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The Happy Planner Review

September is coming up, which means it’s time to get organized. Whether you’re sending your kiddos off to elementary school, going to college, or just want to keep better track of work projects, a good planning system is important.

The Happy Planner is here to help you stay on track. Offering daily planners, stickers, accessories, and organizational home office goods, it’s clear from this brand’s collection that it prioritizes both function and fun.

The Happy Planner has been named “one of the best planners for staying organized in 2021” by Business Insider, as well as one of the “best planners for homeschool” by the Chicago Tribune. The brand has amassed nearly 700k followers on Instagram.

But, before you hit “add to cart,” let this The Happy Planner review help you decide if its tools will suit your lifestyle. In the following sections, we’ll take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Overview of The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner Review

The Happy Planner launched in 2015 from a mother-daughter business duo, Terri Gick and Stephanie Fleming. The pair had already operated a successful scrapbooking sticker business since 1998, Me and my BIG ideas, so it’s safe to say they knew a lot about stationery.

The brand’s goal is to help people have an easier and more enjoyable day-to-day experience, empowering individuals to “embrace the positive and plan a happy life!” Indeed, customers quickly gravitated towards the brand’s planners, and they quickly became its most popular item.

Head into any university classroom and you’ll likely see an array of Happy Planners on students’ desks. This is, of course, partly due to the fact that they are so widely accessible. Customers can find them at an array of locations, such as Walmart and Michael’s.

Part of the appeal is how fun this company makes planning—gone are the days of a simple black or brown leather book. It offers a variety of vibrant colors and pastel hues, as well as collaborations with iconic brands, like Disney.

The Happy Planner’s corporate headquarters is located in Southern California.

Now that we’ve gotten into some background on the brand, this The Happy Planner review will now feature some highlights. Let’s dig in!


  • Wide variety of organizational essentials, including planners, stickers, dividers, and more
  • Customizable to your personal taste and needs
  • Hundreds of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from
  • The Happy Planner printables can be printed off at-home
  • Multiple ways to save
  • Easily accessible at a number of retailers
  • International shipping
The Happy Planner Review

Ready to take your planning to the next level? In the next section of this The Happy Planner review, we’ll provide the details of some of the brand’s top-selling stickers, notebooks, covers, inserts, and accessories.

For shoppers who prefer to pay in installments, the brand offers Afterpay as an alternative payment option.

The Happy Planner Stickers Review

Stickers are a fun way to add some pizzazz to your schedule. Whether you want to track deadlines, chores, meetings, or just want to leave yourself a motivational quote, this brand will help you do just that—in style. With September on the horizon, this The Happy Planner review will take a look at the best-selling options for teachers and students.

The Happy Planner Value Pack – Teacher Review

It’s no secret that being a teacher is hard. The Happy Planner Value Pack – Teacher makes keeping track of grading, lesson plans, and deadlines a breeze.

This pack is designed to pair with your The BIG Happy Planner® Teacher Edition. It includes 30 sheets (more than 1.7k individual stickers!) to keep you on top of everything. You’ll find simple stars, meeting reminders, markers for tests and quizzes, and a whole lot more.

Right now, get these The Happy Planner stickers for teachers for $14, down from $20.

The Happy Planner Value Pack – Student Review

If you’re a parent who’s looking to get your teen something that will teach them organizational and time-management skills, we recommend The Happy Planner Value Pack – Student stickers.

With 30 sheets for a total of 761 stickers, high school students will find everything they need to balance their school responsibilities with their social lives. With vibrant stickers to mark your English, history, and math classes, as well as motivational quotations, getting through the school year will be a piece of cake.

Use this pack in a Mini Happy Planner or The Happy Planner Classic. Get it for $20.

The Happy Planner Notebooks Review

Whether you need to take notes during class, jot down your big ideas during meetings, or record your dreams, having a notebook on hand is always a good idea. And, having one that inspires you with its vibrant colors and fun patterns is even better. This The Happy Planner review will introduce you to some of its best-selling notebooks.

