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PipSticks Review

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PipSticks Review

Do you consider yourself savvy in stationery? PipSticks provides a wide selection of beautiful decals at your pleasure. From animal stickers to avocado-themed adhesives, this online shop has it all when it comes to trendy journaling. 

With a following of over 66.2K on Instagram, PipSticks seems to be an internet favorite when it comes to letterhead goods. They’ve been featured on notable media outlets such as Fatherly, Glamour, and USA Today. 

For those curious in learning more about this brand, look no further than this PipSticks review. We’ll provide a closer look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth looking into. 

Overview of PipSticks

PipSticks Review

Maureen Vazquez is somewhat of a ‘stickerhead’ when it comes to the world of stationery. Ever since she was little, Vazquez made it a common habit to visit the neighborhood gift shop. With a small cut of decals and a journal in tow, her passion for scrapbooking evolved into a full-time job in 2014. 

Headquartered in sunny California, PipSticks offers a wide variety of themed stickers. They often collaborate with several indie artists such as Workman and Eunice Art. Customers can also visit their online blog, which features regular articles of website updates, future promotions, and journaling advice. 

In an inspiring quote left by the founder, Vasquez shares the ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling she gets when connecting to other sticker heads: It turns out that it’s not just crazy me who’s been dreaming of stickers since the 80’s! These Sticker Club members have proven to me that indeed, a little sticker love goes a long way.” 

Before we get into this PipSticks review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A variety of stickers and stationery supplies to choose from 
  • Offers a way for independent artists to showcase (and sell) their work 
  • Has a subscription plan for their sticker collection 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • International shipping 


  • Pricier than buying stickers in-person 

It’s time to channel your inner kid. From scratch ‘n’ sniff decals to color-in stickers, PipSticks has it all when it comes to grade A scrapbooking. They also sell other stationery supplies, such as pens, planners, washi tape, and more

This online shop is basically a scrapbooker’s paradise. Stay with me here, folks. Not sure of where to start? This PipSticks review will highlight a few of their best-selling products. Don’t be surprised if you find all of these in your cart when checking out. 

PipSticks Review

PipSticks Review

So, what’s the theme today? Is it time for a Halloween-inspired page, or are we opting for a nature motif filled with flowers and leaves? 

Whichever the case, this online boutique holds a variety of trendy stickers for customers to choose from. This PipSticks review will quickly gloss over a few of their most popular designs within this section. 

PipSticks Tattly Bigfoot Tattoos Review 

Knees deep in sasquatch lore? Make your love of yeti known with the Tattly Bigfoot Tattoos collection. Featuring a childish scribble of your favorite woodland creature, this fun design showcases the big man himself with a blue baseball cap and a gnarly skateboard. 

We suggest placing it on your ankle or lower calf in order to stay on-brand with the theme of this decal. Great as party favors or a fun way to spice up your kid’s birthday party, the $3 Tattly Bigfoot Tattoos collection (for 2 packs) is on sale for $5. Unfortunately, this set is marked as sold out on their website. 

PipSticks Eye of the Spider Review

Designed for horror fanatics and lovers of the macabre, the Eye of the Spider sticker set features a spooky collection of arachnids, witch eyes, and fairy circles. Offered in simple line art, this spine-chilling pack comes with black foil accents onto a PVC backing. 

It acts as a perfect decoration for spell books, cauldron recipe guides, or your average journal. As part of the PipSticks stickers for kids collection, this 2” x 4” bundle is best complimented by the Pumpkin to Talk About decal set. Priced at $2 only, give the gift of spooks with the Eye of the Spider pack. 

PipSticks Rainbow Turtle Vinyl Review 

Ideal for Pride month, the Rainbow Turtle Vinyl sticker makes for a loud-and-proud addition to your journal. This brightly colored slowpoke only comes as a single piece, so make sure that you put this stunning decal somewhere important. 

This PipSticks review recommends sticking it on an important date or even on your laptop as a striking decoration. 

Sadly, the Rainbow Turtle Vinyl sticker is currently sold out on their website. But once it’s available to purchase again, customers can expect to pay $3 for one decal. 

In the meantime, why don’t you give the Spec-tacular Animals or the Rainbow Power decals a shot? 

PipSticks Vintage Sandylion Shimmers Micro Clowns Stickers Review 

I’m pretty sure that the Vintage Sandylion Shimmers Micro Clowns Stickers set isn’t supposed to be creepy. But, it’s ultimately up to you if you want to place this pack into the Halloween category. Featuring a various selection of colorfully printed jesters, this ensemble will make for a vibrant inclusion in any Pipsticks planner. 

