Swell Water Bottle Review

About Swell Water Bottle

Swell Bottle Review

S’well makes innovative, reusable stainless steel bottles and other containers that help to cut down on single-use plastics, helping users achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle. The brand has been featured in media outlets like CNN, AD, Vogue, Forbes, Glamour, and USA Today, and they have a solid following of 272K on Instagram. 

If you caught the short Swell Star Magazine feature while perusing the tabloid rack at the grocery checkout line, this Swell water bottle review will give you a much more in-depth look at how the brand is realizing their mission of “doing good [and] being good to ourselves and the planet through the power of design and ingenuity.”    

Thirsty for more? Let’s dive in and see if these bottles are truly worth the buy. 

Overview of Swell Water Bottle

Swell Bottle Review

Driven by the dream of eliminating single-use plastic bottles, Sarah Kauss founded S’Well in New York in 2010. Beginning with their signature 17 oz water bottle, the brand now sports a line of stylish and sustainable containers that have enticed more and more customers to adopt more earth-friendly habits

The S’Well line now includes mugs, chillers, barware, accessories, and S’Well personalized water bottles in a range of fashionable patterns and colors. The brand has also introduced portable food storage containers called S’Well Eats, which keep your food hot and ready with their insulated construction.  

S’Well is a partner of UNICEF, and since 2017 they have donated $1.4 million to help provide clean water to vulnerable communities. They are also a supporter of Lonely Whale, which works to keep ocean-bound plastics out of the world’s waters by circulating them back into the economy.

Swell Bottle Review

That’s the big picture—now let’s start drilling down to details in this S’Well review, beginning with an overview of the brand’s major pros and cons. 


  • Range of condensation-free containers for different needs, including water bottles, food containers, accessories and more
  • Designed in stylish patterns and colors, with customizable options available
  • S’well sport caps for leak-proof protection 
  • BPA/BPS-free
  • Triple-layered insulation keeps drinks cold for 36 hours and hot for 18 hours, and vacuum seal prevents leaks
  • Partner with UNICEF to provide clean drinking water to vulnerable communities
  • 15% off your first order when you sign up for their mailing list, and you can join the S’well club to earn points and get exclusive deals
  • Student shop with discounted products
  • Free shipping on US orders over $30, and international shipping available to 49 countries
  • Quadpay instalment payments available on orders over $50


  • Small number of customer complaints about paint on some bottles chipping easily, or the bottle not living up to its hot-and-cold guarantee 
Swell Bottle Review

S’Well bottles and containers are made from triple-layered, BPA-free stainless steel to provide long-lasting coolness or heat to your food or beverage. They are also vacuum-insulated to keep them condensation-free, so they won’t sweat in your bag or your hand. 

This S’Well review will now get into the brand’s range of sippable products, from art-inspired single-serving bottles to giant Roamers designed for long treks and cute kids’ bottles to keep the little ones happy while they hydrate. 

S’Well Water Bottles Review

S’well reusable water bottles are offered in 9 oz, 17 oz, or 25 oz sizes, fitting most cup holders. Below, we’ll take a look at some of S’Well’s bestselling bottles, designed in trendy prints and eye-catching colors that make your water bottle into more than just a beverage holder. 

S’Well Geode Rose Bottle Review 

Inspired by the rose quartz geode stone, which has the power to bring new love into your life or enhance the love that you have, the Geode Rose Bottle features an enticing swirl of pale pinks and purples that the author of this S’Well review could personally get lost looking into. 

Like all S’well bottles, the Geode Rose Bottle is made from triple-layered, food-grade stainless steel and is BPA-free. It’s available in all three S’well size options (9 oz, 17 oz, and 25 oz), and it sports a high-gloss finish that makes it a great accessory to take with you to yoga or out on a picnic. 

Just so you know, this is the brand’s bestselling water bottle, and the company has expanded the Geode Rose design to a range of other items in its product. Get the Geode Rose Bottle for $25-45, depending on size. 

