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Territory Review

Plenty of meal delivery services tout convenience as their biggest advantage. Why waste time cooking a subpar dinner when you can let someone deliver an already-prepared dish right to your door? However, Territory aspires for more. 

The physical and mental benefits of a healthy diet are broadly known. According to the OMS[1], a healthy diet lowers the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Healthy choices include reducing fats, sugars, and salt; shifting from saturated to unsaturated fats, and balancing calories.

However, these lifestyle choices are easier to talk about than implement. A survey[2] conducted among 14,331 individuals throughout 14 countries in Europe identified the barriers to healthy eating choices. R. Lappalainen and colleagues found that lack of time was the main barrier, followed by difficulty following nutritional advice, giving up favorite foods, and willpower. Ordering Territory meals can definitely help you with the first two barriers, while providing you with delicious dishes.

The meal delivery service’s holistic approach and versatile options have been covered by Women’s Health, Delish, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. Territory delivers healthy and fresh meals to large cities like New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. Their Instagram page also boasts a not-too-shabby 69k followers

This Territory review will peer into the food service company’s meals, deals, and dietary options so that you can see whether they feel like the right choice for you.

Overview of Territory

Territory Review

Territory prosocial approach to food is about more than filling bellies with delicious dishes. Of course, that’s one of their goals, but their dishes are designed to fuel customers’ bodies. They prepare simple dishes so that anyone can transition or continue a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Beyond that, Territory are committed to supporting local communities. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced and their meals are produced fresh using local ingredients. Doing so allows them to combat food waste head-on. 

The company was founded in Arlington, Virginia in 2011 after curator Patrick Smith adopted a paleo lifestyle but had no clue what to prepare for meals. He realized he wasn’t alone. Smith then partnered with Jeff Kelley, Josh Kriger, and Robert Morton to create Territory.

This health-oriented groundwork extends into the company’s charity work. They routinely donate meals, volunteers, and funds to local organizations and larger entities like Black Lives Matter and OUTWOD who empower those disproportionately affected by food scarcity and poverty.

As you can see, the brand’s mission is broader than a sushi buffet. Let’s leap into some highlights of this Territory review before we really take a look at what they have available:


  • Offers a wide range of dietary options
  • Gives the macronutrient breakdown for each meal
  • Plans and meals can be catered towards your lifestyle based on nutrition, ingredients, diet, and meal size
  • Variable delivery options
  • Partnered with Feeding America, meaning every Territory purchase results in a pound of food donated from national food banks to those in need
  • The menu is always updated
  • All meals are gluten, dairy, and refined-sugar free
  • No antibiotics or hormones in animal products

Many mouths to feed means even more dietary and flavor preferences to accommodate, but this Territory review is happy to say the company will satisfy anybody looking for nutrient-rich, nourishing meals, regardless of their niche tastes!

How Territory Works

Territory Review

You’ll be pleased to read that your Territory Meals orders can be customized to your heart’s desire. Territory allows clients to modify their order along the lines of diet, ingredients, portion size, meal type, and delivery frequency.

You begin the process by entering your postal code and email address on the brand’s website. Your postal code determines which meals and diets will be available for you to order. 

From there, you choose which type of Territory meals you would like based on dietary preferences, allergens like nuts, fish, and soy, and meal size.

Next, Territory provides you with two delivery schedules, either once or twice a week. This is good if you have limited fridge space and don’t want to commit to storing nine meals worth of food. 

Or, if you’re someone who needs help with meal planning, you can order 18 meals a week and set yourself up for a week of nutritious delicacies…or one jumbo meal fit for nine kings.

The meals and menus change every week so there’s always variety.

You are allowed to select either 6 meals a week, 12 meals a week, or 18 meals a week.

If you enjoy the service you can subscribe to Territory’s recurring meal plan. In this plan, the company will automatically continue your previous week’s diet and delivery frequency preferences.

Who Cooks Territory?

Territory Review

This company houses a diverse roster of all-star local chefs that oversee each region. Our Territory review will break down some of the chefs from every featured area.

The New York City area is handled by Inday, an Indian-inspired food company that employs a holistic approach to cooking.

The Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland are commanded by Culinary Institute of America graduate Chef Rachelle Slotnick, restaurant owner Chef Damian Dajcz, and Ethiopian cuisine maestro Chef Meski Worku, among others. 

All the ingredients used are sourced from Founding Farmers, a company of family farmers who make every ingredient using ethically sound methods and environmentally responsible packaging

Southern California’s arm of Territory Farms includes Chef Terra Wahl, Chefs Tony Campos and Vice Cole from EliteEats, and lifelong cook Chef Dean Kahn. They also partner with local restaurants. 