The Happy Planner Foodie (Recipe Organizer) Review

Are you someone who’s always planning your meals and clipping recipes, but finds it hard to keep everything in one place? The Happy Planner Foodie (Recipe Organizer) will be your new BFF.

Featuring a super cute foodie-inspired cover, The Happy Planner recipe book planner features 160 spots for recipes, as well as portions for meal planning. You’ll be able to keep recipes for delectable Gordon Ramsay dishes, grandma’s famous pies, and your dad’s lasagna all in one place.

Measuring 7” x 9¼”, get the Foodie (Recipe Organizer) for $28.

The Happy Planner Pastel Tie Dye Big Happy Notes Notebook Review

There’s nothing like feeling some good vibes when you’re trying to play out your day. And, that’s exactly what The Happy Planner Pastel Tie Dye Big Happy Notes Notebook is for.

This notebook features pastel tie-dye The Happy Planner covers as well as 60 pages that are in the brand’s big size, which measures 8.5” x 11”. They’re large enough for planning or even taking notes for school work—essentially, whatever you need them for.

The Happy Planner big notebook was designed with discs, so you can add anything you like to it, such as any inserts that match your theme.

This The Happy Planner notebook is currently priced at $11, down from $15.

The Happy Planner Covers Review

One of the best features of this brand’s planners is how customizable they are. In fact, you can personalize them to fit your mood, thanks to the easy-to-use covers. Let’s take a look at some of the top-selling options.

The Happy Planner Classic Snap-In Soft Covers- Natural Linen Review

For those that like to switch things up on their planners, having an assortment of covers on hand is a good idea. The Happy Planner Classic Snap-In Soft Covers – Natural Linen provides a simple, neutral, and contemporary vibe.

These covers fit any classic size The Happy Planner. One pack gets you covers for the front and back. They can be simply snapped on and off, depending on your mood and current aesthetic.

The Classic Snap-In Soft Covers – Natural Linen is available for $16, from $20.

The Happy Planner The Deluxe Cover – Mini Review

Did you opt for the brand’s smallest planner? Don’t worry, there are cover options for you, too.

The Happy Planner The Deluxe Cover – Mini is all about protection. Consider it the upgraded version of the brand’s traditional covers.

It features a sweet little button to keep things shut. Plus, there’s a little slot that’s the perfect size for your pen. Everything has a place and will be kept safe.

Offered in a vibrant teal with gold lettering, The Deluxe Cover – Mini is priced at $6, down from $25.

The Happy Planner Inserts Review

Have you ever been filling things out in your planner or weekly notebook and found yourself needing some extra room? The Happy Planner inserts pop right in, giving you more space to stay organized. Let’s take a look at some customer favorites.

The Happy Planner Farmhouse Classic Filler Paper Review

Are you planning to your heart’s content and find yourself running out of pages to write? That’s exactly what The Happy Planner Farmhouse Classic Filler Paper is for.

This classic-sized pack comes with 40 sheets of lined filler paper that feature a lovely floral design in the bottom corners. Simply slide it into your Happy Planner and start writing.

The Farmhouse Classic Filler Paper is $6.

The Happy Planner Endless Potential Classic Extension Pack Review

If you’re a busy teacher who just needs some more planning space this term, The Happy Planner Endless Potential Classic Extension Pack is for you.

This pack includes a selection of teacher-themed goodies:

  • Four months of calendars (without dates)
  • Four months of weekly sections
  • Filler notes sheets
  • Two sticker sheets
  • Fours dividers in different prints
  • A pocket folder with a closure feature

Simply pop these add-ons into any of the brand’s classic-sized planners and you’ll be ready for another semester. The Endless Potential Classic Extension Pack is currently $8, down from $11.

The Happy Planner Punch Review

The brand also offers a number of accessories and tools to kick your planning up a notch. This The Happy Planner review will now take a look at one of the most popular options—the Classic Punch.

