Nudie Jeans Review

About Nudie Jeans 

Nudie Jeans Review

It’s time to fulfill your rustic vintage dreams. Nudie Jeans offers a wide selection of Instagram-worthy dry jeans for trendsetters to style. This ethical clothing brand sells a broad variety of outerwear, including pants, jackets, shirts, knits, and more. 

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Nudie Jeans before, as they hold a large following of 223k on Instagram. Their garments are also featured in several media outlets such as Drapers, WWD, and Gear Control. 

On the hunt for some denim drip? Perhaps this brand can offer a fresher alternative. Stay tuned, as this Nudie Jeans review will take a closer look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Nudie Jeans  

Nudie Jeans Review

Sustainability is a glam word. We’re often advised to be more conscious when it comes to clothing. But sadly, with the rising majority of ‘green chic’ companies out there, most of them fall short regarding transparency. Guys, is it really too difficult to ask for a sustainability report? It’s kind of like pulling teeth. 

Thankfully, founder Maria Erixon Levin viewed eco-conscious fashion as a dire need, not a passing fad. Established in 2001, Nudie Jeans was one of the first clothing brands of its time that popularized sustainable denim. 

They are also a rare find in terms of transparency, as Nudie is very open when it comes to labor wages, chemical treating, and other manufacturing practices. If that wasn’t enough, the company has been part of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2014. 

Nudie’s involvement in environmentalism has earned them several awards throughout the years. This includes the Encouragement for Action trophy in 2019 and the Sustainable Fashion award in 2018. 

Before we get into this Nudie Jeans review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A wide variety of dry denim garments to choose from 
  • Transparent about ethical labor and sustainability practices 
  • The brand offers free repairs in an effort to prevent waste 
  • Provides a fit guide for customers to use 
  • Free shipping on orders that total $92 or more 


  • Limited customer reviews 
  • Pricier than other retailers 
Nudie Jeans Review

Denim divas, it’s time to unite. We’ve been spoiled with countless re-inventions of the classic pair of jeans, ranging from the 90s style acid wash to the ripped knee fiasco. 

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that half of our collection isn’t eco-friendly. But, it’s not too late to jump on the green-chic trend, since brands like Nudie Jeans are looking to flip your closet. 

Best known for its dry jean collection, Nudie is home to dozens of classic silhouettes—including the high-rise Breezy Britt to the iconic mid-rise Grim Tim. You can also find other clothing items such as jackets, t-shirts, shorts, and more. Men, women, and children can go ham when it comes to online shopping.

Need an overview of what they’ve got? Don’t worry; this Nudie Jeans review has you covered. We’ll briefly look at some of the brand’s best-selling designs on its website. 

Nudie Jeans Dry Jeans Review

Perhaps it’s time to put those sweatpants to rest. Acting as a more stylish option, jeans are arguably one of the most versatile garments in our closet. 

From high-rise cuts to 2000s style low-rise silhouettes, you won’t need a time machine in order to don a certain decade. Nudie Jeans offers a wide selection of fashionable designs for both men and women to enjoy. 

It’s worth noting that only certain styles are exclusive to each category. The women’s section includes popular jeans like the HighTop Tilde and Breezy Britt. The men’s collection features designs like the Skinny Lin and the Grim Tim. 

Here, this Nudie Jeans review will give you a rundown of some of the brand’s highest-ranking pants for each category. Let’s get started. 

Nudie Jeans Men’s Thin Finn Dry Twill Review

Let’s get one thing straight. The Men’s Thin Finn Dry Twill jeans may offer a basic silhouette, but they’re far from boring. These mid-rise, slim fit pants showcase all the classic features of a traditional pair of blues—complete with a zip fly, copper trims, and a low back pocket placement. 

To change things up a little, these pants are made out of stretch denim to help accommodate future food babies. Now bear with me; Nudie recommends not washing their pants for up to 6 months. This is to ensure that customers get that coveted, worn-in look. 

Offered in a dark hue, the Men’s Thin Finn Dry Twill jeans retail a whopping $185

Nudie Jeans Women’s Lofty Lo Dry Blues Review

If you’re riddled with butt sagging and ill-fitting waistbands, chances are that you’re hit with denim depression. But before you bust out the ol’ harmonica, the Women’s Lofty Lo Dry Blues provide that ray of hope through its high-rise cut and flattering silhouette. 

Crossed with organic cotton and rigid denim, these pants are speckled with salt and pepper freckles to properly give off that nostalgic feel. Reinforced with intricate tobacco stitching on all of its seams, these dark trousers are best paired with a relaxed band tee. 

Regarding price, the Women’s Lofty Lo Dry Blues sell for $185

Nudie Jeans Black Denim Review

Black goes with everything. Flattering on any figure, it’s basically our comfort color. While most are familiar with the LBD (or little black dress), we need to pay more attention to the LBJ. At Nudie Jeans, customers can find a broad assortment of charcoal-dyed trousers perfect for any occasion.