S’Well Blue Suede Bottle Review 

The Blue Suede Bottle is a deceptively simple but mesmerizingly deep indigo. The glossy lacquered finish gives it a resemblance to that layer of the ocean where the darkness has begun to set in, but the struggling rays of sunlight can still make floating particles glimmer and dance.

Poetry aside, the dark, even colour makes these great choices for personalized S Well bottles—think how slick they would look with a silver symbol or initials embossed on the exterior. The Blue Suede Bottle is currently available only in the S well bottle 17 oz size, and sells for $35

S’Well Sunkissed Bottle Review 

The eye-catching Sunkissed Bottle has a lusciously tropical theme with its floral design of yellows, oranges, pinks, greens, and purples. Perch it on your desk, and you’ll have a sweet and comforting reminder of your last (or dreams of your next) vacation as you grind your way through the workday.

The Sunkissed Bottle is available in the 17 oz size only, for $35. For easy carrying, try attaching the S’Well Bottle Handle.

S’Well White Marble Bottle Review 

Calling up images of Roman palaces or luxurious Mediterranean villas, the White Marble Bottle has a high-gloss finish that makes its striking design stand out even more. 

Couple that with the S’well bottle’s characteristically elegant lines, and you may find yourself gazing at this as it sits on your desk as if it were a statue. (Don’t get too distracted though—you have work to do.) 

This breathtaking beauty is available in all three standard S’well sizes, for $25 (9 oz), $35 (17 oz), or $45 (25 oz). 

S’Well Teakwood Bottle Review 

Bring nature with you while you navigate the concrete jungle with S’well’s Teakwood Bottle. Evoking images of scenic forests or the rich, comforting feel of a dining-room table in a woodland cabin, this Swell wood bottle is an invaluable reminder of natural wonders for busy urbanites. 

The Teakwood Bottle comes in all three S’Well sizes—9 oz, 17 oz, and 25 oz—for $25, $35, and $45, respectively.

S’Well Roamers & Tumblers Review

S’Well makes containers for every occasion, from long hikes to trips to the beach. The variety of S’Well Roamers and Tumblers below will keep you hydrated no matter where your day takes you—even if it’s just to the sofa. 

S’Well Moonstone Roamer Review 

The next step up from the standard-size S’well water bottles, the Moonstone Roamer uses the same technology to keep your beverages at the temperature you want. Fill with ice-cold water for beach excursions on a hot summer day, or pour in warm apple cider for a night of fun in a ski resort jacuzzi. 

Available in 40 oz or 64 oz, these large Swell water bottles will keep your beverages hot for 16-24 hours, or cold for 48-72 hours. Keep the whole gang hydrated with the Moonstone Roamer for $55 (40 oz) or $75 (64 oz). 

S’Well Geode Rose Tumbler with Lid Review

Available in either 18 oz and 10 oz varieties, the Geode Rose Tumbler has a pop-on, slide-open S’Well tumbler lid that makes for easy pouring and sipping, while protecting against splashes.

The 18 oz Swell tumbler will keep your beverages cold for 12 hours or hot for 4 hours, and the greater concentration of the 10 oz version will hold those desired temperatures for even longer. The Geode Rose Tumbler will run you $30 for the 18 oz, and $20 for the 10 oz. 

S’well has other smaller-size bottle options for staying hydrated (or caffeinated) on the go. The Swell Traveler, sometimes called the ‘S Well Commuter, comes in 12-20 oz options, perfect for sipping on the street. Cap it with the pop-top S’Well Commuter Lid to keep from splashing your work outfit. 

S’Well Kids Bottles Review

One of the best sneaky ways to get kids to drink their liquids is to put it in something colorful and fun-looking. The S’ip by S’well collection features bottles with licensed characters and images from the most popular kids’ entertainment, along with a range of other delightfully quirky designs.  

S’Well The Boy Who Lived II Review

The Gryffindor faithful will instantly recognize the iconic eyeglasses crowned with a familiar, lightning-shaped scar on The Boy Who Lived II bottle.

