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Fella Health Review

Are you a guy who’s trying to lose weight or kick a stress-eating habit? But are you having trouble doing it on your own? If you’re looking for help that’s tailored to your unique body and needs, then check out this Fella review.

Fella is a brand that assists men across the US with overcoming obesity and unhealthy eating habits through a combination of biological support with medication and psychologically-focused coaching.

While it’s still a very new company, it has already grown a decent social media following. The brand has 633 followers on Facebook and 635 followers on Instagram. Also, one of Fella’s founders, who has had his own binge eating experiences, has shared his story via an interview with Atemlife.

Does this brand really offer an effective and healthy way to lose weight? That’s what this Fella Health review intends to find out by looking at the company’s program plans, policies, and customer feedback.

Overview Of Fella

Fella Review

Fella was founded in 2021 by Luke Harries and Richie Cartwright, with backing from Y Combinator. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Both founders are graduates of Cambridge—studying medicine and economics, respectively. The two men saw, with research to back it up from BMC Public Health, how obese and overweight men suffering from binge eating disorders kept encountering barriers when trying to access the resources they need to help them lose weight.

A major barrier, in particular, was that the weight loss industry focuses primarily on women, and there seemed to be a general stigma against men seeking help. Richie knew this fear all too well since he was a binge eater for six years in the past.

To help men get the help they need with their weight loss goals, Fella (aka Aios Inc.) was founded to give them the resources and the support they require—in the physiological, psychological, and emotional sense.

The company does this with a team of obesity and male psychology experts from different organizations, including the American Board of Obesity Medicine, University of Cambridge, Steward, Royal Holloway University of London, and the US Army Combat Medics.

If you’d like to learn the highlights of this Fella Health review, you can read the list below:


  • Participants may lose up to 15% or more of their body weight
  • The program works with your biology and psychology to provide long-lasting results
  • Specialist doctors track your metabolic health and prescribe safe, scientifically proven, FDA-approved medication to help you succeed on your weight loss journey 
  • A personal coach gives one-on-one healthy lifestyle guidance
  • Provides a community of men helping each other through their weight loss journeys
  • Different payment plans are available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The program is very straightforward, so let’s dive into this Fella Health review and learn what it is and how it all works.

Fella Health Review

Fella Review

No matter which payment plan you choose, you’ll get the full package of Fella’s services. These include:

  • Habit programming
  • Goal accountability
  • Specific prescription plan
  • Custom coaching playbook
  • Access to Fella’s medical team

The specific medication you’ll be taking—if you require it at all—works by activating your body’s GLP-1 hormone receptors. Normally, your body would produce this hormone naturally to reduce your appetite while increasing satiation. 

Plus, it strengthens your metabolic functions so you can burn weight more efficiently. But there’s one problem: the hormone’s production decreases the more you eat and gain weight.

This drug is FDA-approved and has peer-reviewed research to back it up and support the claims it makes. Also, your doctor will work with your health insurance company to try and get it covered for you. With the proper dosage that your specialist doctor prescribes, combined with the one-on-one coaching services, you should begin to see a gradual decrease in your weight.

You can pay for the program on a monthly basis for $149, pay every quarter for $447, or sign up for annual payments of just $1,428.

How Does Fella Work?

Fella Review

Fella’s process consists of three parts:

  1. Analysis of metabolic markers in your blood, such as blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels, by a board-certified doctor
  2. Your own unique prescription of the aforementioned GLP-1 hormone medication
  3. Working with a coaching team on a weekly basis and monthly activities to help you kick old unhealthy habits and establish new ones—based on your eating, sleep, and exercise routines (considered to be the three major factors in metabolic health)

Before you even begin the program, you can take a survey that will help the Fella team get to know you better and give you an idea of how much weight you could lose (typically, participants lose around 1-2lbs per week).

Within the first week, you’ll get your bloodwork done. In the second week, you’ll discuss the medication with your assigned doctor. During weeks three and four, you’ll get to know your coaching team, start building good, healthy habits, and also build up your confidence in your ability to lose weight.

While the process is different for everyone, you should start to see improvements in your weight, energy, sleep, mental fortitude, and ability to keep a regular exercise routine by the third month.

Six months in, you’ll have another round of bloodwork done to check your metabolic milestones, and you should see further improvements in the areas we previously mentioned. 

After a full year has gone by, you’ll get another round of bloodwork done, and you should be managing a much healthier weight. You may even be able to wean off of blood pressure and diabetes medications at this time if you were on any to begin with.

Who Is Fella For? 

