HydroMATE Water Bottle Review

About HydroMATE

HydroMATE Water Bottle Review

Do you have trouble keeping up with your proper hydration needs throughout the day? HydroMATE sells motivational water bottles in a variety of sizes that help you track your water consumption and make sure you’re getting all the sweet, sweet H2O you need, as well as accessories like cold sleeves, drink mixes, and more.

This HydroMATE water bottle review could tell you that the brand has acquired a substantial following, including 127K on Instagram, as well as features in People and The New York Times. But what are the opinions of thousands of people and stories in major media outlets compared to a thumbs-up from a celebrity? 

Endlessly pregnant social media superstar Chrissy Teigen used her platform to enthuse about how these water bottles were helping her meet her daily hydration goals. Another celeb fan is actor Kaley Cuoco, who said that her HydroMATE bottle was one of the trusty everyday tools she used to get herself through the pandemic lockdown. 

Is your interest piqued? Stick with this HydroMATE water bottle review as we give you the big picture on the brand, its most popular products, customer reviews, promotions and discounts, and more to help you decide if this could be the hydration solution you’ve been looking for. 

Overview of HydroMATE

HydroMATE Water Bottle Review

HydroMATE was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2019 by partners Jason Holloway and Matthew Hernstadt. The duo wanted to transform the dull business of hydration into a (non-alcoholic) drinking game that makes keeping up with your proper daily water intake into a fun challenge. 

With that goal in mind, the HydroMATE timed water bottle is branded with encouraging messages and hour markings that show you how much water you need to get through during the day. The brand believes that the magic of positive reinforcement can make a truly beneficial impact on the life and health of individuals, families, and communities. 

While the brand made its name with its full-gallon bottles, it has diversified its product line to offer a range of different sizes for your convenience:

  1. Gallon Water Bottle (128 oz)
  2. 3 Liter Water Bottle (100 oz)
  3. 64 oz Water Bottle (half-gallon)
  4. 32 oz Water Bottle (1 liter)

The “motivational hydration industry,” as Holloway calls it, is getting pretty packed these days, so how can you tell if this particular brand’s bottle is your best bet? Our HydroMATE water bottle review will tell you all you need to know below, starting with some of the top-line pros and cons of this brand and its products.


  • Time stamps and motivational messages on exterior of bottle make it easy to keep track of how much water you need to drink each day
  • Made from durable, BPA-free plastic or glass
  • Variety of water-bottle sizes and styles to choose from (screw top, flip top, glass, straw, no-straw, etc.)
  • Bottles are easy to clean (just use baking soda and vinegar)
  • Affordable price point 
  • Installment payment option available via Klarna
  • Free shipping for orders of $50 and up 


  • Bottles are not dishwasher-safe 
  • Full-gallon water bottle is not exactly the most convenient thing to transport 
HydroMATE Water Bottle Review

In today’s busy world, it’s all too easy to let some of the most important things—like, say, drinking enough water—slip through our fingers. Stick with this HydroMATE water bottle review as we go over the brand’s bestselling products, which can help remind you of how crucial it is to take proper care of yourself each and every day.

HydroMATE Review

So, you might take a look at that HydroMATE gallon water jug and think, “That is just way too big for me!” But don’t worry, because this brand has plenty of other sizes available if you just can’t see yourself lugging that big one around all day. Our HydroMATE water bottle review spotlights a range of these items below.

HydroMATE 32 oz Water Bottle with Straw Review 

Feel a little conspicuous carting the full-gallon HydroMATE jug into the office? Get on-the-go hydration with the 32 oz Water Bottle with Straw. This one-liter bottle fits easily into a car cup holder, shoulder bag, or gym bag, and the flip-up straw lets you easily open and reseal the bottle to prevent any leakage.

The exterior is branded with the familiar HydroMATE motivational messages and time stamps, and the BPA-free plastic means that you’ll get none of that nasty chemical taste in your H2O. Available in turquoise, pink, purple, and blue, the 32 oz Water Bottle with Straw is currently on sale for $21, marked down from $26

HydroMATE 3 Liter Straw Water Bottle Review 

So the one-liter HydroMATE bottle is nicely compact and portable, but you’ll also have to refill it more often. And if you’re at the gym, frequent trips to the water fountain mean there’s just that much more chance that some devious character may poach your machine when you’re not looking. 

Voila—the 3 Liter Straw Water Bottle lets you keep your hydration at hand so you can keep your workout going uninterrupted. And if you’re not the sporty type, it’s still small enough to fit in your desk drawer at work, and stop you from having to go fill it up in the kitchen and inevitably run into that co-worker you just can’t stand. Nightmare!