Made for Harry Potter fans of all ages, this Chosen One of Sip Swell bottles will be treasured by kids, while adults will admire its quickly decipherable but stylishly minimal design

As with their bigger brothers and sisters, S’ip bottles are made from insulated stainless steel and are totally leak-proof, so you can toss them in your bag without worrying about spills. The fun and fantastical 15 oz The Boy Who Lived II bottle is $20. 

S’Well Kitty Pool Review 

The adorable Kitty Pool bottle is catnip for the feline fanatic in your life. Featuring a fleet of kitties getting ready to go overboard, this S’ip bottle has a bold and bright color scheme that tempers the cuteness factor with an aesthetically pleasing pattern. 

This S’ip bottle is ready for anything you want to put in it—hot cocoa, apple juice, you name it. And the spill-proof lid ensures that it won’t let anything escape, even when it’s hurled into the backseat of a car by your kitty-crazed 5-year-old. Get the 15 oz “awww-”inspiring Kitty Pool bottle for $20.

Swell Water Bottle Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Swell Bottle Review

S’well has become one of the trendiest water-bottle brands on the market in the decade since it was founded, but what do customers actually think of their products? This S’Well review delved into reviews on, Influenster, and Best Buy to find what people are saying.

On the brand website, the signature S’Well Teakwood Bottle is rated an average of 4.9 stars based on 104 customer ratings. A 5-star reviewer summed up the general feelings about the product by praising both its effectiveness and its sleek and attractive look.

This bottle is great. I can take it with me and it keeps my beverages at the perfect temperature. Plus the bottle has a really cool design and everyone that sees it loves it!” the review reads.

Another user saluted the brand’s great customer service: “Terrific Customer Service service! I called, they emailed me a return shipping label, they confirmed my new order, and I love my new bottle! The product is great, but really, just stellar customer service.” 

S’Well water bottles are rated an average of 4.7 stars from 2,255 reviews. One satisfied customer testified to their durability and value for money

“No matter the design or style, a S’well bottle is such a good investment! I’ve had my bottle for at least 5 years now and although the paint has chipped away on the bottom, the bottle still holds true to its promise to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.” 

Swell Bottle Review

On Best Buy, a Sip by Swell bottle pulls in a 4.7-star average from 473 individual ratings. One customer loved its convenience and portability, saying that, “it fits easily into my car drink holder because of it’s slim design.” 

We’ve already heard about the bottles’ great temperature control, but another Best Buy commenter took that to the next level by leaving it in a hot car: “came back 3 hours later to nice and cold refreshing water which I never experienced in other insulated bottles I used in the past.” 

So with all this love, where the haters at? Well, there’s really not too many of them around, and what they have to say isn’t that damning. The bottles’ effectiveness is never the issue, only some niggly side issues

One commenter griped that, “It gets to be kind of a hassle to screw off and on the screw cap when you are biking/running”—but that kind of goes with the leak-proof territory, doesn’t it? Maybe they should check out the S’well Traveler-and-commuter lid combo.

Another customer had no issues with the efficiency of the bottles, but said that, “My only problem is that after a while it has a weird metallic taste and has to be cleaned like everyday or every other day.” Again, goes with the territory—and keeping your containers clean regularly is always a good idea!

There was one picky customer who called the brand out on their claims, saying that “My hot tea was lukewarm after 5 hours instead of hot at 12 hours [and] My iced cold water was getting lukewarm by 12 hours instead of staying cold at 24 hours”—which goes against what literally thousands of others have said.

Is the Swell Water Bottle Worth It?

Swell Bottle Review

If you read the customer reviews in the previous section, then you know customers love S’Well bottles, and that they work. An outlier or two aside, for the majority of users these bottles deliver on what they promise about holding your beverages’ temperature where you want it.

This S’Well review also appreciates the founder’s mission and her inspiration for creating the bottles. Cutting down on plastic waste is a necessity for the planet, and opting for one S’Well bottle over (potentially) thousands of plastic bottles a year is an easy choice that we can all make. 

