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Snap Kitchen Review

About Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen Review

Snap Kitchen is a weekly subscription service that delivers prepared healthy meals right to your door. Crafted by professional chefs and nutritionists, the company’s menu is constantly reinventing itself. 

Snap Kitchen’s gluten and preservative-free approach has been featured in notable media outlets, including Allure, Business Insider, and USA Today. Plus, their Instagram page boasts a significant 80.2k following. 

Are these curated meals right for you? Stay tuned, as this Snap Kitchen review takes an in-depth look at the company, its subscriptions plans, food menu, and more, to help you decide if their grub is worth buying.   

Overview of Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen Review

Snap Kitchen was founded in Austin, Texas by Martin Berson. The company first began as a grab-and-go meal service in 2010, setting up multiple locations across the United States. As the world of e-commerce grew, they made the transition to convenient online ordering as well. 

The brand’s main priority is to provide subscribers with nutritious dishes made from whole ingredients. Additionally, they understand that eating healthy on a busy schedule can be difficult, so the meals are designed in a way that eliminates all preparation and cooking time! 

Snap Kitchen’s meals are gluten-free and made from scratch. The company also offers some high protein and paleo options. 

With some of the details out of the way, this Snap Kitchen review will now give you an overview of the service with a pros and cons list:  


  • Convenient way to receive healthy, ready-to-heat meals 
  • The menu is constantly changing to offer variety 
  • All dishes are gluten-free 
  • Keto, low-carb, paleo, high-protein, and Whole 30 options available 
  • Customers rave about the tasty food
  • Free shipping and cancellations 


  • Only delivers within select locations in the United States
  • Smaller portions than competing brands 
  • Limited ethnic meal options 

How Does Snap Kitchen Work?

Snap Kitchen Review

Snap Kitchen delivers your chosen meals every week. You can skip boxes, change up your items, or cancel altogether before the Lock Date. 

The Lock Date varies depending on the pre-chosen delivery date. Subscribers are able to make changes to their next box until 11:59PM the night before this deadline. This allows the company to prepare ingredients and cook meals in time. 

Snap Kitchen sends you a notification when it’s time to pick your grub as well. Every meal is cooked to order, so these reminders ensure that you’ve had ample time to make any desired changes. Unfortunately, you cannot buy their meals outside of a subscription at this time. 

The Snap Kitchen menu changes with every quarter, which allows the individual meals to remain relevant to the season. Your box is totally customizable through the website or the Snap Kitchen app. 

In the following sections, we’re going to take a look at Snap Kitchen’s meal plans and some of our menu faves. So keep reading to satisfy the foodie in you! 

Snap Kitchen Menu Review 

Snap Kitchen Review

Snap Kitchen’s menu features many options for vegans or anyone on a gluten, soy, or preservative-free diet. Meals range from comforting breakfast pancakes to hearty pasta dishes. 

The company divides their food into the categories of balance, keto, low carb, paleo, high protein, and Whole 30 meals. So, they can easily accommodate any lifestyle or diet. 

For those who are wondering, Whole 30 is a new health trend which requires you to cut out alcohol, sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, and any additives from your diet for 30 days. 

Snap Kitchen makes sure that you get the nutrition you need if you’re following this diet—this includes dishes such as Cajun Salmon, Bison Shepherd’s Pie, Turkey Meatloaf, and more. Each meal comes with healthy sides as well, like cauliflower and essential leafy greens. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for balanced meals, Snap Kitchen offers meals like Baked Ziti, Chicken Chile Enchiladas, or Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice. Is anyone else’s stomach growling right now? 

Keto is another health train that’s making rounds. This Snap Kitchen review found that the company offers meals like the Ranch Burger (no bun), Cod Piccata, or a Tuscan Kale Salad with Shrimp. Yum! 

With no preparation or cook time, these meals can stay fresh for up to 48 hours while in transit and an additional 10 hours without refrigeration. Plus, there are reheating instructions provided.

Getting hungry? Read on to find out about some of our favorite meals from the Snap Kitchen menu.  

Our Favorites from the Menu

To give our readers a sneak peek of what the company has to offer, this Snap Kitchen review has chosen some of the best foods off the menu. Read on to get a taste of what’s on the table during this quarter!

Peppercorn Steak 

In the Peppercorn Steak dish, you have a classic sirloin that is paired with ghee roasted potatoes. Snap Kitchen takes this traditional favourite to a new level with delicious peppercorn sauce and a mix of coconut milk, coconut aminos, ghee, and dijon mustard. Talk about flavor!  

If you’re wondering what ghee is, it’s clarified butter. To put it simply, it’s butter that’s been simmered and drained of water, so it’s high in healthy fatty acids and Omega 3s. This modern spin on a comfort meal can bring peace to your mind and tummy. 

