Manual Men’s Healthcare Review

About Manual

Manual Men's Healthcare Review

Manual is a healthcare company dedicated to helping men with hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and overall wellness with a range of products, including easy-access prescription medication. 

Their goal is to help men open up about their health problems and find solutions that increase their happiness and quality of life, while also providing clinically proven treatments.

The company has been steadily growing since their start in 2018 and has been featured in the likes of Forbes, TechCrunch, Medium, and other notable publications.

This Manual men’s healthcare review will investigate the best-sellers in the brand’s product catalog, customer reactions, ingredients, pricing, and more so that you can make a well-informed decision about whether or not their outspoken ways suit your vibe.  

Overview of Manual

Manual Men's Healthcare Review

Manual was founded in 2018 by George Pallis as a resource for men suffering from a variety of predominantly male-specific symptoms. 

The company does not deal with serious life-threatening illnesses or anything like that, but they can help with hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and other conditions that are common to men later in life. 

Too often men don’t feel confident in expressing their concerns about these issues or bothering to find a solution. Manual credits this to a culture where men are told to ‘man up’ and not voice their concerns.

The brand says there’s nothing wrong with men speaking about their personal health concerns, and that they certainly shouldn’t seek help only in truly critical situations. Men should feel comfortable pursuing the best life for themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. 

By providing clinical services online, the brand supports men in dealing with their issues in a way that’s non-judgmental and actually supportive. 

They also have helpful health articles available on their website, such as the Manual blue balls comprehensive review, and the Manual creatine hair loss analysis.

This Manual men’s healthcare review found thousands of happy customer reviews and reasonably-priced, effective product, but there are a few things to note before you dive in for a purchase:


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Choosing the 3-month delivery option gives you up to 50% in savings
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Ongoing 50% discount on The Skin Kit
  • First-month subscription discount


  • Subscription locks you in for 12 months
  • Many products require a prescription and subscription
  • Currently available predominantly in the UK

How Does Manual Work?

Manual Men's Healthcare Review

You can easily sign up for a Manual subscription with any product purchase to get savings from 17% to 50% off the ordinary price. When you sign up, you are locked in for 12 months. Orders come every month, and the subscription auto-renews unless you cancel it.

You can also cancel at any time, freeze your subscription deliveries, or even adjust your subscription and change the frequency, dosage, and the number of tablets you receive.

 This Manual men’s healthcare review notes that, while you can cancel whenever you want, you should do it well in advance of your next delivery.

Many products require a subscription, but it’s no problem to get one. The Manual website has streamlined the process so that all you have to do is answer questions online and then wait for analysis by one of Manual’s medical experts. 

If approved, your order will be placed and there’s nothing more you need to worry about.

Manual Hair Loss Treatments Review

Manual’s clinically proven hair loss treatment promotes new hair growth and drastically slows the balding process. All of the medication they offer for this male health issue requires a prescription and comes with support from the company’s team of medical experts.

While they do not offer a Manual baldness cure per se, their products can help put some hair back on your scalp.

The most important decisions you have to make are 1) whether or not you want to sign up for a 12-month subscription immediately and 2) how to fill out the medical questionnaire (to determine your eligibility for the prescription treatment.)

One of the great things about Manual is that they offer a “standard” hair loss plan that uses a combination of Manual tablets and sprays. 

The Manual Topical Finasteride is simply a tablet that you take daily to combat a retreating hairline. The Minoxidil Plan is a spray that helps new hair grow, especially on the top of your head. And you can always get both with the Complete Hair Loss Plan.

Premium Treatments require a free consultation, while the “standard” plans mentioned above only require you to complete a questionnaire. This Manual men’s healthcare review broke down the pricing of the standard plans so you can see it all easily in one place:

  • The Complete Hair Loss Plan: $40/month for monthly deliveries. The price increases after the first month to $63/month.
  • Finasteride Hair Loss Plan: $26/month with deliveries every month. The price increases after the first month to $49/month.
  • Minoxidil Hair Loss Plan: $34/month for each month’s purchase. The price increases after the first month to $60 per month.

Manual Sex Health Treatments Review

Manual has 4 options for erectile dysfunction medication, and they all require a subscription: 

  • Sildenafil (the generic version of Viagra) 
  • Tadalafil (the generic version of Cialis)
  • Viagra Connect (a non-prescription Viagra option)
  • Viagra

Before we get into the fine details, you should know that the medication requires you to be excited about having sex. In other words, you have to be turned on and attracted to your partner for it to take effect. 

Another important detail is that you need to take the pill an hour before intercourse for best results.

