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Pepper Bra Review

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About Pepper 

Pepper Bra Review

For women with small breasts, the wrong bra can be a serious confidence killer. Cups that sag and extra space can make those tangerines look like pancakes. People who aren’t voluptuous in the upper region have as much right to well-fitting bras as those who are.

Pepper designs attractive and empowering bras specifically for small chested women. Their bras feature special no-gapping cups that scoop and lift breasts for an ultra-flattering look. The brand also sells accessories that promote comfort, confidence, and sustainability. 

Pepper has been featured in Shape, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Glamour, PopSugar, Hello Giggles, and Bustle, and Huffington Post and has almost 49k followers on Instagram. This brand has gained a reputation, but have they earned it?

This Pepper bra review will offer a comprehensive view of the brand, including their best sellers and what customers think of them, promotions, plus more, to help you decide if these intimates are worth the buy. 

Overview of Pepper 

Pepper Bra Review

Pepper was born out of two friend’s desire for women to never be judged on their chest size. Founders Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd created the brand in 2017 with the help of the $10,000 they raised on Kick Starter. They reached their goal within the first 10 hours that their campaign was live. 

The company designs its bras in Colombia, where the country has a history of expertise in manufacturing lingerie. Pepper’s facility provides jobs for single mothers, or those who support their household. The brand is committed to an ethical and sustainable approach towards its manufacturing and textiles, and works to minimize its carbon footprint. 

The brand believes that “everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin.” Their bras are made from high-quality polyester and spandex, and the cups are manufactured in a way that lifts and shapes smaller boobs to help them look their best. The brand carries three different styles: the All You Bra, the Limitless Wirefree Bra, and the Laidback Lace Bra

Pepper Bra Review

This Pepper bra review will now highlight some pros and cons of the brand.


  • High-quality bras designed specifically for small chested women
  • Bras cause no gapping or tugging
  • Accessories including scrunchies, socks, face masks, laundry bags, and more
  • Ethical and sustainable manufacturing
  • Free returns on bras


  • Only three bra designs 
  • Shipping limited to the US
Pepper Bra Review

Pepper’s bras and accessories are flattering, flirty, and fun. The brand creates items that are not only smartly designed, but ones to make women feel confident in their skin. Pepper bras are akin to small chested women, as Penny bras are for large-chested women.

Pepper Bras Review

Finding a way to be comfortable and look great when it comes to looking for a bra in a small cup and band size can be a nightmare. Pepper bras are specially made to flatter and fit small chested women properly while also boosting confidence.

Pepper bras are built to eliminate the gapping that traditional bras can show women with small bitties. This Pepper bra review will cover each of their three designs:

Pepper Limitless Wirefree Bra Review

The Limitless Wirefree Bra is made with Pepper’s super soft fabric that provides lift to small boobs, without making them look like something they’re not. This bra hugs your chest while providing coverage for any activity. Pepper describes it as yoga pants for your boobs, and molds to your breasts the way yoga pants highlight your bottom. 

The Limitless Wirefree Bra features a hook clasp closure on the back. To find your perfect fit, take the Pepper fit quiz on their website. This bra isn’t a sports bra, although it has a band around the bottom. It’s more like a traditional bralette but made to fit you better. This IBTC bra looks great under any top and is a comfortable, go-to choice for daily wear. 

The color palette options for this bra are like a neutral, trendy desert theme, reminiscent of dunes and red clay. Try out this versatile, comfy bra in colors Sienna Rose, Black, Tuscan, Coral Cloud, or Cocoa for $48.

Pepper All You Bra Review

The All You Bra is Pepper’s bestselling bra. This design features a comfortable underwire that works to accentuate your breasts, and helps you to enjoy them for what they are. The brand aims to stop all negativity around having small breasts and wants to help those with them to appreciate their bodies. 

Although this style has an underwire, you will not get the dreaded bra-gap, nor push-up padding. The All You Bra is made with Pepper’s Authentic Lift design that will hug and lift your curves like stretchy yoga pants. It’s available in 7 colors for personalization and variety.