This 360 calorie meal is easy to reheat. Transfer it to an oven-safe dish, preheat your oven to 350F, and heat the steak up for 12–14 minutes. Snap Kitchen suggests that this method releases the most flavor. 

If you’re in a bit of a rush or don’t own a conventional oven, you can always just microwave the Peppercorn Steak. Simply remove the lid on the packaging and pour in your sauce. Then, loosely put the cover back on to let it vent in the microwave for 1:23–1:35 minutes. 

Red, White & Blue Pancakes with Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With the paleo-friendly Pancakes with Breakfast Sausage, you can enjoy mom’s Sunday morning cooking sans added preservatives.

These flapjacks include almond meal, free-range eggs, pure blueberry syrup, vanilla extract, tapioca flour, pork sausage, and strawberry compote. 

The paleo diet consists of completely whole foods or ingredients that you could ‘hunt and gather’. With the various elements that make up the Pancakes with Breakfast Sausage, you’ll be eating healthier, while feeling closer to your ancestors. 

This 550 calorie meal takes 10–12 minutes to reheat in the oven at 350F. Or, 45 to 50 seconds in the microwave if you’re trying to beat the morning rush. 

Cajun Salmon 

If you’re looking for a keto-friendly option, the Cajun Salmon will be ready in a ‘snap’. Atlantic salmon is high in Omega 3s; paired with a side of seasoned collard greens and sugar-free bacon, you’ll have some happy taste buds.

The “remoulade sauce” includes olive oil, egg, cayenne pepper sauce, lemon juice, dijon mustard, garlic, and ground black pepper.  

At 580 calories, the Cajun Salmon can be a great addition to your next dinner party (shh, nobody needs to know that you’ve ordered it from Snap Kitchen). Ready in under half an hour, you won’t have to worry about leaving the guests unattended for too long, or who’s seasoning what. 

To reheat it in the conventional manner, remove the remoulade sauce and transfer the salmon to an oven-safe dish. Cover with foil and let it simmer for 10–12 minutes at 350F. 

If you’re choosing the microwave instead, remove the sauce and loosen the lid to vent. Warm it up for 1:20–1:30 minutes before pouring the sauce evenly over the salmon. Serve with a lemon! 

Romesco Chicken

Snap Kitchen’s take on Romesco Chicken includes a “nutty romesco sauce” on top of seasoned chicken thighs, sautéed mushrooms with red onion, and grilled kale. This dish is an example of Snap Kitchen’s balanced and high-protein meals. 

The Romesco Chicken is well-seasoned and made from whole ingredients—coming in at only 390 calories. You can pop it in the oven for 15–17 minutes and enjoy it during a relaxing date night. Or, transfer it to your lunchbox and microwave it at work (1:35–1:45 minutes). 

How long Do Snap Kitchen Meals Last?

Snap Kitchen Review

Snap Kitchen’s packaging allows food to stay fresh for up to 48 hours while in transit. If your box arrives when you’re not home, meals can last an additional 10 hours without refrigeration. Each dish has a shelf life of 4–7 days

Can I Freeze Snap Kitchen Meals?

Snap Kitchen Review

Snap Kitchen’s meals can definitely be thrown in the freezer if you’re not ready to eat them yet. The brand recommends doing this as close to the delivery date as possible. If you plan on eating one of the items the next day, simply move it to the refrigerator. 

This Snap Kitchen review discovered that the reheating instructions included in your box aren’t written for frozen food, so the company emphasizes ensuring that your meal reaches at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit before eating. 

Who Is Snap Kitchen For? 

Snap Kitchen Review

Snap Kitchen caters to people who are constantly on the go. When you lead a busy life, it’s hard to juggle everything and still feed yourself three times a day. 

Besides, buying whole foods might not be the best idea if you’re never home, as fresh produce spoils easily. Snap Kitchen helps you stay in the fast lane while nourishing your body with flavor-packed meals. 

The service is ideal for those on special diets, working professionals, students, and hopeless home-cooks—but we can all use some culinary inspiration from time to time. If you’re tired of eating scrambled eggs for dinner, treat yourself to some Cod Piccata. 

Comparison: Snap Kitchen vs. Freshly 

Snap Kitchen Review

There is a growing market for weekly meal subscriptions. So, how does Snap Kitchen match up against competing companies? We took a look at Freshly to see how the two compare. 

