Mugsy Jeans Review

About Mugsy Jeans

Mugsy Jeans Review

Mugsy Jeans are for the modern man who’s tired of ill-fitting, constricting pants. The brand has a selection of stretchy, durable jeans, chinos, joggers, and shorts that merge performance and style to help men up their game. 

In today’s world, jeans can’t just be jeans anymore. As we evolve, so must our clothes. The brand has been celebrated in publications like Men’s Health, Forbes, Esquire, Inc., and ESPN for their modern approach to men’s apparel. They also have a following of 23k on Instagram.

This Mugsy Jeans review will take a close look at the brand and their best-selling clothing, fill you in on what customers have to say about them, provide information on promotions, and more to help you decide if they fit your vibe. 

Overview of Mugsy Jeans

Mugsy Jeans Review

In 2016, Mugsy Jeans founder Leo Tropeano set out to change the way men’s jeans were created. A budding entrepreneur with no experience in the apparel industry, Tropeano started with little capital, taking on odd jobs while working on the brand in his spare time. 

The idea came to him after a coworker told him his baggy jeans didn’t look so hot. Trying out other brands, he realized they were either too stiff, too tight, or unattractive. And so, Tropeano dreamed up Mugsy Jeans. 

Learning to run the business on his own, taking graphic design courses, and learning photography all at the same time, the founder secured the right blend of fabric (stretchy, long-lasting, easy to clean) and introduced his brand to the world. 

Operating out of Chicago, Illinois, the brand hopes to become more focused on customer experience than just simply trying and buying. 

Mugsy Jeans Review

Before we dive into the ins and outs of some of the brand’s customer favorites, this Mugsy Jeans review will highlight their pros and cons: 


  • The brand offers a tantalizing selection of styles to choose from, including jeans, chinos, joggers, and shorts
  • Mugsy Jeans look elegant, perform like athletic pants, and come in a variety of washes
  • More room in the crotch for less constriction thanks to the 4-way Stretch
  • Customers say the brand’s apparel is better than any other jean they’ve ever worn
  • Free US shipping, returns, and exchanges
  • Ships internationally 


  • One Mugsy Jeans review reported that the jeans are less comfortable and less roomy than regular ones

What Material Are Mugsy Jeans?

Mugsy Jeans Review

Mugsy Jeans are made from a blend of rayon and spandex to create a soft and stretchy fabric. The jeans allow for more movement and less discomfort when you’re in them. They also have ample flexibility in the crotch area so that you don’t feel suffocated throughout the day. 

Are Mugsy Jeans Durable?

Mugsy Jeans Review

In this Mugsy Jeans review, we found their jeans to be very durable thanks to the stretchy blend of fabric. 

The denim moves with you throughout any activity, so you can chase your kids, throw a ball after work, or walk from one end of the city to the other while feeling good the entire time. 

Said to have an athletic fit, these jeans meld comfort and structure together for a satisfying fit and wear. 

In the next section, we’ll take a look at the brand’s hoodies, jeans, and other styles of pants to give you a better idea of their selection. If you’re already in love with these jeans, check out the Mugsy Jeans best seller bundles for more great items. 

Mugsy Jeans Hoodies Review

Are they even a real jean brand if they haven’t also branched off into making hoodies? In this section, we’ll show you luxuriously soft cashmere and Mugsy modal hoodies, created to have an effortless look and structured fit. 

Below, you’ll find the same style of hoodie in Smoke, Eclipse, and Burgundy colors. 

Mugsy Jeans Smoke Cashmere Hoodie Review

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Smoke Cashmere Hoodie

Some hoodies make you look more casual than you might want. Strolling into brunch in your favorite one may raise some eyebrows, but not with the Smoke Cashmere Hoodie

It has a tight, but not too tight fit and an extremely presentable, put-together style

Made from a dreamy blend of Mugsy modal and cashmere, this soft, stretchy hoodie is a cloudy gray color with a contrasting black drawcord. 

Smarten up your wardrobe with the Smoke Cashmere Hoodie for $78. 

Mugsy Jeans Eclipse Cashmere Hoodie Review

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Eclipse Cashmere Hoodie

With a striking navy and bright orange contrast, the Eclipse Cashmere Hoodie is a real attention-grabber. It brings a more casual vibe to your outfits with its sporty look. 

You could certainly wear this with jeans, but there’s something athletic about it that pairs well with joggers or basketball shorts. 

Speaking of athleticism, don’t be afraid to put this hoodie to the test even if it’s made with cashmere. It’s certainly a classier option than your Walmart special, but with Mugsy modal fabric woven in, it can stand up to any activity — just maybe avoid the Tough Mudders. 

Blend work and play with the Eclipse Cashmere Hoodie for $78. 

Mugsy Jeans Burgundy Cashmere Hoodie Review 

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Burgundy Cashmere Hoodie

Burgundy is a warm, modern neutral that adds life to any wardrobe. It’s an understated, masculine color that works well with any skin tone. 

