Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

About Dose & Co

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

Dose & Co specializes in natural collagen supplements. Its range of high-quality creamers and proteins feature sustainably-sourced ingredients, and come in sustainable packaging too.

You might have heard of this brand, thanks to the Dose & Co Khloe Kardashian collaboration. It’s no surprise that this brand boasts more than 215k followers across Instagram and Facebook.

The company has also been featured by prominent media outlets and TV shows, such as Forbes, The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Ellen Show, Hello! Magazine, and The New York Post. But is it worth all the hype?

This Dose and Co collagen creamer review plans on figuring that out. So, keep reading to learn more about the brand, its story, collection, customer ratings, FAQs, and more, so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Overview of Dose & Co

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

Libby Matthews gravitated towards a career in naturopathy and nutrition because of health issues she had struggled with throughout her life. She discovered how powerful a proper diet and high-quality supplements could be. But, finding formulations that didn’t use any fillers and unnecessary ingredients was hard.

So, Libby went out to make a difference through Dose & Co. She officially launched the brand in 2019 with the mission of fulfilling two goals. First, she wanted to develop the highest quality collagen supplements that were free of GMOs and fillers.

Plus, the Dose & Co founder wanted to ensure that her brand was eco-friendly. Not only are its products’ packaging completely free of plastic, but the ingredients are also sustainable sourced.

The wellness industry has skyrocketed in the past decade, and this brand is among the strongest contenders. Khloe Kardashian quickly began working with the brand, and was attracted to it for the high quality products it offered:

Dose & Co has become a staple in my kitchen and I love adding the powders to anything I’m making… Unlike a lot of collagen products on the market, the entire Dose & Co range is free from artificial colors, flavors, fillers and binders and every serving is packed with a high dose of 10 grams of collagen per serve, so customers get results fast.”

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

The brand’s products are made in the USA with both local and imported ingredients. Now that you know more about the company, its founder, and its mission, this Dose & Co collagen creamer review will cover the pros and cons.


  • Collection of natural, potent collagen supplements in different flavors
  • Some options include significant amounts of protein
  • 100% plastic-free, sustainable packaging
  • Products are gluten-free
  • 10 grams of collagen per serving
  • Products do not contain any binders or fillers
  • Free shipping within the USA
  • Subscribe to save 25% on each order


  • Does not ship worldwide
Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

You might be wondering why this brand focuses on collagen, or why you even need a supplement. Collagen is naturally produced by our bodies. It serves a number of functions, including keeping our skin plump and youthful.

As people age, their collagen production slows down—meaning more fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. Here’s where a collagen supplement comes in handy. Derived from animals, each powder tops-up your body’s collagen production for improvement in nails, skin, and hair.

Let’s take a look at what the brand has to offer. From a collection of creamers to protein powders and original collagen boosters, you can get a nutritionally-packed punch in your preferred format and flavor. In the next section of this Dose & Co collagen creamer review, we’ll feature its bestsellers.

Customers can opt for a subscription plan to save 25% on each order.

Dose & Co Collagen Creamer Review

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

Even though the brand’s creamy formulas are designed to be tasty, you won’t find any chemical-filled sweeteners on the Dose & Co ingredients list. Instead, the flavored formulations are sweetened with monk fruit, which is a natural, low-carb, and healthy alternative to sugar.

This Dose & Co collagen creamer review will now introduce you to the brand’s top-selling products.

Dose & Co Vanilla Collagen Creamer Review

You know how vanilla is a term used to describe something that’s plain and boring? Well this is anything but. You’re going to drink coffee every morning anyways, so why not kick it up a notch with something that’s going to nourish your body from the inside out.

The Dose & Co Vanilla Collagen Creamer can be added to your morning coffee, smoothie, milk, or even baked goods. Each serving contains 10 grams of bovine collagen, including types one and three.

In a study performed by Dose & Co, 78% of participants reported faster-growing hair and nails after two months of regular use. And, 89% reported healthier-looking skin after just one month.

Each serving of 1 tbsp (heaped) contains 80 calories and an impressive 12g of protein. In addition to the collagen, key ingredients include whole milk and whey powders.