Like it’s one-liter chum, this water bottle comes in a variety of colors and is marked with time stamps that’ll motivate you to keep drinking (water, that is) from 8am all the way until 8pm. The 3 Liter Straw Water Bottle is available now for $19, down from the regular $27

HydroMATE 64 oz Water Bottle with Straw Review 

The more serious we get about hydration, the less we care about those raised eyebrows and sniggering comments about our water bottles from those losers on the subway or in the elevator. The 64 oz Water Bottle with Straw is a hefty H2O hauler for those who know just how important it is to keep up with our water intake.

This HydroMATE half gallon bottle has a durable plastic carrying loop as well as a built-in handle for easy transportation. Naturally, it has the same motivational messages and time stamps as its smaller brothers and sisters, and comes in a plethora (yes, a veritable plethora!) of color options. Normally $26, you can get it now for $22.  

HydroMATE Gallon Water Bottle with Straw Review 

The saying is “go big or go home,” is it not? Here’s the one bottle to rule them all: the HydroMATE Gallon Water Bottle with Straw. This full-size, 128 oz bottle with built-in, easy-drink straw will up your hydration game in a big way. 

Fill this hefty sucker to the top and see yourself achieving your hydration goals in real time as the water level creeps down to hit those time stamps. It comes with an adjustable strap for carrying, a built-in handle, and is available in the color of your choice (as long as you only choose black, red, blue, turquoise, or pink).

The Gallon Water Bottle with Straw retails for $23, marked down from $27

HydroMATE Electrolyte Drink Mix Variety Packets Review 

We’ve been singing the praises of water throughout this HydroMATE water bottle review, but let’s be honest: sometimes, you want a bit of zing in your agua. Look no further: the Electrolyte Drink Mix Packs not only give you a choice of four yummy flavors (orange, lemon, Fruit Fusion, and peach iced tea), but also deliver triple the hydration of water.

This variety pack comes with 30 single-serving drink mix sticks per bag, each of which is packed with vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals, so you can boost your immune system as you quench your thirst—not too bad, right? 

You can get these HydroMATE electrolyte powder packets for $35 as a one-time purchase, but if you subscribe to the brand’s auto-refill program, you can cut that per-order price down 20% to $28 per pack.  

Is HydroMATE BPA-Free? 

HydroMATE Review

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical frequently used in plastic production, and which has been shown to have disadvantageous health effects on both children and adults. All HydroMATE water bottles are made with 100% BPA-free plastic. 

Does HydroMATE Keep Water Cold? 

HydroMATE Water Bottle Review

These water bottles are not insulated, so they won’t keep water cold for extended periods by themselves. But don’t worry, HydroMATE still has you covered (literally): the brand sells Insulated Sleeves for its bottles, which will help keep your water cool all day long. 

Do HydroMATE Bottles Sweat? 

HydroMATE Water Bottle Review

Similar to most water bottles on the market, HydroMATE water bottles can indeed sweat. But if you slip your bottle into one of the Insulated Sleeves mentioned above, these accessories’ sweat-proof design will ensure that your bottle doesn’t end up dousing everything else you’re carrying in your bag. 

Who Is HydroMATE For? 

HydroMATE Review

HydroMATE water bottles are for anyone looking to ensure their required daily water intake. Whether you’re in an office or at your desk at home, it’s all too easy to forget to stay properly hydrated during a busy workday. These bottles keep H2O on your mind by gamifying hydration, challenging you to stay on schedule with their handy time stamps.

Additionally, the sturdy construction of these bottles, and their built-in handles, make them ideal for active individuals who are always hitting the gym, tackling that daily 10K run, or biking the trails of a weekend. From the 32 oz to the full gallon, all these bottles have been designed with portability top of mind.

Comparison: HydroMATE vs. Drink LMNT

HydroMATE Review

You’d think that this HydroMATE water bottle review would compare this brand to another water-bottle company, right? But we threw a curveball at you and decided to stack one of our spotlighted brand’s accessories—the Electrolyte Drink Mix Packs—up against a comparable product on the market.

The first thing to note about the Drink LMNT Recharge electrolyte drink mix is that this product is the brand’s whole reason for being, while the HydroMATE version is clearly subordinate to the company’s primary product (water bottles, obvs). For this reason, Drink LMNT provides far more info about its powder than does HydroMATE.  

The primary feature of the Drink LMNT drink mix is that it contains more sodium than other powders, as—contrary to popular belief—sodium intakes that are too low can be just as unhealthy as intakes that are too high. These mixes have an optimal amount of sodium and don’t skimp on the electrolytes, as many other drink mixes do. 