The Happy Planner Classic Punch Review

Think of The Happy Planner Classic Punch as the classic planner’s BFF. With it, you can easily punch holes into virtually any sheet of paper or cardstock that will fit perfectly into the planner’s rings.

Plus, thanks to its vibrant blue hue, it’ll look pretty adorable on your desk. Get crafty with The Happy Planner hole punch for $33.

Can You Refill The Happy Planner?

The Happy Planner Review

There are 6-month undated extension packs available in a variety of layouts and sizes. So yes, you can definitely refill its planners—just make sure you buy the right-sized refills.

Can You Use The Happy Planner Monthly?

The Happy Planner Review

There are yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily options available for the brand’s planners. Most planners combine these options.

Can You Customize The Happy Planner?

The Happy Planner Review

The Happy Planner is customizable. Customers have the option to purchase add-ons, such as discs, filler pages, or covers that fit their style and taste.

Who Is The Happy Planner For?

The Happy Planner Review

The Happy Planner is for individuals who love to stay organized and keep a daily diary or planner. Plus, it’s for shoppers who want that planner to be as fun as it is functional.

The Happy Planner shopper is someone who loves to accessorize with stickers, fun accessories, and cool covers that really fit their personality.

Comparison: The Happy Planner vs. Erin Condren

The Happy Planner Review

For anyone who loves to stay organized in an easy and fun way, the market for planners in 2021 is quite extensive. There is a little something out there for everyone.

Erin Condren is a lifestyle brand with a heavy focus on planners, organization, and home office supplies. We wanted to compare and contrast this brand with The Happy Planner to see how they both hold up. As always, we’ll let you decide which one fits your lifestyle better.

Here are some of the similarities between the two brands:

  • Offers planners in different styles, layouts, sizes, and themes
  • Feature a vast selection of stickers and planner accessories to help individualize and make planning fun
  • Brand new add-ons and styles released on a regular basis

Some differences that stand out between the two brands are:

  • Even though it offers sales, Erin Condren’s prices are sometimes double the price of The Happy Planner
  • Erin Condren features a bigger lifestyle section with bags, phone cases, more home office goods, etc.
  • There seem to be more “flash sales” featured on Erin Condren for specialty items

These two lifestyle and organizational planning brands are similar in their overall aesthetics, with a solid reputation in the stationery industry. While you’ll find cheaper prices at The Happy Planner, you’ll find a wider variety of lifestyle products on Erin Condren’s site.

The Happy Planner Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Happy Planner Review

No The Happy Planner review would be complete without taking a look at what customers have to say. We took a look at testimonials on the brand’s website, Amazon, and Facebook to get the scoop.

On the company’s website, its bestsellers have been rated dozens of times. And, they seem to come highly recommended, with most products earning 5/5 stars. Here’s a look at how some individual favorites stack up:

  • 2021 Just Bloom The Happy Planner Mini Dashboard Planner: an average of 5/5 stars out of 32 reviews
  • 2021 Sophisticated Florals Classic Vertical Happy Planner (18 Months): an average of 5/5 stars out of 19 reviews
  • The Happy Planner Extension Pack – Pride Classic: an average of 5/5 stars out of 6 reviews
  • The Happy Planner Covers x Spoonful of Classic Laminated Covers: an average of 5/5 stars out of 81 reviews
  • The Happy Planner Punch – Classic: an average of 5/5 stars out of 40 reviews

There are many satisfied customers who leave positive The Happy Planner reviews discussing their experiences with the brand. One shopper left a 5-star review on the Classic Vertical – 2021 Archtypes Planner that said:

“I love the simplicity of this planner as the pages are quite blank and are so easy to customize and decorate. I love the cover and monthly pages and the rainbow rings. So happy to be using this for my uni work.”

This comment is just one of many from students who are thrilled to have this brand in their life to help keep them organized for their school year.