Cafe Gratitude supplies many of their plant-based options, and the Mexican plant-centered Gracias Madre combines contemporary cooking knowledge with traditional techniques.

In the San Francisco Bay Area Cafe Gratitude returns, now accompanied by Indian Chefs Deepak Adhikari and Rahul Dharod. Chef Ali Ince imparts a Mediterranean flair and Chef Katia Sabbah brings Moroccan and French flair to her fresh foods.

Finally, Dallas’ roster is stacked with Chef Manjuali Devi, Chef Rebecca Meeker (who formerly worked at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, a Michelin-Star rated kitchen in Chelsea Market), and Chopped champion Chef Wade Burch.

How Are Territory Sourced?

Territory Review

Territory focuses on nutrition and sustainability when it comes to their ingredient sourcing. The brand excludes gluten and dairy from their meals as they commonly upset digestion. Instead, Territory Meals are filled with whole foods like lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes, and micronutrient-dense fats. They don’t want your guts causing a ruckus in the washroom after dinner. 

Gluten and dairy intolerance are common and often underdiagnosed. A study[3] published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology addressed the prevalence of gluten sensitivity in the UK general population. 129 out of 1002 (13%) adults who answered the survey reported gluten sensitivity. 

In fact, many people feel dairy foods cause discomfort. Another survey[4] conducted among American adults found that 13.4% of responders had some kind of lactose intolerance. 

As they are whole foods focused Territory Meals don’t include any oils other than olive and coconut oil. Their dishes are only sweetened with honey, molasses, and maple syrup (for vegans) while omitting artificial sweeteners.

Different measures are taken for each type of meat to be ethically sourced. For example, their chickens are raised free-range, whereas their beef products come from grass-fed farms. All meat products used in Territory are raised without antibiotics and hormones.

Territory Farms use GMOs since they are proven to be safe. With that being said, the company does not use GMO corn and soybeans as those are harmful to farm ecosystems.

This Territory review is happy to report that all of the brand’s products are as locally sourced as possible, depending on the season and ripeness. Also, their chefs don’t necessarily use organic produce, but do so when available, without elevating the overall cost. 

Territory Meal Plan Review

Territory Review
  • Paleo

The paleo diet is shaped after what our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors supposedly ate; plenty of vegetables and meat, some nuts, seeds, and a little bit of fruit to make things pop. A review[5] from Cambridge University concluded that although there is lack of evidence to widely recommend the paleo diet, some studies found that it may reduce diseases such as diabetes 2, obesity, and hyperlipidemia. 

Territory excludes legumes, grains, soy, and corn from these meals. However, this Territory review found that the paleo meals, like the Moroccan Spiced Beef Tagine with Prunes and Eggplant Confit, are more decadent than what our caveman ancestors would’ve actually ate-twigs and raw animal hide. 

This particular dish contains 536 calories, 24g of fat, 319 mg of sodium, and 47g of carbohydrates. Delicious and nutritious if we do say so ourselves.

  • Keto Friendly

Butter me up, baby. These Territory meals emphasize fats more than any other macronutrient, with protein coming in second and carbs sitting at a distant third. The Territory chefs use these guidelines to craft vegetable and meat-focused meals like Pesto Chicken with Roasted Zucchini and Chili-Garlic Kale.

Territory note that they make their meals keto friendly, but their macronutrient makeup may not fit into every ketogenic diet and preserve ketosis, so your mileage may vary.

For example, the Pesto Chicken dish contains a whopping 38g of fat and 37g of protein but also has 25g of total carbs, which may be too much for one meal depending on your carb limit. Portion this one out and enjoy it over a longer period to get all those tasty flavors in.

  • Mixitarian

Mixitarian meals are slightly more adventurous versions of the paleo dishes. They include some unprocessed and whole grains like quinoa, as well as more legumes like chickpeas. They are more open to natural sweeteners like honey too.

If Paleo sounds too archaic for you, then sample a Mixitarian delight like the Chicken Chile Verde Over Brown Rice Pilaf and revel in the modernity. That modernity comes to the tune of 532 delicious calories, 15g of fat, and an astounding 48g of protein for all you gym-goers out there.

  • Plant-Based

Plant-Based is often a synonym for vegan, so all animal products-including eggs and honey-are excluded. A review article[6] published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, highlights that vegan and vegetarian diets have shown to reduce the incidence of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. They are also related to a longer lifespan.

