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Real Good Coffee Review

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About Real Good Coffee

Real Good Coffee Review

They say the human body is nearly 60% water. In our case, we’d estimate that number is closer to 20%, with the remaining 40% being coffee.

That’s why we’re delighted to cover Real Good Coffee, whose name alone excites us. We don’t need to tell you that they aim to provide excellent coffee.

The brand has cultivated nearly 450 dedicated Instagram followers, but what else have they done? We’ll cover that and more, like their products, their customer reception, and how you can grab your own cup of joe in our Real Good Coffee review.

Overview of Real Good Coffee

Real Good Coffee Review

The Seattle-based Real Good Coffee focuses on good coffee (duh). They don’t care about packaging, trends, or other coffee-adjacent diversions that have nothing to do with the coffee’s actual quality.

The brand boasts over 30 years of roasting experience, yet we’re led to believe they’re a young, spry, chick of a company as their oldest Instagram post is from 2020 and the oldest blog entry on their website was posted in 2019.

They’re proud of their small business status, and our Real Good Coffee review writers have the utmost respect for any company that waves that flag. 

They want to make great, conscientious, and fairly-priced coffee. That’s not the only thing they do right in our books either. Their pods are 100% recyclable, their coffee is all organic (though they offer non-organic products) and they keep costs low by spending as little as possible on superfluous packaging.

Does that sound too good to be true? Find out if it is by reading the rest of our Read Good Coffee review, starting with some highlights:


  • Offers no-nonsense coffee products
  • Cups are 100% recyclable 
  • Organic coffee
  • Available through Amazon and Walmart
  • Provide a subscription-based option
Real Good Coffee Review

The Real Good Coffee company, in their expected minimalist fashion, specializes in three different product types. They sell whole coffee beans, Nespresso coffee pods, and Keurig cups.

Real Good Coffee Review

We’ll be covering all of the company’s best-selling whole coffee beans, Nespresso pods, and maybe even a Keurig cup or two if we’re feeling indulgent – and with this company, we definitely are.

As a bonus, if you find some coffee that really gets you excited, you can choose to subscribe and get it delivered at set intervals (and save 5% every time you do).

Real Good Coffee Breakfast Blend Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb Review

The Real Good Coffee Breakfast Blend Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb can be the best way to start your morning by hitting nearly every taste bud. 

It’s a light roast with a lemony tang alongside milk chocolate and cream undertones. That complex blend can brighten up even the dourest cases of the Mondays. 

Light roasts have the highest caffeine content, and that’s why you’d want to drink this coffee in the morning. The bean’s flavors are all best preserved in light roasts so you can appreciate the delicacies of this complex creation.

A 2 lb bag of these beans will cost you $25, on sale from $30.

Real Good Coffee Donut Shop Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb Review

Donuts and coffee go together like, well, we were going to make a proper simile but in our opinion, there’s no better combination in the world.

That’s because coffee’s bitterness contrasts the donut’s overt sweetness, both flavors bring out the best in each other. It seems the company agrees because the Real Good Coffee Donut Shop Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb was designed to pair with donuts.

It’s a medium roast 100% Arabica bean with hazelnut and brown sugar fragrances that’ll make your donut’s flavor pop.

You can grab your own 2 lb bag for $25 (down from $30). We recommend pairing it with a 2 lb box of Krispy Kreme donuts for one heck of a morning.

Real Good Coffee Decaf Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb Review

Real coffee critics know the struggle of late afternoon coffee cravings but dread caffeine’s potential sleep-disrupting side effects. That’s why we appreciate products like the Real Good Coffee Decaf Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb.

Sadly, most decaf coffee tastes like either over-charred barbeque skewers or nothing at all. Thankfully, Real Good Coffee made this product with sweet hints of caramel and chocolate. It’s meant to mimic a medium roast’s taste without having you bouncing off the walls late at night.

A 2 lb sack of this decaf goodness costs $25, on sale from $30.

Real Good Coffee Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb Review

The Real Good Coffee Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb is perhaps the company’s most mindfully-produced product. They grow these beans in small amounts in local Seattle farms that adhere to all-organic farming practices.

However, what does that do for the end product? It seems it makes these beans particularly mighty with an intriguing bell pepper, lemon, and cedar flavor profile. 

You can get an entire 2 lb bag of these dark roast and organic beans for $25, pretty good savings from the original price of $30.

