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About Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers Review

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream… merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

Rowing Blazers is a brand of, yes, rowing blazers, but also rugby shirts, sweatshirts, polos, and shoes and accessories modeled by the likes of Timothée Chalamet, BTS, Dwayne Wade, Ashley Graham, Pete Davidson, and other red-carpet stars.

The brand and their founder have also been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Esquire, WWD, and GQ, racking up a decent social following with 133k followers on Instagram and 15k on Facebook. 

Take this Rowing Blazers review as your guide into what you should consider before buying: pros and cons, bestseller products, shipping and return policies, customer testimonials, and more answers to the most pressing of FAQs.

Overview of Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers Review

Jack Carlson, a former US rower in the World Rowing Championship (x3), founded Rowing Blazers in 2017 to make a brand of half-preppy, half-streetwear blazers, rugby shirts, and other clothes.

Along with being a bronze medalist champion, Carlson is also an archaeologist and the author of a beautiful coffee table book by the same name as his brand, Rowing Blazers, about exactly what you’d think it’s about: rowers’ blazers.

Headquartered in NYC, the clothing brand went from pop-up shop to global success. Branded “Official Partner of USRowing and USA Rugby” and officially dressing up rowers and rugby players of teams across the country, Rowing Blazers is the real deal.

But that’s not to say that they’re not fun: their attitude isn’t the snooty attitude of the preppy and elite, but rather, the bold authenticity of streetwear(ers).

There are new collabs and collections launched all the time like Rowing Blazers Firstport, Babar, Sperry, FILA, and even the NBA. Big hype on social media as always.

Rowing Blazers’ blazers and other pieces are made in Portugal, the UK, France, China, and at home in the US of A. 

Now, from a bird’s eye view, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying from the brand?


  • Offers a variety of high-end apparel for men and women
  • Unique designs and bold colors
  • Positive customer reviews praise product quality
  • Endorsed by celebrities and associations alike
  • Most products made in US and Portugal 
  • International shipping available


  • High-end prices
  • New collections sell out quickly

Now that you have a general idea of what you’re heading into, let’s get to the products themselves, taking a closer look at Rowing Blazers sweaters, blazers, and bottoms.

Rowing Blazers Sweaters Review

The brand has a variety of sweaters, even including other sports like croquet with the Rowing Blazers Annapolis Cup collection. But these sweaters, in particular, are the bestsellers, to give you the idea of what customers are loving most.

These cozy-ups come in sizes XS to XXXL, except a few that are only up to XXL.

Rowing Blazers Warm & Wonderful X Rowing Blazers Women’s Sheep Sweater Review

Warm & Wonderful X Rowing Blazers Women’s Sheep Sweater is a collab with Warm & Wonderful, who made this famous design as worn by Princess Diana.

This charming red women’s sweater has white sheep all over the front and sleeves, except there’s one special black sheep on the left chest. Quite frankly, it’s adorable.

Handmade of 100% wool in Portugal, the Rowing Blazers black sheep sweater is a $295 splurge treat.

Rowing Blazers Gyles & George X Rowing Blazers Women’s “I’m A Luxury” Sweater Review

Another iconic Princess Diana fav, the Gyles & George X Rowing Blazers Women’s “I’m A Luxury” Sweater lets everybody know who’s boss. Sometimes, we just have to show the world what’s what.

In this light pink, 80% wool, and 20% nylon crewneck, you’ll be cozied up but stylish and bold at the same time. It’s effortless chic that’s dripping with potential.

The Rowing Blazers I’m a Luxury Few Can Afford Sweater is yours for $295.

Rowing Blazers Cream Wool Cricket Sweater Review

This Cream Wool Cricket Sweater is available in 3 designs: Croquet Stripe, Red/Yellow/Green, or Purple/Yellow. Choose whichever one sings to your heart most loveliest. This Rowing Blazers review is partial to the vibrancy that is the Croquet Stripe.

Cable-knit with lambswool in England, this Rowing Blazers Cricket Sweater is priced at $298 if you’d like to rep your sport of choice in colors—or if you just appreciate the look of a colorful wool sweater that lightens the mood of a cold, dark winter night. 

Rowing Blazers Review

And now, our Rowing Blazers review of the blazers themselves. It’s what they’re known for. It’s what they’re named after. It’s what you have been waiting for (can you feel our excitement?)

