Cirkul Water Bottle Review

About Cirkul

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Cirkul is the latest #hydration craze to hit your social media feed. 

Revolutionizing water consumption with over 40 flavors in 6 different beverage categories, the brand’s BPA-free, eco-friendly water bottles help increase your water consumption by way of replaceable flavor cartridges

Thanks to their recent TikTok campaign, hoards of Americans have been trying to get their hands on their very own Cirkul. With those orders came a bundle of features in publications like Glossy and The Business Journal, and over 192k followers on Facebook. 

Maybe you saw the new hydration trend on TikTok or perhaps you found it while searching for ways to up your health game — no matter the reason, take a peek at this Cirkul Water Bottle review to find out if the brand is the real deal before you hit “Checkout”. 

We’ll discuss the brand and their best-sellers, show you what customers have to say about them, answer FAQs, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth all the buzz. 

Overview of Cirkul

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Everyone knows the benefits of drinking water, and yet, it’s hard for some of us to slug down the recommended 64 oz per day. That’s 8 cups of boring, tasteless liquid that, though our brains tell us is good, our palates steer clear of. 

That’s where Cirkul comes in. Before they founded the brand, Garrett Waggoner and Andy Gay were student-athletes struggling to stay on top of drinking their daily recommended dose of H2O. 

Defaulting to sugar-laden sodas and artificial sports drinks, the pair sought out a way to merge flavor, convenience, and health

Cue, Cirkul. The easy-to-use, ingenious bottle that helps you get more out of your water. Instead of pouring in messy powders, all you need to do is pop in the cartridge. 

And that’s not even the best part. Each cartridge gets you 6 bottles of flavor, meaning each one costs around $0.50 — move over, sports drinks! 

Officially launched in 2015, the brand has taken TikTok by storm and is now estimated to be worth over $3.5M. Since their recent rise to fame, Cirkul has added 100 new employees to their existing team of 25. 

Before we dive into the brand’s exciting product lineup, this Cirkul Water Bottle review will have you take a quick read through their pros and cons: 


  • 40+ Cirkul flavors to choose from
  • Sugar-free & zero calories
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Offers BPA-free plastic and stainless steel bottles
  • Each cartridge lasts for 6 uses
  • Affordable prices
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free shipping for orders over $15


  • Long shipping times
  • Some shoppers report poor customer service
  • Does not ship internationally
  • Does not accept returns
Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Cirkul’s product selection doesn’t stop at standard-sized bottles and cartridges, aka Sips; it expands out to mini bottles, accessories, and filters, too. 

Everything you need to elevate your water game is found on the brand’s website, easily navigable with a flowing, water-like design. Fitting, right?

This Cirkul Water Bottle review will be focusing on the brand’s water bottles, Sips, and subscription packs. Let’s get right to it. 

Cirkul Water Bottles Review

Cirkul helps you get the most out of your water. Below, you’ll read about the brand’s Starter Kit and everything that comes with it. 

Cirkul Starter Kit Review 

If you’ve just stumbled upon Cirkul, then look no further than the Starter Kit. Including all that you need to amp up your water experience, this helpful bundle includes the Cirkul bottle and leak-proof lip, both of which are dishwasher safe. 

You’ll also get to try two best-selling Cirkul cartridges – LifeSip Fruit Punch and FitSip Mixed Berry

It’s important for this Cirkul Water Bottle review to note that the brand has a limit of one per household, meaning you won’t be able to buy one for your friend at the same time. 

Take H2O to the next level with the Starter Kit for $8, normally $20.

Cirkul Flavors Review

It might not come as a surprise that the most popular flavors are names you might have personally come to know and love. They’re the ones that people can count on or take them back to simpler times. 

You’ll find the brand’s highest-selling flavors below in this Cirkul Water Bottle review, including Mixed Berry, Fruit Punch, and Tropical Blast

Cirkul Mixed Berry Review

When you sweat, you lose magnesium, calcium, and potassium, three things your body and brain need to function properly. Water won’t cut it and sugary sports drinks are filled with artificial colors and flavors. 

Cirkul cuts the sugar and packs all the flavor into a 20 mL pack of water-enhancing fuel

This Mixed Berry flavor swirls together delicious blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries to create a refreshing, during or post-workout beverage. Get one pack for $4.

Cirkul Fruit Punch Review

Fruit Punch is one of those classics that you may find yourself gravitating to time and time again. An important selection of the LifeSip line, this popping yet mellow flavor is enhanced with B Vitamins to keep your mind sharp and your body running efficiently. 

Typically a mix of grape, pineapple, apple, and citrus, this delectable blend is so much more than a safe bet, it’s a flavor revelation! Get a 20mL pack for $4

Cirkul Tropical Blast Review 

Bursting with juicy flavors, Tropical Blast will take your tastebuds on a jungle adventure. Part of Cirkul’s FitSip line, this cartridge is packed with electrolytes to assist your body in replenishing vital minerals. 

A blend of pineapple, banana, orange, and mango party on your tongue, with sweet notes of coconut and pangs of citrusy lime. Try out this tangy 20mL treat for $4

Cirkul Cartridges Review

Stock up on flavor! This Cirkul Water Bottle review will fill you in on the brand’s best-selling cartridge plans below. 

