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Prostate MD Review

Imagine this: you’re sitting on the toilet for the fourth time in the past two hours. You’ve given up standing while you pee and have resigned your honor over to the ceramic throne. You don’t even bother drinking water because you know it’ll send you right back to the toilet.

Trust me brother, I’ve been there before. It seems 1MD has too, given that they made one of the most beloved prostate health medications available in the Prostate MD.

This product is a step up from typical saw palmetto extracts. How so? Maybe you should ask any one of the brand’s nearly 4k Instagram followers.

Or, you could read this Prostate MD review where I’ll fill you in on what makes this item unique, what it does compared to other products, and you can decide whether it’s the solution you’ve been searching for.

Overview of Prostate MD

Prostate MD Review

Prostate MD’s parent company 1MD doesn’t want you to stop aging gracefully. Their entire company philosophy is based around using what science and nature offer us to better fuel our bodies.

They espouse an anti-corner-cutting manufacturing process. That means they won’t include any fillers or unnecessary ingredients in any of their items. All of their ingredients have to pass a series of tests that would make old-school University entry exams look like fingerpainting in kindergarten.

Speaking of ingredients, everything 1MD uses in their medications is fully organic. All of their items are developed in the company’s US-based factories.

But what does that mean for Prostate MD? It means you can bet your house, your car, and your daughter’s college tuition fund that there’s nothing fishy going on in the product.

I mean that literally. Not only is Prostate MD shellfish-free, but it’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and pesticide-free. That means you can rest easy with the knowledge that your urinations might be less frequent because you’re feeding your body what it craves.

Clearly, this item is charting a pathway to better health that’s as glorious as trekking through the Andes. But let’s see what else is so great about Prostate MD by covering some of the product’s highlights:


Prostate MD Review
  • Prostate MD delivers more active ingredients per capsule than most similar medications on the market
  • All products are made in America
  • Product subscription options are available
  • International shipping
  • 100% money-back guarantee

This Prostate MD review will focus on that product alone. However, 1MD as a brand has more in store for customers looking to ball out with their health care. 

Their product line includes medications for bone health, digestive issues, joints, heart and cardiovascular conditions, and medications specifically tailored for men.

Prostate MD Review

What distinguishes Prostate MD from other saw palmetto extracts is that it contains much higher levels of beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

“Whoa, Prostate MD review writers!” you’re probably saying, “how about you speak a little English?” 

Oh, I am, my fine readers. These ingredients work alongside antioxidants, minerals, and plant sterols to direct target many of the ailments resulting from unhealthy prostates.

This item is backed by Dr. Daniel Brison, a respectable powerhouse in the world of men’s tinkle troubles. You can make him proud by purchasing a 30-capsule bottle of Prostate MD for $50.

Who Is Prostate MD For? 

Prostate MD Review

Our crack team of Prostate MD review writers knows that prostate issues most commonly target men who are entering their twilight years. So this product is best recommended for men who fall into that age group.

However, it’s not unheard of for younger men to develop prostate issues. Anyone suffering from irregular urinary schedules or abdominal pain should ask their doctor about Prostate MD.

What Are the Benefits of Prostate MD? 

Prostate MD Review

This item hosts a buffet of benefits fit for a king with a prostate that’s swollen to the size of his throne. These benefits go beyond potentially improving prostate health.

Prostate MD was scientifically engineered to return one’s urinary and prostate functions back to their normal levels. It can help them get back to homeostasis (a scientific term for balance and regularity). 

The biggest selling point of this medication is that it can regulate your peeing schedule. It’s possible that this item can cut down the number of times you awake in the middle of the night to use your washroom.

More time sleeping, less time peeing? Sounds like a dream to us.

How Does Prostate MD Work?

Prostate MD Review

Saw palmetto, the active ingredient, can potentially help with frequent urination. However, further research is needed to see if it is actually more effective than a placebo

1MD suggests tracking your results with this item over a 3-month period. That way you can see how the medication affects you and whether you need to modify your dosage levels.

What Are the Ingredients In the Prostate MD?

Prostate MD Review

Each capsule of Prostate MD contains all the ingredients I mentioned earlier in this Prostate MD review. I’ll list them again if your fingers are too tired to scroll up a few inches.