Sildenafil, Viagra Connect, and Viagra last about 4 hours, while Tadalafil lasts for about 36 hours. Here’s the pricing breakdown:

  • Sildenafil: You can customize the number of tablets you receive and the dosage per tablet. Assuming a standard 50mg dose and 6 tablets, the cost is $22/month if you choose monthly deliveries and $51 per delivery if you choose the 3-month option. 

The cost then increases to $34/month or $85 per delivery after the first month.

  • Tadalafil: This version also has customizable dosages and pill amounts. Assuming a standard 10mg dose and 6 tablets, the cost is $32/month if you choose monthly deliveries and $74 per delivery if you choose deliveries every 3 months. 

The regular cost after the first month is $47/month or $109 per delivery.

  • Viagra Connect: 6 tablets of 50mg costs $91/month
  • Viagra: 5 tablets of 50mg costs $102/month

Manual Skin Treatments Review

Manual Skin Treatments offers Wrinkle Warrior as a single purchase 50ml bottle for $34, or as a subscription for $29. It uses peptides, acids, and vitamin blends to smooth out your face and make you look younger. If you think you look good, you feel good, and that’s a fact.

Another option is Mr Moisturizer, available as a $20 100ml bottle or $17 on a subscription plan. Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient that keeps your face rejuvenated and hydrated throughout the day. This is especially important for those with dry skin types.

You can also buy the Skin Kit and get both products together for the single purchase price of $50.

Manual Daily Health Treatments Review

No matter who you are, life will take you through its ups and downs. The best thing we can do is to try and weather the storm, but sometimes a bit of help with self-care can go a long way. 

Manual’s 10 daily health treatments are made to address a variety of concerns, including energy, immunity, gut health, sleep, and many others. 

This Manual men’s healthcare review could spend the rest of the article just talking about the jaw-dropping benefits of each supplement, but we’ll outline our favorites down below.

The Performance Vitamins provide a vegan-friendly B vitamin blend that provides deep, long-lasting energy at the molecular level. 

These vitamins work in tandem to ensure the nutrients you eat are transformed during digestion into the optimal energy required to perform at a high level. 

In fact, most people lack these essential vitamins and can get brain fog and mental fatigue as a result. You can buy the Performance Vitamins in a 30-capsule bottle for $30.

Testosterone Support is an exciting offer from Manual that fills a wide gap in most men’s supplement intake. With a zinc, maca, and ginseng formula, this supplement boosts libido and does wonders for overall confidence and boldness.

Studies show that most men have lower testosterone levels than their recent ancestors. Whether from a sedentary lifestyle, harmful diet, pollution, or a mix of factors, it means that testosterone is a critical supplement to take. 

And that doesn’t even account for the natural decrease in testosterone that occurs as men age, with the first plateau around 26 years of age. 

Manual offers treatment for this widespread issue with a 30-capsule bottle of Testosterone Support for $37.

While not the most unique product, Immunity Vitamins are a tried and true staple of a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin C has been taken for a long time now, and people have figured out that it has a hugely beneficial impact on your immune system. 

That’s why Manual packed as much Vitamin C into this supplement as they possibly could, giving you a mega dose that will feed your body’s natural ability to fight off sickness.

If you happen to catch a cold, Immunity Vitamins will also help you get over it faster and make the symptoms less severe. 

Scientific studies show that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the risk of dementia, cancer, and heart disease, among other ailments. Manual has made theirs available in a 30-capsule bottle for $30.

The Daily Multivitamin is your one-stop-shop for rounding out your nutritional profile. 

Manual knows how difficult it can be to have a balanced diet (not to mention all the prep time that goes into buying and cooking healthy ingredients), so they’ve created this supplement to increase overall well-being

Featuring a potent blend of Vitamins C, A, B6, B12, and K, this multivitamin is specially formulated to support the heart and the brain, as well as boost muscle function. A bottle containing 30 servings is available for the low price of $26

How Much is Manual?

Manual Men's Healthcare Review

Manual supplements are priced very reasonably, especially considering their extremely positive reviews and genuine effectiveness. Of course, the price depends on what you’re buying. 

What you can count on is massive discounts if you subscribe, no matter what product is included in the subscription. For example, a subscription to their Testosterone Support tablets costs $17/month, 33% less than a single order.

And while the subscription auto-renews every 12 months, you can cancel it whenever you want, freeze it, or adjust it. These products are not one-pill solutions but are ideally taken consistently over long periods to see real results. 

When we look at it that way, the Manual subscription encourages you to use their products properly and give them a fair chance, as well as helping to save you money.

One thing you have to keep an eye on is how much the price increases after your first month. Manual will list the price for the first month as the amount you sign up for, but a few lines below they’ll say how much the regular payments will cost after that first month. 

