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Diet-to-Go Review

About Diet-to-Go

Diet-to-Go Review

Whether you’re a student, working full time, or caring for a family, it’s hard to make time to prepare healthy meals. In fact, one study[1] has shown that few adults meet the recommended fruit and vegetable intake guidelines.

Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery service that helps you lose weight by bringing healthy food choices right to your doorstep. The brand aims to help people establish a sustainable, affordable, and tasty approach to healthy eating.

The Diet-to-Go service features pre-portioned meals cooked by chefs in a USDA-certified kitchen. Epicurious rated the brand #1 for taste in a review of diet-plan services.

If you’re struggling to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, this delivery service might be a convenient and tasty solution. Stay tuned as this Diet-to-Go review takes an in-depth look at the brand, its plans, meals, customer ratings, promos, and more to help you decide if it’s worth the buy.

Overview of Diet-to-Go

Diet-to-Go Review

Though meal delivery services have exploded in popularity over the past decade, Diet-to-Go was one of the trendsetters. Founded in 1991 by Hilton Davis, the company’s initial goal was to make eating healthy easier by delivering tasty, nutrient-dense, and low-calorie meals to the people of Virginia.

Since its inception, the brand has blossomed into a country-wide service. Today, its team is still aiming to change people’s perception of what healthy eating means. Not only does Diet-to-Go want to help you shed the extra pounds, but this service wants to ensure you maintain a healthy weight for life.

Diet-to-Go is constantly aiming to improve its products and services to satisfy its customers. The brand wants to provide the healthiest calorie-conscious meals that don’t lack in the taste department. To achieve this, the company encourages feedback from customers, including complaints.

Before diving deeper into the brand, this Diet-to-Go review will run over some highlights:


  • Delivers prepared meals to your door
  • Four different menus to choose from
  • Transparents about ingredients and macronutrients in each dish
  • Large selection on each menu
  • Vegetarian options
  • Convenient and tasty
  • Promotions available

How Does Diet-to-Go Work?

Diet-to-Go Review

The Diet-to-Go diet meal delivery service lets you have full control over your plan. Once you make an account, you have the option to take a free diet analysis. Or, if you already know which menu you’d like to sign up for, you can head straight to it.

Once you start the Diet-to-Go plan builder, you will be given the option of four different menus:

  1. Balance
  2. Balance-D (diabetes-friendly)
  3. Keto-Carb30
  4. Vegetarian

From there, you’ll have the option to choose no seafood, women’s or men’s plan, 5 or 7 days per week, and 2 or 3 meals per day. Before you proceed to the shipping method, you will have the opportunity to see an overview of your order. This overview includes the weekly price and meal price breakdown, as well as shipping pricing and details.

If you’d like to purchase products separately, you can choose individual meals for your first shipment on your My Diet-to-Go page after placing your order.

Next, we’ll take a look at some example meals and macros and the cost of each plan.

Diet-to-Go Balance Menu Review

The Balance Menu is the company’s most popular plan for a reason. It features top-notch flavors with proper portions that have been approved by dietitians. Plus, this menu has been helping customers reach their ultimate weight goals for decades.

This plan also offers the widest selection of pre-portioned meals. Don’t like meat or seafood? Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of variety for you to choose from. Each dish features a healthy balance of macronutrients, as well as low sodium content.

One study[2] demonstrated that a high salt intake is associated with higher body fat, so keeping your salt content low can help you with your weight goal.

Some delicious Diet-to-Go meals you can anticipate on this menu are Chicken Stroganoff, Black Bean and Feta Cheese Wrap, Vegetable Ravioli, and Parmesan-Spinach Stuffed Chicken. These calorie-controlled options can help support your weight loss goal and improve overall health. 

Depending on your preferred options, this meal plan starts at $122 per week.

Diet-to-Go Balance Diabetes Menu Review 

This diabetes-friendly Balance-D Menu is designed to control blood sugar levels in a natural way. But, just because they are good for you doesn’t mean that the brand skipped out on the flavor. Diet-to-Go offers a variety of meals that are customizable, which customers with diabetes can trust.

