Super Beta Prostate Review

About Super Beta Prostate

Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate is a men’s dietary supplement designed to restore normal urinary function and optimize your prostate health. This supplement is a leader in the marketplace, having sold over 15 million bottles worldwide according to the brand.

This is one of many supplements made by New Vitality, a health and wellness company with a decent following online of 1.7k likes on Facebook.

This Super Beta Prostate Review will provide you with a summary of the brand, its history, customer reviews, and the research behind the key ingredients so you can make an informed decision on whether this product is for you.

Overview of New Vitality

Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate is a flagship product by New Vitality, a US manufacturer of health and wellness products. Some of the other supplements made by New Vitality include vitamins, superfoods, greens powders, and products for sexual function.

The mission statement of the company is to “help people live longer and look younger” by delivering high-quality nutritional supplements at an affordable price. The company was voted one of the best places to work on Long Island from 2017 to 2020.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of the brand in this Super Beta Prostate review.


  • Made with plant-based ingredients
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Clear and transparent supplement facts
  • Over 15 million bottles sold worldwide
  • Urologist-recommended
  • Free Shipping with subscription service
  • 45-day satisfaction guarantee

Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate is a dietary supplement designed for men to help improve urinary function and optimize prostate health.

The following sections will go into depth on the features and benefits of the product, customer feedback, current sales and promotions, and the science behind Super Beta Prostate ingredients.

You can purchase a bottle for $40. If after reading this Super Beta Prostate review you choose to sign up for a subscription, you’ll pay $36, which is a savings of 10%, plus you’ll get free shipping and handling.

Who Is Super Beta Prostate For? 

Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate is developed for men, 40 years and up, who want to improve their prostate health and urinary function and decrease issues like frequent urination, especially at night.

Prostate issues can affect men as they age and can include symptoms like difficulty urinating, difficulty sleeping, and more. The formula aims to cure these issues.

The next section of this Super Beta Prostate review will cover some of the main benefits of using this supplement.

What Are the Benefits of Super Beta Prostate? 

Super Beta Prostate Review

The key ingredients in Super Beta Prostate are a blend of vitamins, minerals, and plant sterols that help to support prostate health. Benefits users may experience include:

  • Improvement of urinary function
  • Optimizing urinary flow
  • Reduction of trips to the bathroom
  • Lowering the frequency of urinating at night

How Does Super Beta Prostate Work?

Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate is formulated to support prostate health and urinary function and alleviate some of the issues associated with an aging prostate. One of the key ingredients, beta-sitosterol, has been shown in clinical studies to improve “urinary symptoms related to prostate enlargement.”

A clinical study[1] published in the British Journal of Urology tested the safety and efficacy of beta-sitosterol. 177 men with benign prostate hyperplasia were chosen for this six-month study.

The results showed that men given the beta-sitosterol showed improvements in prostate health and urinary function.

What Are the Ingredients In the Super Beta Prostate?

Super Beta Prostate Review

This supplement is made with 11 key ingredients, which I will explore in-depth below. Let’s see what the science behind these ingredients reveals in this Super Beta Prostate review.


Beta-sitosterol is part[2] of a family of molecules found in plants called phytosterols. Beta-sitosterol is used to treat heart conditions and arthritis, prevent cancer, and treat a prostate condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Two studies[3] on beta-sitosterol for the treatment of BPH showed a positive benefit with no adverse effects.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient[4] that has multiple health benefits, including supporting brain function, heart function, and supporting our immune system.

This key ingredient has been shown in studies to prevent prostate cancer cells from proliferating, suggesting it may have a medicinal benefit.


Zinc is an essential mineral[5] that plays a role in brain function and helps to support your immune system. There are high amounts of zinc in the prostate, suggesting it may play a role in prostate health.


Calcium is an essential mineral[6] that plays a key role in bone health. Although calcium was once considered a risk factor for prostate cancer, a large study involving over 10,000 men found no additional risk from higher dairy consumption or calcium supplementation.


Selenium is an essential mineral[7] that has antioxidant properties. Common food sources include seafood, meat, and nuts.


Manganese is an essential mineral[8] in the body. It is found in trace amounts in grains, teas, and vegetables.


Copper is another essential mineral[9] with antioxidant effects. It is found in drinking water and is important for multiple chemical reactions in the body.


Chromium is an essential mineral[10] that plays a role in regulating blood sugar in the body. Milk is a common food source of chromium.


Molybdenum is another essential mineral. It is commonly found[11] in grains and drinking water. Deficiencies are extremely rare with molybdenum and readers of this Super Beta Prostate review should know that supplementation is not considered necessary.


Boron is a mineral[12] with anti-inflammatory effects. A small study on dietary boron intake noted that higher levels were associated with decreased prostate cancer risk.


Silica is a trace mineral[13] found in bones, teeth, hair, and skin. It plays a role[14] in the health of your skin and connective tissue.

How to Take Super Beta Prostate and Dosage

Super Beta Prostate Review

The manufacturers of Super Beta Prostate suggest taking the product twice per day. Take one in the morning and one in the evening, ideally with food. A bottle contains 60 capsules, which will last you one month.

Super Beta Prostate Side Effects

Super Beta Prostate Review

​​To help readers of this Super Beta Prostate review make an educated decision, I need to review the potential downsides of taking the product.

For starters, some of the vitamins and minerals in Super Beta Prostate significantly exceed the recommended daily value, such as zinc, copper, selenium, and chromium.

If customers are taking other supplements such as a multivitamin along with the nutrients they obtain from food, there is a risk that they may end up taking much more than is necessary for health.

For example, excessive amounts of selenium[7] are associated with oxidative damage and may increase the risk of diabetes. Also, excess copper[15] is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional with a background in nutrition before taking this supplement.

