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Exante Shakes Review

IdealShape, now rebranded as Exante, is a company that helps substitute a couple meals a day with nutritious meal replacement shakes. Their products help maintain a healthy weight and support the lifestyle best suited for you.

This Exante shakes review will look into a selection of their best-selling products, ingredients, Exante diet reviews, what customers have to say, and much more. We’ll help you decide whether this brand is worth checking out. 

Overview of Exante (formerly IdealShape)

Exante Shakes Review

IdealShape, now Exante, was founded in 2003 by its current CEO Matthew Moulding. Whether you want to lose weight or tone up, they have a range of flexible, easy-to-follow plans to suit everyone. They are actively growing their brand and looking for both influencers and affiliates.

This Exante shakes review was intrigued to find fighting modern slavery as one of their major focuses. They release regular reports on their website to show that neither they, their contractors, suppliers, and other business partners engage in forced labor. 

Exante writes on their website, “We will include specific prohibitions against the use of forced, compulsory or trafficked labour, or anyone held in slavery or servitude.”

It is refreshing to see a company give so much attention to an issue most people wouldn’t have even considered when browsing their website for a tasty shake. Their ethics are a good sign for how they operate with their business: straightforward, direct, transparent with pricing and products. Yet, as customers have noted, they could do better in one or two areas. 

Exante Shakes Review


  • Easy to use meal replacement shakes 
  • Website offers diet plans, a BMI calculator, and helpful blog articles
  • Drinks are low calorie and sugar-free
  • A good variety of products and flavors 
  • Also offers vitamin and mineral supplements


  • Exante shakes not available at GNC
  • Restrictive returns policy
  • More expensive and less protein than many competitors

Exante Shakes Review

This is where you will learn all about Exante meal replacement shakes. These best-sellers have kept their customers energized through the day, but they also stave off feelings of hunger. 

This Exante shakes review will now go over some of the best offerings, pricing, and what makes them so popular among customers. 

Exante Cookies & Cream Meal Replacement Shakes – 28 Servings Review

This Exante Cookies & Cream Meal Replacement is a fan-favorite. The formula is designed to promote muscle growth through whey protein. On top of a healthy combination of vitamins, minerals, and carbs, it will keep you satisfied throughout the day—whether that’s working from home, catching a flight, or on a job site.

Each shake package comes with 120 calories and 26 vitamins, making it ideal for diet stabilization and shedding some extra pounds. It can be used at any time during the day, and curbs cravings for 3+ hours. This 28 servings pack is available for $59

Exante Chocolate Meal Replacement Shakes – 28 Servings Review

This classic chocolate formula is a tried and true choice for shake fans—but don’t think that’s all it is. Exante Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake has a unique combination of slendesta and digezyme that dampens appetite for up to 3 hours, while also aiding nutrient retention.

Holding 26 vitamins and minerals, the Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake works well for any meal. It costs $59 and is currently 20% off with code SB20. 

Exante Strawberry Meal Replacement Shakes – 28 Servings Review

One packet of the Strawberry Meal Replacement shake comes with 25% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs. You can use it any time of the day to soothe your digestion and get a handle on your calorie intake (consisting of only 110). 

Some customers reported that it was difficult at first to manage their hunger, but also that it was well worth it once they got into the rhythm of using Exante’s meal replacement shakes. You can try the Strawberry Meal Replacement Shake out for yourself, offered for $59

Exante Chocolate Mint Meal Replacement Shakes – 28 Servings Review

This Exante shakes review is pleased to find the supreme flavor formula represented in this product—the Chocolate Mint Replacement Shakes not only suppress your appetite and revives your body with a boost of vitamins and minerals, but also gives that ideal rich taste, with a touch of peppermint.

You’ll want to be sure to store this one in a cool, dry place, out of reach from candy-hungry children. You can use it as a base for juice or a delicious milk-based smoothie. Either way, one scoop is all you need, along with 8oz of water or milk, to power you through breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The Chocolate Mint Meal Replacement Shakes – 28 Servings pack is available right now for $59. 

Exante Salted Caramel Meal Replacement Shake – Sample Review

So you’re not sure about the Salted Caramel Meal Replacement Shake—don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sometimes caramel is too salty; at other times, it tastes like chocolate. That’s why Exante has an easily affordable sample for you to try.

One sample of the Salted Caramel Meal Replacement Shake contains 26 vitamins and minerals, which comes in addition to a fully-rounded flavor. It has only 100 calories and is an effective hunger blocker. You can buy it right now for $4 and see for yourself if the taste is right. 

Exante Peach & Raspberry BOOST Box of 30 Review

We all want a sugary soda or an energy that’s filled with who-knows-what—but they’re bad for us. You know that, and this Ideal shakes review knows that. That’s why IdealShape came up with their Boosts: an alternative to unhealthy snacks.

Each Peach & Raspberry Boost comes with only 10 calories and zero sugar. The specially made formula pumps your metabolism and enhances your immune system—and the small tube of powder is great for mixing drinks on the go.

The slendesta ingredient will keep you away from unhealthy temptations, while green tea, caffeine, and raspberry ketones throw your fat into the furnace. Then, the vitamin B mix pumps your metabolism and keeps the crankiness at bay.

Exante recommends using this product around the midday lull, or anytime you need a hunger suppressant and some energy. A pack of 30 costs $40

Exante Black Cherry Boost Box of 30 Review

The Black Cherry Boost Box has everything you need to snack throughout the day. With zero sugar and only 10 calories per pack, it’s a great way to feel good and give yourself an energy boost without resorting to chocolate bars at the corner shop.