Similar to the Balance Menu, the food on this menu consists of wholesome options that consider dietary factors such as sodium, protein, carbs, and fat. The control of carbohydrates[3], in particular, is essential for those who live with diabetes.

Tasty and balanced examples on the rotating menu include Mediterranean Pizza, Blackened Salmon, and Quinoa Egg Bites.

This Diet-to-Go meal plan subscription also starts at $122 per week, but your final price depends on how many meals you opt for.

Diet-to-Go Keto-Carb30 Menu Review

Keto is the trendiest diet today, so it’s no wonder that Diet-to-Go curated this low-carb plan.

The Keto-Carb30 Menu is suited for customers who follow a high-fat diet, similar to Atkins. The Keto diet has been shown to be an effective means of weight loss, while the studies[4] verify that the diet was first developed to manage epilepsy.

Keto diets work by putting the body into a metabolic state called ketosis, which switches to fat as its primary energy source instead of glucose. The Keto-Carb30 Menu is great for those who follow the keto diet.

This menu offers a variety of delicious meals that are filled with meat and cheese, as well as eggs. This diet plan is known to help people lose weight in a quick and effective manner. Diet-to-Go ensures that customers can easily build their plans to include 30 net carbs per day (or fewer).

Some options you’ll have when you sign up for this plan include Baked Chicken with Goat Cheese, Western Omelette, Pork BBQ Ribs, and Herbed Tilapia. Make eating keto feel easy with this Diet-to-Go weekly subscription that starts at $138 per week.

Diet-to-Go Vegetarian Menu Review

Have you decided to omit meat from your diet? Well, the Diet-to-Go weight loss meal delivery service still has an option for you. The Vegetarian Menu is exactly like the best-selling Balance Menu but excludes beef, poultry, pork, and fish.

This menu can help you achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy way. It ensures that you’re still getting the proper nutrients your body needs, despite the lack of animal proteins. Studies[5] have shown that following a vegetarian diet can be beneficial for weight loss, so whether or not you’re a vegetarian, this menu can help you achieve your weight goal.

Since no meat products are included in this menu, Diet-to-Go has other protein sources, like dairy, eggs, beans, and soy. You can get started with this plan for a minimum of $122/week on the Diet-to-Go website.

Diet-to-Go Review: Our Favorite Items

Okay, so the premise of healthy, pre-portioned, already-cooked meals delivered straight to your door sounds pretty convenient. But what will you actually be eating? Up next, this Diet-to-Go review will feature some of the fan-favorites from each menu.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

You might have never seen the words ‘zucchini’ and ‘bread’ together before, but this trendy concoction has been all over health food blogs. The Diet-to-Go Chocolate Zucchini Bread is a deliciously convenient option for breakfast, dessert, or a midday snack.

Zucchini isn’t sweet enough to flavor this dish alone, so the chefs added bing cherries, applesauce, cocoa powder, cinnamon, low-fat cream cheese, orange marmalade, and cranberry sauce to round out the flavor. Other key ingredients include whole-grain oat flour and oat bran flakes cereal. Ingredients like whole grains[6] are known to help control body weight.

The Chocolate Zucchini Bread can be served with fruit, like mandarins or strawberries, for a well-rounded breakfast that feels like something you’d grab at a trendy brunch bar. It’s a diet-friendly alternative to chocolate cake or brownies, that’s for sure.

Offered on the Balance Menu, one serving size is 273g and contains 410 calories. Plus, you’ll get 12g of fat, 70g of carbs, and 9g of protein.

Aztec Quinoa Salad

If you’re looking for a lunchtime staple that won’t spike your blood pressure, then the Aztec Quinoa Salad from the Balance-D Menu is for you. Featuring complex carbohydrates from quinoa and delicious protein from chickpeas, you’ll be sure to hit your daily macros with this option.

But, Diet-to-Go didn’t skip on the flavor in favor of health. To delight your taste buds, this meal incorporates fire-roasted tomatoes, lime juice, garlic, sea salt, onion powder, cumin, black pepper, oregano, roasted red pepper, scallions, and more.