The primary active, beta-sitosterol, is considered safe without adverse effects. Now that I’ve covered possible Super Beta Prostate side effects, let’s review feedback and testimonials from customers. 

Super Beta Prostate Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate appears to score high marks with hundreds of customers, based on the reviews I found. For men with prostate issues, the product appears to be a lifesaver:

  • New Vitality: 4.5/5 stars over 786 reviews
  • Amazon: 4.1/5 stars after 4,173 global ratings
  • Walmart: 4.1/5 stars over 726 reviews

One man said: “This Super Beta Prostate supplement was recommended to me by my doctor. It has helped me get more sleep at night with fewer trips to the bathroom and my bladder empties much better now that I have been taking it. I am very pleased with this product.”

Another customer said: “My husband has had a terrible time at a young age with his frequency and urgency to urinate throughout the day and night causing him to get terrible sleep. After taking this for a few days, he’s no longer getting up at night to pee! It’s like a miracle and he’s sleeping so much better. Whatever it does to help, it’s working!”

One other review read: “I’m 58 and need a Prostate formula and this one is the only brand that seems to work for me. I had a chance to test it after being on it for over a year when I stopped using it for a month. My prostate-related problems quickly returned and then disappeared a few days after resuming Super Beta Prostate. Kinda pricey, but worth it.

Finally: “I’ve been using another brand for the last few years and they seemed to work, though frequency was still 3x a night. My last order I decided to pay extra for Super Beta Prostate, and wow, I have zero doubt this product works! Took two the first evening and only woke up once that night. … If I didn’t think this brand was any different …  I now stand corrected”

It should also be noted that the parent company of Super Beta Prostate has no presence on Trustpilot and there are zero customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.

For a company that has been in business for 16 years, this is surprising. Despite this, customers seem to be pleased with the brand.

Now that I have reviewed the ingredients, benefits, possible side effects, and customer feedback, let’s sum things up for this Super Beta Prostate review.

Is Super Beta Prostate Worth It?

Super Beta Prostate Review

For men looking to improve their prostate health and get their urinary function back to normal, Super Beta Prostate is recommended.

After reviewing the plenty of positive customer testimonials on the New Vitality website, Amazon, and Walmart, as well as the science supporting the effectiveness of beta-sitosterol, this brand gets two thumbs up.

Super Beta Prostate Promotions & Discounts 

Super Beta Prostate Review

As I mentioned before, you can subscribe to regular delivery to save 10% on this supplement. But there are other ways to save! If you buy three bottles, the regular price is $120.

On the New Vitality website, you can save big and pay just $81. The savings are even bigger if you step up to buy 6 bottles. The regular price is $240 and is currently on sale for just $144.

For the biggest savings of all, you might want to consider buying a 6-month supply. The regular price for 12 bottles is $480, but you can get them for just $279.

Where to Buy Super Beta Prostate

Super Beta Prostate Review

There are plenty of places to get your hands on Super Beta Prostate. The best place is online at the New Vitality website, but you also have plenty of other options, whether online or in-store. Here’s a list of retail partners to buy it from:

The final section of this Super Beta Prostate review will answer some FAQs about the product.


How many Super Beta Prostate should I take daily?  

The creators of Super Beta Prostate recommend taking two servings daily. Ideally, you should take one caplet in the morning and one caplet at night.

Should I take Super Beta Prostate with food?  

Super Beta Prostate can be taken with food, as many of the vitamins and minerals in the product are best absorbed with food, especially a meal containing some fats.

To ensure you don’t forget to take the product, try to pick the same time each day (i.e. breakfast).

Is Super Beta Prostate vegan?  

The creators of Super Beta Prostate do not make vegan claims about the formula. While the ingredients are natural, vegan readers of this Super Beta Prostate review should consult with a healthcare professional before starting to use this product.

Is Super Beta Prostate gluten-free? 

The manufacturers of Super Beta Prostate do not make gluten-free claims about the product. The ingredients appear to be gluten-friendly, but any consumer who is gluten sensitive or intolerant should consult with their healthcare professional before using this product.

What are the supplement facts of Super Beta Prostate? 

Super Beta Prostate is a dietary supplement with multiple ingredients designed to support prostate health. In each serving of two caplets, you will find:

  • Vitamin D: 800 IU
  • Calcium: 80mg
  • Zinc: 15mg
  • Selenium: 70mcg
  • Copper: 2mg
  • Manganese: 2mg
  • Chromium: 120mcg
  • Molybdenum: 75mcg
  • Phytosterols: 600mg
    • Beta-Sitosterol: 250mg
  • Silicon: 20mg
  • Boron: 3mg

What is New Vitality’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping and handling costs start at $7 for one bottle of Super Beta Prostate and $9 for two or more bottles. However, if you spend more than $99 or sign up for their subscription service, you are eligible for free shipping.

New Vitality generally delivers products within 7-10 business days after receiving your order. Customers can pay an additional $10 to expedite their order for 5 business days.

For customers who want to receive their order even faster, the company offers Second-Day Air Service for $17 and Overnight Service for $25.

What is New Vitality’s Return Policy?

Readers of this Super Beta Prostate review should be aware that the company offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee for all customers.

If you are unhappy in any way about the product and would like to return it, you can simply return the used bottles within 30 days of the delivery date and their customer service team will issue you a refund, minus shipping and handling. 

How to Contact New Vitality

The customer service department at New Vitality is available to handle product-related questions, orders, and concerns. You can contact the company using any of the following:

  1. Customer Service Questions: 1-800-943-6465
  2. Product-Related Questions: 1-888-997-2941
  3. Email: [email protected]  
  4. Mailing Address: New Vitality, 63 Oser Ave, Hauppauge, NY, USA 11788

You can reach them from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm EST.

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