Drink LMNT powder are also made from natural ingredients, are sugar- and gluten-free, and are paleo- and keto-friendly. Sadly, we can’t say the same about the HydroMATE Electrolyte Drink Mix Packs, because the brand doesn’t tell us: there is no ingredient list or detailed info available about the powder’s composition on the brand website.

Doubtless HydroMATE would be happy to provide you with information about its drink mix if you asked, but the fact that the brand doesn’t put it front and center to begin with indicates that this product is more of an afterthought.

If you want to learn more then check out our full LARQ Water Bottle Review and see how it stacks up.

HydroMATE Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

HydroMATE Review

While the brand doesn’t carry customer reviews on its own website, this HydroMATE water bottle review did the legwork and found sources elsewhere on the interwebs so we can show you what buyers are really saying about this motivational water bottle brand. 

On Amazon, the 64 Oz Water Bottle scores 4.7/5 stars from 15,293 global ratings. One five-star reviewer detailed how using this motivational water bottle has completely transformed how she views the business of proper daily hydration: 

It is always a challenge to drink the recommended amount of water each day, so important for health. This bottle makes it fun while serving as a reminder to keep drinking! Bottle is good quality, handle makes it easy to lift.”

Over at SiteJabber, a total of 54 customer reviews yield a 4.09/5-star rating for the brand. One buyer related how she overcame her initial internet-purchasing wariness to buy the 64 Oz Water Bottle, and was amazed at how it transformed her daily drinking habits:

Ordering my 1/2 gallon was the best decision. It’s too cute to not want to take everywhere and has really helped me drink more water. I’ve actually completely stopped drinking sodas and teas…. I’m purchasing more soon for birthday gifts because everyone needs to have one.”

Lastly, let’s head to Trustpilot, where HydroMATE has an “Excellent” rating of 4.3/5 stars from a reasonably representative 122 reviews. Just as on the sites above, buyers were grateful for how these bottles reminded them of the importance of maintaining one’s optimal water consumption in a fun and colorful way.

HyrdoMate not only keeps me hydrated but the fun, creative designing and colors makes drinking water enjoyable and cute!” one buyer succinctly put it.

This HydroMATE water bottle review can safely conclude that most buyers are thoroughly satisfied with their purchases from this brand.

Is HydroMATE Worth It?

HydroMATE Review

We could all do with drinking more water on a daily basis, so if you can’t keep yourself motivated to do so, these bottles are definitely worth a buy. HydroMATE makes the serious business of hydration fun and inspirational by reminding you that you’re not just drinking water, you’re accomplishing a goal.

The only minor drawbacks this HydroMATE water bottle review can flag have to do with convenience. For example, not everyone will be able to lug that full gallon bottle around during the day—but then again, that’s why the brand makes half-gallon and 32 oz versions as well.

Also, if hand-washing dishes is a horror to you, you may not appreciate the fact that these bottles are not dishwasher-safe. The brand helps you out with this as well though by carrying a handy Water Bottle Cleaning Brush for an easily affordable $6.

HydroMATE Promotions & Discounts 

HydroMATE Review

At the time of writing this HydroMATE review, there seem to be no special promotions or discounts available on the brand website. That said, the prices for all the brand’s products have been significantly slashed, with anywhere from 10% to 30% off.

Where to Buy HydroMATE

HydroMATE Review

You can purchase HydroMATE water bottles and accessories from the brand website, Select products are also available from retailers like Amazon and Walmart. 


HydroMATE Review

Where is HydroMATE made? 

HydroMATE water bottles are manufactured by NatureWorks, a company that creates cutting-edge, ecologically friendly biopolymers to compete against manufacturers of oil-based plastics. The firm’s main manufacturing facility is located in Blair, Nebraska. 

What is HydroMATE’s Shipping Policy?

HydroMATE ships to the US only; international buyers need to purchase these products from third-party retailers. The brand offers free standard shipping for orders of $50 and up. Standard shipping typically takes 4-6 business days; you can also spring for expedited shipping (2-4 business days), the cost of which will be calculated at checkout.

Upon completing your order, you will be provided with a tracking number so that you can follow your parcel’s progress. If your order is lost or arrives damaged, HydroMATE will replace it at no extra cost. 

What is HydroMATE’s Return Policy?

HydroMATE cannot offer returns on its products due to sanitary concerns (which everyone can surely appreciate all the more due to the ongoing pandemic). If your order is still pending and you have a change of mind, you can cancel it—but be advised that the average processing time for an order is only 10 minutes.

How to Contact HydroMATE

Have any questions that we didn’t cover in our HydroMATE review? You can drop the brand a line directly by emailing [email protected]

It’s important to stay hydrated, that’s why we’ve got some more water bottle reviews for you below:




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