One serving size is 325g and contains 450 calories. You’ll also get 21g of fat, 54g of carbs, and 14g of protein—not to mention 90% of your daily vitamin C dose.

Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce

Does your mouth water whenever you think about a juicy steak? Well, with Diet-to-Go’s Keto-Carb30 Menu, you can easily incorporate luxurious meals into your diet plan. (Even though it tastes like you shouldn’t be able to.)

The Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce is paired with creamed kale and seasoned cauliflower for a well-rounded meal that keeps your carbs low and your fats high – two things that are essential for a keto diet. The decadent beef tenderloin is complemented by a red wine sauce that features tamari sauce, butter, shallots, tomato paste, and other flavorful ingredients.

One serving size is 336g and contains 450 calories. Plus, it’ll keep you in ketosis with 11g of carbohydrates and 27g of fats.

Spanish Stuffed Peppers

Calling all vegetarians, these Spanish Stuffed Peppers are featured on the Diet-to-Go Vegetarian Menu. This incredibly low-calorie lunch or dinner option contains just 210 calories per 471g serving.

This dish features green peppers that have been stuffed with a blend of vegetarian refried beans, lentils, soy crumbles, feta cheese, tomato, black beans, roasted red pepper, and other nutritious additions. Key seasonings include cilantro, garlic, onion, and green chili peppers.

This delicious, nutritious, and vegetarian-friendly option offers 3g of fat, 33g of carbs, and 12g of protein. This Diet-to-Go review recommends pairing it with some rice.

How Much is Diet-to-Go?

Diet-to-Go Review

This Diet-to-Go review found that the subscription prices vary depending on your customizations. The Balance, Balance-D, and Vegetarian meal plans all start at $122/week, while the Keto-Carb30 menu starts at $138/week.

For the minimum price point of $122/week or $138/week, you’re looking at 5 days per week and 2 meals a day (excluding breakfast). You can also order for:

  • 5 days per week, 3 meals a day for $144/week ($164/week with Keto-Carb30)
  • 7 days per week, 2 meals a day for $163/week ($187/week with Keto-Carb30)
  • 7 days per week, 3 meals a day for $180/week ($205/week with Keto-Carb30)

As for individual meal prices, the breakdown suggests $10 per meal.

Diet-to-Go Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Diet-to-Go Review

The brand’s pre-portioned meals look tasty, sound healthy, and suggest they’ll be more convenient than cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. But, this Diet-to-Go review wanted to see what customers were really saying.

We sourced testimonials from the brand’s website, Healthline, ConsumerAffairs, and Yelp. These reviews uncover truths about product quality, taste, effectiveness, and customer service.

On its website, Diet-to-Go features ratings from different companies. Epicurious, who rated the brand the best for taste, gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Overall, they were pleased with how transparent the service is about what’s in its meals:

“Diet to Go gives you choices—plenty of them. You can sign up for low-carb, low-fat, or low-fat vegetarian meals. You pick whether you want to consume 1,200 or 1,600 calories a day, plus the nutrition info is available on the site. Meal options are pre-selected, but customization for allergies and sensitivities are allowed.

On Yelp, Diet-to-Go has 240 reviews with a 3.5/5 star average. Comments are quite split. In terms of positives, users enjoy how convenient the service is, as well as how easy it makes sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Take this example:.

Easy and convenient! Plus everything tastes so good. It’s been so easy to stick with because there’s a great selection. It’s quick and easy prep makes this easy and foolproof. Down 9 lbs my first week. I’ve called a couple times and spoke with Jo. She has been so supportive and encouraging. I feel like I have my own support system.”

But, other Diet-to-Go reviews express dissatisfaction with the meals: “What a waste of money! Terrible food, Not fresh. 1 try was enough. I couldn’t eat any of the lunches or dinners. And it certainly isn’t healthy. There are other choices available on the market that are far better.

Meanwhile, one reviewer on ConsumerAffairs was not too pleased with the Diet-to-Go service: “I was very excited to receive these meals since I decided to lose some weight. It turned out some portions are so big I had to split them… One meal with ground chicken was like ground paper. It was so dry and tasteless I could not eat it. Another meal was two buns with a lot of melted cheese and few slices of tomato. I am not sure how I could possibly lose weight...”