As we mentioned before, some black jeans are only exclusive to the men’s and women’s category. This includes designs like the HighTop Tilde Monochrome pants and the Gritty Jackson trousers. Below, this Nudie Jeans review will go over a few of the brand’s hottest picks within each section. 

Nudie Jeans Breezy Britt Black Worn Denim Review

The Breezy Britt Black Worn Denim jeans are what you get when you blend John Bender and Allison Reynolds’ aesthetics together from The Breakfast Club. Grunge-inspired through its faded charcoal dye, these rebellious pants feature a high-waisted cut with tapered legs. In terms of specifics, they’re made out of a mix of organic cotton and rigid denim. 

In terms of styling, we highly recommend layering on an oversized flannel button-down and a crew-neck tee for that iconic, non-conformist look. For a pair of trousers that’ll last for countless outfits, the Breezy Britt Black Worn Denim costs a cool $199

Nudie Jeans Gritty Jackson Black Forest Denim Review

Care to look like a modernized version of the late James Dean? The Gritty Jackson Black Forest Denim jeans can provide that same aesthetic if styled properly. These beauties feature a cigarette-style silhouette fit with a mid-rise cut. 

Dyed in indigo blue, the rustic tones embodied in these pants are best paired with a greaser-esque outfit, such as a classic crew-neck tee and a red collared jacket. 

As added details, these trousers also come with black threaded hems, a zip fly, copper trims, and a jargon patch on the butt. The Gritty Jackson Black Forest Denim jeans retail for $199.

Nudie Jeans Jackets Review

There’s nothing like a classic denim jacket to put you in a relaxed mood. Lucky for customers, Nudie doesn’t just sell jeans, they provide coats on their website as well. Designed for all genders, this Nudie Jeans review will go through a few of our favs within this category. 

Nudie Jeans Men’s Black Barney Worker Jacket Review

The Men’s Black Barney Worker Jacket provides that perfect touch of grunge flare that is just, *chef’s kiss*. Designed with tapered collars, oversized pockets, and a relaxed fit, this layering piece will look amazing with any tee you throw at it.

Best of all, it’s made to be entirely seasonless; you can wear this beauty out from autumn to early spring. Crafted with organic and fair trade cotton, customers can feel good wearing this coat compared to other fast-fashion knock-offs. 

As a side note, if you’re not a fan of the hue, the $230 Men’s Black Barney Worker Jacket is also available in blue, cream, green, and red. 

Nudie Jeans Kids Review

Fashion knows no age or gender. At Nudie, kids can also get that denim drip through its collection of jackets and jeans. Tots, listen up. This Nudie Jeans review will spotlight two of the brand’s cult classics from the children’s category. 

Nudie Jeans Tiny Tore Kid Dry Rinse Denim Jacket Review

For those looking to make a big impression for back to school, the Tiny Tore Kid Dry Rinse Denim Jacket will do just that. This adorable coat features orange stitching around the hem with miniature pockets on the front. 

Made with a fabric blend of organic cotton and elastane, your kid will be the coolest on the block with the Tiny Tore Kid Dry Rinse Denim Jacket for $109. Hats off to you if you decide to pair it with a matching beanie and some Converse kicks. 

Nudie Jeans Tiny Turner Kid Used Wash Review

Come on, parents. It’s easy to don your children with basketball shorts for school. For those looking for a more fashionable alternative, I’m sure that the Tiny Turner Kid Used Wash jeans will definitely make waves in class. Just watch as your little one skyrockets in popularity. 

Offered in a bright blue shade, these distressed trousers are made out of comfort stretch denim—which is perfect for playing. It’s also worth noting that if you buy the Tiny Turner Kid Used Wash jeans for $99, a portion of those proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International. 

Who Is Nudie Jeans For? 

Nudie Jeans Review

It goes without saying that Nudie Jeans caters to the eco-conscious crowd. From sustainability reports to the brand’s use of recycled materials, they are openly transparent when it comes to manufacturing practices. Huh, perhaps that’s why they’re called Nudie. 

Most of their designs are quite expensive, as a good chunk of their jeans retail for over $100. As a result, Nudie may be best suited for those who aren’t on a tight budget. Or, for anyone looking to splurge on a birthday present for a loved one!

Comparison: Nudie Jeans vs. Naked & Famous

Nudie Jeans Review

Sorry, Nudie; you aren’t the only brand looking to dominate within the sustainable jeans industry. Brands like Naked & Famous are also hot in the market, as well. To help readers get a better view of what each retailer offers, we’ll provide a condensed list of similarities and differences shared by these two designer houses. 

