Audien Hearing Aids Review

About Audien Hearing Aids

Audien Hearing Aids Review

If you need hearing aids, I’m sure you’ve bumped into this hard truth: they’re expensive. An unavoidable cost, I know there are some good reasons why traditional hearing aids cost so much like research funding, but there are also a few I can’t get behind, like unneeded markups just because.

At the end of the day, hearing is an important part of daily life, and losing it can be a difficult process. Why must it be made worse by a hefty price tag?

Audien was created as a solution to this problem. Its adjustable, comfortable hearing aids promise balanced hearing and an understated design. Offering a concise selection of sound amplification devices and accessories, the brand makes the gift of hearing what it should be: accessible by all.

If you’re thinking hearing aids under $100 would be mighty popular, you’re right. Audien has helped over 100k people with their hearing, and its website is decorated in 5-star reviews. On top of that, notable media outlets like Business Insider, Fox News, and Digital Journal have all featured the brand.

What’s in store for this Audien Hearing Aids review? All the must-knows about the company and its affordable hearing aids, feedback from those who have tried them, information on promotions, and more. Let’s turn it up a notch and get this thing started.

Overview of Audien Hearing Aids

Audien Hearing Aids Review

Why are hearing aids so expensive? That’s the question Audien’s founder Arthur Garber asked when his grandma started to lose her hearing. After a little digging, he found out that hearing aids only cost about $100 to make, and yet, it’s rare to find a pair under $4,000. I took a moment to scan prices for hearing aids, and he’s right—most clock in around $1,000-$2,000 per ear.

In a heartful effort to get his grandmother—and all other people in need of an alternative—an affordable hearing aid, he decided to make his own. The brand says that its hearing aids are “effective…comfortable, and convenient,” and are made in an FDA-registered facility.

After a quick introduction to what this brand offers, I think convenient is certainly what Audien hearing aids are. They’re rechargeable, sound adjustable, and come with a variety of fittings to help them work for all sizes of ears. Because of its direct-to-consumer model and by taking a one-aid-fits-all approach, the brand is able to offer its hearing devices for a much lower cost than traditional models on the market.

Though its HQ is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the brand ships its hearing aids directly from its factory to help reduce costs.

What are these little miracle devices and how do they work? It’s all coming up in this Audien Hearing Aids review. For now, take a peek at the brand’s highlights to get an idea of what it’s all about.


  • Four different hearing aid models
  • Comes with different sized earplugs to get you the best fit
  • All the accessories you’ll need to use & clean your hearing aids
  • Does not need batteries (charges wirelessly or by USB)
  • Affordable
  • Made in an FDA-registered facility
  • Sale on EV1 & EV3 hearing aids
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
Audien Hearing Aids Review

On Audien’s site, I read that the reason most hearing aids are so expensive is because of the costly audiologist appointment and the fact you’re getting a custom-made product tailored to your specific needs. Instead, this company’s devices use simple amplification to boost the sound around you and reduce background noise.

There’s no custom fitting, but they do come with a selection of earbuds to make your use more comfortable. There’s no hearing test either, but these aren’t customized devices, they’re a one-for-all type of hearing aid, and for that reason, they’re much less expensive.

Up next in this Audien Hearing Aids review, you’ll find the specs on a few of the brand’s sound amplification devices and accessories. I’ve included every last detail to help you get to know its products and see how they may fit into your life.

Audien Hearing Aids Review

Audien offers four different types of hearing aids starting as low as $89. Below, I’ll feature the brand’s three best-selling devices, all of which deliver 20+ hours of sound on a single charge.

Audien Hearing Aids EV1 Hearing Aid (Pair) Review

It wasn’t hard for me to see why the Audien EV1 Hearing Aid (Pair) is the brand’s most popular device. Delivering 20 hours of sound with one full charge, the device is as convenient as it is useful.

The Audien EV1s are about the size of a dime and fit into your ear discreetly. They’re shaped to fit the natural curves of your ear and come with four different tip sizes to help you get the most comfortable fit. I can imagine that wearing anything new in your ear all day could be uncomfortable, so I appreciate that Audien does their best to get you a good fit.

The device amplifies sound while reducing background noise and comes with a USB charging wall plug. Experience hearing affordably with a pair for $89 (normally $150).

Audien Hearing Aids EV3 Hearing Aid (Pair) Review

Hearing aids are nothing to be ashamed of, but Audien knows people don’t exactly want them to hang out of their ears on full display. The real purpose of using these buds is to hear—the discreet look is just a bonus. Plus, the small size means you can forget about the devices while they’re in. If I was to wear a hearing aid, that’s something I’d probably want.

The Audien EV3 Hearing Aid (Pair) is 26% smaller than the EV1, which equates to a smaller size than a dime. They hold 24 hours of charge, delivering clear sound while minimizing background noise. Designed to be comfortable for all-day wear, you’ll receive six tip sizes with your hearing aids to ensure you get the right fit.

