Eight Ounce Coffee Review

About Eight Ounce Coffee 

Eight Ounce Coffee Review

Eight Ounce Coffee is a coffee company known for their specialty coffee selection and machinery that creates a good cup of joe. They curate items for coffee addicts, baristas, and novices alike. 

Their equipment and beans are sold in nearly 4,000 cafes, hotels, stores, and more across North America. The brand’s socials have a decent following, with about 18.3k followers on their Instagram page. Probably due to their elegant and high-quality hardware.

Are you in the market for some coffee gear? We might be able to help you out. So, keep reading this Eight Ounce Coffee review to learn about the company, their best-selling products, customer feedback, and more so you can decide if they’re worth buying.

Overview of Eight Ounce Coffee  

Eight Ounce Coffee Review

Eight Ounce Coffee is a Canadian company that was founded in 2011 by Jennifer and Wesley Farnell. Their business started with selling AeroPress and KeepCups and slowly expanded to include a wide range of other coffee products. 

The company realized that getting more high-end brands is harder to get for Canadian cafes. But, Eight Ounce brought in several high-quality coffee machines and took care of costs which gave Canadians an opportunity to receive the best possible coffee brands. 

The Alberta-based company is also the biggest specialty coffee equipment distributor in Canada.” But, that is not without the guidance of their core values, including sourcing the best products, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and taking care of each other within their company. 

They’re also part of a growing coffee scene in Canada. They help with organizing and sponsoring barista and AeroPress competitions and are also the co-founders of the Prairie Coffee Collective. 

Now that you know more about the brand, this Eight Ounce Coffee review will go over some highlights.


  • Large number of coffee equipment and beans available 
  • Distribute products to 4,000+ cafes, retailers, and roasters
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Offers a Rewards Program
  • Warranties available for products
  • International shipping available
  • 30-day return policy
Eight Ounce Coffee Review

Getting your morning fix can be even easier when you have high-quality beans and gear. Eight Ounce Coffee offers a vast collection of coffees, equipment, and serveware that can help get your day going.

Keep reading this Eight Ounce Coffee review so you can add some new goodies to the coffee corner in your kitchen. Note that you can sign up to receive Eight Ounce Points and some free swag

Eight Ounce Coffee Review

Eight Ounce offers a variety of beans and roasts for the average coffee drinker and full-on connoisseurs. So, which blends are customers loving right now? Let’s find out! 

Eight Ounce Coffee French Roast Review

The Eight Ounce Coffee French Roast is an excellent blend for dark roast enthusiasts. It has a slight spice to it, along with strong and smoky notes that’ll surely be a morning staple. This barista-approved, nutty roast is all you’ll need to survive the day. 

Since the French Roast has a low acidity level, it’s ideal for stove-top espresso or even as a filter coffee. Eight Ounce Coffee suggests brewing at about 200 – 205°F. They also recommend using about one gram of coffee to 16-17g of water. 

This single-origin Dutch cocoa French Roast will cost you about $14

Eight Ounce Coffee Colombian Review

The next bag of beans in this Eight Ounce Coffee review is the Colombian Espresso. This blend comes from small producers in Ancuya, Colombia. The region is known for its traditional agricultural traditions that have been passed down from older generations.

This espresso blend is made up of a combination of Castillo and Colombia beans. The Castillo bean comes from coffee research that aimed to create rust and disease-resistant beans. It features notes of walnut, maple syrup, and apricot jam, making for a tasty and sweet brew. 

These coffee beans will run you about $15 at checkout. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the Colombian blend is sold out, but you can sign up to receive notifications about a restock. 

Eight Ounce Coffee Brew Review

Next up, we’ll be looking at the best-selling coffee and tea equipment. These pieces of gear can help you get the best brew possible, whether it’s a cup of joe or comforting tea. 

Eight Ounce Coffee Ratio Eight Coffee Maker Review

The Ratio Eight Coffee Maker is a precision brewer constructed from high-quality materials and is easy to use for every coffee drinker. It has a simple and elegant look that’ll look great in your kitchen and will totally up your coffee game.

There’s only one button on the machine, and it features three different phases. All you have to do is grind your beans and start brewin’. The Ratio Eight will time and brew with the perfect water to grounds ratio. Then, it’ll alert you when it’s ready to drink.

