Schiff Vitamins Review

About Schiff Vitamins

Schiff Vitamins Review

Schiff’s is a nutritional company that houses and produces its own brand of products for men, women, and children.

Having created the first whey protein powder and multivitamin, Schiff’s is consistently utilizing its scientific technology to produce innovative supplements, and has been doing so for over 80 years.

Although the company itself as a housebrand may not seem familiar, the sub-brands they’ve founded are ones you’ll see in the aisles of popular health and wellness stores or in the health section of your local retailer. 

In this Schiff vitamins review we’ll look at products from three of the brands it houses and creates—Neuriva, Airborne, Digestive Advantage—to see if Schiff Vitamins are worth the investment.

Overview of Schiff Vitamins

Schiff Vitamins Review

Founded in 1936 by Eugene Schiff, the brand has continued to stay true to his lasting legacy of developing supplements and vitamins with concentrated ingredients and compounds found in high quality products[1].

One of the company’s values is to use naturally derived ingredients, which typically breaks away from the norm.

Today, Schiff vitamins has partnered with Reckitt Benckiser (a multinational company of marketable consumer goods) to  offer Schiff vitamins to global buyers. They are now some of the most accessible vitamins in the world.

Despite how readily available the vitamins are, we’ll go over some of their highlights in this Schiff vitamins review before diving deeper into the products:


  • Quick links on the website 
  • An in-depth wellness section for targeted bodily areas 
  • Reward system for customers 
  • Flat rates for standard and expedited shipping within the United States 
  • Available at large retailing stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and Amazon

Schiff Vitamins Review

In this Schiff vitamins review, we’ll be taking a look at three of the brands the company produces. And the brands they produce address particular areas of the body or health concerns like immunity or the brain and heart.

If you’ve been considering what vitamins or supplements you need to help maintain your health, keep reading this Schiff vitamins review! 

Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Original Brain Health Supplement Review

If you’re ever feeling sluggish, unproductive, or have problems focusing, then Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Original Brain Health Supplement may be what you need to help your brain’s performance. 

The Neuriva original is formulated to aid the brain’s development and functions, containing ingredients from natural derivatives. There are, however, two primary ingredients listed that might pique your interest. 

The first ingredient is coffee cherry extract[2], which is medically termed as a neurofactor. According to one study, significant improvements in cognition were demonstrated after a single dose of the plant-based extract that appears to increase an essential neuroprotein. 

It’s especially important since it supports your brain cells and how they’ll work in connection to one another. 

The second ingredient listed is phosphatidylserine[3], a plant meant to help the brain’s functions like memory and your ability to learn. Evidence shows this ingredient supports the functional significance in the brain. 

While the underlying mechanisms are still being explored, it shows phosphatidylserine facilitates the activation of signaling proteins and receptors that are critical for neuronal survival and synaptic neurotransmission.

This vitamin is meant for adults 18+ and should be taken once a day before bed. It is not recommended for anyone younger to take on a regular basis.

Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Original Brain Health Supplement comes with 30 capsules and retails at $33.

Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Brain Performance De-Stress Review

If strengthening the brain’s function is important to you but you’ve also got highly stressful life situations, then the Neuriva Brain Performance De-Stress is an intersection that can help you address both. 

Like the Neuriva original, this vitamin also contains the Neurofactor but with the added benefit of melon concentrate and L-Theanine. The former is known for repairing the brain and fighting stress while the latter helps you relax.

Melon extract is rich in the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase, which has been proven to have the ability to relieve stress and fatigue. And we can all agree that reducing stress and exhaustion is at the top of our list these days. 

This clinical study[4] suggests that while assessing beneficial effects of a melon concentrate on stress and fatigue, the results supported that it is an effective and natural way to reduce stress and fatigue both physically and mentally.

Not only that, L-theanine helps elevate levels of GABA, serotonin, and dopamine (aka neurotransmitters). These work in the brain to improve cognitive skills and functions. 

Even in this randomized trial[5], the stress-related symptoms such as depression and sleep scores decreased and cognitive function scores improved after four weeks of L-theanine supplementation. As with the Neuriva original supplement, this is only recommended for adults 18+, with the exception of pregnant women who should consult their physician prior to taking any vitamins. 

Since we’re dealing with the brain and stress which can affect your mental health over the long term, it will be noted in this Schiff vitamins review that this vitamin is:

  • Decaffeinated 
  • Won’t make you drowsy or interfere with your daily life
  • Gluten-free 
  • Vegetarian

Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Brain Performance De-Stress comes with 30 capsules and retails at $30.

Schiff Vitamins Airborne Assorted Fruit Flavored Immune Support Gummies Review

Fruity goodness for adults, what more could you ask for? Described as the top-selling brand, Airborne Immune Support Gummies are a multivitamin containing nine minerals, herbs, and vitamins and are the size of a dime for easy digestion.

Packed with vitamin C and additional ingredients like vitamin E, ginger, and echinacea (coneflower), this vitamin might be worth storing in your medicine cabinet during winter. Still can’t stomach those ginger and turmeric juice shots? This gummy will help keep you healthy and your immune in tip-top shape. 

Vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) is necessary for the growth and repair of all body tissues, and well-known for its involvement  in many body functions, including the proper functioning of the immune system. 

Let’s be honest, it’s an essential nutrient that’s required for different physiological processes in the body and sometimes missed in a regular diet. It’s okay, we don’t judge here. 

Airborne has a few flavor varieties for their immune gummies and are available in

  • Zesty orange
  • Very berry
  • Mixed fruit for kids 

Included in the list are immunity gummies for kids which means Airborne vitamins are available to most age groups. They’re essentially vitamins meant for people with busy schedules or are constantly on the go, needing something to chew without the aid of water or heavy jars to lug around.

Schiff Vitamins Airborne Assorted Fruit Flavoured Immune Support Gummies come in three kinds of quantities:

  • 63 gummies for $20
  • 42 gummies for $14
  • 21 gummies for $8

Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Brain Performance Review 

If you’re not a fan of citrus or anything remotely sour, then the Neuriva Brain Performance original gummies might be a good alternative. Strictly strawberry flavored, consider this vitamin the perfect hybrid of the Neuriva Original and the Brain Performance De-Stress.

What’s special about this vitamin is that it comes in gummy form instead of capsules, making it much easier to swallow. Since brain health is so important, it’s a surprise not many supplements and vitamins are readily accessible in a gummy form. Thankfully, Schiff Vitamins thought of that and created a supplement that anyone can take without water.  

And just like the Brain Performance De-Stress vitamins discussed in this Schiff vitamins review, the Neuriva Brain Performance is designed for adults 18+ to ingest and is:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Contains natural flavours 

Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Brain Performance contains 50 gummies and retails at $30.

Schiff Vitamins Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotics + Lactose Support Review

Lactose and gut issues are some of the most common health concerns people have to deal with. But not to worry, Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotics + Lactose Support can help! 

The dual function of this supplement makes it a favorite! The main function of this supplement is to aid digestive functions, especially when it comes to dairy, and the probiotics are vital to combat everything you’re ingesting that may be harmful. Basically, it prevents you from having to make repeated trips to the bathroom.

Digestive support is a priority since one of the main features of this product is how it contains BC30 probiotics. If you’re looking to have a healthier gut, you need BC30 to make it happen. 

Schiff Vitamins Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotics + Lactose Support contains 32 capsules for $10 or 96 capsules for $24.

Schiff Vitamins Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotic Capsules Review 

If dairy isn’t an issue for you, then the Schiff Vitamins Digestive Advantage is a standard probiotic that would be the perfect addition to your daily routine.  

Similar to its sister supplement, this probiotic supplement contains BC30 and is meant for long term use to keep your gut and stomach health intact. Even better, that healthy gut can contribute to better immune health.

Moreover, the probiotics are meant to relieve:

  • Bloating 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Abnormal stomach pain

This Schiff vitamins review also notes that each capsule has 2 billion cells of BC30 for a higher potency and rate of effectiveness, which ensures the overall health of your gut and digestive system. In other words, they’ve managed to optimize the percentage of probiotic goodness so that your gut is actually being targeted.

FYI, BC30 is a spore-forming probiotic that’s able to maintain its benefits through manufacturing processes and within the low pH of the stomach. Because of that, it makes it a better fit in elevating the benefits of products. 

Even this systematic review[6] shows the solid case for using probiotics for many health conditions. Schiff Vitamins Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotic Capsules come in three different quantity varieties:

  • 30 capsules for $14
  • 50 capsules for $20
  • 60 capsules for $22

Schiff Vitamins Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotic Gummies Review 

What better way can you get some much needed probiotics to help promote a healthy gut than  in a gummy form? This Schiff vitamins review is so glad to see the brand understand the needs of people and created a probiotic that is easy to swallow. 

With the exact same qualities as the capsule version of the Digestive Advantage, there are only two differences that set Schiff vitamins probiotic gummies apart. First, this supplement is fruit flavored and secondly, and probably best of all, this one is designed for children as well.

If you’re looking for a vitamin your entire family can take, this might be a good one to consider since it can be ingested by children 3 years and older. 

Schiff Vitamins Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotic Gummies retail at $14 for 60 gummies or  80 gummies for $20.

Who Is Schiff Vitamins for? 

Schiff Vitamins Review

Schiff vitamins are ideal for adults 18+ but are not recommended for children or pregnant women unless specified. 

The brand also suggests speaking with your doctor if there are any side effects, you’re unsure about taking a certain vitamin, or specific health areas you may need supplements and vitamins for. 

Regardless, you should always consult your doctor prior to taking supplements or vitamins as you need to understand your health needs before proceeding. 

Comparison: Schiff Vitamins vs. Sunday Scaries 

Schiff Vitamins Review

Sunday Scaries is a vitamin and supplement brand that has taken the industry by storm. Featured in PopSugar, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and Cosmopolitan, they make taking vitamins a part of your daily routine in the easiest way possible.

Their target audience consists of millennials and Gen Z, creating goods and products that are contemporary yet relevant, and meant to battle any “scaries” these demographics face. The brand has formulated supplements and health and wellness products for Monday to Friday, getting you through any tough week until the weekend hits.