With its sleek design, you can wear this bra under any type of shirt you desire. It’s a great option for your daily go-to, with enough support to provide comfort all day. You can get this confidence-inspiring bra for $59. 

Pepper Laidback Lace Bra Review

The Laidback Lace Bra is sweet and sexy, and was designed to make you feel good in your skin. This bra is so comfortable that you can wear it with sweatpants and a tee, but elegant enough to wear out on a dinner date under a revealing top for a pop of interest. 

The bra features cups that are more shallow than regular bras to ensure it lays flat to your chest and does not gap. The bottom has a special elastic to make sure it never rides up again. Goodbye bra tugging! 

This style is made with Pepper’s signature Authentic Lift. It comes with color options of Coral Cloud, Beige, Sienna Rose, Black, and Blush Crush. This simple yet elegant bra retails for $54.

Pepper Cotton Underwear Review

The Cotton Underwear Pack is designed as thoughtfully as their bras. They look like the type of underwear every girl wants to own–soft and thin with a barely-there feel. 

This underwear design has slight hemming around the edge, which provides a stay-put effect and prevents falling during the day, or when you take your pants off. The Cotton Underwear Pack is available with three pairs in Beige, Red, and Black colors. 

The Cotton Underwear Pack features 100% cotton, so you know they’re going to feel amazing and soft against your skin. They have a slight stretch, so you may have to order a size down from your usual panty size.

These comfy, everyday essential cotton undies are incredibly affordable at $7 per pack. This Pepper bra review must note that the underwear is final sale and non-refundable

Pepper Cozy Socks Review 

A good, cozy pair of socks is sometimes all you need to turn your day around. Pull these cuties up, throw on your favorite boy shorts and a long cardigan, and lay back on the couch for a movie marathon. Made from 100% cotton, these Cozy Socks are a blush pink color, with black tops, yellow heels, and purple toes. 

With a mid-calf length, you could wear them under boots for a comfy, secretly stylish effect. But this Pepper bra review thinks you may find them too cute to keep a secret all day! These Cozy Socks are available in one size, and are final sale. You can purchase these snazzy socks to elevate your collection for $7 per pair.

Pepper Accessories Review

Just like Pepper bras, their accessories are made for functionality. Every girl knows that the best looks require some secret tools to complete the ensemble.

Whether you’re in the market for scrunchies, masks, or a laundry bag, Pepper has those essentials covered. This Pepper bra review will give you the details:

Pepper Scrunchies Set Review

Us women, and some men, have had our fair share of faulty hair ties. This Pepper bra review appreciates brands that do their homework. It’s a tragedy that as consumers, we become excited about a particular product, purchase the product at a good price, then take it home to find out it doesn’t exactly work as it claims to. Pepper’s Scrunchies Set is not one of these products.

You can rejoice in the fact that the elastics used in these scrunchies are similar to the brand’s elastic used on their bra designs. Unlike other hair tie accessories, you’ll find that these on-trend scrunchies stay in place. They have a velvety fabric that brings to mind the pop culture of the ‘70s, with colors that transport us back in time. 

This Scrunchies Set comes as a multi-colored pack of three. Grab the trendy and functional hair accessories for $8 (final sale).

Pepper Cotton Mask Review

Masks are here to stay, so you may as well buy a comfortable option that makes you happy when you put it on. Wearing fun prints and bright colors on your face mask is a good tool to increase positivity. Plus, it promotes serotonin, the feel-good chemical. 

This 100% cotton mask comes in one size and has adjustable ear loops. It has a funky, speckled pattern design in the brand’s signature color scheme. The mask is a final sale item, but we’re betting you’ll hang onto this one. 

To care for Pepper’s Cotton Mask, be sure to wash it in your laundry bag (up next in this Pepper bra review). Add this unique mask to your collection to spice pandemic life up a bit for $8. 

Pepper Laundry Bag Review

Pepper’s Laundry Bag takes the stress out of washing your intimates. This bag features a cosmetics pouch design and includes an elastic tab to secure the zipper. This ensures that the bag stays shut while tumbling around your washing machine. It’s the little details that make all the difference, but we wouldn’t expect any less from this carefully thought-out collection. 