These meals focus on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and legumes. If that sounds restrictive or boring then you should try the Vegan Mushroom and Cauliflower Curry with Quinoa Pilaf to broaden your horizons!

This Territory review wants you to know that since the brand does not use protein supplements, their plant-based meals are usually lacking in protein compared to other diets. While this dish only has 12g of protein, there’s a satisfying 440 calories and 25g of fat to keep you feeling nice and full.

  • Vegetarian

The Vegetarian meal plan is the vegan’s more timid cousin. These meals include eggs but not meat derivatives like collagen or meat broth. Besides that, the diet is composed of boundless colors of fruits, vegetables, soy, grains, and nuts

Spoil yourself with one of Territory Poached Egg Over Veggie Fried Rice dishes to get a cool 543 calories, 48g of total carbs, and 25g of protein with every serving.

  • Whole30

To repair one’s relationship with food, many people turn to the Whole30 diet. The diet, and Territory meals available in Whole30, cut out all legumes, alcohols, added sugars, and grains, to identify what causes cravings and stomach problems. 

These meals consist of plenty of animal proteins, vegetables, and nutrient-dense fat sources like nuts and seeds. At first the Whole30 diet may seem restrictive and boring, until the Napa Style Scramble with Chicken Apple Sausage and Potatoes kisses your taste buds. Say hello to 566 calories of tasty goodness, along with 30g of protein and 33g of total carbohydrates. Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff.

  • Low Fat

How little fat is too low fat? This Territory review reports that meals containing less than 30 grams of fat are considered low fat. These diets reduce cardiovascular risk and are recommended by healthcare providers. As described in a recently published review[7] by P. Bhandari and colleagues, reducing fat intake helps lower cholesterol levels and reduce cardiovascular-related morbidity and mortality. However, low-fat diets may contain too many refined carbs. 

So, it’s important to limit carbs and saturated fats while including polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Besides that, anything goes with these meals!

Embrace the low fat diet with a rainbow dish like the Cranberry Pulled Pork with Root Veggie Mash and Sauteed Kale. More than just a feast for the eyes, this stunner also contains an action-packed 506 calories and only 25g of fat.

  • Low Carb

This is a great meal plan for insulin-sensitive customers. None of these meals contain over 25 grams of carbs, and that’s their only parameter. 

A consensus report from the American Diabetes Association[8] states that low-carb diets were found to reduce A1C levels and the need for anti glycemic medications in patients with type 2 diabetes. However, they recommend a specialist consultation to provide patients with an individual diet plan according to their clinical situation.

Even with limited carbs, dishes like the Zucchini Lasagna with Ground Turkey and Sauteed Peppers show you can have unlimited flavor. Clocking in at 24g of total carbs, you don’t want to miss out on 506 calories of pure goodness, not to mention a hefty 38g of fat and 27g of proteins. This one’s got it all, including flavor!

  • Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the most acclaimed diets in the world, and not just because people like oils and olives. It’s been linked with improved heart and gut health, lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), and the best sandals on the planet. 

In a systematic review[9] published in Circulation Research, the journal of the American Heart Association, the authors concluded that there is substantial evidence to recommend the Mediterranean diet as the gold standard for cardiovascular health. This diet was found to reduce the rates of coronary disease, ischemic stroke, and global cardiovascular disease.

The only items excluded from this diet are red meat and pork, along with high sodium and saturated fat-containing ingredients. An example plate, though not one you’d believe is Mediterranean based on its name, is the Green Curry Shrimp with Brown Rice. 

Piqued your interest, have we? Here’s the good stuff: this meal has a modest 430 calories along with only 13g of fat! Here’s the kicker, 41g of pure protein goodness.

Who Is Territory For? 

Territory Review

Territory Meals are versatile enough to sustain most diets. They are great for people with busy lifestyles since the meals can be frozen and you can order up to 9 at a time.

However, vegans and vegetarians who don’t get a lot of protein outside of these meals should be cautious because the meals here aren’t the most protein-dense. 

Additionally, religious ketogenic dieters should approach with caution as Territory does not guarantee that their meals will keep you in ketosis.

Comparison: Territory vs. CookUnity

Territory Review

Let’s briefly turn this Territory review into a comparison with a similar food delivery service CookUnity to better grasp what our featured brand offers. 