To add on with this circus-themed purchase, we recommend adding the Big Puffy Balloon Animal decal and the Party Time labels to your cart. Unfortunately, the Vintage Sandylion Shimmers Micro Clowns Stickers set is marked as sold out. But you should ‘stick’ around, as it only costs $2 once it’s finally restocked. 

PipSticks Hands Off My Stickers! Sticker Collection Book Review 

The Hands Off My Stickers! Sticker Collection Book makes for a perfect gift for your niece or nephew. Considered a beginner guide into journaling, this planner enables you to store those coveted decals on several different pages. 

This includes rainbow-colored sheets, holographic foils, glittery pages, and plain matte surfaces. The best thing about this Pipsticks sticker book is that it comes with specially coated pages—which offers easy removal when it comes to adhesives. 

Part of the brand’s collaboration with Workman, the Hands Off My Stickers! Sticker Collection Book costs a cool $19

PipSticks Subscription Review

Intended for those who can’t get enough stickers, Pipsticks offers a monthly delivery of in-house decals every month. By signing up for their subscription plan, members can receive a selection of their hottest designs on a regular basis. 

Need help deciding on a membership? Don’t worry; this Pipsticks review has you covered. 

PipSticks Pro Sticker Club Review 

Consider the Pro Sticker Club membership as an occasional self-gift. Come on, you deserve it. This subscription plan promises a regular delivery of beautifully designed decals. From puffy adhesives to strawberry-scented labels, the brand will pre-select a collection of themed packs for each month.

It’s worth noting that customers can’t customize their own bundle. This is a great program to sign up for if you happen to be a teacher. Just think about it, you’ll become a classroom legend when it comes to grading assignments!

In terms of price, the Pro Sticker Club membership is offered in two different subscription plans. It goes as follows:

  • Pipsticks sticker subscription Pro Classic: $18 per month (15 sticker sheets)
  • Pro Petite: $12 per month (7 sticker sheets) 

PipSticks Kids Sticker Club Review 

PipSticks Review 1

Unleash your child’s creative potential with the Kids Sticker Club membership. Offering a curated selection of age-appropriate decals, this subscription plan comes with a coloring postcard, a holographic pouch for storage, and an activity booklet for an extra dose of fun.

From the Pipsticks Sandylions stickers set to the Yummy Gummy bundle, who knows what you’ll get each month? When it comes to occasions, we recommend signing up for this subscription program as a birthday present or a Christmas gift. 

Depending on your little one’s ‘scrapbooking appetite’, the Kids Sticker Club membership is divided into two plans:

  • Classic pack: $18 per month (15 sticker sheets)
  • Petite pack: $12 per month (7 sticker sheets) 

Who Is PipSticks For? 

PipSticks Review

It goes without saying that PipSticks is intended for those who love the scrapbooking world. As shown in their two subscription plans, this online store comes with no age restrictions. If you have a passion for crafting, decorating, or journaling, we recommend that you check this stationery boutique out. 

With that being said, their services are more expensive than purchasing stickers and other letterhead supplies in person. Unless you’re really savvy on journaling, PipSticks may seem like a money pit for families or occasional scrapbookers. 

Comparison: PipSticks vs. Stickii Club  

PipSticks Review

So, which stationery company is keen on ‘sticking around’? To help readers make a more informed decision, we put PipSticks to the test against its rival brand: Stickii Club. 

Down below, we’ve gathered some intel in terms of product variation, company bonuses, and other key highlights that make each label unique. It’s ultimately up to you to crown the victor:


  • Offers a wide selection of branded stickers and stationery. They occasionally collaborate with indie artists from time to time 
  • Provides a monthly subscription plan for adults and children 
  • Reasonably priced 

Stickii Club:

  • Offers a broad selection of stickers made by hundreds of independent artists. They only showcase a few branded products 
  • Has a monthly subscription separated by theme (i.e. cute and vintage sets) 
  • Reasonably priced 

PipSticks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PipSticks Review

Take this as a sign to buy a new journal. This PipSticks review found a generally positive response towards this stationery boutique. 

Their company website showcases a total of 5/5 stars. While there aren’t many testimonials posted on their official page, it seems that most customers are happy with their collection of decals. 

“I got this as a gift and it was awesome! Now I’m giving it as a birthday gift for kids as it’s a longer lasting fit that is just exciting for kids to receive,” one customer wrote on their website. 