The Burgundy Cashmere Hoodie has pops of blue-gray on the bottom band and cuffs, two features that help it stay in place. Push the sleeves up for a laid-back look that’ll fit in wherever you go. 

Close-fitting, but not suffocating, this modern men’s hoodie is $78. 

Mugsy Comfortable Men’s Jeans Review

Jeans are timeless, but uncomfortable fits are not. Mugsy Jeans does things differently, adding comfort to the equation and negating constriction. 

This Mugsy Jeans review will feature the brand’s top-of-the-line jeans in both long and short styles. 

Mugsy Jeans Studio Blues Review 

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Studio Blues

Mugsy Jeans introduces something foreign to the world of men’s jeans: comfort. Made from a special Mugsy modal, the Studio Blues promise an uncompromising stretch while bouncing back into place and never losing shape. 

Available in a dark blue wash, these jeans can be paired with anything. Dress them up or down, left, right, whatever: they’re jeans, and they’re versatile

At first glance, these look like well-tailored, structured denim, but as soon as you put them on you’ll realize they’re like no other jeans out there. Move, stretch, play, go ahead and live without limits. 

With a slim fit plus some wiggle room, these Mugsy Jeans comfortable jeans have a classy-casual look, unlike their baggy cousins. 

Feel the difference in the Studio Blues for $98. 

If you’re looking for a gray wash instead, check out the Mugsy Jeans Beans. 

Mugsy Jeans Throwback Jorts Review 

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Throwback Jorts

Coming to you live, straight from the ‘90s, the Throwback Jorts embody everything fun, quirky, and cool from that era. 

Made from 99% cotton and just 1% spandex, these cutoffs still have a good bit of stretch, but you’ll find they’re a little thicker than other Mugsy signatures. 

With a frayed leg and light wash, these jean shorts are edgy and perfect for hot summer days. 

Go ahead, show a little leg in the Mugsy Jeans Jorts for $68. 

Mugsy Jeans Vances Joggers Review

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Vances Joggers

With a polished look, the Vances Joggers are surprisingly laid-back. They go from museum date to Netflix and chill effortlessly. 

Their brushed twill means you’ll be comfortable in these Mugsy Jeans sweatpants throughout the seasons and during whatever mischief you get up to during the day. 

What’s astonishing is that these Mugsy Jeans khaki joggers look so stylish that you may even get away with wearing these bad boys to work. In reality, they’re made from a stretchy, athletic-like material that’s a dream to kick back in on the sofa. 

See what all the fuss is about and get set to relax for $88. 

Mugsy Jeans Morgans Review

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Morgans

The Morgans are like the office worker that became a rock star. They’re essentially a Chino, but so much cooler. 

Available in a versatile navy color, they pair well with anything. Wear them to the office while entering pants Nirvana and no one will be the wiser. 

With 4-Way stretch, the pants look totally legit, but they’re made with Mugsy’s special blend to give you all-day comfort. 

Dupe your boss in these Mugsy Jeans Chinos for $98

Give the Mugsy Jeans olive green Chinos a try if you prefer a different color but with the same air of sophistication. 

Mugsy Jeans Parkers Drawstring Review

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Parkers Drawstring

Everyone needs a good pair of weekend pants. Ones that aren’t too casual, but they can’t be too dressy either. 

The Parkers Drawstring pants have a coastal vibe about them, as if you’re one step away from sailing into the Atlantic on your Catalina 30. No nautical dream would be complete without the right colors, so the navy shade is an obvious choice for these seafaring slacks. 

Of course, if you’re not ocean-bound, the Parkers Drawstring pants are great for any casual occasion, like strolling the boardwalk with your family, but they feel equally as comfortable at classier events like drinks on a patio with friends. 

Keep it cool and comfortable for $98. 

Mugsy Jeans Ports Review 

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Ports

The Ports are a well-kept pair of shorts with a debonair vibe. They’re a deep maroon color, one that pairs well with a variety of neutrals, pastels, and even pops of neons (if you dare). If you’re more of a green guy, try the Mugsy Jeans olive green Shorts instead. 

Choose from either a 7-inch or 9-inch inseam. Pick the-9 inch version if you prefer a little more leg coverage. 

Available in a Chino style, these pants one-up the classic cut by way of moveable stretch. Hop on your bike, dribble a ball, get active. With an athletic shorts-like feel, the Ports will move with you wherever you go. 

Get your new favorite pair of shorts for $68. 

Mugsy Jeans Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mugsy Jeans Review

We know Mugsy Jeans and hoodies look good, but we need to know what they’re really like for those who wear them. 

In this section of our Mugsy Jeans review, you’ll find helpful customer testimonials sourced from the brand’s website, Dapper Professional, and BuzzFeed News, all shedding light on what people really think about the company’s products. 

On the blog Dapper Professional, the author discusses the different styles of the brand’s pants he has accumulated over the years.

In regards to the chinos and shorts, specifically the Morgans and Ports, the reviewer states, “I wear their shorts all summer long and am always super comfortable.” The lightweight and breathable fabric make these shorts a good choice for hot and humid climates. 

