Tishani Thiviyakumar

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Markham, Ontario


Biology and Psychology at York University


Research Assistant


I have always been a beauty and skincare fanatic but this has also helped me to become more aware of the chemicals that are being used in these products, which has lead me to develop a much cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle. In my daily life, I enjoy learning about neuropsychopathology & neurophysiology, which is the study of the nerve cells as they receive and transmit information. This interest stems from my educational background in both biology and psychology during my undergraduate experience. I am fascinated by how biological mechanisms influence mental processes and vice versa. I write for ActionCIND (Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases) as a research intern and volunteer at hEr VOLUTION to disseminate updates to the community. I am passionate about volunteering and have also been contributing to OnCanadaProject and with the Women\'s Health & Education Network in my free time.

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