To care for and protect the quality of your intimates, follow these steps:

  1. Zip intimates up tightly in laundry bag
  2. Make sure to tuck in the zipper in the elastic tab
  3. Throw in the washing machine and begin cycle

This Pepper bra review will note that you should make sure you tuck the zipper in the elastic tab before you put the bag in the wash. This is the only way to ensure that the laundry bag stays closed for the duration of the cycle. 

Pepper recommends laying your bra flat to air dry or hanging it on a rack. The high heat from the dryer can deform your bras and cause wrinkles. This handy, little tool retails for $5, which is a small price for a potentially huge difference. 

Pepper Baggu Tote Review

In collaboration with Baggu, Pepper brings you the nylon Baggu Tote that ironically claims ‘NO BAGGAGE’. This bag is scrunchable, rollable, and foldable, making it easy to bring with you wherever you’re headed. If you like things a little more neat and tidy, this bag folds flat into a 5” x 5” pouch. 

This reusable bag is deceivingly large, and can carry two to three grocery bags worth of items. Baggu bags are notoriously strong, which means you can take them to the library to load up on books for the month, or fill it with non-perishable goods to take to a shelter. 

The Baggu Tote is available in fire engine red with white script, measuring 25 ½” x 15 ½” x 6”. Made from 100% ripstop nylon, 40% of which is recycled, the tote is non-refundable. But with an item this useful, why would you need to return it? This life-saving staple can be yours for $15. 

Pepper Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pepper Review

This Pepper bra review will provide reviews from Reddit, the brand’s website and Instagram page, and Reviewed to highlight what Wear Pepper bras are really like, and how the brand operates. 

On the Pepper website, the bras have thousands of high customer ratings. Take a look at how they perform:

  • All You Bra: 4.65/5 stars (2743 reviews)
  • Limitless Wirefree Bra: 4.74/5 stars (1181 reviews)
  • Laidback Lace Bra: 4.63/5 stars (985 reviews)

Wear Pepper reviews on the company’s Instagram page are highly positive. There are many comments along the same lines as this one: “I have been searching for years for the perfect bra, and this is it. I have hated every other underwire bra that I’ve had.”

Pepper Review

There are quite a few Wear Pepper Reddit threads available to get a good sense of the company. One user wrote that the bras did accentuate her breasts. A wearer of the Laidback Lace Bra wrote, “I was able to forget I was wearing it sometimes.” One Pepper customer said this about the Limitless Wirefree Bra: “I didn’t want to take it off…It just feels nice…I do like the way it makes my boobs look.”

More Pepper bras reviews on Reddit stated the bras are flattering but expensive. One customer wrote, “I have two of their All You bras in 30A. I think they’re flattering for small boobs. It’s just lightly padded but somehow pushes what little breast tissue I have up.” The same reviewer noted the bras are pricey and said, “I can see the outline under some shirts.”

A buyer on Reviewed wrote that while she experienced “no gapping,” and that her chest had an “attractive natural shape” while wearing a Pepper bra, in the end, she didn’t appreciate the lack of help with sizing. She also found that the brand is a little lack-luster, since they offer “no patterns, no lace options, and no strapless styles.”

Is Pepper Worth It?

Pepper Review

Pepper has received a few complaints against their different sizing measurements. For some, it’s hard to find their size, however, that’s not the case for everyone. Those who do find their perfect size report that Pepper bras are a game-changer and flattering for small chests

They’re also comfortable and lay flush against the chest, two very important aspects that bras should provide. As for the brand itself, this Pepper bra review admires companies that challenge societal beauty norms, as Pepper aims to change the way people think about small breasts. 

On top of that, Pepper’s manufacturer utilizes ethical and sustainable practices that prioritize women and give opportunities to single mothers. Although the price point is slightly higher than your average department store, given that they pay their workers fair wages, this is to be expected.

This Pepper bra review believes they are worth the buy. There are only three styles of bras right now, but we hope to see more in the future! 

Pepper Promotions & Discounts 

Pepper Review

There is currently no Wear Pepper discount code available, but for updates on any sales, subscribe to their newsletter. Also, check the website in November of 2021 for the Wear Pepper Black Friday sale. 