First, let’s go over a few of their similarities: 

  • They both deliver meals weekly 
  • They both enforce weekly deadlines for any plan changes
  • Their menus often rotate to keep subscribers interested 
  • Both companies’ meals are made and curated by professional chefs and nutritionists

Basically, the two companies are pretty similar on the surface. But, this Snap Kitchen review found a few differences as well: 

  • Freshly delivers to 48 states in the US while Snap Kitchen ships to only select states 
  • Freshly offers five different meal plans 
  • Freshly does not offer complimentary shipping 
  • Freshly allows for planning three weeks in advance

Looking for a more structured and pre-planned meal subscription? Freshly can definitely satisfy those needs. If you’re into customizing and choosing your meals for the week, Snap Kitchen can scratch that itch. So, which one will keep your foodie self fed and happy? 

How Much Is Snap Kitchen?

Snap Kitchen Review

Snap Kitchen offers two different subscription plans. Below, we’ve listed below the number of meals you receive under each and the price variation: 

  • 6 meals per week: $76 (about $13 per meal) 
  • 12 meals per week: $126 (about $10 per meal)

Snap Kitchen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Snap Kitchen Review

This Snap Kitchen review searched the internet for some customer opinions. Curious to find out what these fellow foodies have to say about the company? Let’s take a look at ratings on SiteJabber, Trustpilot, and 

The feedback that we came across was generally positive but limited. There is some criticism mixed in that we’ll get to later. Here’s how the company rates across the different platforms: 

  • 4.22/5 stars based on 235 reviews 
  • SiteJabber: 4.6/5 stars from 5 reviews 
  • Trustpilot: 2.9/5 stars from 3 reviews 

On, one customer writes, “To be honest with you, I have been very surprised about Snap Kitchen meals. All the meals from the Keto diet have been delicious. Highly recommend them to my friends.”

That sounds good. A busy bee says, “Since I started working in person again, I’ve had so much less time to prepare food. Snap Kitchen has made coming home hungry after a long shift so much easier.” 

Another on-the-go reviewer on SiteJabber writes, “I work a 13 hours shift daily…After I go home, I have classes for 2 hours…my life is pretty busy. Because of this reason, I decided to try Snap Kitchen as I need to eat healthier. Their meal plans help me stay fit and not gain too many pounds. I am so grateful that they send the meals on time!” 

Is Snap Kitchen Subscription Worth It?

Snap Kitchen Review

Food delivery subscriptions are convenient and often introduce you to new cuisines, especially if you never have time to cook at home. Snap Kitchen does all the work for you, aside from reheating and plating the meal. 

This Snap Kitchen review has determined that the company is worth checking out. Signing up is a simple process, plus the meals are tasty and made with healthy ingredients. They can easily accommodate different dietary needs, including gluten-free and keto. 

It’s important to note that the calorie count and portions are smaller than other competing brands. So, you might need to do some supplementary grocery shopping every week. All things considered, we believe that having a few special meals delivered to your door can still brighten up your mood (and palate), if you have the means. 

Snap Kitchen Promotions & Discounts 

Snap Kitchen Review

Choosing the 12 count meal plan automatically grants users a 5% discount. Occasionally, you will also find some Snap Kitchen promo codes floating around the site. We recommend contacting the brand’s customer care team for more information on this. 

Sign Up For Snap Kitchen Subscription

Snap Kitchen Review

This Snap Kitchen review found the sign-up process easy. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Pick between the two meal plans offered
  2. Enter your email and zip code so you can get an ETA on your box 
  3. Choose your meals from the Snap Kitchen menu 
  4. Enter your payment information at checkout (apply any Snap Kitchen coupons you may have) 
  5. …And you’re done! Time to wait by the door for your delicious meals


Snap Kitchen Review

Who owns Snap Kitchen?

Snap Kitchen was founded by Martin Berson. He also owns the brand and oversees operations alongside several partners. 

How do I cancel my Snap Kitchen subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on Snap Kitchen’s website at any time. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Log into your account
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the subscription page 
  3. Click on the option to cancel and you’re done! 

This Snap Kitchen review notes that you cannot cancel an order after its Lock Date or the deadline for making changes to your order. 

What is Snap Kitchen’s Shipping Policy?

Snap Kitchen offers free shipping within select states. Depending on your location, it can take between 1–3 days to receive your meals through FedEx or UPS. On the pre-scheduled day, your box will be delivered between 8 AM–9 PM

What is Snap Kitchen’s Return Policy?

This Snap Kitchen review could not find any information about a refund policy. We believe this is due to the nature of the service, as it deals with food shipments. If you are unhappy with your delivery, we recommend getting in touch with the brand’s customer service team right away.  

How to Contact Snap Kitchen

Have any questions beyond this Snap Kitchen review? You can contact the customer service team via the following channels: 

  • Live chat
  • Phone: 1 (833) 798-1600 (Monday to Friday, 9 AM–5 PM, CST) 
  • Email: [email protected] (Monday to Saturday) 

If you are looking for more ways to get meals delivered to your home, here are a few other options to consider:

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