With 17 servings per container, the vanilla Dose & Co collagen coffee creamer rings in at $25 (12 oz).

Dose & Co Coconut Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer Review

Trying to cut lactose from your diet but still want some sweet and healthy goodness in your morning brew? Opt for the Dose & Co Coconut Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer.

Formulated with a blend of coconut milk, collagen, and vanilla, your body will be provided with  ample medium chain triglycerides and lauric acid. One Dose & Co collagen dose has 10g of collagen and 10.5g of protein.

This creamer, like others in the brand’s repertoire, is bioavailable. This means that it is easily digested and absorbed into your body, which offers faster results. And, not only is this creamer free of dairy, but it’s free of gluten, soy, artificial sweeteners, and GMOs too.

The Coconut Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer isn’t currently available on the US website, so keep your eyes peeled for a possible restock. On the New Zealand site, it’s listed for $34 (17 20g servings).

Dose & Co Unflavored Collagen Peptides Review

The Dose & Co Unflavored Collagen Peptides are versatile. You can add them to most food and beverages without disrupting the taste and texture. They’re suitable for hot or cold dishes, making a great addition to your baking endeavors or morning smoothie.

One Dose & Co collagen dose of this blend provides 10 grams of collagen (types one and three), 38 calories, and 10g of protein. The best part? Collagen is its only ingredient.

In a test performed by the brand, 83% of users saw an improvement in the appearance of their skin after one month of use. And, 72% saw their baby hairs grow longer within two months.

A 200 gram container, which includes 20 servings, of this Dose & Co pure collagen powder retails for $25.

Dose & Co Original Flavoured Beauty Blend Review

The Dose & Co Original Flavored Beauty Blend is a type one marine collagen. It contains one billion CFU’s of probiotics, 2g of lucuma superfoods, and 1000mcg of Biotin per serving. The result? A targeted approach to healthier skin, nails, and hair.

Best mixed into a beverage, this powder is flavored with monk fruit extract and cinnamon for a tasty additive. In addition to the 10.2g dose of collagen, you’ll also get 10.3g of protein to start your day off right.

Though currently unavailable on the US site, the New Zealand option currently has this Dose & Co beauty blend in stock. Get it for $55 (27 13g servings).

Dose & Co Vanilla Collagen Protein Powder Review

The Dose & Co Vanilla Collagen Protein Powder performs two key tasks from one nutritional powder. Not only will you experience hair, skin, and nail benefits from the 10g of collagen, but you’ll also get 20g of New Zealand-sourced premium grass fed whey protein.

When mixed into your smoothie, or whatever beverage you typically add your protein powder to, you’ll notice an increase in energy levels. Plus, your body will be able to recover faster post-workout, and your muscles will have the strength they need to push through your reps.

This Dose & Co collagen whey protein offers 12 servings per container, which is two heaped tsps. Add it to your workout regimen for $35.

Dose & Co Sample Box Review

Calling all commitment-phobes. Wanted to test out what the brand has to offer but don’t know which product is best for your lifestyle (or tastebuds)? Opt for the Dose & Co Sample Box.

In this bundle, you’ll receive one single-serve packet of each of the following blends:

  • Chocolate Collagen Protein Powder
  • Vanilla Collagen Protein Powder
  • Vanilla Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer
  • Caramel Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer
  • Vanilla Dairy Collagen Creamer
  • Caramel Dairy Creamer
  • Unflavoured Marine Peptides Collagen
  • Unflavoured Bovine Peptides Pure Collagen

When you’ve tasted them all, you can decide which flavors and formulas are worth adding into your regimen for daily consumption. Plus, the Dose & Co collagen dosage single-serve packets also serve as a fantastic to-go option—simply toss one in your purse to mix up at the office, the gym, or mid-hike.

Add the Sample Box to your cart for $20.

Dose & Co Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

The company’s formulas look promising, but what do customers really think? This Dose & Co collagen creamer review discovered that customers seem to be thrilled with the quality and taste of each product.

Below, we’ll share the positive and negative responses from the company’s site, Amazon, and Reddit. Let’s get into it.