Key ingredient slendesta will keep you feeling full for 3 hours, reducing urges to binge, while a mix of green tea, caffeine, and vitamins uplift your mood and help lose weight. Although the suggested use is to mix it into a glass of water, you can also incorporate it into baked goods. Black cherry flavoured muffins, anyone? 

You can buy the Black Cherry Boost Box right now for $40.

IdealShape Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ideal Shakes Review

The IdealShape (Exante) website has very few product reviews, and certainly not enough to use for analysis. That being said, the brand’s Amazon page has thousands of ratings. It appears that they use Amazon as their main retail outlet. 

Customers gave them an average of 4.5/5 stars. Common feedback says the powders taste amazing, while being an excellent and healthy way to lose weight. One happy buyer left this Ideal shakes review: 

I bought this product to use while I was traveling in the arctic to save on money and baggage space. On top of this, losing weight was a plus. With such low calories it actually keeps you feeling full for around 3-4 hours. However it is a challenge for the first few days to dedicate yourself to it but it’s worth it.”

We can also look at Trustpilot, where over 10,000 customers gave Exante an average of 4.4/5 stars. The vast majority said Exante shakes are smooth, delicious, and a great help in getting lean. A small number of buyers discussed late deliveries or packaging defects.

A verified TrustPilot customer sums up the overall experience: “Exante products are nice and are helping me to achieve my weight loss. I thought the water consumption would be difficult but it has proved to be pretty easy and second nature now. It is essential and speeds up weight loss.”

A common complaint on Reddit threads is that the brand is overpriced and don’t offer as much in their shakes as their competitors. According to one Ideal shakes reviewer on Reddit, “Ideal Shape only has 11g of protein per serving of 120 calories. And it is $60 for a 2lbs tub! That is outrageously overpriced.” 

A few other criticisms were mild, including a slightly bitter aftertaste. This Ideal shakes review has observed that Exante is very responsive with the few disappointed customers and does their best to set things right.

Are Exante Shakes Worth It?

Ideal Shakes Review

This Exante shakes review found it is worth it for customers who want a hands-off approach to weight management. Exante makes it easy to set up an easy to follow meal plan. And then, if you want, to follow along with their fitness programs, like the Exante Up Challenge or the IdealShape 12 Week Challenge.

Exante does come at a higher price point than its competitors, and some strict dieters have complained about its lack of protein content. The slendesta ingredient contributes greatly to the hunger blocking factor, which some customers may be unaware of without reading the fine print. 

That being said, none of those factors are deal breakers, and interested customers should absolutely check out IdealShape’s meal replacement shakes.

Exante Promotions & Discounts

Ideal Shakes Review

Exante coupon codes are in season. Use MAY15 for 15% off your next order. They are keen about social media (looking at you Instagrammers), so check out the IdealShape/ Exante pages for more hot deals in the future. 

You can also sign up for their mailing list for exclusive offers. Oh, and don’t forget to refer a friend. It will reward you $10 when your fitness buddy spends $30 on their first order—which, if we’re going to be real about it, they probably will if they have any interest in tasty products like the IdealShape hot chocolate.

Wait! This Exante shakes review has one more code for you: SB20. Use it for 20% off on meal replacement shakes.

Where to Buy Exante Shakes

Ideal Shakes Review

You can buy Exante meal plans, shakes, supplements and more on their official website:, as well as on Amazon.


Ideal Shakes Review

What is Exante Shipping Policy?

Exante free shipping comes into play on orders $79 and up. Other than that juicy bit of info, it looks like the company only ships within Canada and the US. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Standard Tracked Shipping throughout the US

  • Flat cost of $7 for orders less than $79
  • Dispatched via tracked shipping
  • Shipping within 5 to 8 working days
  • Free shipping on orders purchased for at least $79

Express Shipping throughout the US

  • Flat cost of $15
  • Order before 4 PM CST to be processed in the same day
  • Shipped within 2 to 3 working days

Premium Shipping throughout the US

  • Flat cost of $20
  • Order before 4 PM CST to be processed in the same day
  • Shipped within 1 to 2 working days

Standard Tracked Shipping to Canada

  • Flat cost of $10 for order less than $79
  • All duties paid
  • Orders are dispatched from St. Louis (MI) via Canada Post
  • Shipping within 5 to 10 days
  • Free shipping on orders that total at least $79 

What is Exante‘s Return Policy?

If you made your choice in the Exante VS 310 battle, and unfortunately have to make a return, make sure you do so within 28 days of receiving your item. 

You also have to be sure that the products are unopened and in original packaging—they must be in new-like condition, and with retail seals intact. This can make it difficult to return items in any case other than an accidental order, as there’s no way to try out a powder and then return it.

Exante will reimburse you for all the payments, including the cost of delivery—unless you went with non-standard delivery. But, they may also make deductions for any “loss in value of any goods supplied” caused by any reckless handling on your part. 

If you receive a damaged product, they make no promises, but recommend reaching out to a member of their customer service team.

This Ideal shakes review compiled the following steps for a successful return:

  1. Contact the IdealShape (Exante) customer service team to arrange your return
  2. Provide your order number, specify which item it is, and the reason for your return
  3. Their representative will give you a unique Returns Authorization number and all the information you need to make your return
  4. Pack securely and include the return form 
  5. Important to remember: You must obtain a proof of postage receipt (which does not cost anything). Without it, IdealShape may not be able to process your refund in case your item gets lost in transit

If it all works out, you can expect to receive a full refund no later than 14 days after they receive the package. 

How to Contact Exante Customer Service

Still have questions after reading this Exante shakes review? Reach IdealShape/ Exante by using the Live Chat feature on their website, or filling out a message form (you need to make an account). 

They also have social media, but, unfortunately, they do not have a phone number to call at this time.

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