Where to Buy Pepper

Pepper Review

Pepper bras, underwear, socks, and accessories are available on


Pepper Review

Where are Pepper bras made?

Pepper bras are made from high-quality polyester and spandex. The brand is currently looking into using cotton for new designs. 

What sizes does Pepper offer?

Pepper carries bras in 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38 inches. Cup sizes include AA, A, and B.

Are Pepper bras ethical?

Pepper bras are made in a facility in Medellin, Colombia, that employs 85% women. These women are either single mothers, or are the head of their household. The facility pays its workers fair wages and benefits. 

What is Pepper’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Pepper only ships within the US, including APO/FPO C/of addresses and P.O. Boxes. Once you place an order, it will process in approximately 1-3 business days. When the order ships, Pepper sends a shipping confirmation via email, which will include the tracking details via the carrier’s tracking system.

Shipping is free for orders over $70. Standard USPS shipments are typically delivered in 7-10 business days. However, this Pepper bra review notes that if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, it may take a few extra days. 

What is Pepper’s Return Policy?

Pepper has select policies for different items. A free Pepper exchange or return is available for bras if you start the process within 30 days of delivery. They must be unworn, unwashed, and undamaged with the original tags attached. All other items are final sale.

This Pepper bra review notes that if you used a discount code on your order, your refund amount will be the amount you paid with the discount, not the actual price of the item. The company does not supply a free return label for APO/FPO addresses.

To start any Wear Pepper returns or exchanges, head to the Return Portal on the website and enter your order number and shipping zip code. Next, click Start a Return or Exchange. 

How to Contact Pepper

If you require additional information that this Pepper bra review did not provide, reach out to Pepper bra customer service via: 

When it comes to bras and undies, a girl’s gotta have options. Check out our reviews for other top-selling brands:


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Asked by Z (6 months ago) Reply

Was excited to receive my pepper bra after hearing how amazing they seemed. But once I tried it on n realized no bra can make my chest appear… larger.. I fell very upset n lost all hope. Not worth the Victoria secret price. Fits fine but no lift.

Asked by Barbara Dale (6 months ago) Reply

My main discomfort with bras as a small-boobed woman is that they ride up. I got so tired of having to pull them down all the time and feeling “strangled” that I’ve worn cotton tank tops instead for years. I’d like to hear from somebody who’s felt the same way and has chosen Pepper bras anyway.

Disappointed in my pepper purchase
Asked by Autumn Stankavich (5 months ago) Reply

I recently purchased a paper bra thinking I ordered a gem that would fit like a glove. I followed there sizing tool, but unfortunately the actual product was disappointing. When I received the bra I was so excited I immediately removed the tag to wear; like an idiot and now I can’t return it. I normally am a 34 A , pepper sizing said I’d be a 38 AA . The cup is too big and leaves a gap, wire is uncomfortable towards the underarm, wire is squeaky against material and when I raise my arms the bra rides up. My Calvin Kline bra fits better. I’m kicking myself for wasting the money. Comical that the “itty bitty titty” bra was still too big.

Hard pass
Asked by Masha Parakina (4 months ago) Reply

As a woman with maldeveloped breasts and past body-image issues, I found their “itty bitty titty committee” ad rather insulting and invasive, especially since YouTube “forced” me to watch it before the video I WANTED to see.

Bra's No matter the size
Asked by Justine (1 week ago) Reply

It is very difficult to find a bra that will fit one person and then fit everyone else the same. We are NOT all created equally, As a larger chest size I have the same issue smaller chested people have. I also get the negitive issues that come with having a large chest. Members of my family have the reverse and I know first had the frustration that we all face.

Poor customer service, not durable
Asked by Jen N (3 days ago) Reply

For the premium amount you pay for one of their bras you would think they would last a year with normal wear and bra rotation. Not so! Underwire poking out after 6 months and the company says they only replace a bra within 30 days of purchase. Thought the 30 days was aso customers could see if they liked the fit, look, etc. not only a 30 day protection against a poorly made product. Not worth the premium cost, buy elsewhere!

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