The brand’s rowing jackets—like the gorgeous, detailed, and colorful Rowing Blazers Madras Blazer we had to shout out—are classic but fun and preppy but not. We’ll highlight two absolute customer favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Rowing Blazers X NBA Los Angeles Lakers Navy Club Blazer Review

We don’t even need to tell you this, but the Rowing Blazers X NBA Los Angeles Lakers Navy Club Blazer is an iconic collaboration.

This blazer is quite the spectacle. At first glance, it’s high-end and oh-so-very classy, but it’s got a little something special about it with the Lakers rep.

Available in navy, the wool jacket is embroidered with the colorful, vibrant team logo and has 3 pockets to store all your essentials.

This stop-you-on-the-street-worthy Rowing Blazers Lakers Blazer comes in at $895.

Rowing Blazers Riverside Boat Club Blazer Review 

The Rowing Blazers Riverside Boat Club Blazer is a simple, classic blue and white striped jacket for those days when understated and subtle is the name of the fashion game. The brass buttons are an utterly nice touch as well.

Exclusive and elusive, this blazer is currently sold out and it’s only available to members of Riverside Boat Club for the price of $300.

Rowing Blazers Colorblock Windbreaker Review

Would you expect to see bright colorblock in a Rowing Blazers review? Well, we’ve been shaken straight back to the colorful world of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Totally radical.

Made of nylon, this rainbow color ride is available in primary colorblock or neon colorblock, both of which look pretty sick. It’s functional, too, with a two-way zipper and two generous pockets.

The Rowing Blazers Colorblock Windbreaker is yours for the taking for $268.

Rowing Blazers Men’s Colorblock Pants Review

Men’s Colorblock Pants are available now in Navy/Red, and they are an awesome, bold look. The style still toes the line between classic and the future of fashion. While not as bold as the windbreaker featured above, they are 100% a statement piece in and of themselves.

Made of 100% wool with belt loops and cotton buttons, the mid-rise Men’s Colorblock Pants are $295.

Rowing Blazers Women’s Terry Cloth Shorts Review

The Women’s Terry Cloth Shorts are an absolute summer staple. Comfortable as can be in 100% cotton yet breathable for warm weather, the terry cloth gives them that extra style factor that makes them go from shorts to shorts. From fashion to fashion.

The Rowing Blazers Cloth Shorts, available in green or cream, are $148.

Is Rowing Blazers Ethical? 

Rowing Blazers Review

Rowing Blazers is indeed an ethical brand. They make the vast majority of their products in the US and Europe, work with small artists along with bigger names, and are continuously working to increase their use of sustainable fabrics and reduce waste in manufacturing and shipping.

Who Is Rowing Blazers For? 

Rowing Blazers Review

Our Rowing Blazers review found that the brand used to just make men’s apparel, but as of last year, they offer just-as-awesome women’s collections. 

As such, the brand is for adult men and women who like the look of edgy preppy jackets, sweatshirts, and other gear. For the inner British schoolkid in all of us, this brand is an utter treat.

Comparison: Rowing Blazers vs. Gyles & George

Rowing Blazers Review

This brand and Gyles & George are both competitors and collaborators because of the fabulous Rowing Blazers I’m a Luxury Few Can Afford Sweater.

But really, how do the companies differ and how are they the same? Well, 2 simple lists will sort this out right quickly.

Here are 2 similarities:

  1. Both companies create and sell a variety of knitted sweaters and sweatshirts
  2. They each offer high-end styles with high-end prices to match

Here are 5 things that set Gyles & George apart from our featured brand:

  1. Only a knitwear brand
  2. British
  3. Not currently available for purchase
  4. Established brand since the 80s
  5. Vintage designs

Stick around for Gyles & George’s upcoming releases if you want to get your hands on some cozy vintage jumpers, but if you just need some bold, sometimes preppy, knitwear now, check out Rowing Blazers.

Rowing Blazers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rowing Blazers Review

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews available besides those GQ and Times articles raving about our pal Jack Carlson. And there are none on the brand site itself, so we could not find any product-specific opinions. 

But we can give you honest opinions from people on external platforms. If you’re looking for an informative, truthful Rowing Blazers review, then we’ve got several from customers on Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram.