We also found numerous reviews on outsider websites such as Shoppers Approved, Cratejoy, and their Facebook page. To keep things easy to read, we’ll provide them in point-form down below:

  • Shoppers Approved: 5,385 reviews with a 4.7/5 star rating 
  • Cratejoy: 135 reviews with a 4.7/5 star rating 
  • Facebook: 76 votes with a 3.9/5 star rating

A majority of customers were pleased with their orders, as their stickers proved to be cute and beautifully designed. A few stated that they were impressed with their decal variation while others wrote encouraging comments about product quality. 

I absolutely love Pipsticks! I always get so excited when I see it in the mail! The stickers are beautiful, unique and are excellent quality! Highly recommend,” one reviewer wrote on Cratejoy.

A few independent bloggers, such as A Year of Boxes and Masha Plans, also left favorable reviews towards PipSticks. Both authors noted the excitement of receiving a delivery of stickers each month. Other salient points included the creativity and the level of craftsmanship featured in every decal set. 

“I am in awe of the high-quality, well-designed, and colorful stickers I received and cannot wait to scrapbook, send more snail-mail, and place these stickers on my students’ work. This is the perfect subscription for any-aged sticker lover in your life,” reads a PipSticks review on A Year of Boxes. 

In terms of negative customer experiences, this PipSticks review uncovered a few while doing its research. A few users on Shoppers Approved noted issues with their delivery methods, as some buyers received delayed shipments

I placed the order over a week ago and have heard nothing. I sent in a message and have not received a response,” one buyer wrote on Shoppers Approved. 

All in all, Pipsticks is on relatively good ground when it comes to customer reviews. This is partially due to their extensive collection of intricate sticker designs and their monthly subscription plans. 

Is PipSticks Worth It?

PipSticks Review

If you’re on the hunt for some uniquely designed decals, the PipSticks gift shop is just one click away. All in all, we need to give a huge round of applause to their extensive sticker collection. 

From holographic foils to Halloween-themed designs, their inventory is anything but limitless when it comes to creativity. They also have other stationery products, such as pens, notebooks, and washi tape. If you’re a scrapbook head, this brand can serve as a go-to for your letter-based needs. 

Scrapbookers, we all know the frustration of sourcing one-of-a-kind stickers. While you could go on a goose chase to find a few shops of your own, PipSticks makes the process relatively easy. 

While it is more expensive than purchasing decals in person, there’s an argument to be made about supporting independent artists—which Pipsticks is passionate about.

Considered a hub for all things creative, this PipSticks review generally recommends that you check this stationery shop out. 

PipSticks Promotions & Discounts 

PipSticks Review

This PipSticks review found out that customers can sign up for their newsletter to receive 20% off their next order. You can also get 10% off by inputting the PipSticks coupon code STICKERLOVE at checkout. 

The same can be said about their subscription plan, in which members can get 10% off their first month by using the code OMG10

They also offer a teacher discount, where eligible customers can receive 30% off each month plus an additional 10% off on all outside orders. 

Lastly, PipSticks provides a military coupon code for veterans worth 10% off. To take advantage of both of these offers, we suggest that you contact the brand for further instructions. 

Where to Buy PipSticks

PipSticks Review

Looking to buy a few PipSticks food stickers of your own? Head on over to browse through their collection. You can also find them at partnered retailers such as:

  • Paper Source
  • Indigo
  • Book Outlet
  • Barnes & Noble 
  • Walmart 


PipSticks Review

Where are PipSticks made? 

This PipSticks review hasn’t found any indication of where its stickers are made. We do know that their headquarters are based in California. 

What is PipSticks’ Shipping Policy?

This PipSticks review is happy to report that they offer international shipping to select countries. Using their main courier, USPS, it usually takes 13 days for subscription orders to arrive. To help monitor the status of your purchase, the company will issue a tracking number for customers to use. 

What is PipSticks’ Return Policy?

PipSticks offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their products. Unfortunately, the brand does not cover any shipping costs under its policy. 

In case of damaged items, the company encourages you to give them a call to arrange a replacement order. To initiate this process, buyers can visit the return portal found on their website. 

How to Contact PipSticks

For inquiries unrelated to this PipSticks review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: +1 805-439-0570 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out their message form online 
  • Mailing address:

1239 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo, California

Looking for more stationary and stickers? Then check out The Happy Planner, a brand that is set on keeping you organized by offering daily planners, stickers, accessories, and organizational home office goods.

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