SafeSleeve Cases Review

About SafeSleeve

SafeSleeve Cases Review

SafeSleeve specializes in anti-radiation phone cases that are designed to block ELF, RF, and thermal heat. Made for Samsung Galaxies, iPhones, and Google Pixels, customers can safely use their devices without the worry of emitting harmful frequencies.

With a following of over 20.3k on Instagram, SafeSleeve seems to be a tech-savvy favorite within the industry. The brand has also been headlined in several media outlets, including Healthline, the LA Times, and Forbes Magazine.

Is it time to upgrade your old phone cover? Perhaps this company can offer you a better alternative.

Stay tuned, as this SafeSleeve cases review will take a closer look at the brand, its collection, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if its products are worth checking out.

Overview of SafeSleeve

SafeSleeve Cases Review

Unless you’re a tinfoil hat conspiracist, the modern phone shouldn’t cause too much worry. Aside from location sharing and data collection, the traditional Samsung Galaxy or the classic Apple iPad is entirely harmless to use—or is it?

Turns out, most electronic devices emit harmful radiation that can lead to cancer and infertility. Oh, and by the way, that store-bought neoprene laptop case won’t do much to protect yourself from those negative frequencies either.

Realizing that there was a veritable lack of anti-radiation cases on the market, founders Cary Subel and Alaey Kumar used their engineering degrees to come up with their own. Established in 2012 in Carlsbad, California, SafeSleeve was born as a health-designed protectant for electronic devices.

As a final note, the brand states that it will continue to push for EMF awareness throughout its products:

Far and away, the health of you and your loved ones (and future loved ones) is the primary essential. But in today’s world, our electronic devices play a large role in our lives. “Protect the Essentials” represents our goal of providing protection for both!

Before we get into this SafeSleeve cases review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • A variety of anti-radiation cases to choose from, including options for laptops, phones, and tablets
  • Offers lab testing info for customers to access on the website
  • Cases are also designed to be damage proof
  • Provides educational resources for its technology
  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • 60-day warranty


  • Limited outside reviews
  • Pricier than other case options
  • Doesn’t offer cases for all types of phones, laptops, or tablets
SafeSleeve Cases Review

Yes, our phones and laptops are guilty of emitting harmful frequencies, which can lead to several health complications as we age. Thankfully, there are ways to protect ourselves from radiation.

SafeSleeve cases are designed to prevent those hazardous energies from entering our bodies. From Google Pixels to Apple iPads, this company offers several models suited for your device. It also sells gadget accessories, such as magnetic car mounts, on its website.

Need a crash course on what the brand has in store? This SafeSleeve cases review will outline a few of its best-selling products for readers to compare.

SafeSleeve Cases Review

From Android models to Apple products, customers can find various protective covers designed for their devices. This SafeSleeve cases review will highlight a couple of the brand’s top-selling products to help you narrow down your cart.

SafeSleeve for iPhone 12 & 12 PRO Review

As we continue to live in the digital age, the risk of radiation proceeds to be a looming threat. No, I’m not referring to the average microwave or an inevitable nuclear bomb explosion. I’m referring to the device you’re using to read this article.

For those not keen on absorbing harmful frequencies, the SafeSleeve iPhone 12 & 12 PRO cases are designed to block EMF, EF rays, and thermal heat. It also features a handy RFID blocking wallet, which protects your banking information from nearby hackers.

Customers have seven colors to choose from, such as classic black or baby pink. Offered with a magnetic car mount for GPS readability, opt for the safe and convenient alternative with the iPhone 12 & 12 PRO case for $65.

SafeSleeve Detachable for iPhone 12 & 12 PRO Review

Sometimes the average phone cover needs a bit of grip. While others opt for a ring holder or PopSocket, some prefer a less intrusive option that lets the device lay flat on its back.

With that in mind, can I introduce you to the SafeSleeve Detachable for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro case? It’s designed with magnetic backing for easy removal, making your electronic device compatible with the brand’s car dashboard mount.

Built with anti-radiation technology, customers can scroll through Facebook or watch Disney+ without the fear of absorbing harmful frequencies. Offered in colors black, turquoise, beige, and more, the Detachable for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro costs $65.

SafeSleeve for iPhone 11 Review 

Come on, you’ve watched the advertisements before. The newest cells call for high-def cameras, larger storage space, and of course, a wider screen. Despite these fancy upgrades, how come there are no improvements in anti-radiation technology?

As we wait for future modernizations, it’s best to be protected. If you have the latest Apple model, perhaps the iPhone 11 case can help prevent those harmful frequencies from emitting.

Manufactured in an FCC accredited lab for quality and safety, this phone protectant deflects radiation from radio frequencies, WI-FI signals, or batteries. It’s also built with an RFID blocking wallet, an indestructible exterior, and an adjustable stand for mukbang watching.