As you’ll see perusing The Happy Planner website, there are oodles of different themes, layouts, and unique messaging for every personality and style out there. One customer left a 5-star review on Amazon about really connecting with their new planner. They said:

I bought my first planner from this company in the store about four years ago, ever since then I was stuck.. I have noticed that the mini, like this one, is the perfect size for me. It fits in my purse which is a HUGE plus, I like that I can fill out dates and appointments right when I schedule them so I don’t have to do it later and most likely forget.

There is an abundance of positive The Happy Planner reviews and support from customers around the world who really adore this brand for helping them keep organized in their daily lives.

Is The Happy Planner Worth It?

The Happy Planner Review

For the busy woman, staying organized is key. Having a designated spot to keep track of appointments, meetings, and other important dates is important. For the individual who wants a fun way of doing all of this, this The Happy Planner review readily recommends this brand.

Plus, there are hundreds of customers that stand by this brand. Shoppers love how customizable everything is, with a wide range of colorful covers, functional filler paper, motivational dividers, whimsical stickers, and more.

Overall, the price is reasonable compared to other planner and lifestyle brands. So, why not see how easy and fun planning can be with The Happy Planner?

The Happy Planner Promotions & Discounts

The Happy Planner Review

Looking for a The Happy Planner discount code? We discovered a few ways for customers to save on its site:

  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Check out the sale page for up to 75% off select merchandise
  • Joi the Happy Rewards program to earn points with every purchase and gain rewards
  • Refer a friend—they get $10 off and you earn $10 in points
  • Sign up for the e-newsletter to receive sales updates and special promotions

Where to Buy The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner Review

You can shop for the brand’s collection at The company sells through retail partners as well, such as Walmart, Michael’s, Target, Staples, Hobby Lobby, and Joann.


The Happy Planner Review

What is The Happy Planner’s Shipping Policy?

All ground shipping in the US is free for orders over $100. If your order is less than $100, shipping will cost $5-$8. All orders are shipped through FedEx or USPS.

Standard shipping orders are usually processed within 3-5 days, with high volume time periods taking 5-7 days. The company doesn’t deliver to PO boxes.

Expedited shipping is available for an extra cost through FedEx. FedEx 2-day shipping or overnight shipping costs start at $15. With this option, orders that are placed after 1:00 pm Monday through Friday are shipped out the next business day.

For international orders, The Happy Planner currently ships to a number of countries, including Canada, the U.K., Italy, and others—a full list can be found on its site. There may be some delays in shipping due to COVID-19.

All international orders will ship via USPS First Class International or USPS Priority Mail International. All shipping rates are calculated by a weight box estimate and USPS flat rate box capacity. There is a calculator for shipping costs available at checkout.

It is the customer’s responsibility to pay any duties, taxes, customs, or tariffs that apply to their international order.

What is The Happy Planner’s Return Policy?

The Happy Planner offers returns on unused merchandise in its original condition within 30 days of purchase. Apparel must have the tags attached. But, this policy excludes sale items or those marked “final sale.”

In order to start a return, you must request a return merchandise authorization code (RMA). If you reach out to The Happy Planner’s customer happiness team by phone or email, they can begin the process for you.

All refunds will be made in the original payment form once the return order has been received. 

Your refund should be issued within 10 days of when your return order makes its way to the warehouse.

The Happy Planner does not pay for return shipping, but it is suggested that you use UPS or another insured mail service for your protection.

The return address is: Me and my BIG ideas, Attn: Online Shop Returns, 17777 Newhope St., Fountain Valley, CA, 92708.

How to Contact The Happy Planner

If you have any questions after reading this The Happy Planner review, you can reach out to its team via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-240-348-5240
  • Website: chat pop-up or request form
  • Snail mail: 17777 Newhope Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

The brand’s customer service agents are available Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST.

Explore more options for planners with Erin Condren, a brand that creates personalized, customizable paper products for lifestyle and organization.

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