We’ll compare vitamins within this Schiff vitamins review, but note that Sunday Scaries also sells items like bath bombs, candies, and oils.

There are two types of gummy vitamins available. To start, there’s the Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies which is one of the brand’s best selling items. The gummies contain B12 and vitamin D3[7], but the brand doesn’t go into detail about the ingredients or the biotechnology and formulation of the vitamins.

As far as pricing goes, it retails at $23 but each bottle consists of smaller quantities with only 20 gummies. In comparison, Schiff vitamins has 30 or more gummies within each bottle. 

Sunday Scaries also has a vegan alternative to their gummy vitamins. So although Schiff’s vitamins are listed as being vegetarian, none of them are labeled as vegan. 

The vegan version of the gummies also contains B12 and D3 but since the remaining ingredients aren’t accessible online, we’re unable to pinpoint what ingredients differ between the two gummies. Sunday Scaries does offer an image of the nutrients and ingredients on the back of each bottle but there’s not enough clarity to read it fully.  

Sunday Scaries also offers direct shipping and provides direct shipping on all orders over $59, subscription options also available as well. 

Despite Sunday Scaries selling and shipping their own goods, international shipping is not available nor is it specified as an option. On the other hand, Schiff vitamins is far more accessible considering the big store retailers that sell their vitamins. 

In addition to this, Sunday Scaries only has 3 varieties of vitamin gummies and doesn’t offer more refined supplements and vitamins. Their gummies are more of a multivitamin and don’t target specific areas (like the brain).

Schiff Vitamins Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Schiff Vitamins Review

Customer reviews can be filtered and sorted by:

  • Most relevant
  • Most recent 
  • Highest to lowest ratings
  • Lowest to Highest ratings 

There’s definitely a certain degree of transparency, and Schiff vitamins even lists whether a customer was gifted a product or not for each comment. If you’re not a fan of reading lengthy feedback, there’s also a general rating featured at the bottom of each comment to know if that individual would recommend the product or not.

For instance, one customer aged 35 to 44 commented on the Digestive Advantage gummies with a positive recommendation stating: 

“These taste fantastic. I’ve been using them for about a week now, and I have noticed a big change in my digestion. I have a lot of gas after eating certain types of food. Now, I have noticed a significant decrease in these incidents.”

We’ve even found some great reviews of Schiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic gummies where it earned 3.7/5 stars from 3 reviews, with one happy customer commenting:

“So far it’s working wonders for me, my doctor prescribed it for me, for me it’s great.”

And on QFC with the same probiotic, the brand has accumulated 4.3/5 stars from 47 reviews. One ecstatic person remarked: 

“I feel great! I feel less gassy and less bloated. Another huge benefit is the it has probiotics. I love that it helps me and my immune system stay healthy. […]”

How well products perform is relative to the individual but Schiff vitamins does not remove negative comments or feedback. You can even find 1-star comments at the top of the list, so there’s plenty of honesty and transparency.

Is Schiff Vitamins Worth It?

Schiff Vitamins Review

The probiotics and anything related to digestive health have much higher positive reviews and higher star ratings, outperforming Neuriva brain vitamins. We can definitely say the digestive health items are worth it while everything else should be considered more seriously before making a purchase.

That being said, Schiff vitamins are definitely worth it in terms of pricing and quantity since no matter what the line, their vitamins are affordable. 

Schiff Vitamins Promotions & Discounts 

Schiff Vitamins Review

There are no promotions or discounts offered directly through Schiff vitamins at this time but the brand has a rewards program and point system that can be applied to purchases.

Where to Buy Schiff Vitamins

Schiff Vitamins Review
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Schiff vitamins website


Schiff Vitamins Review

How do you use Schiff Vitamins Points?

Anyone 18+ can become a member of Schiff Rewards. When you accumulate points, you can use them towards Schiff products, seasonal promotions, exclusive offers and discounts from the brand’s partners.  

Where is Schiff Vitamins made? 

The manufacturing facility is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

Is Schiff Vitamins vegan and cruelty-free?

Schiff vitamins are mostly vegetarian and cruelty-free but are not labelled as vegan.

What is Schiff Vitamins’s Shipping Policy?

A minimum of $30 will qualify for free shipping otherwise a flat rate of $6 is applied, and expedited parcels are shipped for a flat rate of $8

The deliveries may take up to 2-4 business days to arrive.

It should be noted that shipping is for U.S. residents only and does not include international shipping as products are not available for international sale and purchase. 

What is Schiff Vitamins’s Return Policy?

Returns must be processed through customer service with refunds issued within 30 business days. Schiff vitamins offers free return shipping if there are any errors from their end or you receive a defective product. Otherwise, a 15% restocking fee is charged for all returns along with the shipping fee to make a return.

Since this is the case, it’s best to only make returns for orders exceeding a certain value or if you’ve made a large purchase. 

How to Contact Schiff Vitamins

Schiff vitamins can be contacted through a customer service representative, by phone or email.

Explore your options for health supplements for full-body wellness with these popular brands:

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