Lightweight and super versatile in nature, toss out your flimsy plastic cover for the iPhone 11 case for $55. Shoppers have seven color options.

SafeSleeve for iPhone X/XS Review

Sometimes that most harmless of activities can result in disastrous consequences. Lead in makeup was later branded as the ‘Venetian curse.’ Asbestos, commonly found in floor and ceiling tiles, wasn’t named a dangerous substance until the 1960s.

Today, radiation is now a cause for concern. And by far, the scariest part is that most people aren’t aware of how widespread it is. If I have your attention now, it’s best to take a gander at the SafeSleeve iPhone X/XS case as a form of protection.

Intended to block out hazardous frequencies in the air, this device cover may prevent cancer and other health concerns from forming. You can thank its four-layer build, as this SafeSleeve phone case features a non-slip outer, an anti-radiation and RFID blocking material, a damage-resistant layer, and a microfiber liner to minimize scratches.

Available in seven different colors, the iPhone X/XS case protectant costs $55.

SafeSleeve for iPhone 6/6S, 7, 8 & SE 2 Review

Don’t worry—anti-radiation technology isn’t exclusive to newer devices. The SafeSleeve iPhone 6/6S, 7, 8 & SE 2 cases are made for the oldest of Apple models. Designed with the same blocking technology, this protectant deflects radio frequencies and ELF transmissions from entering your body, such as WI-FI, battery, and AC power.

Other nifty features include an RFID blocking wallet, an adjustable stand, and a military-grade damage-resistant exterior in case of accidental drops. For a cover that goes above and beyond the call of duty, the iPhone 6/6S, 7, 8 & SE 2 is priced at $55.

SafeSleeve for Cell Phone – Universal Review

Not an Apple or Android stan? There’s no need to sweat. The SafeSleeve for Cell Phone – Universal case is designed for any type of phone, including LG, Xiaomi, Nexus, Samsung, or Motorola.

This product offers the same anti-radiation technology and an adhesive sliding pad. In addition, it comes with a set of slots to help store your loyalty and debit cards.

If you’re an especially clumsy person, this protective cover comes with a scratch-resistant exterior. Designed to help prevent radiation and screen cracks from forming, the SafeSleeve for Cell Phone – Universal case is offered in two different sizes:

  • Small: $40
  • Large: $45

SafeSleeve Belt Pouch & Holster Review

Here’s the sitch: your jean pockets only accommodate a few inches of room. The briefcase is up to the brim of important documents, and the average backpack is too bulky and heavy. For those left with no other options, the SafeSleeve Belt Pouch & Holster carrier can help store your phone on the go.

Designed to be hitched onto your waist, this fanny pack features a magnetic latch, an adjustable pouch, and a clip-on for fastening. Compatible for all phones, opt for the hands-free option with the Belt Pouch & Holster carrier for $20.

SafeSleeve iPad Radiation Blocking Tablet Case Review

Those mindless hours spent on Minecraft may seem harmless at first. With that being said, it accumulates more radiation the longer the playtime.

Designed for video game binges on wide-screen devices, the SafeSleeve iPad Radiation Blocking Tablet deflects hazardous frequencies from entering your system. Think of it as a real-life hostile mob that you have to spawn-proof.

Made with EMR shielding technology and a swivel stand for convenience, this shield is definitely miles away from your average plastic cover. Offered in colors black or red, mine carefully with the iPad Radiation Blocking Tablet Case for $80.

What Is SafeSleeve Made Of? 

SafeSleeve Cases Review

SafeSleeve cases are made out of lead-free metallic alloy foil, which deflects radiation emitted from your phone or laptop. Most of its products feature a four-layer exterior that consists of:

  1. A durable non-slip outer material
  2. A lead-free blocking stamp
  3. A high impact-resistant insert
  4. A soft microfiber liner to keep your devices scratch-free

Who Is SafeSleeve For?

SafeSleeve Cases Review

It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 or 13. Most of us are glued to our phones or laptops. From a Samsung Galaxy to the newest iPhone model, all cells emit a wave of radiation.

In that case, it’s best to get a SafeSleeve protectant to block those hazardous transmissions from harming us. If you’re guilty of on-the-clock internet-ing, this electronic brand is definitely for you.

Comparison: SafeSleeve vs. DefenderShield

SafeSleeve Cases Review

Anti-radiation technology is not new. There’s a good amount of protective gadgets out there for tech-savvy customers to buy. With that in mind, what makes SafeSleeve stand out from its competition?

To answer this question, this SafeSleeve cases review will compare this brand with another rival company, DefenderShield. Let’s take a gander at what they’ve got:


  • Offers products suited for most devices such as Samsung, Apple, LG, and Google Pixel
  • Showcases anti-radiation technology, RFID blocking wallets, antimicrobial material, and military-grade exteriors
  • Provides testing charts and educational resources on its website


  • Offers anti-radiation technology in the form of cases, apparel, blankets, headphones, and more
  • Has Ultra Armor products as a stronger form of protection
  • Backed by several scientists and leading professionals
  • Provides educational resources for customers to follow
  • Pricier than SafeSleeve

From what we’ve gathered so far, it seems that SafeSleeve is worth your money. While DefenderShield offers more products on its website, I’m unsure of its widespread use and functionality, as anti-radiation apparel feels a bit over-the-top for electronic users.