Fella Review

This Fella Health review would recommend the brand to anyone who is overweight, obese, or stress/binge-eating on a regular basis but is looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. But they need help either knowing how to go about the process or staying accountable so they meet their goals. 

Keep in mind that results do take time and dedication, so this is definitely a good program for those who can be patient.

The excellent community that can be found at Fella would be especially helpful for those who are feeling alone in their struggles and need some companionship on their weight loss journey with other men who understand the challenges they face.

Fella Health Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fella Review

Seeing as the company is still so young, it’s understandable that the Fella reviews are very few. However, all the ones we were able to find are positive and the reviewers have good things to say about the brand.

The fact that it’s specifically tailored towards men is certainly an upside for people. A dietitian who gave the brand a 4.9/5 star rating on GoWellness compared Fella to similar brands and wrote this review:

The benefit of Fella Health is that it’s the only one in its class to be exclusively for men. It’s one more detail that’s going to potentially help some men be successful in their journeys. There really isn’t a better men’s weight loss program out there.”

The empathetic Fella community is also a positive thing for participants. The single Facebook reviewer who gave a 5/5 stars rating wrote, “It’s the first time that I’ve ever had someone truly understand that I’m not lazy and gluttonous.

Of course, the results of the program are also reported to be excellent. One of the 14 reviewers on the brand’s website who gave Fella a 5/5 stars rating wrote this rave review:

I am down over 50 pounds and still dropping consistently. As of February I had reversed my type 2 diabetes and no longer required medication. […] been life-changing…and I’m only halfway through! I move better, feel better, and look better than I have in years.”

Is Fella Legit?

Fella Review

While there is little to go on at this time, the positive reviews along with the team of experts from several respected institutions and organizations seem to indicate that this company is indeed legit. We also found company profiles on Y Combinator and Crunchbase that include all the brand’s details.

And, for those of you wondering about the legitimacy and effectiveness of the medication Fella uses—specifically Wegovy (aka Semaglutide)—many news outlets, including The New York Times, CBS, NBC, and TechCrunch have cited several research studies that confirm the incredible impact the drug has on weight loss.

Is Fella Worth It?

Fella Review

The fact that this brand is one of the first weight loss programs that is specifically tailored to help men is the main reason why this Fella review recommends the brand. Plus, the program is run by relevant experts in various fields, there is research to back up the claims the medication makes, and the results have been fantastic so far.

Also, the fact that you gain access to a dedicated support group with people who understand the challenges you’re going through and the goals you want to achieve is a big plus.

Fella Promotions & Discounts 

Fella Review

When looking at the website for this Fella Health review, we couldn’t find any current promotions or discounts.

Where To Buy Fella

Fella Review

This Fella review could not find any other ways to participate in the program outside of the brand’s website.


Fella Review

Who owns Fella?

After researching for this Fella Health review, as far as we know, the company is still owned and operated by founders Luke Harries and Richie Cartwright.

Who is eligible to join Fella?

Eligible participants are those between the ages of 18 to 64, with a BMI of 30+, that are covered by commercial or employer health insurance. 

From the website FAQs, Fella’s services are currently only available to residents of Texas but will be available nationwide in the US eventually. You can find out when the program will be available in your state by filling out the quiz on Fella’s website.

Why is Fella focused on men?

Research by BMC Public Health indicated that one of the major barriers for men seeking help with weight loss was how the industry was focused primarily on women, and so many services were incompatible with men. 

That’s why Fella focuses on men—to provide men with the resources they need to achieve their weight-loss goals. And these resources are specifically tailored to them.

Is the Fella medication FDA-approved?

Yes, all medications prescribed are FDA approved and are backed by research to prove they are effective.

What is Fella’s privacy policy?

The Fella website may keep track of your non-identifying personal information, such as your IP address, to generate site-use reports. They also use the data to optimize their site.

What identifying personal information you give to Fella is completely up to you. Fella, along with any third parties that support the brand’s operations, may use the information you give to provide products and customer service, troubleshoot, protect the brand against fraudulent acts, communicate promotions to you, and personalize services and advertisements.

You can change or delete any of your personal information at any time by logging into your account page or by contacting Fella. You may also request that your account be deleted, in which case all your information will be deleted from active databases. However, some information will be maintained in the company’s records for legal purposes.

If you decide to connect a social media account with your Fella account, the website will collect any identifying personal information, such as your name, that you make public. And other users of Fella’s website may be able to see those details.

You can find further details about this topic on Fella’s privacy policy webpage.

What is Fella’s refund policy?

If you start the program and want to stop for any reason, Fella has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How To Contact Fella

If you have any questions after reading this Fella review, you can get in touch with the brand via these channels: 

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