Real Good Coffee Dark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb Review

Now we arrive at the brand’s French roast product. The name applies to the beans’ appearance rather than their taste, but our Real Good Coffee reviewers have always believed there’s something more to them beyond their look.

Test out our theory with the Real Good Coffee Dark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Lb. It’s a powerful and assertive dark roast, meaning it has the boldest flavor of all roasts.

The smatterings of dark chocolate and raspberry should soothe your tongue as you pour an entire pot full of brew down your throat to kickstart your morning. 

Give 2 lbs of these bad boys a shot for $25, regular price $30.

Real Good Coffee Variety Pack Nespresso Compatible Pods Review

Sometimes it’s nice to be indecisive because it opens you up to new opportunities. It seems Real Good Coffee want to give you as many new opportunities as they can fit in a box with their Real Good Coffee Variety Pack Nespresso Compatible Pods.

This generous offering delivers the brand’s strong, stronger, strongest, and organic Nespresso pods, all of which are 100% recyclable

Before you check-out, know that these pods will work with the Nespresso OriginalLine but not the VertuoLine.

A 36-pack of the Real Good Coffee Variety Pack Nespresso Compatible Pods costs $20 (down from $24), while you can get a box of 72 pods for $33 (down from $39). It pays to buy in bulk!

Real Good Coffee Variety Pack Keurig Compatible Cups Review

If you’re more of a Keurig country girl, or you’re still a Nespresso newbie, then maybe the Real Good Coffee Variety Pack Keurig Compatible Cups are for you. 

This collection contains the four different roasts we previously covered in this Real Good Coffee review. You can use the single-serving pods with any Keurig product.

You can buy a 36-pack of Keurig pods for $20, original price $24, or double up the supply with a $33 box of 72 pods, originally priced at $39.

Who Is Real Good Coffee For? 

Real Good Coffee Review

Coffee itself has numerous health benefits including improving energy levels, controlling appetite levels, increasing focus, and providing a healthy antioxidant dosage. Plus, our Real Good Coffee review writers know the stuff just tastes good. 

Maybe you disagree with us, which slots you as the perfect Real Good Coffee consumer. They want to show people that good coffee isn’t about gimmicks, it’s about high-quality craftsmanship. So, allow them to change your mind about the sweetest nectar on the planet.

What Makes Real Good Coffee Different? 

Real Good Coffee Review

There are three main tenants that distinguish Real Good Coffee from not-so-real-nor-even-that-good-coffee. 

First, they care about using and grinding only the best coffee they can. They are more interested in giving you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever drunk than they are in chasing trends.

By forgoing intricate packaging in favor of pursuing premium coffee the company saves money on production costs. That means that you save money because you’re only paying for the coffee’s quality rather than the packaging.

Also, all of their coffee pods are made of 100% recyclable materials, so the company (and by extension, you) are doing their part to combat climate change. 

Real Good Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Real Good Coffee Review

We started our research on this section of our Real Good Coffee review by going to one of the main watering holes of customer reviews, Amazon.

The Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee earned a 4.4/5 stars overall score from more than 1,700 customer testimonies.

The positive Real Good Coffee reviews gave the product the best praise a coffee can receive. Many of them admitted to enjoying the item more than other popular coffee brands like Starbucks, Maxwell House, and Safeway.

They cited the smooth taste and pleasing aromas as the Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee’s best aspects.

Here’s a review that had us both rolling with laughter and demonstrated how satisfied most customers were with the product: “I love this coffee. I finally found a really good coffee. I will definitely buy it again. Obviously, taste is very subjective, but there is a reason for so many good reviews. I’m just saying that I am Italian and I love this coffee.

Another customer mentioned that they were thankful Real Good Coffee could satisfy the cravings that were usually hard for them to itch: 

I ordered this for my husband. He wanted a [whole-bean] French Roast, 2 pounds, which can be challenging when you live in Canada. Anyway, he absolutely LOVES this brand!!! He tells me, “Delicious, flavorful and SMOOTH coffee!”

Other fans were swayed to try Real Good Coffee based on how the company handled complaints. They saw that the brand’s employees were quick to reach out to disgruntled consumers and help them get the most out of their products.

One reviewer, in particular, dropped an anecdote about how the brand taught a disappointed customer the correct way to blend their whole coffee beans. After that, the customer reported enjoying the coffee much more.