In addition, SafeSleeve also integrates antimicrobial technology and an RFID blocking wallet, which are very useful features to have.

SafeSleeve Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SafeSleeve Cases Review

SafeSleeve is designed to block negative frequencies from harming us. On the flip side, do these products emit positive vibes when it comes to customer reviews? Based on our findings, it seems that this brand is a favorite among several electronic junkies.

For instance, the company website holds a total of 4,734 testimonials with an impressive full star rating of 5/5. For a better look, let’s take a look at the scores of some of its best-selling products:

  • iPhone 12 & 12 PRO case: 2,102 reviews with 5/5 stars
  • SafeSleeve for Cell Phone – Universal case: 188 reviews with 5/5 stars
  • iPad Radiation Blocking Tablet case: 206 reviews with 5/5 stars

Honestly, it’s hard to look at the old plastic phone case ever again based on the number of positive reviews so far. SafeSleeve covers helped to ensure some safety among its users. Others commended its versatility and functionality, which was mainly directed to the card slots and detachable backing.

I love this case! It’s good looking and professional. Holds cash and cards easily. Seems durable so far… I feel better about it always being on my person during the day knowing it’s in the protective sleeve,” one customer wrote for the Detachable for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The SafeSleeve provides a stable (and cool) base for laptop work, one reviewer wrote on the website. “It lets me store my Mac quickly and easily so it’s protected from household hazards like spilled drinks, ketchup swipes, and the occasional pillow fight.

Amazon hosts a few commendable reviews for the iPhone 6/6s Cell Phone Radiation Block Case. Based on 134 ratings, this product earns a score of 4.3/5 stars. According to dozens of customers, the SafeSleeve case proved practical and convenient for on-the-go moments.

I like that my credit card info is safe in the sleeve. I know it’s impossible to avoid wifi radiation but I feel like every little precaution you can take helps, one Amazon customer wrote.

Some independent blogs, such as EMF Academy, recommend SafeSleeve cases for tech-savvy customers to use. “The thing I like about SafeSleeve’s products is that you can actually test and see the protection for yourself. There is no faith necessary, the products speak for themselves, via a statement made by EMF Academy.

While it’s best to keep a skeptical mind when it comes to shopping, it seems that SafeSleeve is a reputable company to support. This is mainly due to the number of positive customer reviews we’ve come across online.

Is SafeSleeve Worth It?

SafeSleeve Cases Review

As far as protective cases go, SafeSleeve covers are definitely an upgrade from those flimsy, damage-prone alternatives. Features like RFID-blocking technology and anti-radiation material are not only valuable components to have, but they offer a bit of assurance to the user at hand.

As a result, the SafeSleeve casing acts as a duo-protectant. It shields the customer from harmful frequencies while sheltering the device from accidental drops. Talk about a bang for your buck.

Compared to the regular phone case, the brand’s covers are relatively expensive. But if you filter in its use, functionality, and protective system, I think it’s ultimately worth it. As a result, this Safesleeve cases review encourages you to check this brand out.

SafeSleeve Promotions & Discounts

SafeSleeve Cases Review

This SafeSleeve cases review found a few ways for shoppers to save on their orders:

  • Get a 5% off SafeSleeve discount code when you sign up for the brand’s newsletter (and a free EMF guide)
  • Buyers can receive a $10 discount by sharing their affiliate link

Where To Buy SafeSleeve

SafeSleeve Cases Review

Looking to buy a SafeSleeve iPhone 8 case? The brand’s products are available at select retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Otherwise, customers can head over to to access the full collection.


SafeSleeve Cases Review

Where is SafeSleeve made?

Unfortunately, we aren’t sure where SafeSleeve iPhone case models are made. We suggest keeping a close eye on its website or social media pages for any future updates.

What is SafeSleeve’s Shipping Policy?

This SafeSleeve cases review is happy to report that the brand offers free shipping on all US orders. It also provides international delivery to select countries. Thankfully, there’s no need to camp out at your mailbox, as the brand will issue a tracking number for customers to use.

What is SafeSleeve’s Return Policy?

SafeSleeve offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their orders. It’s worth noting that it also provides a 60-day warranty on all of its products. For more information on this or to initiate the return process, buyers can contact the brand for further instructions.

How to Contact SafeSleeve

For inquiries unrelated to this SafeSleeve cases review, you can contact the brand through:

Looking for more options when it comes to phone cases? Then check out Pela, the world’s first 100% biodegradable phone case.

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