It can also brew up to 40 oz or eight 5 oz cups of coffee, and the included carafe can hold paper or stainless steel filters. It also comes with a five-year limited warranty

The Ratio Eight retails for about $570

Eight Ounce Coffee Ground HandyBrew Tea Review

This Eight Ounce Coffee review must admit that sometimes a nice cup of tea gets us through the day. If that also sounds like you, you might need the proper hardware to get your ideal brew. So, with the HandyBrew Tea, you’ll easily be able to get a warm and tasty morning beverage. 

The HandyBrew is the initial steep and release brewer that can even make a quick coffee. The company claims that it’s as easy to use as a french press, so it’s nearly foolproof and easy to control. 

The construction of the $24 brewer allows tea leaves to open up without over-steeping, and it makes it easier to pour into your favorite mug without the mess. Additionally, it’s easy to take apart and makes post-tea-time clean-up a breeze.

Eight Ounce Coffee Serveware Review

You can’t have a cup of coffee without a mug to put it in. That’s why this Eight Ounce Coffee review will now look at some of the best-selling serveware so you can enjoy and even share a hot brew with a loved one.

Eight Ounce Coffee Cremaware Review

The 16oz Creamware cup is part of a collection of porcelain cups and saucers for your home or café. This little mug has a curved interior which helps keep the crema, and it’s just a pretty piece of coffee ware to add to your cupboards.

This cup is designed to go with a saucer which adds some fanciness. It also helps prevent a vacuum effect common with saucers, making washing and draining the water easier. Saucers are sold separately, but can you resist completing the set? 

The Cremaware cup retails for about $10

Eight Ounce Coffee ACME Tajimi Cup Review

Last but least is the ACME Tajimi Cup. This teacup was manufactured and designed in Japan. It’s made through a firing process that gives a translucent look to the porcelain. It also gives it a true white color. They’re elegant with some edge, featuring a matte finish with blue, green, or white interior options. 

The ACME Cup is beautiful and, honestly, would make the perfect gift. They’re also very versatile and can serve your guest’s tea, coffee, or even an alcoholic beverage after a long work week. Either way, your guests will be taken with the cups and probably won’t stop asking where they came from.

At the time of writing, these cups are sold out. Once they’re back in stock, they’ll cost about $19

Who Is Eight Ounce Coffee For? 

Eight Ounce Coffee Review

Eight Ounce Coffee is for any coffee drinkers looking to up their game with some new high-quality gear and equipment. They also have a large selection of coffee beans and blends available for those looking to expand their palate. 

Eight Ounce Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Eight Ounce Coffee Review

Now, we’re at the fun part of this Eight Ounce Coffee review which is the customer feedback. We searched for testimonials and came up with some on the brand site, Facebook and

Here’s the average rating for some of the products in this review: 

  • French Roast: 5/5 stars from 2 reviews 
  • Colombian: 5/5 stars from 1 review
  • Ratio Eight Coffee Maker: 4.9/5 stars from 133 reviews
  • HandyBrew Tea: 5/5 stars from 5 reviews
  • ACME Tajimi Cup: 5/5 stars from 3 reviews

The French Roast only has two reviews, but both reviewers give the blend glowing praise. One of them reads, “Everything you would want in a dark roast. Balanced and rich.” 

The other customer writes, “Very nice dark roast, would purchase again.” 

Of course, the best-selling Ratio Eight Coffee Maker gets lots of love, too. One customer writes, “The Ratio Eight Coffee Maker in matte black is a very beautiful machine. It is even more elegant in person than in the photos. Even more perfect is the coffee the machine produces. We are very, very pleased. Thank you!” 

Another reviewer says, “We love our Ratio Eight! It makes the same quality coffee as our prior manually brewed pour-overs. I particularly enjoy having this setup the night before to save time making coffee in the morning, and it looks fantastic!” 

A HandyBrew Tea user is also pretty satisfied, writing, “Don’t hesitate. You will love this product. Easy to take apart and clean. It makes perfect brewing a snap.” 

This Eight Ounce Coffee review also found that the brand receives praise off their site as well. One Facebook user writes, “It’s not until you have a problem that you find out how good a company is. They fixed my problem quickly and without any hassle. I would buy from them again. Thanks for your help.” 