  • Meals are, on average, lower in calories, with their most calorie-dense dishes clocking in around 650kcal.
  • Ships to cities on both coasts of the United States. On the east side, this includes New York City, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. They ship to Southern California and the Bay Area on the west coast. They also serve Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas.
  • Territory cost $14 per standard-sized meal, with their smaller portions starting at $11 a meal. 
  • They charge per meal, with no discount for buying in bulk. 
  • You can buy more meals in one week, up to 18 in total.


  • Meals can be more calorically dense, with options running over 1000 kcals.
  • Their prices decrease as you subscribe for more meals. Four meals a week costs $14 for each dish, but selecting 16 meals a week will cost you only $11 per meal.
  • The maximum amount of meals you can order is 16 per week.
  • Only ships to Eastern states like New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania.
  • You can add toppings, drinks, and sides for an additional fee.

Budget, tastebuds, lifestyle, it all comes into play when choosing between these two brands. Based on what each has to offer, you can’t really go wrong as long as you know what you’re looking to get out of it. However, if you are looking for healthy meals that wont tip the scale then we have to hand it to Territory.

Territory: What Do Customers Think?

Territory Review

One cool feature of the Territory website is that customers can review certain meals and save them to their timeline. Though these reviews aren’t public, they’re a great way for you to keep track of which dishes you’d love to order again in the future.

Territory is also on where it has 30 reviews. Many of the positive reviews highlight the meals’ freshness alongside the ease of opting in and out of scheduled meals.

One five-star review beams, “The vegetables were a bright vibrant color, meats were fresh, and nothing was soggy, which was a huge problem with other companies I have tried. I ate 3 meals the first day I received the kit and each one was better and better!”

A vegan Yelp reviewer and you know how picky vegans can be, also praises Territory: “My favorite meal delivery service with vegan options. By far the best vegan meals and food quality I’ve had, and I’ve tried them all.”

This Territory review found similar ratings over on Sitejabber. One customer notes, “The food is great and really fresh (delivered twice a week) and it’s really easy to skip a week if you need to.”

Hopping on over to Reddit, one user writes positively about his meal: “I’m on a keto diet right now so it’s been working out great for me. But it all depends on your goals.” Many of the users there also report similar levels of satisfaction with the brand’s ability to satisfy all diets.

All in all, it’s looking pretty good for Territory. The majority of customers rave about all the great qualities the brand has cultivated, not to mention the absolute deliciousness of their meals. Good stuff all around.

Is Territory Worth It?

Territory Review

This Territory review found the meals creative, exciting, fresh, and versatile. The brand’s meals are decently priced and the freshness makes us believe this is a great purchase if your lifestyle is in need of some quality food (which, let’s be honest, most of us could use some fine cooking).

Territory Promotions & Discounts 

Territory Review

Territory takes 5% off of your order if you enlist in their recurring orders package.

Where to Buy Territory

Territory Review

Their services can be purchased through their website,


Territory Review

Who started Territory?  

Territory was started by Jeff Kelley, Josh Kriger, Robert Morton, and Patrick Smith. Each of them has experience in nutrition, fitness, and/or cooking.

How does Territory Give Back?  

Territory are well aware of America’s food shortages and alarming levels of food waste. They recognize that America struggles with throwing too much food away while not distributing enough of it to hungry mouths.

With that in mind, they use some of their revenue and redistribute it back in the form of monetary donations, volunteers, and meals. 

These donations go towards non-for-profit organizations and local charities to combat America’s hunger problems. These organizations include Arcadia’s Mobile Market, Upward Bound, and Arlington Food Assistance Center.

Does Territory Donate Meals?  

Territory donates meals through their Territory Serves service. Customers can purchase meals with the explicit purpose of having them donated to those in need. 

To encourage more customer donations, the brand donates an additional meal for every two meals donated by customers. The company donates these dishes to OUTWOD, The Food Group, The Trevor Project, Feeding America, Black Lives Matter, and the James Beard Foundation.

What types of Plans does Territory Offer? 

The company offers two plans. They have an automatically-entered plan called the “recurring order” wherein you won’t have to manually enter your order for the next week. Territory will do so for you. Ordering with this plan saves you 5% off of every purchase. 

You can also order on your own schedule without being locked into a subscription.

Can I see a Menu?

You can preview Territory menus but you have to enter your postal code first. As the menu and options vary depending on the postal code, you won’t be able to preview the menus if you’re outside of their delivery range.

How to Contact Territory

Territory can be contacted through the chat function on their website, or reached through email at [email protected].

If you are looking for more ways to get meals delivered to your home, here are a few other options to consider:

Factor 75

Blue Apron Weight Watchers



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