This Manual men’s healthcare review stresses that the price can jump up about 50%.

Manual Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Manual Men's Healthcare Review

While their service certainly seems comprehensive, we still have to take a look and see what their customers think. Unfortunately, outside of TrustPilot, there are very few to no sources of buyer testimonials about the brand.

With that in mind, we can only get part of the picture from one source, but this Manual men’s healthcare review will don our investigative hat and see what we can dig up. 

Over 2,000 Trustpilot reviews awarded Manual a 4.4/5 stars average, citing massive, visible transformations. The evaluations themselves aren’t categorized by product, so we can only tell that the brand as a whole is recommended by users.

We did find clues about the effectiveness of certain products. One satisfied Trustpilot reviewer had this to say about a particular little blue pill: “Never fails. Tablet is outstanding and does the job for a good few hours of intense satisfaction!” They left a 5/5 stars rating, unsurprisingly.

A skeptical buyer soon became a Manual convert after trying out their hair growth products: “I was a little concerned to start with it wouldn’t work but been using for six months now and there is a huge improvement in my hair being thicker. I am very impressed.” 

As is often the case with hair loss treatments, results can take a lot of time to appear, so it’s great that this customer stuck with it for half a year and now has a full head of hair.

All in all, Manual has created a positive service that has been well-received by many men. By creating an open and honest platform to address men’s health issues, they’ve helped to break some taboos and provide effective relief to those who need it.

Is Manual Worth It?

Manual Men's Healthcare Review

Manual is worth it for men in the UK experiencing a host of largely male-centric issues. They are a modern, streamlined service that gets prescription medication to your door as quickly as possible. 

They know erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and testosterone issues are far from small concerns. The brand treats these issues seriously and makes it their business to ensure you find the right solution.

Because a subscription lasts 12 months, this Manual men’s healthcare review recommends buying your first product as a single order if possible. Then you can see if you like the effects and whether or not you would want to use it over a longer period. 

Only then should you commit to a 12-month subscription plan. No matter the number of positive reviews, it’s important to try medical products for yourself and judge the effects.

That being said, this Manual men’s healthcare review can’t find a good reason not to give the brand a chance. Their pricing is low before factoring in the many discounts, customer feedback is excellent, and the products have real, medical-backed results.

Manual Promotions & Discounts

Manual Men's Healthcare Review

There is an ongoing 50% discount for their Skin Kit. To unlock it, all you have to do is fill out a simple and free quiz that assesses your health and recommends the best options going forward. 

The other huge discount you need to know about is Manual‘s auto-renewing subscription program. It sends you the product on a regular schedule at a discount of 17% to 30% depending on the medication.

Sign Up For Manual

Manual Men's Healthcare Review

The key thing about signing up for Manual is that you start by choosing your subscription product. This Manual men’s healthcare review will lay out the steps so you know exactly what to do:

1. Choose your product subscription and click “Get Started”

2. Add more discounted items to your cart or skip

3. Confirm your personal information

4. Answer 6 questions about your health concerns

5. Choose to add more relevant items

6. Create your account with standard information

7. Confirm your shipping information and options

8. Provide your payment information and complete the order


Manual Men's Healthcare Review

How do I cancel my Manual subscription?

An amazing feature of the Manual subscription is that you can cancel at any time. Additionally, you can freeze your subscription or adjust its details whenever you find it necessary. 

Follow these steps to make your cancellation a smooth and simple process:

1. Log in to your Manual account via the www.manual.co/login website portal

2. Select “Accounts”

3. Select “Your Plans”

4. View, freeze, alter, or cancel your subscriptions

What is Manual’s Shipping Policy?

Your delivery comes in an unassuming box that looks like it could contain anything. Within that box, you will find your purchase in either pouches or bottles with anti-child-tampering equipment.

Shipping times and costs are calculated based on your address. Of course, once those details are provided, you will be given a tracking number to locate your package.

What is Manual’s Return Policy?

Manual does not allow prescription medication to be returned (unless there is an issue with it). If you purchased non-prescription products, then you can return them no later than 28 days after the purchase date for a refund or exchange.

Here’s the best part: Manual pays the shipping cost of your return. Contact their customer support team and, if accepted, they will issue you a prepaid shipping label along with instructions to follow. 

This Manual men’s healthcare review also found that the items you wish to return must be “unopened, in perfect condition and original packaging.”

How to Contact Manual

We hope you enjoyed reading this Manual men’s healthcare review. 

If you have any questions for the brand, here are the Manual contact options:

Phone number: 0208 004 7160, available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm UTC

Email: [email protected]

Message @MenofManual on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter 

You’ve got options for men’s health online. Check out these popular and discrete telehealth services:

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