Firstly, on Reddit, quite a few kind folks shared their thoughts about the quality of Rowing Blazers rugby shirts.

Although one rugby bro said their Ralph Lauren collab shirt is only “pretty thin like a long sleeve,” most others agreed that the shirts are “substantial,” sitting “somewhere between a cotton sweater and a sweatshirt rather than a polo shirt.” Sounds good so far.

Another Rowing Blazers review on Reddit backed up the brand on their quality fabrics:

they’re thicker than a tshirt and thinner than a pullover. Sturdy material but a lot nicer than the rugby shirts I played in at school.

For the most part, Redditors have great things to say about Rowing Blazers, raving over how they are “cool and interesting enough to compete against streetwear brands,” which is a pretty fabulous accomplishment for a preppy playboy brand.

When you look on the brand’s Facebook, you’ll find a few reviews and comments from people who love Rowing Blazers and even go so far as to call it “the future of fashion”—available for purchase right now if you want to get ahead of the trend game.

Since the brand is high-end, they’ve got high-end prices. But customers say about the blazers, sweatshirts, and their other edgy-preppy, street-to-country-club-wear: “Impeccable quality meets style. Worth every penny.” 

Other customers like to use even more fancy adjectives, perhaps inspired by the preppy vibe of the clothes themselves, calling them “absolutely exquisite.” It really does seem like you get your money’s worth when it comes to Rowing Blazers.

Also, fans of the brand describe the original, classic but modern, streetwear but preppy style as the most valuable, most enticing part of the buy, rather than fabric quality or flex-worthy prices:

If you like clothing that is unique, retro, Ivy League or Preppy, then this is the place for you.

Customers feel the same on Instagram, too. They say the clothes make you a “well-dressed stud” in “cozy” clothes that are “vintage” yet modern and preppy while still embodying the “fresh drip” style of streetwear. What more can you ask for?

Fans love love love new collections and collabs and are so very pumped when new ones are announced on Instagram. Lots of “can’t wait!”s and “so excited!”s in the crowd. With that said, customers are loyal and stay appreciating older launches: 

Still wearing my shorts from last release all summer!

As you can tell from Exhibit A (Reddit), B (Facebook), and C (Instagram), most customers are gleeful. They gush about the product quality, say the high prices are worth it, and are obsessed with the signature style and new collabs that make everything that much more exciting.

Is Rowing Blazers Worth It?

Rowing Blazers Review

From our findings in this Rowing Blazers review, the brand gets two thumbs up from us!

With positive customer reviews about product quality, a range of styles for a variety of people, admirable ethics and sustainability policies, and a style that is unpredictable, bold, authentic, preppy, sort-of streetwear, and classy and edgy all at once, Rowing Blazers is worth it.

The only disadvantages we should remind you of are the lack of customer reviews and the high-end prices that not everyone can afford. Besides that, we encourage you to proceed with your buying wishes.

Rowing Blazers Promotions & Discounts 

Rowing Blazers Review

During our Rowing Blazers review, we found one deal for ya: 10% off when you sign up for the newsletter. Which you can do on the brand site when you scroll all the way down, and boom. Promo.

Where to Buy Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers Review

Rowing Blazers is a hard man to find. These are the only places we could see that were selling legit RB stuff:

Also, you should check out collaborators’ shops, because the Rowing Blazers item(s) you’re eyeing may also be sold by that partner.


Rowing Blazers Review

Where is Rowing Blazers made? 

Rowing Blazers’ blazers and other pieces are made in Portugal, the UK, France, China, and at home in the US of A. 

Does Rowing Blazers fit true to size?

Rowing Blazers clothing generally fits true to size. Conveniently, the product pages will tell you if the product is instead oversized, fitted, etc.

What is Rowing Blazers’s Shipping Policy?

The brand has free shipping for orders over $250 in the US and internationally.

For orders under $250, it works like this:

  • Ground Shipping (2-7 business days) – $15
  • 2-Day Shipping – $25
  • Overnight – $35

What is Rowing Blazers’s Return Policy?

Our Rowing Blazers review found that you can make returns within 14 days of receiving your unwanted, but also unused and unwashed, item. You will have to pay shipping fees, though.

How to Contact Rowing Blazers

To say hello to Rowing Blazers customer service:

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