Nudie Jeans:

  • Known for its collection of sustainable jeans since 2001 
  • Caters to the eco-conscious/streetwear crowd 
  • Sells jeans, denim jackets, t-shirts, shorts, accessories, and knitwear for men, women, and children 
  • Price ranges from $15 to $480 
  • Completely transparent regarding sustainability and ethical labor 
  • Free shipping on orders $99 or more with a 14-day return policy 

Naked and Famous:

  • Known for its raw denim collection since 2008 
  • Caters to the streetwear aesthetic (due to its pop-art style) 
  • Sells jeans, jackets, shirts, and knits for men and women 
  • Doesn’t offer price points on its website 
  • Some collections are made out of selvage denim, such as the Stone Blue jeans 
  • Limited information about shipping or return policies on their website

As you’ve probably already noticed from the points we’ve gathered so far, both of the brands are quite different in terms of company mission and buying experience. For instance, Nudie can act as a great alternative for those who value sustainable fashion. On the other hand, customers who are into designer raw jeans may view Naked and Famous as a better option. 

Nudie Jeans Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nudie Jeans Review

This Nudie Jeans review found very little in terms of response for this brand online. Because of this, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of the company as a whole. 

While there are no comments attributed to their official page, we did find some on other reviewer websites such as Trustpilot, Amazon, and Yelp. We’ll provide the ratings down below. 

  • Amazon for the Men’s Lean Dean Dry 16 Dips Skinny-Fit Jeans: 57 ratings with 4.4/5 stars 
  • Yelp for their Los Angeles location: 38 reviews with 3/5 stars 
  • Trustpilot: 59 reviews with 2.6/5 stars 

They fit like a glove, never owned Nudie Jeans before and I’d give them 5 + stars! Highly recommend, especially if you’re a slim person, I was having trouble finding jeans that fit and was pleasantly surprised with this purchase,” one Amazon customer wrote for the Men’s Skinny-Fit Jeans

Some independent blogs, such as The Modest Man, left a fair review of this online brand. According to the author, “Nudie Jeans offer good value for the price. Are they worth it for you? Depends on your budget and what kind of jeans you want. In my opinion, these jeans are priced fairly (not overpriced).”

It seems that most people rave about the brand’s level of quality, fit, and comfort.

Is Nudie Jeans Worth It?

Nudie Jeans Review

Nudie Jeans’ willingness to be open about manufacturing practices amazes me, as customers have free access to view their sustainability reports. On top of that, it’s impressive how much information is attributed to each product description, as users can look at how each garment impacts the environment. 

So, this Nudie Jeans review has determined that the label is worth checking out. It’s been around for nearly two decades now, and their collection offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a chic and simple new pair of denim, casual knitwear, or even accessories, they’ve got it in store. And don’t forget, you can take full advantage of their repair service!

Nudie Jeans Promotions & Discounts 

Nudie Jeans Review

As of lately, this Nudie Jeans review hasn’t found any promotions or discounts offered on the brand’s website. We recommend keeping tabs on their social media for any future updates. 

Where to Buy Nudie Jeans  

Nudie Jeans Review

In love with a certain pair of jeans? Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. Aside from physical locations, you can also find them at:

  • Amazon
  • The Bay 
  • Simons
  • Holt Renfrew 


Nudie Jeans Review

Are Nudie Jeans sustainable?  

Yep! All Nudie Jeans are made with organic cotton and environmentally-friendly materials. For in-depth specifics, we recommend taking a gander at the product description of your chosen garment. 

Does Nudie Jeans offer a repair service?  

If your jeans are riddled with holes, don’t throw them away just yet! Nudie offers free repairs for all of its pants. We suggest heading over to their website for more information. 

Where are Nudie Jeans made? 

This Nudie Jeans review found out that their garments are made in Italy. 

What are “dry” jeans? 

Dry jeans are basically pants that are unbleached or untreated. They’re also typically referred to as raw or unwashed denim. 

Is there a discount for traded in jeans? 

Sadly, there is no discount provided for traded in jeans. In most cases, Nudie doesn’t offer much in terms of promotions or sales for its products. 

What is Nudie Jeans’ Shipping Policy?

This Nudie Jeans review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $92 or more. They also provide international delivery to select countries such as Canada. It typically takes 2–3 days for packages to arrive. 

To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

What is Nudie Jeans’ Return Policy?

Nudie Jeans offers a 14-day window for customers to send back their products. If you’re a C/O member, this policy extends to 30 days. Unfortunately, the brand does not provide free returns; the shipping charges total to around $15. To initiate this process, it’s best to follow the company’s list of instructions on their website. 

How to Contact Nudie Jeans

For inquiries unrelated to this Nudie Jeans review, you can contact the brand through:

  • Phone number: +46 10 1515800

Email: [email protected]

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