Additionally, reviewers have nothing but good things to say about the brand’s coffee and product selection. For example, one customer loves the company’s hand grinder, writing, “You have good water and good beans? Then you are only missing this good grinder for a tasty cup of coffee!”

Of course, there are criticisms, but they are far and few in between. It seems like customers can’t get enough of Eight Ounce Coffee’s customer service and all of the products that they offer. 

Is Eight Ounce Coffee Worth It?

Eight Ounce Coffee Review

Brewing your perfect coffee has a lot to do with the equipment and coffee quality. Eight Ounce Coffee offers high-quality accessories, machines, and beans that’ll help you get a tasty caffeine fix. 

After writing this Eight Ounce Coffee review, we’d say the brand is worth buying if you’re interested in learning more about brewing or different coffee blends. Of course, the company is also perfect for aficionados, café owners, and roasters when you consider their wholesale program. 

Some machines and accessories aren’t too budget-friendly, so that’s important to keep in mind. But, we believe that if you splurge, you’ll for sure be getting your money’s worth. 

Eight Ounce Coffee Promotions & Discounts 

Eight Ounce Coffee Review

We found that when you sign up to earn Eight Ounce Points, you can get 10% off your second order. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other promotions or discounts. 

But we would suggest signing up for their bi-weekly emails if you want to stay updated on events, sales, and coupon codes. 

Where to Buy Eight Ounce Coffee  

Eight Ounce Coffee Review

You can buy Eight Ounce Coffee products at You can also check out their Retailers Map on their website to see if a café or store near you carries their products! 


Eight Ounce Coffee Review

Who owns Eight Ounce Coffee?   

Jennifer and Wesley Farnell are the owners of Eight Ounce Coffee. They launched the company in 2011 out of love for specialty coffees and the gear that goes with it.

Where is Eight Ounce Coffee based?   

Eight Ounce Coffee is based in Calgary, Alberta. They have team members in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. 

Does Eight Ounce Coffee have a showroom?  

Eight Ounce Coffee does have a showroom. It’s located at 2040-2600 Portland Street SE in Calgary.

Does Eight Ounce Coffee only carry Canadian roasters?  

Eight Ounce Coffee does not only carry Canadian roasters. For example, they have blends from Colombia and other international locations available.

What is Eight Ounce Coffee’s Shipping Policy?

Eight Ounce Coffee orders ship out from Calgary, Canada. They offer free shipping for Canadian orders over $75 and US orders over $100. A flat fee of $10 will be applied for Canadians if they don’t meet the minimum. 

For US residents, costs will depend on your location. Additionally, they also offer international shipping. The company also offers express shipping options for an additional cost. Here are the approximate arrival dates for each location depending on shipping type: 

  • Canada 
    • UPS Standard: 1 to 5 business days (depending on location)
    • UPS Next Day: 1 business day
    • Canada Post Xpresspost: 1 to 4 business days
  • United States
    • Canada Post Small Packet USA Air: ~5 to 8 business days 
    • Canada Post Tracked Packet USA: 4 to 8 business days 
    • UPS Standard: 5 to 7 business days
    • UPS Worldwide Expedited: 2 to 5 business days 
    • Canada Post Xpresspost USA: 2 to 3 business days 
  • International
    • Canada Post Small Packet International Service: 4 to 12 weeks 
    • Tracked Packet International: 6 to 10 business days 
    • UPS Worldwide Expedited: 2 to 5 business days

Any import costs and duties in the US and other international locations are the responsibility of the customer. Duties and taxes are covered for Canadian residents. 

What is Eight Ounce Coffee’s Return Policy?

Eight Ounce Coffee has a 30-day return policy. The company will ask the reason for the return but only to help improve their collections. If you want to make a return after the allotted time, you can contact their team, and they’ll try and find a solution for you. 

To initiate a return, you have to contact the company via email before shipping out your order. Once your order is eligible, make sure to send it back in proper packaging. Eight Ounce Coffee may charge a restocking fee if the product is dirty, wet, or missing parts. 

Note that shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. But, you can request a return shipping label, and this cost will be taken out of your final refund.

How to Contact Eight Ounce Coffee

If you have any questions beyond this Eight Ounce Coffee review, you can contact their customer service team via the following: 

2040 – 2600 Portland Street SE

Calgary, Alberta

Canada T2G 4M6

The Eight Ounce Coffee customer service team is available Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 5PM.

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