ waste collectors in coastal villages where plastics have entered waterways. This helps to employ locals with well-paying work while stopping more plastics from entering the ocean.

Conscientious customers will love that every Ocean Bottle is made from recycled stainless steel and BPA-free plastic – and can be recycled again once you’re done with it! 

Ocean Bottle explains that their product was designed in conjunction with K8 Design, a Norwegian firm. The Ocean Bottle is a Green Product Award winner and a reddot winner for 2020, honors that recognize its eco-friendly and thoughtful design.

The Ocean Bottle is 8.7 inches tall and is available in the following colors:

  • Sky blue
  • Orange
  • Ocean blue
  • Obsidian black
  • Forest green
  • Rock grey

Hydrate responsibly with the Ocean Bottle for $60.

Who Is Ocean Bottle For? 

Ocean Bottle Review

Buyers looking for a versatile and long-lasting water container will be happy to find that this bottle is both built to last and well-insulated to keep drinks hot or cold! 

The Ocean Bottle will especially appeal to busy people who need to be able to pack their favorite drink in a leak-free bottle in their work bag or hiking pack to enjoy on the go. 

Customers looking to make responsible purchases will also appreciate the brand’s commitment to social and environmental causes. 

As a B Corp-certified company, customers can trust that Ocean Bottle’s business model has been recognized as sustainable and ethical. My Ocean Bottle review has seen how the brand makes a significant contribution to positive employment and pollution clean-up, which is something all customers can get behind!

What Is Ocean Bottle’s Impact? 

Ocean Bottle Review

According to their website, this company has partnered with non-profits Plastic Bank and Plastics for Change to make sure that Ocean Bottle has the most effective impact possible.

Ocean Bottle are doing their part by tackling a few problems at once: They help divert plastics from the ocean and into recycled goods, provide people in developing countries with employment, and contribute to the circular economy by using recycled materials to manufacture their water bottles.

Ocean Bottle explains that an astonishing 22 million kgs of plastics pollutes the ocean every day! These plastics originate from around the world, especially Western countries, and end up in coastal communities that do not have the waste infrastructure to properly reuse or recycle them

Tossed into lakes and rivers, these plastics eventually enter the ocean where they ruin marine ecosystems – that’s where Ocean Bottle comes in!

Ocean Bottle’s charity partners operate in places such as the Philippines, India, and Malaysia, where they pay people fair living wages to collect plastic waste and bring it to centers where it can be properly recycled

These nonprofits focus on rivers and streams because it is more practical to collect plastic before it reaches the ocean, than to seek out plastics that have already entered it. And of course, the Ocean Bottle itself is made from recycled materials, and can be recycled yet again when you’re done with it. 

Ocean Bottle Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ocean Bottle Review

This company shares customer testimonials on their official website. Buyers on are loving this product’s easy design and the powerful eco impact it’s making too. 

One man shares in his Ocean Bottle review: “Not only do I get loads of compliments on the striking orange color but it’s super handy to have a water bottle that doubles as a coffee keep cup that really maintains temperature!”

Another customer says she is appreciative of this company’s commitment to saving ocean ecosystems. She shares in her Ocean Bottle review: The thing I love the most about your product is that you’re motivating people to take care of the ocean.”

On the review site TrustPilot, the company has a fantastic 4.6 out of 5 star rating based on 376 Ocean Bottle reviews. Shoppers on TrustPilot love that the Ocean Bottle is reliable and user-friendly, and focused on giving back.

One buyer shares in his Ocean Bottle review: Ocean bottle have been exceptional in all ways. The new bottle I am using is now the only bottle that I will use to ensure my comfort level is maintained when I need it to be…Two or three times a week, I need a hot drink to keep morale high, the ocean bottle is absolutely perfect in every way, and believe me I have been searching for the holy grail of thermally insulating drinking vessels for years!”

Another customer loves Ocean Bottle’s charitable impact on marine life and coastal towns, reporting in her Ocean Bottle review: “A brilliant solution for the plastic and poverty problems. Smart design, minimalist aesthetics, versatile use. Beautiful, lightweight and practical.” 

Yet another shopper found that this brand also offers friendly and prompt customer service. She shares in her Ocean Bottle review: “The awareness it raised helps spreading word and getting more people to support the cause to save our oceans. The people at Ocean Bottle are very nice and helpful with query one may have.”

This company also has some Ocean Bottle reviews on Amazon, where they sell their product through their official brand page. Their Ocean Bottle has a great 4.5 out of 5 star rating here, based on over 100 reviews.

One woman praises Ocean Bottle for their excellent design and conscientious business model, writing, “Really cool water bottle that is more than nicely made and good function, it has meaning and purpose. Made from non composite materials, recycled stainless steel and upcycled ocean bound plastic, this piece gives you the feel good as you subtract your carbon footprint..”

Overall, customers are really loving their Ocean Bottles, which deliver on the company’s promise of good insulation, convenient handling, and beautiful design. They also appreciate that they can feel good about this purchase and the positive impact it’s making on our planet.

Is Ocean Bottle Legit?

Ocean Bottle Review

Yes! This brand raises no red flags with regards to things like performance and shipping, and has solid customer reviews, too. 

Is Ocean Bottle Worth It?

Ocean Bottle Review

As our Ocean Bottle review has learned, this company is doing a lot of good with one high-quality product. Their Ocean Bottle is gaining glowing reviews from customers who love its durability, convenience, and smart, stylish design.

Just as importantly, Ocean Bottle is a great example of a company responding to our current environmental crisis by participating in the ‘circular economy’ – their product is made from recycled materials that can all be reused in the future. 

Ocean Bottle’s business model is also inspiringly proactive. Their support means nonprofits are being given a way to employ people to clean up their own towns and regions, and can benefit from doing so both economically and ecologically. 

With this in mind, our Ocean Bottle review can definitely recommend making a purchase from this brand.

Ocean Bottle Promotions & Discounts 

Ocean Bottle Review

If you’re a new customer, you can spin to win on the Ocean Bottle website! Other than that, this company does not have any promotions or discounts available.

Where to Buy Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle Review

Purchase the brand’s Ocean Bottle from their official website.


Ocean Bottle Review

Who owns Ocean Bottle?

Co-founders William Pearson and Nick Doman own Ocean Bottle.

Does Ocean Bottle ship internationally?

Yes, Ocean Bottle ships worldwide!

What is Ocean Bottle’s Shipping Policy?

This Ocean Bottle review found the following shipping info on their website:

  • UK: 2-3 day delivery at £5 
  • Europe: 3-6 day delivery for £8.50
  • International: 5-9 day delivery for £10

Orders outside of the UK may be subject to local customs and duties, not included in the shipping price. 

What is Ocean Bottle’s Return Policy?

My Ocean Bottle review found that this company will refund or exchange your item if you initiate your return within 30 days of making your purchase. Send the brand an email to start the process. 

Ocean Bottle shares that it does not refund gift cards or engraved items. Customers are also responsible for return shipping fees.

How to Contact Ocean Bottle

Reach out to Ocean Bottle at their customer service email address: [email protected].

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