On this website, Diet-to-Go ranks at 3.7/5 stars from just 11 ratings. Other customers were quite pleased with the service and happy that the meals rotate every few weeks, offering more variety.

Although we can acknowledge negative reviews found on Diet-to-Go’s food delivery service, we know that individual taste varies. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t the same for everyone. Judging solely based on the reviews, the brand rates pretty well in our eyes.

Is Diet-to-Go Subscription Worth It?

Diet-to-Go Review

By now, you’re probably wondering, is Diet-to-Go good? From our research, we think the brand has good intentions, good reviews, and well-rounded meals. When it comes to subscribing to the service, we think there are definitely some people who would benefit from it.

If you struggle with shopping for healthy groceries, if you’re looking for diabetes-friendly options, or if you need help with portion control, then we recommend looking into Diet-to-Go. It’s quite convenient having meals set up for you, especially if you’re not someone who is creative in the kitchen.

Diet-to-Go is also a great option for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to cooking. Everything is cooked, so all you have to do is reheat and enjoy. Of course, this will also save you from the (seemingly) endless pile of dishes at the end of the day.

We were a bit skeptical about the frozen food process, but after exploring the Diet-to-Go reviews Reddit has to offer, we learned that many customers feel many options taste like home-cooked meals.

Some people require assistance when exploring a healthier lifestyle. Diet-to-Go with intermittent fasting is also a great option to try for weight loss. Its meal plans make fasting feel easier and controlled. At a more affordable price point, Diet-to-Go is a great system to explore, especially with its free cancellation policy.

Diet-to-Go Promotions & Discounts

Diet-to-Go Review

At the time of this Diet-to-Go review, you can get 10% off your first week when you subscribe to a meal plan. Also, if you suggest the brand to your family and friends, your account will be credited $25 for every person who signs up for 2 weeks.

Sign up for Diet-to-Go Subscription

Diet-to-Go Review

To get started, head over to the brand’s website. On the homepage, click “order now.” Once you do so, you’ll be asked to insert your ZIP code to see if you qualify for home delivery. Proceed to view your delivery options and available meal plans.

From there, you’ll have the freedom to choose your own meal plan: Balance, Balance-D, Keto-Carb30, or Vegetarian. When done, you will proceed to fill out your delivery address information. After that, all that’s left to do is pay and submit. You’ll have the option to personalize your menu once you submit your order!

Once your order has been submitted, you will be able to create your Diet-to-Go login. The company promises no commitment, allowing you to pause or cancel at any time. If you want to customize a plan, contact the team through the Diet-to-Go phone number.


Diet-to-Go Review

Are Diet-to-Go meals frozen?

Yes. This Diet-to-Go review found that the brand started one of the first frozen diet meal mail-delivery products in the US. Your meals are ready to heat up and eat in up to 3 minutes, and there’s no additional prep needed.

How do I cancel my Diet-to-Go subscription?

If you need to cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Call the customer service team
  2. Specify whether you want to pause or cancel your plan
  3. You can also repeat steps 1 and 2 via email

The weekly deadline for plan changes or total cancellation is Monday at 12:00 pm EST. You do not have to explain why you’re canceling. There are also no cancellation fees.

What is Diet-to-Go’s Shipping Policy?

The brand’s meals are packed on dry ice and shipped in styrofoam coolers. Depending on your whereabouts, the amount of dry ice used in each package varies. It’s important to note that Diet-to-Go packaging is indeed recyclable.

All meal plans have a weekly shipping cost of $20. Diet-to-Go ships anywhere FedEx delivers in the US, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

What is Diet-to-Go’s Return Policy?

This Diet-to-Go review found that due to USDA & FDA regulations, the company cannot accept returned meals. If there’s a problem with your order, you can contact its customer service team for assistance.

How to Contact Diet-to-Go

If you have any questions after reading this Diet-to-Go review, you can contact its customer service team via:

The brand’s business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST, or Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm EST.

If you are looking for more ways to get meals delivered to your home, here are a few other options to consider:


Factor 75

Blue Apron Weight Watchers


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