Your order will ship with a free plastic water bottle and a comfort grip lid and you’ll always be able to adjust the number of cartridges you receive each month if you find you need more or less.

The cartridge flavors listed below are available no matter how many you choose to subscribe to: 

  • LifeSip – To enhance your daily routine. These cartridges are packed with flavor and B vitamins. Choose from 12 flavors including Strawberry Lemonade and Watermelon
  • FitSip – When you’re active, you sweat. To replenish electrolytes reach for one of these 5 flavors like White Cherry or Mixed Berry
  • GoSip – With a hit of caffeine, these buzzy beverages come in 8 flavors including Cherry Limeade and Citrus Twist
  • PureSip – Taste without the sugar! Choose from 8 unsweetened flavors, like Pineapple or Tangerine 
  • TeaSip – Your favorite flavored teas. Pick from Raspberry Tea or Peach Tea
  • BrewSip – Get your morning pep on with these iced coffee cartridges. They’re offered in 4 flavors, including Caramel Iced Coffee

Cirkul 8 Cartridges Review

Pep things up occasionally with Cirkul 8 Cartridges. A monthly supply of 8 water-enhancing flavors, this option is perfect for anyone who likes a little flavor from time to time. 

Perhaps you like to enjoy the occasional iced coffee or want to replenish your electrolytes after your weekly soccer game. Regardless of the reason, Cirkul has you covered. Get 8 Cartridges and a free water bottle for $27

Cirkul 48 Cartridges Review 

This is where things get fun. 48 Cartridges allows you to try a wide variety of flavors offered by Cirkul. Stock up on BrewSip for your weekly walks to work plus a few LifeSip flavors for afternoon pick-me-ups. 

The options are endless really, and you’ll get the most out of your water with 48 Cartridges for $120

Are Cirkul Cartridges Healthy? 

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Cirkul ingredients do not consist of sugar or artificial flavors and colors. The Sips have absolutely no calories and yet they are full of flavor – a rare feat for a healthy product. 

Some of the brand’s flavors contain stevia, a natural, sugar-free sweetener that’s keto and diabetic-friendly. 

In addition to natural ingredients, Cirkul helps you drink more water, an incredibly healthy practice that we could all use a lot more of. 

Does Cirkul Have Caffeine? 

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Some of Cirkul’s Cartridges have caffeine, but don’t worry, the brand specifies which ones do on the product page. We’ll list them in this Cirkul Water Bottle review too for good measure:

  1. GoSip – Added caffeine for an extra perk when you need it. Try adding a pack to your water in the morning if you’re not a coffee lover.
  2. TeaSip – Light on caffeine but full-on tea flavor, these fruity teas are a great addition for afternoons spent in the sun. 
  3. BrewSip – Coffee that won’t dehydrate you? We’re in. 

How Long Does A Cirkul Cartridge Last? 

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Whether you set your Cirkul bottle to its Small, Medium, or Large setting will impact how long your cartridge will last. When set to Medium, you can expect to get about 6 bottles worth of flavor before you’ll need to change it up. 

Who Is Cirkul For? 

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Cirkul is a great option for those who want to get more out of their water. Drinking enough water each day can be tough. Humans typically respond to flavor better than they do plain taste, and by adding delicious flavors to your water, you may find yourself drinking more water. 

With this in mind, Cirkul is an ideal choice for those on a low-carb or keto diet or those who have diabetes. Those with diabetes should consult their physician before trying any product, but Cirkul is sugar-free and is generally considered safe for diabetics. 

The brand has a selection of sips, including caffeinated and non-caffeinated varieties, and offers adult and children’s bottles, showing that their delicious Sips can be enjoyed at any age

Comparison: Cirkul vs. WaterLama 

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Water enhancing products aren’t new to the market, but the closer you look, the more likely you are to see differences between popular brands. 

We’re going to do a quick comparison of Cirkul and WaterLama to help you see what makes each brand so unique and yet strangely similar. 

First things first, WaterLama is an app – they don’t sell products. And while you may be thinking that, of course, these brands are different, keep reading this Cirkul Water Bottle review to see how they’re actually quite the same. At least, in terms of their mission. 

Upon landing on the WaterLama homepage, we loved the modern, llama theme and bright color scheme, something that surprisingly makes a difference when it comes to motivation. Not sold on their similarities yet? Stay with us. 

Download WaterLama to challenge yourself to drink more water, stay away from alcohol, or ditch sugary beverages. Like Cirkul, this animal-themed brand is all about getting you healthy and helping you crush your goals by way of water. See, we told you they were alike!

Actually, Cirkul would be a great product to enjoy while you use WaterLama. The app will let you measure your water intake, record streaks, and cheer you on with a daily mascot to help motivate you on your journey to health. 

WaterLama is free to enjoy but it does have in-app purchases to take your experience to another level. Consider pairing these two helpful brands to increase your vitality.

Cirkul Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

If you’re like us, you may feel sold on Cirkul, but before you start piling things into your cart, take a read through this section of our Cirkul Water Bottle review to find out if your feelings about the brand are warranted. 