Prostate MD contains the company’s sublime USPlus® saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed oil extract, African cherry bark extract, and lycopene extract.

You may not know what all of those are, but you should know that they are all dairy-, nut-, wheat-, GMO-, and shellfish-free.  

How to Take Prostate MD and Dosage

Prostate MD Review

Taking the Prostate MD’s RDI is an easy pill to swallow because it literally is an easy pill to swallow.

In all seriousness, one capsule a day might help you see improvements in your prostate performance in no time.

Prostate MD Side Effects

Prostate MD Review

Some common Prostate MD side effects, specifically relating to saw palmetto extracts, include bruising and bleeding (which can occur in the nose, stomach, or digestive lining), nausea, puking, diarrhea, headaches, and problems in the bedroom.

These side effects are found throughout many saw palmetto extract medications so they aren’t specific to just Prostate MD.

Prostate MD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Prostate MD Review

Would you put the care of your prostate in the hands of a total stranger? Some men do, and it’s why they fear their regular prostate exams.

This section of our Prostate MD review will show you how important it is to vet your preferred prostate care by telling you what real customers have to say about the product. 

If you can’t trust us and you don’t trust your family doctor, then at least trust the honest customers who’ve taken time out of their day to divulge the dirty details of their Prostate MD experiences.

Seems like there isn’t too much dirty business going on by looking at the Prostate MD’s customer scores on the 1MD brand website. Buyers gave the item an overall score of 4.4/5 stars.

Better bladder control was the most common customer benefit among the positive reviews. Plenty of happy buyers said they were peeing less frequently and could control when they needed to use the washroom more. 

One 5/5 star review writer practically boasts about how much his bladder stream has improved like he just won a gold medal in bladder retention at the piss Olympics. 

He said, “Prostate MD has helped me sleep better through the night by not getting up every hour to go to the bathroom. My stream is stronger by using this product. I feel over the long run that ProstateMD will help me to have a healthier prostate. I have tried other prostate supplements and have found that ProstateMD, over the last couple of years, works best for me.

Other positive commenters were less bashful but just as complimentary. They highlighted how the Prostate MD helped them sleep better because they were no longer waking up to use the toilet multiple times a night.

This glowing piece of buyer insight explains how the medication instilled confidence in his ability to remain present since he didn’t have to worry about peeing so much anymore: “In the short time, I have noticed less need to urinate and the flow starts promptly. I am more comfortable as a result.

In spite of the fact that the majority of consumers saw improvements after taking the Prostate MD, others didn’t. Some customers flatly stated that it simply didn’t work. They didn’t go into details or provide any theories as to why the item didn’t help them, so it’s hard to know how severe their prostate’s health was prior to starting the medication. 

While those critiques are valid, they’re not the only valid morsels of customer feedback. For even more of that sweet consumer honesty, we turned to Amazon. 

There, the Prostate MD earned an average score of 4/5 stars from more than 865 pieces of customer insight. The reviews echoed what many buyers spoke about on 1md.org; less frequently peeing, better sleeping patterns, and more confidence in general.

This particular reviewer mentioned how the item helped his pain and discomfort levels. Check out his in-depth comment:

After years of suffering with chronic pain from bladder and kidney cancer and the results of BCG treatments and the damage they caused to my urinary system and prostate, I finally found some relief with 1MD Prostate MD. I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t sit more than 10 minutes without Prostate pain and now after just one week I can finally feel some much-appreciated relief!!

To cap off this segment of Prostate MD reviews, here’s a quick summary of what customers loved the most about the product;

  • Greatly improved bladder control
  • More restful periods of sleep due to less frequent urination

Is Prostate MD Worth It?

Prostate MD Review

There are a few reasons why you should believe that Prostate MD is worth it. Firstly, the product holds higher customer ratings across all the websites I examined, with many customers noticing long-term improvements.

Secondly, Prostate MD packages higher levels of active ingredients than most other competing products. More bang for your buck is always a good thing.

Finally, as you’ll read later in this article, 1MD has a surprisingly flexible shipping policy and their money-back guarantee is one of the most forgiving promises we’ve read. 