Why S’Well and not a cheaper version? Well, S’Well bottles are BPA- and BPS-free, their temperature-retaining technology is proven effective, and the brand has put their money where their mouth is by working with organizations providing clean water to disadvantaged communities.

On the more self-interested side, the brand also has a Swell bottle sale section with discounted products, and a decent return policy if you’re iffy about your purchase. So, are S Well bottles worth it? This S’Well review says, yes! 

Swell Bottle Promotions & Discounts 

Swell Bottle Review

The following promotions are currently available on

  • A free-shipping S’Well promo code will automatically be applied to US orders over $30
  • Get a 15% off S’Well bottle coupon code to use on your first order when you sign up for their mailing list
  • Join the Swell club to earn points and get exclusive deals and information on any S Well sale the brand may have
  • Student shop offers discounted products
  • Goodbye Party Swell Bottles Sale 

Where to Buy Swell Bottle

Swell Bottle Review

S’Well bottles are available all over the world. You can, of course, buy them directly from swellbottle com, but they’re also available at S’Well retailers such as Staples, Hudson’s Bay, Best Buy, and many other retailers. You can also purchase a Starbucks S’well bottle at over 4,000 US locations. 

This S’Well review notes that you should beware of Amazon, as some S’Well water bottle Amazon orders turned out to not be authentic merchandise. To make sure your bottle is authentic, check the S’Well logo that says ‘Original’ on the bottom. 


Swell Bottle Review

Are Swell Bottles dishwasher safe? 

S’Well bottles are not dishwasher safe. Running them through the dishwasher can cause the paint to chip and the vacuum seal to become less efficient. 

How do Swell bottles stay cold? 

Swell bottles use the brand’s patented Therma-S’well technology. They are made from triple-layered food-grade stainless steel that is vacuum-insulated, which holds the temperatures of liquids longer than other brands on the market. 

Can I use Swell bottle for coffee? 

S’Well bottles are able to hold both hot and cold beverages. So you can definitely put your coffee in it. 

How does Swell keep things hot? 

See above! The same technology that S’Well uses to keep your beverages cold also keeps them hot. 

Can you put a Swell in the fridge?

S’Well does not recommend putting your bottle in the fridge or freezer. This can damage the vacuum seal, and decrease the effectiveness of the temperature control. 

How many mL is a Swell? 

S’Well bottles come in a variety of sizes, which are listed in ounces on their website. Their bottle sizes range from 266 mL (9 oz bottle) to 1892 mL (64 oz Roamer). 

How long do Swell bottles last? 

S’Well bottles have a 1-year warranty, and some customers have said that their bottles have lasted longer than that. Your bottle’s use life depends on how you care for it and how often you use it. 

What is Swell’s Shipping Policy?

S’Well offers domestic and international shipping options. Shipping costs are calculated by order costs and their respective weight. Domestic and international shipping times and rates are listed below.

Continental US

  • Economy (4-8 business days): $6 or free for orders of $30 and above
  • Expedited (3-4 business days): $17-$95
  • Next Day (1-2 business days): $21-$140

Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico

  • Economy (4-8 business days): $15 or free on orders of $200 and above
  • 3-Day (3-4 business days): $17-$135
  • Next Day (1-2 business days): $31-$150


  • Economy (8-11 business days): calculated at checkout 
  • Express (1-2 business days): calculated at checkout 

How do I return a Swell bottle?

S’Well accepts returns on products within 30 days of purchase. Items are only eligible for return if they are in unused and unmarked condition. To start the return process, send your bottle in the original packaging to:

S’well Bottle

1750 Wayne Lanter Ave

Madison, IL 62060

This S’Well review notes that you must include your order number and the reason for return on your packing slip. Once they receive your return, they will process it within 7-10 business days. 

How to Contact Swell Bottle

If you need any other information that this S’Well review did not provide, you can reach out to the brand in the following ways:

  1. Email: [email protected] 
  2. Call the S Well contact number: (844)607-9355

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