Even long-time coffee addicts were astounded by Real Good Coffee. They couldn’t believe how rich it tasted without any bitterness. Many said the brand stacked up against some of Seattle’s top coffee companies.

Another thing fans loved about the coffee? It’s consistent flavor. This 5/5 star review explains this as “I really enjoy this coffee. My previous favorite coffee brands I did not always get a perfect cup of coffee, sometimes too strong other times too weak, even when using the same amount of scoops. Now I use only two scoops and it’s a perfect cup. Nice and smooth cup of coffee each time.

We’ll leave you with another telling piece of fan reception: “This is the best coffee. We have it on monthly reorder. It’s a fair price and WAY cheaper than buying coffee daily. It’s got a robust flavor without being extremely bitter with a smooth finish. Sold for life!

Though the customer review pool on Facebook was small, our Real Good Coffee review writers still wanted to include what we found there because it was quite reassuring. 

The 2 customer reviews on Facebook rated the company 5/5 stars

This satisfied consumer had this to say about her experience with Real Good Coffee: “I love the coffee I received (French Roast), and I received it very quickly. I recommend this service to anyone who loves good coffee.

Let’s conclude this section of our Real Good Coffee review by summarizing what customers said about the brand. Many staunch coffee critics were converted to Real Good Coffee loyalists, new coffee drinkers were also impressed with the brand’s flavorful beans.

They all reported enjoying Real Good Coffee’s sublime aromatic balance. Now we want a coffee.

Is Real Good Coffee Worth It?

Real Good Coffee Review

Our Real Good Coffee review team believes this brand is worth purchasing if you prioritize quality coffee over everything. 

While we were hesitant to recommend the brand to casual coffee drinkers, it seems that even those who only drink a few cups a week noticed the difference in quality between Real Good Coffee and other brands. 

With that in mind, we’re whole-heartedly saying that you should give them a shot.

Real Good Coffee Promotions & Discounts 

Real Good Coffee Review

While we weren’t able to locate any Real Good Coffee coupons, check this out: you’ll receive a 10% discount on your first order by signing up for the company’s email list.

They also offer a 10-pack of all their coffee pods so you can taste which is right for you.

The final discount we have for you is a 5% discount on all your orders through the brand’s subscription service.

Where to Buy Real Good Coffee

Real Good Coffee Review

Ready to order? We’ve assembled a list of the best places you can buy Real Good Coffee products:

  1. The company’s website,
  2. Their shipping and distributing company, Amazon
  3. Big box retailers like Walmart


Real Good Coffee Review

Who owns Real Good Coffee?

Our Real Good Coffee review team wasn’t able to detect who owns the company, and we looked everywhere – you don’t want to know how deeply we combed through the internet’s catacombs and LinkedIn profiles.

Is Real Good Coffee organic?

Do bears poop in the woods? Is it cold in the arctic? Of course Real Good Coffee is organic!

However, the company also sells non-organic coffee beans, Nespresso pods, and coffee pods if you’re less of a stickler about that sort of thing.

Where is Real Good Coffee made and packaged?

Real Good Coffee makes and packages their products with the brimming Seattle Sky Needle dotting their background. They roast and pack their coffee in Seattle, which gives them unparalleled access to their shipping distributor’s, Amazon, headquarters.

Does Real Good Coffee ship internationally?

Based on the language Read Good Coffee uses on their website we suspect that they only ship to United States locations.

What is Real Good Coffee’s Shipping Policy?

What’s our favorite four-letter word (that you can say in church and not face persecution afterward)? Free!

Our Read Good Coffee review team is ecstatic to report that the company offers free shipping on all of their orders. They ship their products through Amazon, which speedily delivers every item within 3 to 4 business days.

What is Real Good Coffee’s Return Policy?

The company does not have an explicit return policy, which isn’t a shock considering they mostly sell consumable items. They recommend contacting them directly for any questions regarding returns.

“But,” we hear you say, “how can I contact them?” Allow us to unfurl our arms akimbo to point you towards the concluding segment of our Read Good Coffee review.

How to Contact Real Good Coffee

Have a complaint? Looking to rile up a customer service representative? Overflowing with love for Real Good Coffee’s real good coffee but don’t have anyone to share your affection with? 

Resolve all of those problems by getting in touch with the brand. Here are all the best ways you can contact them per our Real Good Coffee review writer’s research:

Submit a customer contact form on their Contact Us page on their website,

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