The only criticism this Mugsy Jeans review had for the Ports was the wish of 

adding a button closure to the back pockets.” This feature would make the shorts even more stylish and would help with keeping wallets and keys secure. 

Mugsy Jeans Review

Let’s take a look at some of Mugsy Jeans’ best-selling products along with their ratings, taken directly from the brand’s website:

  • Ports5/5 stars, 22 reviews
  • Morgans5/5 stars, 194 reviews
  • Vances Joggers5/5 stars, 113 reviews
  • Studio Blues5/5 stars, 775 reviews
  • Lightest Blues5/5 stars, 54 reviews

It appears that most of the brand’s products have a 5/5 star rating, quite a feat in the world of retail. This Mugsy Jeans review is going to focus on the Studio Blues because they have the largest number of ratings, and hopefully some varied opinions. 

Customers express common sentiments like “best jeans ever,” and “extremely comfortable.” 

One in-depth comment reads, “the material is soft and not too thick… My ass looks great and my legs aren’t suffocating. I have over 20 pairs of jeans from various department stores and these are far the best I have ever owned.” 

Many other men agree with that last part as well, and end up buying multiple pairs after trying them out. 

Jeans, like any clothing item, are very personal. How tight they will be on your legs depends on how your body is shaped. One customer said that these jeans “look like they are painted on.” Shoppers should be aware that the fit will vary with body size. 

Mugsy Jeans Review

A Mugsy Jeans review on Buzzfeed News included an account of the author trying out the jeans for himself to see what all the hype was about. 

Upon first seeing the jeans he noted the “grain and indigo color of dressy raw denim,” but the review went downhill from there. 

When slipping them on he said, “Once I had jumped into them, I had all the normal and aggravating pinching and squeezing. In fact, these jeans were significantly less comfortable in the crotch than the jeans I wore to the office.” 

Mugsy Jeans stretch more, so they don’t give more inches of space in the crotch, they just aren’t as tight and constricting

Reviews on the brand’s website are quite the opposite of what was experienced by the Buzzfeed writer. As we mentioned above, everyone has different bodies. What one person finds comfortable, another may not. It just depends on how you’re built. 

Is Mugsy Jeans Worth It?

Mugsy Jeans Review

Mugsy Jeans are durable, they last a long time and they move with you, sort of like how athletic pants would. 

Unlike sports apparel, these jeans are thicker, more structured, and, well…they’re jeans, so you can wear them to work and on dates and still look professional and presentable

Their jeans are on par with those from designer labels (maybe a little lower-end for some), and yet many customers say they outperform many designer jeans they have hanging in their closets. 

Are Mugsy Jeans any good? Based on customer reviews and the jeans’ quality, we think so and believe they are worth the buy

There currently are no Mugsy Jeans for women, but maybe someday there will be. There’s always a market for comfort and great-quality jeans.

Mugsy Jeans Promotions & Discounts 

Mugsy Jeans Review

In a review of the brand’s website, we discovered that they offer free shipping and returns for their US customers. To stay up to date on any Mugsy Jeans promo code that comes available, you can subscribe to their newsletter. 

Where To Buy Mugsy Jeans

Mugsy Jeans Review

You can buy Mugsy Jeans directly from or their brick-and-mortar shop in Chicago, IL. 


Mugsy Jeans Review

Who owns Mugsy Jeans?

Leo Tropeano owns Mugsy Jeans. The founder is originally from New Jersey, but now runs the brand in Chicago. 

How do you clean Mugsy Jeans?

Only wash the jeans when they have a stain or are visibly dirty, because the more you wash, the faster they fade. To properly clean your Mugsy Jeans, follow these steps:

  1. Turn them inside out
  2. Use your washer on a cold water setting (this stops fade)
  3. Use as little detergent as possible to prevent further breakdown
  4. Tumble dry for 5 minutes, then hang dry

Do Mugsy Jeans shrink in the dryer?

Mugsy Jeans suggests only drying your jeans for 5 minutes in the dryer, then hanging them. If you would rather just toss them in and forget them, you can also use a low heat setting on your dryer. This will tighten the jeans slightly and remove wrinkles. 

What is Mugsy Jeans’ Shipping Policy?

Mugsy Jeans ship within the USA and internationally. USA shipping is always free. Shipping options are listed at checkout, and tracking is available on all orders.

How do you exchange Mugsy Jeans?

Mugsy Jeans offers free exchanges for US customers. If you live in the US,  just click on the Exchange Portal on their website to get started. 

International shoppers can make exchanges by emailing [email protected]

What is the Mugsy Jeans Return Policy?

Need to return your Mugsy chinos? You can return them within 60 days of purchase for a full refund if they are unworn and unwashed. To do so, head over to the Returns Portal and enter your order number and zip code. 

International customers will need to imitate a return by emailing [email protected] with your order number and reason for return. 

USA returns are free, but all others will be responsible for return shipping costs. 

How to Contact Mugsy Jeans Customer Service 

If you need any other information that was not included in this Mugsy Jeans review, you can reach out to the brand by using these methods:

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