I value how easy they are to care for too. When it’s time to take them out, give them a clean and pop them into the wireless charging stand. Convenience at its finest. Grab a pair for $200 (normally $250).

Audien Hearing Aids Atom Pro Review

The Audien Hearing Aids Atom Pro is small but mighty. As the brand’s most powerful device, these aids are designed to last for up to four days on a single charge—now that’s a lot of sound.

This tiny model tucks comfortably and seamlessly into your ear. Like the brand’s other devices, I learned that your hearing won’t be interrupted by annoying feedback or whistling—instead, you’ll hear clean, crisp sound thanks to the Atom series sound processor.

It’ll take just a couple of minutes to set up your Hearing Aids Atom Pro. When it’s time to charge them, simply tuck your pair back into the portable case (included). Get the brand’s smallest pair for $249.

Audien Hearing Aids Accessories Review

I’ve read that caring for your devices isn’t super complicated but it is important to clean them daily and replace the earbuds every 2-4 weeks. Audien Hearing accessories were designed to keep you stocked up on all that you need, delivered monthly by way of an auto-renewing subscription.

You don’t have to subscribe, but if you do, you’ll get 25% off your order. Shipping is always free. Up next in this Audien Hearing Aids review, I’ll feature the brand’s best-selling accessories, but keep in mind that you’ll also find a selection of charging cords in stock should you ever need to replace yours.

Audien Hearing Aids EV1 Accessories Kit Review

Audien accessories have been specially designed for this brand’s style of hearing aids, so I don’t recommend using them with your existing devices.

The EV1 Accessories Kit includes a range of helpful tools and supplies so that you never have to think about running to the store to get more—even more so if you purchase as part of a subscription.

You’ll get a durable accessory case filled with eight EV1 Replacement Earbuds, a cleaning brush, and a volume adjuster to give you the most personalized experience possible with your Audien EV1 hearing aids. Pick up the kit for $10.

Audien Hearing Aids EV3 Accessories Kit Review

You’re loving your EV3 hearing aids, and caring for them is an important part of ensuring they last a long time. Though they’re less expensive than the ones you’d get from an audiologist, they should still be cared for in the same way.

I’ve learned the hard way that I need to put even more care and attention into the things I value most. Hearing would certainly be one of those things, and I appreciate that Audien makes it as easy as possible.

The EV3 Accessories Kit includes 12 EV3 Replacement Earbuds, a cleaning brush, a screwdriver, and eight EV3 Wax Guards. Bundled up in a convenient, travel-friendly case, you can keep all of your essentials organized for easy access. Stay prepared with this handy kit for $12.

Who Is Audien Hearing Aids For?

Audien Hearing Aids Review

I think the most important thing to know about Audien Hearing Aids is that they’re not customized. They’re a general sound amplification device that can be turned up and down depending on your needs.

Similar to the design you’d get from an audiologist, they’re the simplified version that boosts noise around you and decreases background noise. They’re ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Because they come with multiple-sized buds, they fit a few different sizes of ears, but I should note that they’re not guaranteed to fit all. Again, these devices aren’t customized—instead, they’re a more affordable solution that may help with your mild hearing loss.

If you’re experiencing a low level of hearing loss and want to try something before shelling out thousands on custom hearing aids, I believe Audien is a good place to start. They may not be well-suited for those with advanced hearing issues.

Audien Hearing Aids Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Audien Hearing Aids Review

You came to this Audien Hearing Aids review in hopes of finding the truth about the brand’s hearing aids. Well, this section is perhaps what matters the most. Setting out in search of helpful reviews of all kinds, here, I’ll show you my findings to help you see the brand for what it really is and how well its products work.

I’ll start out close to home, on Below, you’ll find ratings for a few of its bestsellers, and then we’ll take a closer look at some comments.

  • EV1 Hearing Aids: average of 4.9/5 stars from 614 reviews
  • EV3 Hearing Aids: average of 5/5 stars from 153 reviews
  • EV3 Accessories Kit: average of 5/5 stars from 26 reviews
  • EV3 Accessories Kit: average of 4.9/5 stars from 36 reviews

As you can probably tell by the ratings, this company is well-loved. With almost perfect scores across its collection, customer feedback includes everything from praise and thanks to cheerful notes about customer service. One Audien Hearing Aids review for the EV1 read:

Great customer service, they are very nice. I just message them on Facebook and always get a quick response. The email support is very helpful as well if you have any questions on how to use your hearing aid.”

As for the quality, another customer wrote, “the quality is actually pretty good. I have used super expensive hearing aids and they really are not worth thousands more. These work just as well for me.”