On the brand’s website, most of its products have been rated more than 100 times. And, they score exceptionally high, with customers reporting effective and tasty formulations. Here’s an overview of how they score:

  • Vanilla Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer: an average of 4.87/5 stars from 1,291 ratings
  • Unflavored Collagen Peptides: an average of 4.67/5 stars from 230 ratings
  • Vanilla Collagen Creamer: an average of 4.74/5 stars from 261 ratings
  • Caramel Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer: an average of 4.58/5 stars from 117 ratings
  • Caramel Collagen Creamer: an average of 4.71/5 stars from 133 ratings
  • Vanilla Collagen Protein Powder: an average of 4.76/5 stars from 115 ratings
Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

First, we chose to dive deeper into the Vanilla Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer because it’s the company’s most discussed product. Of the pros that shoppers mention, the taste is among them. Take this example:

It tastes so good, the benefits are just a bonus. Continuing on about the tasty-factor, the flavour actually allowed the ritual to feel more like a treat than a task⁠—in fact, I found myself craving another one around the dreaded 3pm slump.

Meanwhile, another Dose & Co collagen creamer review reveals that a customer experienced impressive results in her skin and nails. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve tried different collagen and this one is by far the best!! My nails grew like crazy and my skin is clearing up. I have the chocolate, caramel and vanilla flavors for my coffee and then the plain for my shakes. If you haven’t tried, what are you waiting for!?!?

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

On Amazon, another Dose & Co collagen creamer reviewer speaks on the product’s fantastic results when it comes to nail strength:

I was a bit doubtful when I began using this product, but after 3 weeks of use, I started to see a marked improvement in my nail growth!! I thought I may not see results until I had used a couple of cans. I am over 65 yrs old and my nails were dry and brittle. They had stopped growing!! After 3 weeks improvement is significant. Very pleased…will order again!!

Such sentiments are likely why the unflavored version of the Pure Collagen Powder has a 4.6/5-star average from 1.1k customers on this site. Additionally, the Caramel Collagen Creamer earned 4.5/5 stars from 337 shoppers.

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

The overwhelming majority was in favor of these supplements. Many shoppers have shared Dose & Co before and after photos of their hair, skin, and nails, and the results are hard to deny.

Is Dose & Co Worth It?

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

Want in on collagen health products? Based on the research we conducted, this Dose & Co collagen creamer review definitely thinks this brand is worth fulfilling your supplement needs.

First off, its powder blends are affordably priced when compared to other companies, and they come in sustainable packaging, two big pros for us! Plus, we like its commitment to avoiding artificial ingredients and instead embracing the natural. It does not use artificial sweeteners, fillers, or flavors, and the products are all gluten-free.

There are also thousands of Dose & Co collagen creamer reviews that back this brand up. Among the most highly-mentioned pros were the fantastic flavors and effective formulations. Though a handful of shoppers argued that there is no scientific evidence to back collagen supplements up, it’s hard to deny the results that so many women have experienced.

The brand also offers free shipping on all US orders. For all of these reasons, Dose & Co is definitely worth the buy.

Dose & Co Promotions & Discounts

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

Reading this Dose & Co collagen creamer review in the hopes of finding an active coupon code? Customers can sign up for the brand’s mailing letter to receive 15% off on their first order.

Where to Buy Dose & Co

Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

You can purchase the brand’s products directly from us.doseandco.com. Alternatively, you can head to Amazon or Target.

The Dose & Co New World collection is also amongst your options.


Dose and Co Collagen Creamer Review

Does Dose & Co ship to Canada?

No. Dose & Co does not currently deliver outside of the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

What is Dose & Co’s Shipping Policy?

Dose & Co offers free shipping within the US. Orders will take 2-4 days to process, but it might take anywhere up to 21 business days to receive your order due to COVID-19 delays.

What is Dose & Co’s Return Policy?

Dose & Co currently only offers returns for damaged or faulty products. The window for return is 30 days after purchase. In order to complete your return, you will require a receipt or proof of purchase.

How to Contact Dose & Co

Looking to contact the team beyond this Dose & Co collagen creamer review? You can contact the brand through:

  • Website contact form
  • Facebook messenger

Looking for more collagen brands? Then check out Vital Proteins, a wellness brand that specializes in producing collagen supplements for health, beauty, and fitness.

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