We’ll include customer feedback compiled from sources far and wide across the web that mention things like taste, shipping, and customer service

It appears that only the Sips have ratings on the brand’s website, so we’ve bullet-pointed a few below, one from each category: 

  • Strawberry Lemonade – 4.2/5 stars, 61 ratings
  • Vanilla Iced Coffee – 4.3/5 stars, 26 ratings
  • Cucumber (Unsweetened) – 4.3/5 stars, 45 ratings
  • Green Apple – 4.5/5 stars, 27 ratings
  • Peach Tea – 5/5 stars, 39 ratings

Intrigued about how the BrewSips would taste without milk and added sugar, we decided to take a closer look at customer feedback for the Vanilla Iced Coffee, but upon repeatedly clicking on the “26 reviews” link, no new webpage loaded. 

Defeated, we took our search elsewhere. 

Landing on Product Hunt, we saw a 3/5 star rating for the brand and 235 customer reviews. Buyers write about enjoying the flavors, saving money, and cutting down on sugar thanks to the brand’s tasty products. 

One Cirkul Water Bottle review reads, “I have a hard time with plain water, I’ll add lemon or other flavorings to it, but this is great because I just fill and sip…and it tastes delicious!” 

This review shows us how easy it is to change your life while not feeling like you’re missing out on anything. 

With an average rating, we figured there must be some issue that customers are having repeatedly with the brand. After a quick scroll of the comments on Product Hunt, we found out that it’s about their customer service. 

One unhappy Cirkul Water Bottle review read, “horrible customer service…the bottle leaks when drinking it and makes an annoying sound when you take a sip.” 

There are others who mention bad customer service as well, but the thing about Product Hunt is that often, other customers will reply to comments. In the case of this review, there are 3 that back up the brand, reporting they have experienced nothing but great customer service. 

We strolled on over to the BBB to check up on customer service and were shocked to find an F rating and 1,832 customer complaints made in the last 3 years. 

There’s a current alert out regarding delivery and billing issues. Apparently, many customers have not received the products they ordered or have gotten unauthorized charges

It appears that while Cirkul’s products are good, there’s been an issue with the company in general. 

After reading through the complaints and company responses on the BBB, we came to see that the brand did get things in gear, and when appropriate, issued refunds and shipped out missing orders. This doesn’t excuse poor service, but at least they did something about it. 

Is Cirkul Worth It?

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

If you’ve just read the last section of this Cirkul Water Bottle review, then you may feel a little conflicted about ordering from the brand. We don’t blame you, as unauthorized charges and missing orders are an online shopper’s nightmare. 

But what we will say is that issues like this aren’t typical across the board. Those who wrote in to the BBB got their issues resolved, so despite the F rating, the brand has clearly made efforts to make things right with their customers. 

We also give them a little bit of a break because they’ve just got a huge influx of customers due to their TikTok campaign. Wait a few and we think shipping will return to normal again

There are a ton of reasons why Cirkul is a great choice for your lifestyle. They have many options of Sips, they help you consume more water, and to many, they have great customer service. 

So, while we recognize the potential issues of ordering from Cirkul, we still believe their products are worth the buy

Cirkul Promotions & Discounts 

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Throughout this Cirkul Water Bottle review, we were on the lookout for deals. Keep reading to see what we discovered:

  • Free shipping on orders over $15
  • Refer a friend to get a free Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you’re interested in information on the latest Cirkul coupon code, be sure to subscribe to their newsletter. 

Where to Buy Cirkul

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

To try out the newest TikTok craze, you can get your Cirkul water bottle at


Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Where is Cirkul made? 

Google points us to Tampa, Florida. While we aren’t 100% sure if this is where the brand’s products are manufactured, it is where their headquarters are located. 

Can you lose weight with Cirkul? 

It’s very possible that you can lose weight with Cirkul. It’s not that the products themselves burn fat or torch calories, but by replacing sugary drinks with sugar-free versions, you’ll cut down on calorie and sugar consumption and you may lose weight. 

How do you store Cirkul? 

You can store your Cirkul cartridges at room temperature. They don’t require refrigeration or special conditions. Once you open your cartridge, be sure to use it within 10 days

What is Cirkul’s Shipping Policy?

There’s a huge disclaimer on the brand’s website that warns customers of shipping delays. The brand has blown up thanks to their TikTok campaign, and because of that, they’re experiencing high volumes of orders. 

Normally, shipping within the US takes 5-7 business days, but it may take double that time. Shipping is free for orders over $15. All other costs will be calculated at checkout. 

The brand does not ship outside of the US at this time. To track the status of your order, head to your Cirkul login on the brand’s website and select ‘order status.’ 

What is Cirkul’s Return Policy?

Because Cirkul is a perishable product, the brand does not accept returns. If you have any major issues with your order though, you can always get in touch with their customer service team by emailing the address below. 

How to Contact Cirkul

We hope that you found all that you came looking for and more in this Cirkul Water Bottle review. If you still have questions, we encourage you to reach out to the brand by emailing [email protected]

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