Prostate MD Promotions & Discounts 

Prostate MD Review

You can share the gift of a healthy prostate this holiday season by cashing in on 1MD’s holiday savings promotion. While writing this Prostate MD review, I discovered that the company is currently offering free shipping on all of the products available through their website.

As if that discount wasn’t as energizing as a morning cup of coffee, here’s another one that’ll make you soil yourself with glee. You can save up to 22% on 1MD products by joining the brand’s email newsletter list. 

You’ll save more money in the long run if you subscribe to monthly Prostate MD deliveries. Here’s how the savings breakdown depends on your preferred release schedule:

  • Signing up to receive 1 Prostate MD bottle per month costs $43 per bottle
  • Signing up to receive 3 Prostate MD bottles every 3 months costs $39 per bottle
  • Signing up to receive 6 Prostate MD bottles every 6 months costs $36 per bottle

They’re playing a cute game – the longer you subscribe for, the more you save. 

Where to Buy Prostate MD

Prostate MD Review

There are a few places beyond the 1MD website, 1md.org, where you can buy Prostate MD. These alternatives are mostly large retailers like Amazon and Walmart.


Prostate MD Review

How many Prostate MD should I take daily?  

Unless your healthcare provider tells you otherwise, this Prostate MD review found that the brand recommends taking one capsule daily. 

Should I take Prostate MD with food?  

Like most capsules, Prostate MD is best when taken alongside a meal. The company’s website specifically recommends swallowing the medication with the aid of a glass of water.

Taking pills with a full meal helps the body absorb the medication because of the interactions between food, prescriptions, and our digestive systems.

Is Prostate MD vegan?  

I was so close to celebrating this product for its vegan ingredients list. That is until I noticed the usual suspect: gelatin.

I also found that Prostate MD contains beeswax. These two ingredients are used in the item’s capsule but they mean that it’s sadly not vegan-friendly.

Is Prostate MD gluten-free? 

While vegans might have to look elsewhere for prostate relief, gluten-free individuals can rest easy with Prostate MD. It’s entirely gluten and wheat-free.

What are the supplement facts of Prostate MD? 

1 soft gel Prostate MD capsule contains the following amounts of these ingredients:

  • Copper: 2mg
  • Boron: 2mg
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil: 160mg
  • Lycopene: 15mg

One capsule also contains 45 mg each of Monterey pine bark extract, stinging nettle leaf, and sunflower seed lecithin. 

What is Prostate MD’s Shipping Policy?

Your prostate will be joyed to learn that they can receive Prostate MD’s loving touch no matter where it’s located. That’s because 1MD ships internationally.

Let’s speak a bit about US shipping for a minute because there’s more concrete information regarding it. All orders over $97 receive free shipping anywhere in the United States.

Standard US shipping costs $6 and should reach your doorstep within 7 to 10 business days. Expedited shipping, for those with the inability to wait for prostate care, costs $15 and takes 2 to 3 business days.

Returning to international shipping, 1MD prices regular shipping and expedited shipping at $30 and $40 respectively. They don’t provide any delivery time estimates, but they will attach a tracking ID to your confirmation email. That way you can monitor your delivery’s progress.

What is Prostate MD’s Return Policy?

Our Prostate MD review staff are happy to tell you that 1MD offers a 100% back money guarantee on all products returned within 90 days of their initial purchase. There are some caveats to this policy you should know about though.

Firstly, the brand will not reimburse any shipping fees. Secondly, you have to call the company to request a return form and explain why you’re returning your product. 

You can find out how to contact 1MD in the next section of our Prostate MD review.

Thirdly, refunds are based on how much of the product has been used. So if you return an item that contained a 3-month supply but used a month’s worth of it then the brand will only refund you for the 2 months of unused product remaining.

How to Contact 1MD

Prostate MD Review

Even after reading through my entire Prostate MD review, your brain may still be like an inflamed prostate except that it’s swelling with questions I’ve yet to answer.

If that’s the case then I suggest contacting the company directly. Here are all the best ways you can reach out to a 1MD representative:

  1. Submit a contact ticket through the Contact page on their website, 1md.org
  2. Call them at 888-393-4030

Note that their customer service representatives should respond to your requests between their working hours of 5:00 am to 6:00 pm PST, Mondays to Fridays, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm PST on Saturdays, and 7:00 am to 11:30 am PST on Sundays.

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