I found a lot of comments that share those sentiments, so to check up on how valid these claims are, I decided to head over to Trustpilot. And guess what? Comments were matched. The brand’s overall score is 4.2/5 stars and throughout the 347 reviews, I found that customers love the service they get from Audien.

Before I dive into the comments, I’ll break down that overall score for you to show you how many awarded the brand which rating:

  • Excellent: 74%
  • Great: 2%
  • Average: 1%
  • Poor: 2%
  • Bad: 21%

Mentioning the audio clarity, one Audien Hearing Aids review revealed, “Great item. I didn’t have to do much adjusting. Very very clear. I can hear again and not left out of conversations. WOW. I can hear again!!

Hearing is a special part of our existence—and losing that ability can severely alter our life, whether we can’t hear our loved one’s calling, miss out on magical moments, or become off-balanced. Hearing aids help, and it’s amazing to read about folks who can now afford a device that improves their lives.

For my next decibel of feedback, I headed over to the Better Business Bureau. Customers often go to this site to complain about companies, so it’s good to check in on a brand’s ratings to see how well they respond to customer issues. Audien gets a B.

That score shows me that it deals with complaints in a timely manner. The BBB is tough on companies and usually, if they let complaints go unanswered or unresolved, they score them extremely low. A B is solid, but so is the overall star rating of 4/5 and a whopping 409 reviews—a very good sign.

Among the Audien Hearing Aid reviews, the majority of buyers write of an appreciation for its products and fantastic customer service. One read, “They have very affordable products that I find to be of good quality, wonderful customer assistance, fast shipping and all of those things are a bit difficult to find these days.

Helping shoppers with exchanges and replying promptly, Audien appears to be on it when it comes to pleasing its customers. I will say that during my research for this company, I came across a few reviews that stated the opposite, but that’s not really all too uncommon for any popular brand.

At the end of the day, the amount of positive feedback greatly outweighed the negative. Audien appears to be a caring company that wants to help people regardless of their budget.

Is Audien Hearing Aids Worth It?

Audien Hearing Aids Review

I’ll say it again: It’s important to note that Audien’s devices are not customized hearing aids. They cater to a general, low level of hearing loss and work by amplifying sounds around you. Their sound level can be adjusted, but they do not replace FDA-approved, medical hearing aids for those with hearing conditions or severe hearing loss.

I recommend giving Audien a try if you think they fit the bill for your mild to moderate hearing loss. Since these devices are extremely affordable, they’re a good alternative that may truly change the way you live.

Audien Hearing Aids Promotions & Discounts

Audien Hearing Aids Review

Right now, Audien is having a sale on certain models of its hearing aids. At the risk of sounding a bit like an infomercial…Yes, you read that right—their low-cost hearing aids are now offered at an even lower cost.

Since it’s my intent in this Audien Hearing Aids review to get you every last piece of important information about that brand, I scoped out its website to see if I couldn’t uncover more. And you know what? I discovered it offers free shipping and returns as well!

Our readers can also receive 15% OFF their order by using the code HONEST at checkout!

Where to Buy Audien Hearing Aids

Audien Hearing Aids Review

The company’s hearing aids are sold at Amazon and Walmart for prices on par with what you’ll find on the brand’s website. The perks of buying through though, include things like access to promotions and free shipping.


Audien Hearing Aids Review

Who owns Audien Hearing Aids?

It looks like its founder Arthur Garber still owns Audien LLC. He founded the brand for his grandmother after she started losing her hearing.

Does Audien Hearing Aids ship internationally?

Right now, Audien only ships within the USA. I found that some versions of its hearing aids are available on Amazon, so if you live outside of the states, try the online marketplace.

What is Audien Hearing Aids’ Shipping Policy?

Along with low-cost hearing aids, Audien also offers free shipping. On average, orders take about 3-5 days to arrive at your door, but you’ll have the option to choose Priority Shipping if you need it faster.

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link. You can use this link to follow your order’s journey on its way to your front door.

What is Audien Hearing Aids’ Return Policy?

If you find that Audien hearing aids aren’t the right fit for your needs, you can return them in 45 days from the day your order arrives. To qualify for a return, your order needs to be complete and with its original packaging. If it’s missing a single piece or doesn’t have the right packaging, it may be subject to a delay in processing.

The process of making a return for any of the brand’s hearing aids is fairly straightforward. Here’s a guide:

  1. Get in contact with customer service within 45 days
  2. They’ll send you a return shipping label that you’ll need to print and attach to the outside of your package
  3. Include your name and order number inside the package
  4. Make sure you get your package postmarked by the 45th day
  5. Once received, processing takes about three business days

How to Contact Audien Hearing Aids

If you need any other information that I didn’t include in this Audien Hearing Aids review, you can get in touch with the brand via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (205) 255-1112
  • Website chat feature
  • Website Contact Form

If you’re trying to get through by phone, Audien’s phone hours are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

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